Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

Because of the lies and slander Laurel Glaze (who claims to be a Christian) has continued to publicly and privately spread about me over the past few years, I, Carolyn Hamlett, am now in the undesirable and uncomfortable situation to have to make a public announcement in order to let everyone know where I stand. … Continue reading Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

Carolyn Hamlett – Thoughts from the Heart, Vlog #1 (Updated)

This is my very first try at making a video. For many months I have been wanting to share some of what has been on my heart, but I just didn't have the energy. Tonight just felt right, so I decided to give this video making a shot. Keep in mind that this is very … Continue reading Carolyn Hamlett – Thoughts from the Heart, Vlog #1 (Updated)