Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

Because of the lies and slander Laurel Glaze (who claims to be a Christian) has continued to publicly and privately spread about me over the past few years, I, Carolyn Hamlett, am now in the undesirable and uncomfortable situation to have to make a public announcement in order to let everyone know where I stand. … Continue reading Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

A Public Apology to Fiona Barnett

We would like to publicly apologize to Fiona Barnett for a series of events that took place in 2015. On November 19, 2015, Fiona Barnett FB messaged Loren with the following: "Loren, I'm just going to come right out & tell you this - I have it from a very good source that Dr Preston … Continue reading A Public Apology to Fiona Barnett