Zetas, the Illuminati, and Satan’s Ultimate Plan

Question We received the following email from someone who wants to know about the role the Illuminati plays in propaganda, particularly in regards to the alien race of Zetas: This all started with a simple Google search--I wanted to know the history of the Sabbath and how the Saturday Sabbath turned into Sunday. Scrolling through … Continue reading Zetas, the Illuminati, and Satan’s Ultimate Plan

Q & A: Concerning Politics

We've had inquiries come in from several different people, wondering about President Trump. The questions are basically categorized as follows: 1. Was this [the results of the election] planned? 2. Should Christians support the President? 3. What do you personally think about President Trump? 4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet or … Continue reading Q & A: Concerning Politics