The “White Magic” of “Christian” Occultism

About four years ago, Carolyn and I started receiving emails from a woman, Natasha, who was seeking some answers about fragmentation, and an email conversation between her and I ensued, eventually spanning over a two-year period of time. She continually expressed many unbiblical viewpoints in our email exchanges, but in spite of me pointing it … Continue reading The “White Magic” of “Christian” Occultism

There is No Such Thing as “High Level Spiritual Warfare”

This article is from Loren's personal blog, and the original article can be found here: Over the past several days on our Carolyn and Loren Facebook page, I've been writing a series on spiritual warfare: what it is not, and what it is, according to Scripture. From my observations and unfortunate personal experiences, this … Continue reading There is No Such Thing as “High Level Spiritual Warfare”