Setting the Record Straight

Because Truth Matters!

In sharing the truth, if you get off on one point, the entire message is tainted and it ceases to be effective. ~ Carolyn Hamlett

Some people are on what seems to be a campaign to spread lies and purposeful misinformation about us (Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace), because they have an agenda.

Other people, often out of simple misunderstanding, accidentally share information about us, or believe things about us, that has been twisted, that does not accurately reflect our views and beliefs, or that does not accurately reflect what we have actually said.

We will let God judge each person’s heart as to what their true intentions are (whether they are purposefully lying, or accidentally sharing untruths and misrepresentations) in spreading such misinformation/lies, but either way, these untruths or the misrepresentation of our words … either purposeful or accidental … bring harm upon our testimony and harm upon our character!

While we believe that our work in our book, in our articles, and on our videos, speaks for itself, these lies and misconceptions need to be addressed. We don’t plan on taking a lot of time out of our days to address every single one of them (because what we believe and who we are should be evident not only by the lives we live, but also by what we write and what we say…), but we will occasionally take the time to address certain lies, misconceptions, or false accusations, adding the links to this page as necessary, so as to have everything in one easy-to-reference place.

For those who love the truth and shun gossip and lies, we hope it helps to clear up any confusion that such lies, gossip, or misunderstandings have created.

Because Truth Matters!


Time Travel & the Crucifixion

In this article, Carolyn Hamlett takes some time to set the record straight about several things, including the unhealthy and harmful relationship she had with Preston Bailey, and why she regrets her previous interviews on channels/podcasts that are or were run by people such as Kev Baker, John Baptist, Sean Caron, James DeWitt, Dan Duval, Zen Garcia, Tony Koretz, Daniel Ott, Josh Peck, and Rob Skiba. Carolyn also goes into details concerning her past association with Paul Schlegel, and how he recorded telephone conversations with her without her permission, deliberately edited and altered the audio of those conversations to make it sound as if she said things she did not say and agreed with things she did not agree with, and later made them public, unethically passing them off as “interviews.”

See also:Illness, Disaster, and a Warring Spirit,” “I want This Publicly Known by Carolyn Hamlett,” and “So What is the Name of That Magazine You Mentioned, Anyway…?.”

Praiseful Christians, the NWO, and Vibrations

In this article, Carolyn Hamlett addresses an unnamed individual who has falsely attributed several statements as being something that Carolyn has said.

Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze

After several years of watching Laurel Glaze publicly and privately malign her character and lie about what she has said, Carolyn Hamlett makes it clear in this article that she does not endorse Laurel Glaze nor the unbiblical beliefs Laurel holds.

Addressing Bizarre and False Accusations

Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace address an unnamed individual who accuses them of not believing in Jesus and of rejecting Scripture.

On Being “Former Illuminati”

One very common and dangerous misconception (lie) about Carolyn that has been circulating around the internet for many years now is that Carolyn is “former” or “ex-Illuminati,” and in more recent years, some have said the same of Loren, as well. This video, and the notes on this page, make it very clear that Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace are not former Illuminati, they have never been associated with any Illuminati group/s, and they have never made this claim.

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