Setting the Record Straight

While we (Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace) believe that our work in our book, in our articles, and on our videos, speaks for itself, there are certain lies and misconceptions that have been circulated about us. We don’t plan on taking a lot of time out of our days to address every single one of them (because what we believe and who we are should be evident not only by the lives we live, but also by what we write and what we say…), but we will occasionally take the time to address certain lies, misconceptions, or false accusations.

So what follows are links to either blog articles or videos where we directly address particular misconceptions, lies, and/or false accusations that have been circulated about us. For those who love the truth and shun gossip and lies, we hope it helps to clear up any confusion that such lies and gossip has created.

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LINK: Setting the Record Straight: Addressing Bizarre and False Accusations


LINK: Setting the Record Straight: on being “Former Illuminati”

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