RS’s Testimony

RS's Testimony: Why he left BRIDE Ministries
RS’s Testimony: Why he left BRIDE Ministries

Some years ago, I heard Carolyn Hamlett on Dan Duval’s podcast. Since I had been having meetings in another realm with the so-called “Ascended Masters,” I knew she was telling the truth with what she was saying, because you can’t lie about that to somebody who’s done it themselves. I only met the “Ascended Masters” face-to-face starting when I was 30 years old; however, they had always been in my life up until that point, and just as other people who have been heavily involved with them, I was having some trouble with a dissociative disorder.

I contacted Carolyn after listening to her on Duval’s podcast, and after many hours of talking on the phone with her, we became friends. I knew in my heart she was genuine and I was very happy to have her as a friend.

I knew she had been talking to Dan Duval, and I didn’t know of anybody else who might could have helped me with what I was dealing with. And so, knowing that Carolyn trusted him at that time, I had a couple of counseling sessions with him myself. Money exchanged hands, and therefore, whether he had a counseling degree or not, there was a client/patient confidentiality that I expected would be there.

During counseling sessions, I told him very personal things, and he took some of those personal things and twisted them around, shared them with Carolyn, and told lies about me. The relationship between Carolyn and I changed a little bit after that, and then I found out from Carolyn what Dan Duval had said about me. There were several absolute lies that were designed to keep her away from me. I was very angry that Dan Duval told lies about me to Carolyn, and angry that it had changed my friendship with Carolyn. I was even more angry that a professed pastor and life coach/counselor would be telling lies about his clients to other people. I literally couldn’t believe he did that. I called him on his cell phone and asked him why he was telling lies about me to Carolyn Hamlett. The first word in his answer was, “Because.” Right away he admitted that he lied to Carolyn about me, and then he told me it was to keep her out of my life. He was nasty about it, too, with a sharp tongue. I told him what I thought of him and hung up.

I called Carolyn not long after that, very upset, and told her that Dan Duval was a liar and that he was no good. Carolyn, still thinking that Duval was okay, got angry with me. As a result, Carolyn and I didn’t talk for probably 2 years. I had lost a good friend and I figured that was it and life goes on.

Eventually, Carolyn realized the truth about him and contacted me to tell me that I had been right about him, and we are now good friends again, like no time had passed. Thankfully, all has been forgiven.

I’m writing this not to fuel an “internet war,” but other people have come forward with their bad experiences with him, too. I want to tell other people that Dan Duval is a liar, he has bad intentions, and that he is clearly not a pastor of God. I was taken in by him because I was a new Christian at that point, and I didn’t understand that some of the things he was and is still doing are very unchristian, including all the stuff about the spirit man and all the other stuff that he’s into. Obviously, I’m much more aware now, and I now warn everybody to stay clear of Dan Duval under any circumstances.