Rob’s Testimony

Rob's Testimony: Rob shares his personal experience with Daniel Duval, and the devastating effects Duval's "counseling" had on his wife, Loren Grace. "It almost destroyed my wife."
Rob’s Testimony: Rob shares his personal experience with Daniel Duval, and the devastating effects Duval’s “counseling” had on his wife, Loren Grace. “It almost destroyed my wife.”

My wife, Loren Grace, and I had been together for about 10 years before counseling sessions with Dan Duval began in 2014. I was well aware of some of her past abuses and the ongoing problems with her mother. She did have bouts of severe depression and showed signs of programming, especially when dealing with her mother, but I thought that she was able to function somewhat normally for the most part. She had gone to other counselors before to try to deal with the deep rooted issues she had, but never really got the results she wanted. Her depression continued and she was still having nightmares.

In 2013, she started journaling and started to realize that her problems were rooted in ritual abuse and dissociation. So she started seeking out counseling in our area to get help with this, but she couldn’t find anyone that she was comfortable with.

She was given the name of Dan Duval by some friends on Facebook. My wife spoke to Dan Duval first in an initial conversation, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to work with him. After several more months of trying to find a counselor, she decided to give Dan a try. This was in late spring of 2014. I spoke to him over the phone and I agreed to support the counseling and coaching process. I was told that this process would get worse before it got better, but I thought I was prepared. I thought that the object of these sessions was to listen to her and help her work through the many issues from past abuses as well as DID and SRA. I thought the end result would be a gradual integration of all the parts of her and for her to emerge from this process as a whole person.

As time passed, I noticed that my wife was getting much worse, but she wasn’t getting better, like I had been told she would. She was becoming more prone to hard switches between alters, something I had never really seen before in such a bad way, and much more disengaged and depressed. A few times I remember her covering up in bed and saying she didn’t want to live. I was starting to question in my own mind the whole counseling process, so I asked questions of her. She would tell me how they went into this system and this room and this floor, but never had a resolution to any of these issues, just loose ends. I was very concerned for her. She told me several times that she just wanted to quit counseling, and I told her that if she needed to do that, then it was okay. I would support her. But she kept going, hoping for a resolution and to be whole and believing that she was going to eventually get better.

She invited Dan Duval to our home one weekend to meet all of us. He seemed different to me by then. Much more arrogant than he was during our initial conversation. He made a point to tell me how many degrees he had, and he told me that he could get a lot more money now for counseling than he was charging us.

He also told me that he was going to make sure that I was going to end up with Victoria, a very submissive part of my wife. I recognized that he was manipulating my wife, not helping her integrate, and it sounded like programming to me.

The sessions continued for a short time longer, and Daniel suddenly began telling my wife that she was at the finish line. He said she was healed, but she was anything but healed. She was considerably worse. Depressed, suicidal, and confused. She was barely even functioning most of the time. All of those painful memories were flooding in through doors opened by Dan Duval in his so called counseling sessions, but nothing ever got resolved. There also was no real support network for her to talk or work through issues she was having between sessions. In fact, many times she was flat out ignored after she expressed her frustration. Then Daniel started coming up with excuses on why he had to skip sessions, including taking a trip with another one of his patients to Montauk. I phoned him and told him that he needed to be more responsible to his patients and why. He said that he was one of the only people in the world that was qualified to pray at Montauk***, and he told me that he had more important things to do, and his patients were not the most important thing. I explained to him why his attitude was wrong, but he didn’t listen to me. What arrogance and a lack of consideration and concern for my wife!

Things were not getting better as we had been told they would. Everything Dan Duval did with my wife only made her much worse, and her counseling sessions looked more like programming sessions to me. So she quit the counseling in late spring 2016. After several months of being away from him and the people that were involved with his so called ministry, my wife started getting much better, and she continues to get better now that she is building a relationship with her Heavenly Father and asking Him for guidance.

I think that Dan Duval just used my wife and others like her to advance his own knowledge about things that are occult and to advance his own career. I would not recommend using or employing him as a life coach or counselor. It almost destroyed my wife.


*** Our Note: to read Duval’s “Judgement Decree at Montauk,” along with our commentary, follow this link: