Robbie’s Testimony

Robbie’s Testimony: Why he left BRIDE Ministries

I was a part of Daniel Duval’s “Bride Ministries” & Fire Place Church (his internet church), up until November of 2016. I listened to Duval’s weekly podcasts and to his weekly online church, and I was also a part of online social media groups that were led by Bride Ministry leaders and the Fire Place Church coordinator at that time. I was good friends with some who were involved with that “ministry,” including Carolyn before she left, and I was well acquainted with others who were being “counseled” by Dan Duval and those at Bride Ministries. I wasn’t acquainted with Loren, but I knew of her.

During the time that I was involved with that group, the fruit of the unholy spirits that they were operating out of became very clear to me. From top-to-bottom, they were involved in evil things — in “Christian witchcraft” — and were teaching Luciferian doctrine and practicing occult activities. I was a part of their “Spiritual Warfare” Facebook group, and I saw these things first-hand. They were pushing a lot of the “Praying Medic’s” (Dave Hayes) books, such as “Hearing the Voice of God Made Simple,” “Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple,” and “Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple.” They were also pushing the teachings of Steve Harmon, Ian Clayton, and Arthur Burk. Rather than using the Bible as their resource and asking what the Word of God said, they would talk about what those people were saying and teaching. Rather than seeking God for healing, they’d seek those people for healing. They talked a lot about Spirit Man doctrine, Redemptive Gifts, Courtrooms of Heaven, building their own realms, “traveling and seeing” in the spirit, and teaching people how to do these things. Some people were having trouble with “seeing and traveling” in the spirit and they were asking for help, and so the others were coaching them on how to do this.

Everything was about their experiences. Their relationship with “God” was based on the experiences they were having, and the more experiences they had, the closer they believed they were to God. They were obsessed with “hearing from God” in unbiblical ways, seeking after visions, wanting to audibly hear God’s voice — it was all very “five-senses” oriented. They were a very “experience-driven” crowd. The conversations amongst the group members never included a relationship with God based on a Biblical Christianity, repentance, and the state of their heart. But their conversations were geared more towards their obsession with developing what they considered to be their “spiritual abilities.” It was all about self, and about “leveling” themselves up. It was the complete opposite of humbleness and humility. Their hearts, motivations, and interests were focused on astral travel, remote viewing, dream insertion, spirit communication, visualization, etc. Of course, they didn’t call these things by what they really were. They used what sounded like “christian” words. They talked about going into their “prayer closet” or having “prayer time,” but it was clear by the way they described what was going on in this “prayer,” like seeing into the supernatural through different types of astral traveling and remote viewing, that they were involved in an occult meditation. They talked a lot about traveling in the spirit, but this was just another word for astral travel; they talked about seeing in the spirit, but this was just another way to describe how they were remote viewing and astral spying on other people; and rather than just praying for people, they were encouraging people to insert themselves into other people’s dreams to influence them. They talked about recognizing and walking into their destiny, but what they were really talking about were exercises in visualization. They talked about building their spirit man or woman, but it was clear that they were being led by a demonic spirit. They talked a lot about partnering up with their “personal angels,” and being guided by them. They were more interested in being led by their own spirit and their personal angels, than being led by the Spirit of God. And rather than becoming more Christ-like, they were reflecting the nature of the “warring angels” that they had partnered up with, and were reflecting the nasty personalities of the leaders that they idolized.

And I recognized that those things were not of God. Part of my discernment came because I was already acquainted with those things through my own past experiences with the occult, but the main reason is because since I had become a Christian, I was well-acquainted with what was of God and with what was Biblical. Since I knew the truth, I was easily able to recognize the counterfeit.

Everyone was so keen on developing a warrior mentality and a warrior mindset thanks to the type/brand of “Spiritual Warfare” that was being taught by Daniel Duval. They were constantly talking about battling demons, building up their spirit man to battle those demons, partnering up with their “warring angels,” what their “sword” looked like, what their “spirit man” looked like, their “spiritual assignments” that they went on in the supernatural, and how powerful they were in the spirit realms. Rather than living a normal human life, they wanted to “hook up” with their personal angels and fight alongside them. That became their life: “doing battle in the spirit.” People were looked down on if they weren’t describing how powerful their spirit man was, or how powerful their weapons were, or if they weren’t having supernatural experiences. It seemed like some weird “contest” as they talked about how more occult they were, or how more advanced their occult abilities were than the other person.

All of this “Spiritual Warfare” should have made everyone’s lives better, especially since they were supposed to be so powerful with this warfare, but people’s lives, even those who were being counseled by the coaches at Bride Ministries, were getting worse, not better. And in an attempt to fix things, people kept going from one level of occult activity to the next level of occult activity, but it would just get worse and worse for them. But since these attacks were seen by many within the group as a “badge of honor,” these attacks only served to reinforce the belief that they were a big threat to the “kingdom of darkness.” In a sick way, being targeted by the enemy made them feel special.

And I saw this weird dynamic played out with my friends, too, who were being counseled by Dan Duval. I was very angry that Dan Duval was hurting people that I cared about, and it broke my heart for them that their lives were being destroyed and ruined.

One of the Fireplace leaders was lying in the strangest way — she was saying we were prayer buddies but we had never prayed together at all! But, she was doing 2 and 3 AM “prayer” meetings with other people (exclusive, “invite-only” prayer meetings), and they would talk about those meetings, and how they were doing their “spiritual warfare.” Some of the things they talked about were how they were doing energy shoves, and “stabbing people with the sword of the spirit.” One of the men involved in that group was also closely involved with Steve Harmon and made a point to constantly brag about how “Steve was his mentor.” He also bragged about how he talked to his “angel” every day.

They tried to get me more involved with their activities, but I was aware of the dangers of everything that they were involved in, and I kept a distance. The group leader tried to get me involved with Steve Harmon, as well, but I refused. I was seeing the truth of what was happening, and my “discernment alarms” were going off like crazy because of what was being taught. But since the problems in my friend’s lives were getting worse and worse, I stayed in the group to try to convince them to leave.

Some people who cried out for help to Duval to counsel them, were made to feel as if what they had been through in life wasn’t extravagant enough to be helped by Duval. But because I was close friends with people who were being counseled by Daniel Duval, I was able to see first-hand the negative, damaging, horrific results of this supposed “counseling.” And some people began having problems with Duval’s prayers, too: initially, the prayers seemed to work, but over time, they weren’t working any more, and they were starting to experience negative effects. For instance, if they listened to Duval on his podcasts or on his internet church before going to bed, then they would have horrible nightmares that night. Others were going through horrific things, suffering through demonic attack. They were told to do more and more occult things to get rid of the negative effects that they were having, but the problems continued, so many people were brushed aside and their problems were ignored. Aside from the interest in the supernatural experiences that people were having, there was a general lack of interest for the people themselves. There was no empathy, compassion, or concern. There was no love.

Duval was changing in every way and his facade was slowly coming off. This was evident in podcasts, too. I even noticed physical changes: his voice changed, his countenance changed, and his eyes changed. His entire demeanor changed. He seemed cold and puffed up with pride. And the way he was treating other people like Carolyn and some of his clients who were my friends, he was also very bullying. (My friends who were being counseled by him told me that the nickname they gave him was “Steamroller Dan.”) He certainly didn’t have any of the hallmarks of a Christian — he had no love, compassion, or humility.

Furthermore, his prayers changed. They had no heart behind them. There was no joy. I watched carefully when he would talk about Jesus and about salvation, and his face just looked blank. It was obvious to me that he wasn’t what he was trying to sell himself to be, but it was just weird how people in the group, the women especially, were fawning over him.

Bride Ministries operated like a cult.

One of my friends — a survivor who Duval was counseling — worked very hard to edit and publish Duval’s weekly podcasts. Many times the podcasts were very triggering and upsetting to her, but she still worked hard at editing them. And although Duval paid himself and his buddies very well for “coaching” services and for doing the weekly church services, he paid my friend a ridiculously small amount of money for all the hard work she was doing. It made me extremely angry to see how she was being taken advantage of, and how inconsiderate Duval was being. It showed his true colors. It was obvious that he didn’t care about people, and it’s obvious that he is not a man of God. What he is teaching and what is now controlling him is absolutely evil. This is not some small matter. This is a serious issue.

The podcasts that one of my friends was doing with Daniel became “cringe-worthy.” She was talking about very personal things that she felt very uncomfortable talking about, and she shouldn’t have been talking about those things in a public way. She expressed to me the amount of pressure that Daniel was putting on her, and how sharing those things publicly was breaking her down and bringing her to tears. It was clear to me that Duval was manipulating her, plain and simple.

And within the group, the other people who were being counseled by the “DID coaches” at Bride Ministry kept bragging about how “more messed up” they were than the next person. It was a crazy dynamic. They were constantly bring up the “woo” factor, talking about the metaphysical more so than the Word of God, and they were obsessed with talking about sensational topics, telling everyone how they had been involved in really bad things. The worse things they were involved in, the more popular they were with the group. The ones who were more dissociative and who had more occult abilities were the “cool kids” that other people wanted to be like. They were supposed to be getting better through counseling, but all they were talking about is how much more difficult things were getting. But they didn’t see this as being a bad thing. They were using it as an opportunity to brag. It truly was crazy!

So contrary to popular belief, everything was not all hunky-dory in Bride Ministries when Carolyn and Loren went public with the truth about the Luciferian doctrine Duval was teaching, and with the truth about the occult activities that those in Bride Ministries were involved in.” There was major dissension inside Bride Ministries already, and there were people like myself who had turned against and away from Daniel Duval and his teachings during that same period of time where everything was unfolding. So once Carolyn and Loren went public with the truth, which they so bravely did, many of us inside of Bride Ministries were thanking them for speaking the truth about the reality of everything. We supported everything they were saying as being 100% truth.

At the point when I left the group in November 2016, the people in Bride Ministries were trivializing the entire situation, and making it about two sides: “Carolyn and Loren” versus “Daniel Duval.” They were talking trash about Loren and Carolyn, and were turning the entire thing into a “drama,” but what Carolyn and Loren exposed wasn’t about creating “drama.” It wasn’t about people at all. It was about the truth versus the lie. It was about Luciferian doctrine. Duval’s conversations within the group was trying to make the truth of what Carolyn and Loren were exposing to be about a personal attack on him. Duval was also trying to make it out to be about “one thing” and “one person”: a book by Dave Hayes (Praying Medic). He was trying to make it seem like the split was about a single rotten branch, but failed to recognize or acknowledge that the entire tree was rotten!

The way Duval and the others at Bride Ministries reacted and where they chose to stand — on the side of the lie — shows their true heart. They have no discernment, and are chasing after the stupidest stuff that will never satisfy, but will instead always fuel the desire within them to have “something more.”

Once I left and separated myself completely from everything and everyone associated with Bride Ministries and Daniel Duval, my life changed for the better in every way. I was able to think clearly again. My spiritual life became better and I was able to pray again. My energy levels returned, my mood was better, and I felt like myself again. The heavy cloud of oppression, depression, and darkness was lifted. I hadn’t realized how bad off I really was until after I left, and after separating myself from Bride Ministries, I was happy again. I was able to enjoy my life again!

From my heart I am pleading with anyone still associated with Daniel Duval and Bride Ministries to please leave and separate yourself entirely from everything and everyone associated with them. Daniel Duval is an evil man who is doing the work of Satan. And the danger you are putting yourself in by having anything to do with Bride Ministries and Daniel can not be stressed enough. If you study and understand the effects of what it is like to be mesmerized by cult leaders and to be indoctrinated and programmed within a cult setting, you would understand the importance of completely separating yourself in every way from that evil within Bride Ministries and from people who are involved with them. If you understood the witchcraft that they are involved in, you would completely separate yourself from Bride Ministries and from everyone involved with them. You must eschew from evil! Go back to God and repent for being involved in that witchcraft! And then the healing that you have sought after and longed for will come to you.