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Ezekiel 33:3-6 (NLT)

“When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people. Then if those who hear the alarm refuse to take action, it is their own fault if they die. They heard the alarm but ignored it, so the responsibility is theirs. If they had listened to the warning, they could have saved their lives. But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn’t sound the alarm to warn the people, he is responsible for their captivity. They will die in their sins, but I will hold the watchman responsible for their deaths.”

1 Timothy 4:1-2, 6 (BSB)

“Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron.

“By pointing out these things to the brothers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, nourished by the words of the faith and sound instruction you have followed.”

Ephesians 5:11-13 (KJV)

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”

Romans 16:17-18 (BSB)

“Now I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and obstacles that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Turn away from them. For such as these are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.”

Matthew 7:15 (BSB)

“Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

Galatians 1:6-9 (BSB)

“I am astonished how quickly you are deserting the One who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel — which is not even a gospel. Evidently some people are troubling you and trying to distort the gospel of Christ.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be under a divine curse! As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you embraced, let him be under a divine curse!”

We, Carolyn and Loren, have already shared our own testimonies concerning Dan Duval and Bride Ministries International in several ways: in an initial blog article, in video conversations that we recorded and shared, and in a book that we wrote to explain some of the doctrines of demons that Duval and others are involved in. Furthermore, we continue to share things here and there on the blog articles that we write.

However, there are other people who have testimonies of their own as to why they left Duval’s Bride Ministries, as well as other false ministries and false doctrines.

So what follows are these testimonies of others that they have publicly shared on various social media sites, as well as the testimonies of some who have emailed us, telling us and others of how the Heavenly Father has delivered them from false doctrines, and how they have separated themselves from people and ministries who are promoting those false doctrine, including Ian Clayton, Arthur Burk, Patricia King, Jeff Janson, Steve Harmon, Dave Hayes (also known as the “Preying Medic”), Dan Duval, others.

Where necessary, the content has been edited for length, clarity, and for basic grammar and punctuation.

The longer testimonials have been given their own page, so please follow the link to read the complete testimonial.

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Testimonies from Former Clients, and Family or Friends of Former Clients, of "Bride Ministries International"
Testimonies from Former Clients, and Family or Friends of Former Clients, of “Bride Ministries International”

Pam’s Testimony

I first began listening to Daniel Duval through his interviews with Carolyn. I was very encouraged and grateful for Carolyn’s bravery to stand-up and speak the truth in love and expose the evil she had experienced. The ultimate message in those interviews was to trust Jesus with our whole hearts and also to test the spirits. I believed and still do that this was wise council, especially now more than ever, for He alone is worthy of all our trust and is our supreme authority.

Later, I saw a Facebook post Daniel Duval made, announcing a discipleship training course he was making available for free. I was a little hesitant, but decided this may be a great way to learn about discipling others. I greatly longed to know my Savior on a much deeper level!

Wow! I had no idea the teachings I would receive were far different from what I had always believed the Word of God taught. Just as the serpent twisted Scripture in the garden of Eden, and just as the Pharisees twisted Scripture in the time that Jesus walked this earth, it is still going on today. I witnessed this first-hand through the discipleship training courses, as …CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

MM’s Testimony

I was led to ONE session with Dan Duval. I had actually just gotten on the Bride Ministries webpage to see if anyone was available for a session, and ‘ironically’, he had an opening. I won’t go into the ‘session’, but that man should be careful or he will have a lawsuit on his hands someday from someone. One ‘take-away’ was concerning his whole ‘fake-Jesus programming’ thing: if I didn’t TRULY know my Lord and Savior for more than 50 years, what he did with me in that session could have driven me to suicide or severe mental illness. As it was, I did have one very bad day after that session but then the Lord sorted it out for me and showed me what Daniel had done. It seemed as though the Lord just wanted me ‘educated’ in the wiles of ‘you-know-who’, who prowls around as a roaring lion.

DT’s Testimony

I became aware of your departure from Bride Ministries just recently because of a video from The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction about the occult teachings of the Spirit Man from Arthur Burke.

I have been a patient of Ruthie Andrews* for the past couple of months, and recently she told me about this teaching. It sounded strange to me, but I agreed to check out some of Arthur Burk’s videos. I thought them strange, but viewed several, until he addressed my “spirit” directly. I became hysterical and started crying uncontrollably. I got physically ill with a raging migraine and started vomiting. It was a very violent reaction and I had never experienced that before, so I quit watching his videos and told Ruthie about it. I don’t really recall her explanation other than my concerns were somewhat dismissed.

Since starting with Bride Ministries I have had 2 huge attacks on my finances. Since I live on disability this was devastating. I also had an attack on my health and felt like I was being oppressed spiritually. I had to cancel the last session with her because of illness. So when I saw that video it all started to make sense. I wish I had known you had parted company with them last year because I would have never started sessions with them. But now I do know and have written to cancel my future sessions with her. Thank you for telling the truth. I don’t know if I will ever trust another ministry, especially a counseling ministry again. Keep telling the truth and exposing the darkness that surrounds us.

* Our Note: as of March 2018, Ruthie Andrews is a “DID coach” with Bride Ministries.

Rob’s Testimony

My wife, Loren Grace, and I had been together for about 10 years before counseling sessions with Dan Duval began in 2014. I was well aware of some of her past abuses and the ongoing problems with her mother. She did have bouts of severe depression and showed signs of programming, especially when dealing with her mother, but I thought that she was able to function somewhat normally for the most part. She had gone to other counselors before to try to deal with the deep rooted issues she had, but never really got the results she wanted. Her depression continued and she was still having nightmares.

In 2013, she started journaling and started to realize that her problems were rooted in ritual abuse and dissociation. So she started seeking out counseling in our area to get help with this, but she couldn’t find anyone that she was comfortable with.

She was given the name of Dan Duval by some friends on Facebook. My wife spoke to Dan Duval first in an initial conversation, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to work with him. After several more months of trying to find a counselor, she decided to give Dan a try. This was in late spring of 2014. I spoke to him over the phone and I agreed to support the counseling and coaching process. I was told that this process would get worse before it got better, but I thought I was prepared. I thought that the object of these sessions was to listen to her and help her work through the many issues from past abuses as well as DID and SRA. I thought the end result would be a gradual integration of all the parts of her and for her to emerge from this process as a whole person.

As time passed, I noticed that my wife was getting much worse, but… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

RS’s Testimony:

Some years ago, I heard Carolyn Hamlett on Dan Duval’s podcast. Since I had been having meetings in another realm with the so-called “Ascended Masters,” I knew she was telling the truth with what she was saying, because you can’t lie about that to somebody who’s done it themselves. I only met the “Ascended Masters” face-to-face starting when I was 30 years old; however, they had always been in my life up until that point, and just as other people who have been heavily involved with them, I was having some trouble with a dissociative disorder.

I contacted Carolyn after listening to her on Duval’s podcast, and after many hours of talking on the phone with her, we became friends. I knew in my heart she was genuine and I was very happy to have her as a friend.

I knew she had been talking to Dan Duval, and I didn’t know of anybody else who might could have helped me with what I was dealing with. And so, knowing that Carolyn trusted him at that time, I had a couple of counseling sessions with him myself. Money exchanged hands, and therefore, whether he had a counseling degree or not, there was a client/patient confidentiality that… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

Robbie’s Testimony:

I was a part of Daniel Duval’s “Bride Ministries” & Fire Place Church (his internet church), up until November of 2016. I listened to Duval’s weekly podcasts and to his weekly online church, and I was also a part of online social media groups that were led by Bride Ministry leaders and the Fire Place Church coordinator at that time. I was good friends with some who were involved with that “ministry,” including Carolyn before she left, and I was well acquainted with others who were being “counseled” by Dan Duval and those at Bride Ministries. I wasn’t acquainted with Loren, but I knew of her.

During the time that I was involved with that group, the fruit of the unholy spirits that they were operating out of became very clear to me. From top-to-bottom, they were involved in evil things — in “Christian witchcraft” — and were teaching Luciferian doctrine and practicing occult activities. I was a part of their “Spiritual Warfare” Facebook group, and I saw these things first-hand. They were pushing a lot of the “Praying Medic’s” (Dave Hayes) books, such as “Hearing the Voice of God Made Simple,” “Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple,” and “Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple.” They were also pushing the teachings of Steve Harmon, Ian Clayton, and Arthur Burk. Rather than using the Bible…  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

Email Testimonies from Others About Various Cults, Cult Leaders, Witchcraft, and False Doctrines

From Pamela:

I got sucked into Dan Duval’s podcasts, and felt enthralled and enchanted with it. After some time, however, I became terribly confused. I felt like Duval was teaching concepts I was completely unaware of, and it felt like the teaching or indoctrination was focusing on the intricacies and expanses and rituals of the occult, rather than exposing the occult and leading to Scripture. The teachings became progressively uncomfortable and disorienting. Duval made God confusing and complicated! The Bible deserves study, faith and prayer, but faith is actually simple. You don’t have to learn and memorize complicated prayers and procedures. You don’t have to know about the names of demonic principalities and go to war in the spirit against them. You don’t have to pray for every part of your body, spirit, soul and mind. If you forget to pray for protection on your spleen it might get attacked? Yikes, that’s a lot of stress. God isn’t stress, He is peace and love. It is all about simple relationship with God. Duval wants you to need his superb knowledge, experience and power. Umm…, no. God wants us to be humble. If you start feeling confused, you can pray straight to Holy Father through Jesus. Easy.

Carolyn always pointed to Jesus. Always. Carolyn seems humble. She seems so genuine with a true heart for God. Any time Carolyn was speaking on Duval’s podcasts, I tuned in, but I’m so happy she left Bride Ministries.

I want to say thank you to Loren and Carolyn for doing the right thing and exposing what was revealed as deception within Bride Ministries. You have made it easy for me to turn away from that supposed ministry, as I was heading toward becoming involved.

From CK:

I just wanted to thank you for so openly and thoroughly explaining your break from Bride Ministries. I began to be involved there a few months ago, but felt constant hesitancy about their practices of ‘seeing in the spirit’, especially by survivors who said they cannot read the Bible because their programming blocks them from doing so. I am unsure how someone who does not read God’s Word could be such a detailed messenger of all that is happening in the spirit realm. God’s Word must be the foundation for all discernment. Thank you for pointing people back to God’s Word, rather than quick fixes that excite the mind and stroke the ego.

From JS:

Thank you so much for your warning on Bride Ministry and Dan Duval. I have been listening to his programs for awhile now but have noticed that his guests and his teachings have been sounding not quite right more and more. I wasn’t sure if it was just me not understanding or not being smart enough or if it was off mark. And you are so right in pointing out what was wrong. I can see it so clearly now. But you are also so right that I should have seen it myself if I was reading my bible more and not just listening to “preachers”.

Bless you for having the strength and honesty to come out and tell the truth about what you know so that others can not fall into the pit if they have eyes to see.

From PS:

I am an acquaintance of Daniel Duval. We have worked together at a conference and spent some personal time together sharing our views. I sought out Daniel for spiritual warfare guidance.

During one of our conferences, there was a young girl who had darkness around her. Daniel prayed over her. Well, prayed at her. It did seem odd at the time. He was praying/commanding against curses, hexes, spells, etc. It wasn’t Holy Spirit filled prayer but something he obviously repeats over and over. But what was odd was that he was “damning/sending demons to the abyss.” I read in scripture that it is not our place to do such things. So I found that odd that he would be doing that.

When I visited his place a couple years ago, he was showing me all these esoteric texts on his computer. Saying he prays for protection before he reads them. He was very much into doctrine of demon ancient texts that he downloaded from the web. Said he was trying to find out how the enemy works. He emailed me one, saying it was an ancient text and to not read it without prayer because it was very dangerous.

Seems like he found out secrets of heaven, information that demons use, and tries to incorporate it into his ministry. Very dangerous. But it does line up with what you’re saying.

And the other thing is: he was a very proud person. This is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of my friend who spent time with him as well. You know what the Bible says: God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. So how can he be doing work in God’s name and healing while being so proud?

From PG:

The local church in our small town is associated with the Elim denomination and is a big supporter of XP Ministries, Patricia King. We were not prepared for the total acceptance of her occult “Christian” practices. We now find some members of our daughter-in-law’s family being persuaded by visions of heaven and angels, appearance of gems and goldust, claims of being “extremely special”, executing words of knowledge on people, etc. Some of these folks are so deceived that they refuse to listen to anything they perceive as disagreement citing that “we do not expect YOU to understand,” “we are special,” and “we do not live in fear.” We’re really concerned about the welfare of our close and extended family and are constantly in prayer that God will open their eyes.

From CB:

I found out only yesterday about you [Carolyn and Loren], and it was through God’s intervention and guidance. Everything you say is a confirmation to my research.

The first and last project I was involved with in Arthur Burk’s ministry ended last week. I was a part of a team of researchers who had to study a certain part of the brain and its correlation with autism. The reason for this group is that Arthur doesn’t have time to do this research and he asked for volunteers. So he uses a lot of tools and experiments for so-called good purposes (cleansing the land , healing sicknesses, deliverance, etc).

He says on his website that not only do people have redemptive gifts, but every country and city on the earth has a redemptive gift, too. I don’t know the biblical backup for this teaching. It just seems it’s a too-stretched application of 1 Corinthians 12.

One of his last projects was in the city of Innsbruck, Austria, where he has a collaborator. He performed some cleansing rituals there last week, and expected to see some transformations in that city. A recent earthquake just occurred there and they think it’s a sign from God. If you ask me, I don’t think so, because earthquakes increase everywhere. They also have a teaching about cleansing lay lines. All these you can read yourself from their Facebook page.

I also bought Ian Clayton’s books and read them. I was involved also with Mike Parson’s ministry for a month only. I went to his website to test it, but a lot of things didn’t seem right, so I quit. In fact, as you said, we can see if a ministry is good or bad by the type of guys that they are joining with. Indeed, this one was one of the clues that made me realize that they are deceptive.

All I can say is that all my involvement with these ministries and teachings departed me from God and the Bible.

When I found out about your book and teachings I FELT FREE and my love for God and the Bible returned.

From SD:

I am a part of a church that does a lot of good for the community. The minister actually helps people overcome addictions and horrible life styles through their discipling program. I have studied the Word, and the minister’s teachings line up with the Bible. The minister’s son and his wife have been very good friends of mine. Last December, the minister’s son came to help keep the peace when I was giving things back to my soon-to-be ex. At that time, my ex and his parents cursed the minister’s son. He was only in his twenties, and he passed away from an undiagnosed heart malfunction 6 days later. I believe this was a spiritual assassination. The fallout from the community has been felt in an adverse way. The church continues to grow and help many, but the family and his widow have been so hurt. I know God is greater, and allowed this, and will bring good out of this, but this was truly a good person that loved the Lord dearly.

From JQ:

I just came out of a prayer line that was using christian witchcraft to pray for witches to die in the name of Jesus. I had no idea the minister of the prayer line would pray prayers like that.

Public Testimonies on Social Media Forums About Various Cults, Cult Leaders, Witchcraft, and False Doctrines
Public Testimonies on Social Media Forums About Various Cults, Cult Leaders, Witchcraft, and False Doctrines

“I turned away from church for a long time because of the abuses I suffered at the hands of “ministers” who weren’t really servants of God. More recently, five years ago I was delivered from actual witchcraft  — I got led so astray that I got involved in tarot cards and the like and was even doing it professionally, to the point where I became possessed. I knew something was wrong so I cried out to God and he told me it was witchcraft. I repented and I’ve never looked back.” Comment on our blog by an anonymous person

~ ~ ~


“As a new Christian, I took the “In Christ” class [with Bride Ministries] and found it very confusing. Also, Ian Clayton and his books and methods were being “highly recommended” from day one. I found it a bit strange (should’ve been my first clue), but I didn’t really know what God’s Word said about it, nor did I take the time to study it myself. If anything, I have learned I need to get into the Word and seek His Truth for myself! THANK YOU Loren & Carolyn for speaking the TRUTH!” KP

~ ~ ~


“Our Lord delivered me from a 10-year journey into new age, spiritualism, transmediumship, and esoteric madness! It’s amazing how once you open the door, those pesky demons come in with a flood of deception that appeals to one’s pride and ego in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. I have also opened doors in my Christian walk over the past 12 years, and I can only blame myself for seeking that which you warn of: spiritual experiences with spiritual beings, fresh revelation rather than what is already given in the Scriptures that is interpreted correctly and in context, and seeking other things aside from our Heavenly Father. I often wonder if I still need some deliverance, and have realized that the answer is yes! Deliverance from myself and sin! I also see how it is our Lord’s faithfulness that has pulled me from the prosperity, sign and wonders, and “charis-manic” false gospels!” DR

~ ~ ~


“I found Carolyn when she was with [Dan Duval]. I read your blog about his “teachings.” Thank God for the Holy Spirit. I felt like a lot of his teachings became New Age and he seemed impressed with himself. I realized that a lot of these teachings are New Age mixed with Christianity.” PD

~ ~ ~

SM.png“I have listened to many of [Dan Duval’s] podcasts for the last couple of years. I became unsettled in my spirit with the talk of the “spirit man.” As intriguing as it sounds, it hardly had biblical context. I’ve had lots of checks in my spirit: the praying medic, Jeff Janson, battling with your “spirit man”… it’s seductive and intriguing, but as I felt drawn in, I quit listening.” SM

Public Testimonies on "The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction" YouTube Channel
Public Testimonies on “The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction” YouTube Channel

These following testimonies are public remarks made by people commenting on two videos that William from “the Truth is stranger than fiction” produced, exposing some of Daniel Duval’s unbiblical and occult teachings. The links where we found these comments are: https://youtu.be/KwdMWsPR46c and https://youtu.be/ihXJWiAe0CI.

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *

By linking to these videos and sharing some of the public comments that are found in the comments section of these videos, we are in NO WAY giving our endorsement or recommendation of “the Truth is stranger than fiction” YouTube page, nor of William, the man who runs the page.


FALSE FIRE: Dan Duval & the Spirit-Man Heresy (Christian Witchcraft)


FALSE FIRE [part two] Planets = Beings?? + Reversed Engineered Quantum Occultism

William’s Comments

William, the man who runs this YouTube channel and who produced these videos about Duval and his occult teachings, had comments that included the following.

Comment 1: “The proof is in the pudding, as they say, in this case it is Dan Duval’s own teaching which exposes itself! 100% without question what he is doing is simply rehashing occult concepts and New Age practices as part of “Christian spiritual warfare”. It is absolutely insane what Dan is teaching/doing nowadays. At this point it is Duval who is the one “infiltrating Christian ministries”, sadly enough….”

Comment 2: “When I listened to a recent interview he [Duval] did with another survivor, it just made me grieve. He’s going further and further into Occultism, but in the name of Christ. He’s absolutely a programmer, just like a hypnotists uses suggestion to walk people through altered states.”

Comment 3: “Is he [Duval] really speaking to his “own spirit/soul”..? I would have to argue quite staunchly, that from scripture we NEVER get so much of an inkling of such a thing? The entire spirit-man teaching is predicated on this assertion that like God, we are ourselves also “Triune”, and honestly I find that in itself to be borderline blasphemous!”

Comments 4:

T.V. (in response to William’s video)You say Dan Duval teaches astral projection, but that would mean that your soul leaves your body. He says NOT to do that. With all the criticism about his ministry being crazy or occult that you’ve made, you haven’t pointed out specifically what he’s done wrong. You keep saying it’s witchcraft, but he doesn’t do astral projection or hexes, vexes, voodoo, curses, etc. What I do see from Dan Duval’s ministry is really good fruits, such as all the people he’s setting free from bondage, iniquity and bad bloodlines. Which would be indicative of the opposite of what you’re accusing him of, no matter how ‘crazy’ the things he says might be. Perhaps the Truth really is stranger than fiction, as your channel states. 🙂

William: Hmmmm…. “Good fruits” eh..? That’s a tough claim, considering the fact that the very person Duval supposedly set free he winds up turning around and saying she’s still under some sort of mind control / satanic influence…

Dan Duval effectively made a name for himself by parading Carolyn Hamlett’s interview around the internet, talking about how he’d helped her come out of an Illuminati family etc. Duval had written his own book or two prior to this, and had been trying to get something going, but no one was interested. Not until he started “working” with Carolyn. You’re seriously gonna sit here and trying and split semantic hairs over astral projection? The dude teaches about “going into the spirit” (realm) and talking to your angel, etc. That alone, is witchcraft. Pure and simple. Carolyn called him out, and he tried to throw her under the bus. Duval is a charlatan. He is very deceived, and he is deceiving others….

Comments 5:

D.W. (in response to William’s video): “So you’re denying the existence of an inner spirit person? What portion of a person do you think becomes born again or born from above? The bible says my new spirit is seated in Heaven right now. and yet, all things have become new. So after receiving the Spirit my physical body was regenerated, my soul made anew, and my spirit reborn in Heaven. I dont think connecting with ones inner spirit is christian witchcraft but obviously if you haven’t experienced for yourself then you’re not in a position to judge on it.”

William: “According to that logic, then I shouldn’t be able to judge on things like child sacrifice or sex rituals either, unless I’ve experienced them for myself first…  Your spirit is not some separate entity that you can have a conversation with bud.  You should instead be conversing with GOD Himself, not your own “spirit person”.  That IS witchcraft.  They simply call them “spirit guides”.  It’s the same old New Age thing, only the name is slightly changed….”

Comments 6:

R.R. (in response to William’s video): “I do not take lightly victims of ritual abuse have been hurt by someone, but we have a huge question raised in the Christian community? Has God ceased doing what He did with individuals in the Bible?  Do miracles, signs and wonders exist today. Can I travel in the spirit today? I really like Bruce Allen, Ian Clayton, and  Mike Parsons. Thousands of people have come to Christ in their ministries.”

William: “In the Bible, we never see anyone “travel in the spirit” of their own volition. That’s a major point imo. But sure, God still performs miracles. The problem with a lot of folks today is they are starting to believe that miracles happen because they tap into some kind of “faith principle” or “quantum spiritual laws” etc, instead of simply just asking God to do something, and the Father responds…”

Comments 7: 

J.M. (in response to William’s videos): “Negativity! what a great way to spread the word :(“

William: “I guess I don’t really how to put a “positive” spin on a teaching which essentially equates to tricking  people to talk to demons….  (do you?)”

J.M.: “Why promote it at all? If we dwell on negativity, and then spread such musings with the world, what are we doing?”

William: ““Promote”? Not sure how you chose that word…. So somebody is going around teaching scores of people to talk to their “spirit pets” and “angels” etc, but is in fact teaching people to engage with demons. You don’t think that is something people need to be warned about? You think it will just go away by itself as long as everyone ignores it and pretends like people aren’t being horrifically damaged as a consequence?? Do you have any understanding whatsoever of the seriousness of people delving into Occultism and witchcraft whilst calling it “Christian”?”

Comments 8:

R.L. (in response to William’s video): “who’s right who’s wrong. sick of all the back and forth. Pray for one another that’s what we are suppose to do . plus this is old news. Bless you brother.”

William: “If you think someone teaching other people to “summon their spirit-person” isn’t something insidious to stand up and speak out against, then I struggle to understand just what you WOULD consider worthy of exercising discernment against…?  To suggest that this is some kind of petty argument is baffling to me…”

Comments 9:

A.W. (in response to William’s video): “I’m very familiar with ‘Carolyn’. I listened to her Full Testimony, a couple years ago. It was very riveting! As for Dan Duval, I got a weird vibe from him, from the get go. I couldn’t put my finger on it back then, but now I see it!”

William: “Yeah, she’s legit. Turns out he’s not. But she ultimately listened to God, and not man. So proud of her for being obedient to the Spirit, not just in breaking ties with Duval, but also in speaking out about it, so that other could be warned.”

A.W.: “You know, it seems to be about the “MONEY’ these days! I’m seeing it ALL the time now. I’m SO glad Carolyn chose JESUS!  MONEY has a spirit attached to it!”

Comments 10:

M.B. (in response to William’s video): “I remember Zen Garcia interviewed Carolyn and Dan. I remembered thinking Dan was behaving more like a handler than a helper. Carolyn said, not enough people are talking about Jesus. Dan seemed to keep interrupting her and trying to interpret her own experience. It made me look more into her, she seems legit to me. Dan on the other hand…”

William: “You nailed it man…. He absolutely has effectively inserted himself as the new “handler” of these SRA survivors, while passing himself off as a coach/counselor. He is using hypnotic suggestion, mediumship, astral projection, visualization, etc, etc…. He is exploiting the past traumatic occult experiences these people have had, and using them as guinea pigs in order to develop his own twisted charismatic doctrines that are nothing more than modified Luciferian ideas/practices.”

Comment 11: “When I realized just what he [Duval] has been doing, exploiting such people who have already experienced so much undeserved pain and affliction from the Enemy, I was absolutely irate that anyone would put them through even more abuse, and this time while convincing them that it was “Jesus” who was doing all this “system work” and providing the “breakthroughs” etc. It’s truly sick.”

Comments 12: 

R. (in response to William’s video): “This vaguely reminds me of what is taught in the higher levels of Scientology.”

William: “Absolutely. All the “mind sciences” and their related cult groups have stemmed from the same Satanic well…”

Comments 13:

B.P. (in response to William’s video): “THANK YOU. I tried to get another ministry that had him on a while back to talk about this but for some reason they never did…”

William: “Yeah, the more I realized that what Carolyn and Loren are saying is true, and seeing just how much teaching material Duval has put out in the open now involving this stuff, I became increasingly surprised that their 3 videos were still basically the only ones on YT speaking out against it! I’m still not sure if it’s because it’s still largely flying under the radar of a lot of people, or if it’s because a increasing number of people are actually being deceived by it, but I guess we’ll see in the coming months/years….”

B.P.: “Indeed. Hopefully it’s flying under the radar, I’m just glad someone else finally brought it out before it spreads much more if it all…i just feel like it has the potential to do a great amount of harm to the body.”

William: “Yeah, now I’m suddenly finding myself wondering, every time i hear someone use the phrase “spiritual warfare”, if they just mean “praying against the enemy” in the conventional sense, or if they might actually be referring to some kind of altered state of consciousness/meditation etc…. Same thing with the term “armor of God”, now that I know that it has this alternative (occult) teaching some people are attaching to that as well…”

Comments 14:

J.L. (in response to William’s video): “I believe him [Duval]. this guy is doing great things for God. There is a lot of gifts of the Holy Spirit Paul talks about them in the new testament. it’s not new age it’s supernatural. most people haven’t fasted for 30 days or even 3 to 4 days. when Jeremiah brought down fire that was supernatural. I need to go on a deep fast. I truly believe the supernatural is not for everybody. I experienced some of the stuff he’s talking about. I done all night prayers in tongues and ended up some city in prayer basically I went  to sleep and ended up some where in my dreams. its always beutiful because i was praying for so long. if you been praying all night. youl get visions when you go deep in prayer especially if your fasting. I don’t think it’s astrol projection you basically go to sleep you’ll end up in your dream some where. especially if you ask God to give you visions. Great stuff I need to start doing all night prayer again. I haven’t done it in a long time it’s hard to go back to that. it’s really addictive once you get into it because you bring down so much positive energy in prayer. Koreans pray like for 6 to 7 hours that’s where I learned it.”

William: “Everything you are describing is straight out of mysticism, textbook New Age practice, NOT the Bible. There is a massive, massive difference between supernatural occurrences that are initiated by God, and the ones that you initiate by way of effectively putting yourself into a trance (which is exactly what you are doing through such forms of “prayer” and fasting…) The fact that you talk about it being “really addictive” is also quite telling, I would say, because indeed, the kinds of transcendent experiences found through mysticism and New Age practice are of course extremely euphoric!  You can literally get high from it.  (and you get addicted to that high…)  But it’s not from God, I’ll tell you that much…  Do you really think God is in the business of just giving us blissed-out spiritual experience in various realms etc., that have no ultimate application to your real life? The things God is interested in having happen through our prayers, is Repentence, is intercession for others, is actually talking to God and developing a relationship of trust with Him, etc.  This is so very, very different from what you’re talking about.  Please listen to my words Joseph. This guy [Duval] is not doing “great things for God”, as the personal testimonies of Loren and Carolyn attest. He is doing great damage to people.  The fruit he is displaying in life is not the fruit of the Spirit, so I don’t care what kinds of fantastic stories he has to share about what he’s seen/heard “in the spirit”. It’s not from the Spirit of God, if it’s not displaying the fruit that the Spirit of God produces…”

Comment 15: “Teaching people to fracture their own psyche and converse with demons hardly qualifies as “getting people to move forward in being disciples”… I fully realize that on the surface he [Duval] appears to teach the Biblical Gospel.  But phrases like “saved by Grace through Faith” are just that. Phrases.  Words and terms are only as good as the meaning that is ultimately applied to them, and unfortunately, Dan Duval is regularly talking to a “Jesus” by way of using many of these victims as his personal mediums, who is not the real Jesus whatsoever.  Don’t be blinded to false teachings simply because of your own experiences with the supernatural realm in dreams/visions etc…”

Comments 16:

Y. (in response to William’s video): “not knowing of the unseen world is a huge disadvantage to Christians. you must know the devils devices.

William: “Knowing about it, yes. Going there yourself? Not something we should be pursuing…”

Y.:  “true, but most Christians don’t even believe there being influence on a daily basis.”

William: ““nothing has overtaken you except what is common to man….” Do I think we need to understand the reality of the demonic realm? Yeah. Does that mean needing to learn the intricacies of everything Satan does? Does that mean going into the spirit realm and confronting demons ourselves?  No!  Dan Duval is sadly a prime example of just how seductive that mentality can be, and just how destructive the end result can get….”

Comments 17:

J.N. (in response to William’s video): “I have a hard time with this because I feel like whenever something happens that can’t be explained people automatically label it evil or not of God. The problem I have is people don’t believe in miracles at all anymore and if someone says they had something supernatural happen its picked apart and scrutinized. I believe it’s possible that God can take one from there body and have an experience without it being new age. And is it possible that the new age took some practices from Christians and put different labels on them long ago? I’m not saying what this guy [Duval] is saying is true by any means! I just feel like God can open us up to new things we haven’t experienced or heard of before and wouldn’t it be a shame if you had that chance but were too scared to step outside the box? I dunno just a thought.

William: “We are called to test every spirit. The true test of any spirit or spiritual experience is the message that ultimately proceeds from it, and in this case the message [from Duval] is chock full of Gnostic heresy. I myself DO believe in miracles, and do believe God can give people visions, experiences etc, but… But when people come to seek ecstatic experiences above seeking God Himself, they have seriously strayed, and set them self up for massive deception. Yes, God does open us up to new experiences, but far and away those “new experiences” have far more to do with the “simple” day-to-day arena of loving our neighbors, forgiving our enemies, sharing the Gospel, seeing other people get free and get saved etc! It’s a far cry from the sensation-driven flashy type experiences that appeal to our Flesh. There are lots of ways to chase such “transcendent” metaphysical experiences. I had a few myself years ago when experimenting with drugs. But it’s just a bottomless, meaningless psychedelic rabbit hole with nothing to offer but more insatiable desire for “deep” experience. This how all of Satan’s spirituality works. God is so different, He actually seems content to teach us about Himself through the “mundane”, through the seemingly unexciting. But it’s anything but! It’s just not about the spectacle. Not about puffing ourselves up because of all the incredible things we think we’ve seen or done. That’s the difference in fruit. If it’s from God it ultimately leads you glorifying God, not yourself, not your gifts, not your “deep knowledge”, not your “new revelation”… All too often that is precisely what we see coming from so many of the folks who do acknowledge the reality of the spiritual realm. After all, every error has at least two extreme forms, in this case, one extreme denies the supernatural altogether, but the other extreme becomes so fixated with it that it actually becomes idolatry and opens the door to all kinds of horrific deception.”

Comments by other people on William’s YouTube channel:

Statements by “NowYouSeeTV”:

NYSTV deleted DD's shows.png“We have deleted his [Duval’s] shows that we did with him over 6 moths ago because of our recognition of his new age ideas.”NYSTV Comment.png

“Not sure where you found this episode. Maybe someone copied it, but we deleted it almost right after doing the show because of the concern we had with his [Duval’s] theology.”

~ ~ ~

AM.png“I have my own testimony visiting a church in the 90’s where the Kundalini spirit was so powerful that people were cackling, making bizarre noises, and laughing like crazed lunatics. I literally ran down the isle and out the front door, terrified. It would be 25 years before I ever entered another church assembly. Having discernment is a gift for those who ask for it.” A

~ ~ ~


“I went and listened to some of the Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace conversations about leaving Bride Ministries and the spirit man teachings, and I had to go repent. I had repeated things I had picked up from Dan Duval listening to him years ago.

Also, opening portals is huge in Dan Duval’s teachings. He says that Jesus is not only a realm but a portal also (we know He [Jesus] is the way to the Father, and the sheepfold for the sheep, but this is not some occult idea of a portal), and Dan says we are portals, too, if were made in the image of God, and we can open portals by the authority God gave us.

The idea of having the ability and authority to open portals to bring in God’s angels, or to bring in healing (including arms and legs, eyes, etc… for those that need them) from God’s store houses is so in line with occult witchcraft that I cannot believe I didn’t see it when I first heard it. Try and find that interview. I believe it is [called] “Dan Duval interviewing The Praying Medic”. And there is another interview where Daniel talked about a vision of God’s storehouses, and it was body parts: legs, arms, livers, all ready for when anyone who has a missing leg or is paralyzed needs healing.

These men get so much of their doctrine from dreams and visions. Unless that dream or vision directly lines up with the word of God, then that is by no means a reliable source, and a perfect tool of the enemy to deceive those open to those experiences.” JS

~ ~ ~

BR.png“Another false doctrine that seems to be taking hold is that as long as we are Christians, it is perfectly okay to “take back” for God what has been “stolen” by Satan. Such as, its fine to have yoga in church as long as we are quoting bible verses instead of meditating… etc. I believe this comes from churches being afraid to be seen as noninclusive, when God clearly states in His word that we are a peculiar people set apart.” BR

~ ~ ~

NW.png“I have often wondered why modern day professing Christians are so obsessed with the supernatural. Many years ago I was caught up in the so-called laughing in the spirit and getting drunk in the spirit wave of deception that swept the church 20 years ago. Man, I was so arrogant back then. I was so sure that it was a move of God’s Spirit, a kind of new wine being dispensed by God. It all seemed to make so much sense, but in the end, it was a deception. Clear as day now, but back then I was convinced.

I often wonder why people go so far out of the camp so to speak in their quests to become more spiritual, or to experience more of the divine. I guess a wicked generation seeks after a sign. It’s something I had to own in my walk with the Lord. One day I prayed that the Lord would open my eyes to ANY deception in my life. I’m glad I did, because after getting rid of all my sacred cows, my walk with Jesus is so much simpler.

I heard a sermon by Paul Washer. In it, he said that the people who sit under the Benny Hinns, the Hoel Osteens, etc, are exactly where they want to be, and they are exactly where God wants them to be, because they absolutely do not want the simplicity of the Gospel. The pure simple truth of the Gospel is never enough for these people. They are always seeking more. Be that walks with angels, meetings with Jesus or “The Father” (see Kat Kerr), being translated to another place, or fake signs and wonders, as recently reported in the last few years at Bethel Reading church and the Jesus Culture deception band.

20 years ago I was so full of pride and arrogance. I was so proud to be one of Gods kid’s. I was convinced that as a child of God. I deserved to be comfortable. I deserved that promotion. After all, I was a child of the King of the universe! Now? Well, now I ponder how sinful my heart really is, but at the same time, I am deeply comforted that I serve a God of infinite mercy and patience. Now I keep short accounts.” NW

~ ~ ~

DK.png“For about 4 years, I was lost in the rabbit hole of the new age/metaphysical cult. Thankfully, God led me out of that pit back into His arms. I was raised in a Christian home, school, and church, and I believe that it is why I never quite fit in with the people I was associating with. As a child of God, I was NOT the same. I am grateful for God’s protection and patience with me as He guided me home. This new age [stuff] is so very dangerous as you have expressed. I now have to get rid of all of the books and CDs on “ascended masters”, astral projection, finding spirit guides etc., not to mention the whole crystal/stone collection I have. I feel so stupid, but it taught me not to trust anything that is not truly of God or the teachings of the Bible. Thank you for shedding light on this deception for those who may still be lost down that rabbit hole. God bless you.” DK

~ ~ ~

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