IV. Spiritual Manifestations (signs and wonders)

Many of today’s Christians are following after spiritual manifestations and equating those things with the Spirit of God working and moving.

For example:

● Gold/silver and gold dust

● Gems

● Glory clouds

● “Angel” feathers

● “Angelic” manifestations

● Disorderly services or meetings that are commonly seen as evidence of “the spirit moving,” that include manifestations or activities such as:

○ uncontrollable laughter (commonly known as “holy laughter”)

○ staggering around with incoherent speech like a drunken person (called, “being drunk in the spirit” or, “filled with new wine”)

■ also, “”toking the Holy Ghost or Spirit”

○ animal-like behavior and noises, such as walking on all fours and roaring, or writhing on the floor and hissing

○ shouting, screaming, dancing, running, jumping, uncontrollable rocking back and forth, spastic shaking

○ falling down (faked or real), commonly after the “laying on of hands” and an “impartation or passing on of the anointing”

■ This is commonly called “resting in the Spirit,” being “slain in the Spirit,” or “falling out in the Spirit.”

○ loud and widespread speaking or singing in tongues without interpretation

Important to Note: These types of manifestations are clearly and historically characteristic of the demonic, and are not of the true God. It is made clear in Scripture that services (meetings) are to be orderly.

Furthermore, a true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an every-day and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms.

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Two, Chapter IV: Spiritual Manifestations (signs and wonders)

A. Gold Dust

The “gold and gold dust” and related manifestations are lying and false signs and wonders (see 2 Thessalonians 2:9). At the least, they are indicative of a human deception. At the worst, of an unholy anointing, and not the anointing of the true God.

The following are important points that clearly show this “gold” movement to not be of God:

● It is not scriptural.

● It is accompanied by other manifestations that are clearly demonic (see the bullet points above, beginning with “Disorderly services or meetings”).

● The fruit is bad: it does not lead to a sincere desire for building a relationship with the true God based on a Biblical foundation, but leads, instead, to seeking after greater spiritual manifestations. In many cases, it leads people into completely abandoning the proper study of Scripture, and it renders them incapable of hearing the true voice of God.

● A simple internet search shows there are many questions surrounding these gold/silver/gem manifestations as to whether they are authentic; in fact, there is argument, in many instances, that the “gold dust” and “gems” are plastic gems and gold-colored plastic glitter. Real gold and gems or not, this reeks of a magic show, not a move of the true Spirit of God.

For instances where this gold dust is not due to human deception, but to demonic deception, refer to the next section, “A Demonic Anointing.”

● In regards to these supposed “gold fillings” that are miraculously appearing in people’s teeth, the question needs to be asked: “Is God limited by modern dentistry and can only fill your teeth with gold, but not restore them to what He originally intended you to have?” This would be the same as God causing a gold-plated prosthetic leg to “miraculously appear” on an amputee, rather than restoring the natural leg. Or God causing a pair of golden glasses to “miraculously appear” on someone’s face, rather than restoring the natural eyesight.

Bottom line: whether the gold manifestation is a human deception (a lying work) or is a demonic deception (a false work), it is not scriptural. These are demonically-inspired manifestations that are meant to lead people into delusion, chasing after lying and false signs and wonders instead of the true God, and chasing after people (leaders) who are making a show with these lying and false signs and wonders. They are being given cheap gifts (presents) from demons, and are chasing after these “gifts,” encouraged to continue in their deception, thinking these are “special gifts” from God.

Why are people seeking after signs and wonders over a relationship with the true God? To find the answer, let’s go to the Bible. Here’s what Jesus said to the religious leaders, who were demanding He give them a sign from Heaven (emphasis added):

Matthew 16:4 (KJV)

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.”

● Adulterous: in the context of this verse — those who worship any other than the true God.

○ also: faithless to God, unclean, apostate. (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon)1

So why do people often seek after signs and wonders? Because they are wicked and are worshiping a false god. If you are like we, the authors, have been in the past, and find yourselves serving a false god, repent and ask the Heavenly Father to show you the truth.

■ A Demonic Anointing

Historically, within many different pagan cultures, gold and silver have been regarded as sacred metals, with gold metal representing the sun, and silver metal representing the moon. There are also many different occult teachings that regard gold metal as having magical attributes or special powers, and various groups have stories about which demon/god/spirit this gold comes from. The stories are diverse and gold is represented and utilized in many ways, but some occult groups believe that gold metal represents the highest level of spiritual achievement or enlightenment. In fact, many of them say that Satan (Lucifer) has a “golden aura.”

→ Important to Note

Different occult groups can have slightly different views on the spiritual significance or meaning behind colors, precious metals, and gemstones. For instance, the color blue is deemed by other occult groups as representing the highest level of enlightenment, with the gemstone, Sapphire, being a symbol of this state of perfection.

One way some groups describe the process of achieving this enlightenment is by using gold metal as a representation that speaks to human evolution: as they seek to grow more fully into this spiritual enlightenment, they are turning the “lead” (the chemical element) of their human existence into “gold” (the chemical element). To achieve this enlightenment is to have a “oneness or unity with” self, the universe, the universal mind, Christ Consciousness, et cetera (different terms are used by different occult groups).2

So what does this have to do with charismatic services where there is a supposed “gold dust” or other alleged golden objects that are found?

Review the goal of these infiltrators who are working for Satan and pushing his agenda:

The ultimate goal is to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist3) to appear.

This false unity is achieved through the evolution from a human consciousness into a state of enlightenment within the “Christ Consciousness.” So, as people (occult infiltrators and deceived Christians who are following the example of the occult infiltrators) are gathering together, with the intent and expectation to have spiritual manifestations, and using the basics of occult rituals and spell-casting (explained below), demons are showing up, and gold dust or objects are manifesting from this demonic anointing, showing evidence of entering into a certain, basic level of “Christ Consciousness.”

● Elements of Creating a Spiritual Atmosphere

Without going into a lot of unnecessary detail, it’s important to note that basic occult rituals will create a spiritual atmosphere for any desired manifestation by tapping into the power of the demonic (they will often call this by different names, but fundamentally, it is demonic power). This is where the power is found that they are trying to tap into and use to work spell-casting.

There are different ways of describing these methods, but simply put, they include the following elements: visualization (this occurs within the mind); emotion (this emotion comes from the heart and is expressed through movement); and sound (often music or musical intonations, or through chanting “power words,” also known as charming).

The average, disorderly charismatic service or meeting uses every one of these elements, bringing a whole different level of understanding as to why Scripture admonishes us to have orderly services or meetings.

● Elements of Spell-casting

In “Between Christ and Satan,” Kurt Koch describes the necessary elements for spell-casting: invoking (calling on a spirit); charming (chanting particular words or sounds); symbolic action; and using a fetish, or, objects (page 85).4

In this same book, Koch gives two notable examples of spell-casting:

Ex. 105. A farmer’s son suffered repeatedly from a severe pain in his knee. He took the advice of a magic charmer and carried out the following procedure. On a night when the moon was on the wane he went out into a field. He then invoked the Trinity, repeated a magic charm, anointed his knee with oil and finally threw kisses at the moon. Afterwards the pains left him!

This example clearly illustrates what we have just said. The invoking of the Trinity reveals that white magic was used. The magic charm replaced a prayer. Anointing with oil was the symbolic action and the moon acted as the fetish. As the moon waned so the pain left him.

Ex. 109. A minister’s wife was given a salve by a woman in the church. The salve had been produced by a magic charmer and he had cast spells over it. The salve brought rapid relief. It acted as a fetish rather than a medicine. After this treatment however, the wife of the minister broke her arm. Her daughter also, whose Christian life had until then been continually growing, now found faith and prayer impossible.

So when we consider that charismatic services and meetings are involving every one of these occult aspects of creating a spiritual atmosphere for demonic power to be manifested, and the occult aspects of spell-casting, including widespread chanting or singing of demonic tongues (not the gift of tongues as described in the Bible, but the language of demons, a concept that is widely understood and accepted by many occult groups), with the intent and expectation to have a spiritual manifestation, it’s no wonder there are demonic manifestations of gold dust. This is an evidence of a demonic anointing as people are tapping into this “Christ Consciousness.”

→ Note: to read more detail on how the activities in charismatic services and meetings are identical to occult rituals and spell-casting, see the article written by Loren Grace: “Meditation and Yoga: A Deeper Look into Occult Practices that are Deceiving Christians Today.”

B. Review

1. Many of today’s Christians are following after spiritual manifestations and equating these things with the Spirit of God working and moving, but these things are not of God. A true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an every-day and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds.

2. There two types of spiritual manifestations within charismatic occult groups:

a. Human deception — manifestations that are lying signs and wonders

b. Demonic deception — manifestations that may be real (in other words, able to be sensed by the physical senses), but they are false signs and wonders because they do not come from God.

3. Disorderly services or meetings are incorrectly labeled as a “move of God,” because of the demonic manifestations that take place.

4. As people who are claiming to be Christians gather together with the intent and expectation to have a spiritual manifestation, and by using ritualistic occult aspects of spell-casting, sometimes gold dust or similar objects manifest as a sign of demonic anointing that is characteristic of entering into a false unity called “Christ Consciousness.”

1Strong’s Greek: 3428. μοιχαλίς (moichalis). (n.d.). Retrieved from www.biblehub.com/str/greek/3428.htm.

2See also: “Fractals.”

3There is a distinctive difference between “a false Christ” and “the final Antichrist,” and the Bible says there will be many false Christs. So while occultists are preparing for “the Christ,” they usually mean a “global ruler.” This will be an individual whom sincere Christians will recognize as “a false Christ,” and could possibly be the forerunner to the final Antichrist. The important thing to note is that the multitudes of false Christs over the many centuries are all paving the way for the final Antichrist, which is what we are referring to here.

4Koch, Kurt E. Between Christ and Satan. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1971.