Section Two: Common Motivators

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Two: Common Motivators

The charismatic movement is, by and large, man-centered, not God-centered, and the focus is customarily on:

1. Gifts

2. Spiritual experiences

3. Spiritual manifestations (signs and wonders)

4. Heavenly places and supernatural realms

5. Spiritual warfare

These motivators in particular are driving the charismatic movement. The focus on desiring a relationship with the Heavenly Father has shifted to an increasing desire for self-centered, sensual pleasures (appealing to the physical senses and gratifying the carnal desires). This is producing the ideal environment for occult practices and doctrines to thrive, enabling Satan to push his plan forward, using infiltrators who have come into alignment with his agenda.


I. Man-centered, not God-centered

A. Egocentric

B. Leaders or Pastors?

II. Gifts and Abilities

A. Seers and Prophets



Impartations — Giving and Receiving

Supernatural Works of God, Natural Works, Lying Works, or False Works?

Example One – Healings

Example Two – Finances

Example Three — Jobs

Example Four — Marriages and Relationships

The Main Exception to the Rule

Effects of the False Prophets and Seers Within the Charismatic Movement

What the Bible Says about Prophets within the Church

B. Other Gifts

C. Conclusion

D. Review

III. Spiritual Experiences

IV. Spiritual Manifestations (signs and wonders)

A. Gold Dust

A Demonic Anointing

Elements of Creating a Spiritual Atmosphere

Elements of Spell-casting

B. Review

V. Heavenly Places and Supernatural Realms

VI. Spiritual Warfare

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