I. Purpose of This Book

While there is much to be said on the topic of Christian witchcraft, to do so could fill volumes. It is our hope that this short book will open the conversation, and you, the reader, can begin to research this topic on your own.

This book is not written with the intent to cast judgement or to bring condemnation, but to expose the dangers and to bring awareness to those who have been involved in Christian witchcraft, even innocently. Everything in this book is written based on our own experiences in the occult, our personal experiences within the charismatic movement, as well as our experiences with what is commonly referred to as “deliverance counseling.” And in an effort to warn others of the doctrines of demons that they are being deceived by, we do not mince words nor shy away from being honest and open about our own experiences and about what we know.

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section One, Chapter I: Purposes of This Book

The spirit of witchcraft isn’t a problem that is unique only to the charismatic movement; however, this book will deal with the spirit of witchcraft specifically within the context of charismatic churches, ministries, and “deliverance counseling,” particularly that which is aimed at purportedly helping survivors of ritual abuse and mind-control agendas. We will do this by identifying the occult goals, motivations, teachings and practices, and common words or phrases used by such people, so aware Christians can identify it in their own lives and in others.

Furthermore, the doctrines of demons that have infiltrated the Christian church through the charismatic movement are teachings and doctrines that are common to many different occult religions, and have been for at least centuries, if not millennia. Therefore, many of the subjects laid out in this book will be relevant to other types of teachings, and may be helpful in helping you to recognize occult teachings in both Christian and non-Christian religions.

With those things in mind, the seven main things we hope to accomplish with this book are:

1. To concisely define Christian witchcraft by identifying some of the goals, motivations, teachings and practices, as well as common words or phrases used by such people who are operating under a spirit of witchcraft.

2. To shed light on some of the doctrines of demons that are being taught within some “deliverance ministry” counseling.

3. To inform true Christians, who may be ignorant or uninformed, about some of the New Age, occult doctrines that have infiltrated Christianity through charismatic churches and ministries, and to explain why it is dangerous. It is not anything to laugh off, ignore, or even to summarily dismiss as being “crazy or far-out there.” Neither are these occult doctrines anything to excuse as a difference in opinion over Biblical doctrine. These doctrines are infiltrating every part of Christian society, and the Christian would do well to be informed of what these occult doctrines are, and the dangers of them.

4. To expose and explain the dangers of Christian witchcraft to people who have already been deceived by these doctrines of demons, in the hopes they will repent and turn back to God.

5. To offer explanation on commonly misunderstood and misapplied verses that are leading to and seemingly supporting these occult doctrines.

6. To offer simple, Biblical solutions to the problems people are faced with that are causing them to turn away from God and seek solutions outside of Scripture.

7. And finally, to ultimately encourage people to read Scripture within proper context, to repent of practicing witchcraft, to turn back to the true God, and to focus on their relationship with Him, walking in humble submission and obedience to His will.

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