IV. Backlash

pg_266_Backlash1This section is not to bring fear, but to simply explain what can be expected after you renounce being in unity with the spirit of the antichrist, and as you renounce and cut the ties with the demonic and the fallen angels. This is not to say the following are the only sorts of attacks you can expect, as there are likely other difficulties you may experience. Nor are we saying these specific attacks are to always be expected. But if you do experience these things, understand it’s not unusual. And always remember: it’s nothing that God can’t handle. God is greater than Satan. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee. Attacks will come whether you are doing what is right or whether you are doing what is wrong; however, the important thing is not focusing on the attacks, but on focusing on the true God, Who is your Protector and Defender, and on your relationship with Him. Humble yourself before your Heavenly Father, focus on Him, learn to trust Him, and when the attacks come (and they will), you will not be so greatly affected. The demonic attacks will have no more power over you, because your focus is in the right place.

A. The Basic Reasons for Backlash

Many people experience a type of backlash when they disconnect themselves from or take themselves out of alignment (agreement) with Satan’s agenda. This backlash often comes from two fronts simultaneously: human and demonic. Dissociative individuals may also experience an internal backlash from cult-loyal alters and/or occult alters.

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Four, Chapter IV: Backlash

Though backlash is common within non-Christian groups, this section is focusing on the backlash that can be experienced from “Christian occult” circles, but they use the same type of retaliation tactics as non-Christian occult organizations.

Depending upon the situation of the individual, if they were involved with a Christian occult group, there will likely be attempts at retaliation from the group, as they will be angry at the individual for abandoning the group, especially if the individual begins to publicly expose their ungodly practices by speaking out against them and warning others. However, backlash is also a result of the anger the demonic have as the programming breaks down and less people are connecting to the spirit of the antichrist. The connection they have with the individual is weakened or broken, and the control they have because of that connection is gone. The entire satanic system is being disrupted and weakened, and this makes them angry.

The overriding reason for these attacks is to reconnect the individual to the spirit of the antichrist. The Dragon programming is at least one way they oversee this. People who have been programmed with the End-Time programming will have the Dragon programming, although the person may or may not actually see or sense the dragon spirit. We stated these things in the “Dragon Programming” section, but it bears repeating:

If the individual is aware of the dragon, they may find themselves having troubling nightmares of dragons, being spiritually attacked by a dragon, or even during waking hours, begin seeing the shadow of a dragon passing overhead. The shadow will not have a light source that is causing it to appear, and it will often pass overheard when the individual is indoors, making it impossible for it to be mistaken as the shadow of a large, misshapen bird in the physical.

Please understand, this is not an actual dragon, as in, dragons from fairy tales or mythology. These attacks or manifestations are occurring because of End-Time Dragon programming. This “dragon” is a type of demonic entity that protects the spirit of the antichrist and, under certain circumstances, can take on the appearance of a dragon.

Scripture speaks of dragons, as well, and while those verses can be referring to whales, sea monsters, or snakes, the Bible also refers to Satan himself as being the “dragon.”1 Although some theologians may scoff at a “dragon spirit,” this has been our experience, but it certainly isn’t a point we have any desire to make an issue of. The main thing is to keep our eyes on our Heavenly Father, and not any demonic attacks.

However, there are additional reasons for the backlash, and the different avenues through which this backlash is experienced are: demonic attack or torment, demonic visitation, human attack, human visitation in the astral, and internal backlash for those who have dissociative disorders.

B. Demonic Attack or Torment

This can manifest in several different ways, including:

1. An increase in visitations in the form of demonically-inspired nightmares and/or sexual assault in the spirit realms, or in demonic assaults that manifest in the physical.

● Sexual assault can occur while awake or asleep.

● Can include sleep paralysis, as well as night terrors (although night terrors can happen for other reasons, too, such as unresolved trauma, and not necessarily demonic attack).

2. An individual can begin to sense unseen demonic presences hovering nearby, whether during the day or when waking in the middle of the night.

3. It’s also not unusual for the individual to begin seeing demonic faces manifest in everyday surroundings (trees, clouds, shadows, et cetera), or an increase of such activity.

● This can also include seeing what appears to be unexplained shadows moving across the room or catching such movement from the corner of the eye.

● Can also include orbs of light or what some people call “fairy lights,” although this is usually related less to demonic attack and more to “visitations from the demonic” described below.

4. Depending upon the level of occult activity the person was practicing, there can also be poltergeist-type activity of various intensities.

5. An increase in what is sometimes called “alien” abduction.

These goals of these attacks can include:

1. To bring confusion, fear, depression, illness, suicidal feelings or suicidal ideation, and other similar issues.

2. For some individuals, it can also be an attempt to reprogram.

3. To scare the individual into feeling they are helpless against these types of attacks, and to keep them focused on the demonic (the problem) rather than on the true God (the Solution).

4. To push the individual into practicing some type of “white magic,” such as:

●  searching for solutions outside of Scripture. For example, “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

●  erroneously using Scripture to order God or His angels about in an attempt to stop the attacks.

●  These things are getting back into practicing witchcraft, and is tying the person back into a unity with Satan’s antichrist agenda, which is one thing that the Dragon programming is designed to do.

Important to Note: Some charismatics who are practicing witchcraft will often send what they call their “angel” to attack the individual, but it is, in fact, a demon. Ironically enough, this is something that many occultists rarely do, and when they do, they are usually very careful in how they do this. They recognize that for every action, there is an even stronger reaction, and they are reticent to put themselves in a position to receive the negative. What the charismatic witch may not realize is that not only are they are putting themselves in a very bad position to receive severe judgment from God, but once the demons they are dispatching are finished using them, they are positioning themselves to receive even harsher treatment from those same demons. If you have been involved in sending your so-called “angel” to attack other people, you need to humble yourself before Almighty God and repent, asking Him to forgive you, before it is too late.

C. Visitations from the Demonic

By this, we are referring especially to those visitations that are masquerading as angelic-type visitations. These sorts of visitations vary, and can include:

1. Pleasant sexual encounters with supposed “angelic beings.”

2. Light orbs or “fairy lights.” Some people mistake these as “angels.”

3. Visitations from a so-called spirit-guide who is coming to help bring understanding and enlightenment, and remind the person of their “noble purpose” in achieving a world-peace to make possible the coming of “the Christ.”

4. Seemingly benign visitations to remind any occult alters of the dissociative individual, or the individual themselves, of their supposed “true purpose.”

Since these types of encounters and visitations can feel pleasing and seem harmless, people often see these manifestations as benign and good. But the goals of these visitations can include:

1. To bring confusion to the individual, causing them to focus more on the demonic manifestations or visitation than on their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

2. To bring guilt and shame (condemnation) to the individual if they succumbed to the deception. This condemnation serves to keep the person separated from God, and to prevent them from confessing their sin.

3. To lure people back into occult practices and into reconnecting with the spirit of the antichrist.

4. For some individuals, it can also be for the purposes of reprogramming.

For the dissociative individual, it’s possible to have alters, especially occult alters, who are welcoming these types of visitations and are keeping the gateways open within the person so these visitations can occur. This can bring confusion and frustration to the individual, and the resulting condemnation will often keep the individual separated from their Heavenly Father and from confessing their weakness and sin to Him.

D. Human Attacks

These attacks can be in the physical or in the astral. Depending upon the circumstances, the physical stalking and harassment can be at the individual’s private residence, at their place of employment, or around town. It can also include harassment or stalking on social media, telephone, or email. The harassment can involve things such as:

1. Gaslighting techniques.

2. Spreading rumors and lies about the person or their character.

3. Giving out information about the individual that was shared in a private, confidential setting.

● For example, a “Christian” counselor or life coach sharing with others, either publicly or privately, the information given in the private setting of a confidential counseling session.

4. Passing out private information about the individual, such as information about their family, home address, or telephone numbers.

5. Attempting to frighten or intimidate the individual, usually with covert threats, but sometimes with overt threats.

●  For example, using threatening language insinuating that a lawsuit will be filed if the individual publicly talks about their experiences within the group.

The three main goals of these attacks are:

1. To convince the individual to keep quiet through intimidation and fear.

● In some cases, this fear and intimidation is coupled with guilt, and is meant to bring the individual back into the group.

2. To cause the individual to feel crazy.

● This is a gaslighting technique.

● This can include telling the individual either that they are lying or that they have “misunderstood the situation,” when neither statement is true.

● This brings confusion, so the individual will not know what to do, and will have a hard time discerning the difference between what is real and what is not real, and between what is truth and what is a lie.

3. To cause the individual to look crazy to others.

● This is also a gaslighting technique.

● This is done to undermine the credibility of the individual.

Important to Note

Educating yourself on the traits of cult groups and the traits of abusive, narcissistic people will help bring understanding to the tactics of such groups of people, so the resolve to get away and keep away from such groups can be strengthened and the fear of their tactics is lessened. When your fear is lessened, their ploys are less effective.

The harassment can also be in the form of attacks in the astral realms, and while sexual assault can be involved, it is also often a result of deceived Christians, sometimes under the guidance of a conscious occult infiltrator, practicing witchcraft under the guise of “spiritual warfare,” using their prayers as chants and twisting Scripture as a spell, and sending their demons (who the deceived Christians think are angels) to attack and torment the individual. (see: Spiritual Battle/Spiritual Warfare)

The intent of the astral attacks can include to bring confusion, fear, depression, loss of finances, unexplained physical pain, health problems, and even death. The individual’s family members and even family pets can also be targeted.

E. Human Visitations in the Astral Realms

These visitations are often in the form of astral travel/projection or dream insertion. Sometimes there are attempts at sexual encounters in the astral, as well as teaching or attempting to teach occult doctrines that are disguised as “Christian” doctrine.

The intent of these visitations vary, and can include:

● to bring fear and intimidation

● to bring confusion and condemnation (particularly with sexual encounters)

● to try to lure the individual back into the group

● to spy on the individual

● to keep the soul-tie connection between the individual and the members of the group

● to attempt to influence their thoughts or behavior

F. Backlash from the Internal System of Those Who Have Dissociative Disorders

It’s also not uncommon for the dissociative person who has been programmed to have certain types of programming triggered (this varies with the individual), or for the dissociative individual who has occult alters or “dark” alters to receive backlash from those alters in various ways.

The different ways this can manifest are too many to address in this book. But among other things, it can cause confusion, chaos, and stress, as well as renewed or increased suicidal ideation, self-harming and self-sabotaging behaviors, and switching that will cause the person to do different things, including going back to cult groups or back into occult practices.

G. How to Deal with These Attacks

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Four, Chapter IV: Backlash, How to Deal With These AttacksIt is foolish to believe that the Christian will never come under demonic or human attack. It is also erroneous theology to believe that we can command all attacks to cease, and we will never have to deal with another attack again. Unfortunately, the very fact that we are alive on this earth means that we will come under attack from the enemy, and from people who are working for and being used by the enemy. So the goal of the Christian is not to stop all attacks; but the goal of the Christian is to deepen their relationship with the Father, learn to trust Him, and learn to focus on Him. Through developing a relationship with the Heavenly Father, trusting Him, and focusing on Him, the attacks we experience will be less effective and not so overwhelming. When we focus on the Solution (our Father) rather than the problem (the attacks), we will become stronger and more at peace, no matter the circumstances around us. (See also Loren’s article on our website: “Q & A: Advice for Those Who are Being Gang-Stalked and Harassed.”)

The importance of focusing on the Solution rather than our circumstances is beautifully illustrated by the account in Matthew 14:24-33:

“But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary. And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.

“And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased. Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.” (KJV)

Here are some examples on how to focus on your Heavenly Father rather than the attacks:

● In dealing with attacks from the dragon, when you become aware of it, simply ask God to take care of it, and to continue breaking you away from the Dragon programming, setting you free from the spirit of the antichrist. There are no magical words you need to chant; there’s simply humbling yourself before God and asking Him to take care of the situation. Your Heavenly Father knows what is best for every situation, and He knows the solution before the problem is even manifest, including mind-control and End-Time programming. Simply ask Him to apply His solution to your problem, and trust that He will.

● When dealing with demonic attacks, learn to not focus on the demons when they come at you. We are in no way suggesting this is an easy feat. It can be very difficult to not give in to fear or panic when demons are coming at you. However, if your focus is on your Heavenly Father, there is a peace that will come over you even in the midst of being attacked, because no matter what happens to you in this life, you have placed your trust in God, and you are in His hands. Put your focus back on your Creator, and ask Him to stop the demonic attack in whatever way He sees fit. Sometimes the demonic attack will instantly cease; other times, you may need to learn to focus on Him in spite of the demonic attack and the attack will continue for a time. Either way, trust that your Heavenly Father knows what is best for you, and learn to focus on Him. When you focus on Him rather than demons, your faith is built up; then you begin to realize that the demonic has no real power over you, and their attacks are not effective.

● When dealing with human attacks or visitation in the astral, it’s usually second-nature to want to fight back. Avoid this. By engaging in a type of “spiritual warfare” and praying against them, you are coming under and operating out of the same spirit of witchcraft as your attackers. Remember that it is not God’s desire that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). This includes the people who are coming against you and attacking you. So instead of going on the attack, pray that God would stop the attackers from bringing harm to you and your family or loved ones, and pray that God would make them leave. Ultimately, however, ask Him to take care of the situation in whatever way He sees best. Don’t go on the offense yourself; ask God to be your Defender and Protector, and put your trust in Him. Furthermore, use their attack as an opportunity to pray earnestly for them, not against them. Pray that God would open their eyes to the truth, and pray that they repent and turn back to God.

If there is a need to pray about any curses they may be attempting to place on you or your loved ones, you will feel the Spirit of God urging you to pray. There’s no need to panic. Often because of fear and ignorance, there is a tendency with many Christians to desperately seek after what they see as a “more powerful and effective prayer.” It is comparable to the way a witch would look for a more powerful incantation, and this is operating out of a spirit of witchcraft. There are no “magical incantations” that are more effective than other “magical incantations.” Simply pray to your Heavenly Father, and give the problem to Him. Place your trust in Him, asking Him to break the power of any curses that have been sent against you. Ask Him if there is something specific you need to be aware of that you can pray about, but otherwise, simply put your trust in Him and ask Him to take care of the situation in whatever way He sees best. Then rest in the assurance that He is taking care of the situation according to His will.

In situations where the attacks or harassment are physical in nature, take the necessary precautions to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones. In some cases, you may feel that is best for you to take legal action. Don’t let any false guilt or ungodly religious programming prevent you from defending yourself or taking legal action when it is necessary. But even still, in the midst of taking such action, use the situation as an opportunity to pray for your attackers, asking God to bring them to repentance and to turn their heart back to Him.

The harassment may be to the point where you decide you need to move to a different location. However, at the least, it is wise to change your email address and change your telephone number. We also advise either getting off social media for at least a period of time, or changing your social media accounts, if possible. But at the least, any and all contact with any cult/occult members, as well as sympathizers and supporters of those people, should be cut off on social media, and blocked, if possible. This is for your own mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

● For the individual who has dissociative disorders,2 dealing with internal backlash (such as backlash from occult alters, for instance), or programming that is being triggered in addition to the End-Time programming that is causing upheaval, can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. There are a lot of variables — too many to go into in this book — but we address a few of the things in a separate section titled “Thoughts on Healing.”

However, for now we will encourage you to focus on the true God and your relationship with Him above all else. Submit yourself to Him and ask Him to help you. He knows exactly what you need and He knows how to heal you from the inside out.