I. End-Time Programming

In the next chapter, “Finding Freedom,” we speak at length about finding freedom from the programming found in the fractal spirituality that is present in the many different charismatic teachings we have discussed throughout this book. Additionally, the “Finding Freedom” section will be helpful in finding freedom from many different types of programming, since the steps that are listed in that chapter are very basic. But right now in this chapter, we will mainly stick to identifying the different types of what we, the authors, are calling “End-Time programming.” We don’t know if there is a proper term for this type of programming we are talking about, but since it centers around Satan’s end-time plan to widen his net and bring widespread deception to Christians, this is what we are calling it.

Before we get into specifics, there are a few points to consider:

1. We don’t consider this to be a complete list of End-Time programs. These are simply some of the specific programs we know that are being used.

2. The End-Time programming may affect non-dissociative people differently than those who are dissociative, in particular the Jesus and Angel programming. We say this for three reasons:

a. Sometimes dissociative individuals who have been previously programmed through mind-control agendas, will already have Jesus and Angel programming that may be active or has been dormant until triggered, such as through “deliverance counseling.” However, a non-dissociative individual will not have had this previous programming.

b. If the general type of Religious programming is strong enough within a non-dissociative person, then there may not be a need for a specific Jesus or Angel programming that has been inserted through trauma-based mind-control agendas. Their religious scripts will already accommodate allowing a “Jesus” or “angels” to influence them, although this certainly is a type of demonic programming.

c. Lastly, specific mind-control programs can affect different people in different ways for a myriad of reasons, because each person is individual and unique. We must assume the same is true for the End-Time programming we are talking about in this book, so our list is very basic and not an absolute that covers all bases. It is simply a starting point to begin to understand how this type of programming affects people. If you have been programmed with any of these scripts, the most important thing to know is that your Heavenly Father can set you free from any and all programming, and He alone knows the ins and outs of that programming and how you can find freedom. So rely on Him, and not on any information we are able to provide.

3. Not everyone will have these particular types of programming, and one programming script may be stronger in one individual, but weaker with another individual. This is important only for the purposes of intellectually understanding how everything links together within individual people; however, it’s not really important to finding freedom from these programming scripts, even for those who are dissociative. We say this because freedom is not found by going into the system and unraveling all the scripts and unplugging all the connections.

So how do we find freedom? By asking our Heavenly Father to do the work. We do not set ourselves free; He does. All we need to do is submit to Him and allow Him to do the work. This is true for those who are dissociative or non-dissociative.

A. Reprogramming and Programming through Doctrines of Demons

When dealing with individuals who have been programmed through trauma-based mind control, demons assist the programmers in various ways, including:

● to keep alters hidden from the front alter (the person themselves who is actively involved in everyday life)

● to direct the activities of the alters

● to keep programming hidden and protected

● to facilitate the triggering of programs

●to ensure specific programs continue to run

Basically speaking, these programming scripts hold demons (conversely, this can be expressed as “demons hold the programming scripts”), and when programming is triggered, demons are loosed, and some of them will take control of certain alters that have been set in place for that purpose. This is out of the control of the individual who has been programmed, because sometimes they don’t even realize it is happening. If they do realize that something is going on, they aren’t always aware of what it is or why it is happening. It is important to note, however, that God can bring clarity and understanding to the individual so they can begin to receive healing. With Him, nothing is impossible.

Regardless of whether programming takes place in underground tunnels under the direction of a NWO programmer, or if the programming takes place on a Skype call with a “deliverance counselor,” the same holds true for any type of programming: demons always come along with the programming because people open their minds and their hearts to be invaded. With TBMC individuals, they have, through trauma, been forced into dissociation, which then opens their minds and hearts to be invaded. With those going through “deliverance counseling,” they are often tricked into opening up to the demonic, believing they are opening themselves up to God. And of course, some people, particularly those who are not dissociative, have purposefully opened themselves up to being programmed through these doctrines of demons, because they want supernatural experiences, not realizing they are opening themselves up to the demonic and are being invaded.

page_238_Programming_and_ReprogrammingThe thing to keep in mind for a dissociative individual going through these types of programming within a “deliverance counseling” situation, is that sometimes the counselor will freely admit that they are engaging in what they call “reprogramming.” However, since the client is under the misconception that they are going through “Christian” counseling, they put up with this “reprogramming” because they believe it is God who is “reprogramming” them.

As will be explained in the chapter “Supernatural Realms — the Origin,” this programming, or triggering of latent programming, is made possible by the client being in a dissociative, or semi-dissociative, hypnotic state. Purposeful commands or suggestion, whether intentional or unintentional, are given by the counselor. This suggestion or command is aided by the imagination of the person (visualization) and by the demons that are already present. Any previous programming scripts, such as Religious programming or Jesus programming, will reinforce that suggestion. All these things work together to create a demonically-controlled program that will run inside the system of a person.

And the same thing is happening to non-dissociative people who are diving into these types of ungodly doctrines: they are opening their minds to being systematically programmed by coming into agreement with doctrines of demons, and by purposefully opening up the spiritual space within them to be invaded by the demonic.

To those who don’t understand how programming works, opening one’s mind to suggestion seems like such an innocuous thing. And for some, it may be easy to get out from under this deception by logically thinking themselves out of it. However, if it were an easy thing to get out from under, we wouldn’t have so many Christians who are being deceived by doctrines of demons!

Not only is the Fractal programming found within these other “doctrines” creating a logic-loop that is literally preventing people from seeing and understanding the truth and from being able to clearly understand the Word of God, but these programming scripts are reinforced and held in place by demons. This is true even for those who are non-dissociative. Moreover, the deception is often reinforced by strong, pre-existing Religious programming that has already laid a foundation for all the other programming scripts to be built upon, and this Religious programming keeps them from recognizing the difference between a work of God and a work of Satan. They don’t usually realize the programming or reprogramming is causing even more harm to themselves until the emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical damage is severe.

See also the article on our website: “Inner Healing and Working with Jesus.”

B. Religious Programming

We have already discussed this earlier under “Definition of Christian Witchcraft,” so we will not go over too much here. However, even though this type of programming is not specific to “End-Time Programming,” the Religious programming is very important to the rest of the End-Time programming. It is, in a sense, foundational to the other programming scripts.

For many, the Religious programming could be thought more of as a “brainwashing” or “indoctrination” that most people go through to one extent or another. For some, this Religious programming may include trauma-based mind-control programming. And there are other people who may have both types of programming.

Generally speaking, within mind-control situations, both types of Religious programming work together to serve as a barrier to memories of being involved in occult activities. This keeps the individual dissociated from the heinous things they are forced to be involved in, because it does not line up with what they consciously consider their religious and moral values to be.

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Four, Chapter I: End-Time Programming, Religious ProgrammingMore specific to End-Time programming, however, Religious programming prevents the individual from recognizing the difference between a work of God and a work of Satan, and serves as an avenue through which spiritual experiences are filtered, making what is overtly occult seem as if it’s of God. It also serves to reinforce the other types of programming, particularly Jesus and Angel Programming, by, again, acting as a filter through which the individual experiences encounters with “Jesus” or “angels,” causing the individual to believe that what the spiritual beings are telling them or showing to them is of God. It also causes people to read the Scripture through the filter of the religious spirit that is holding this programming in place, causing the individual to grossly misinterpret or even to completely misread the Word of God, giving confirmation to their occult ideas and doctrines. Similarly, the Religious programming also may make it impossible for the individual to read the Bible, and so they then rely on others — most often occult-minded individuals — to read or “explain” Scripture to them, not realizing the interpretations given by others are false.

If the Religious programming is weak, the rest of the programming will likely not stick, or will quickly fall apart. This is not to say there won’t be repercussions from which the individual will need to find freedom, and it’s also of vital importance that the individual come under submission to God, so that they will not be susceptible to being deceived by the demonic again.

However, if the Religious programming is strong, the rest of the programming will be very secure, and it will likely be more difficult to see the deception, and more difficult to get out from under it. But not impossible. With God, all things are possible.

C. Fractal Programming

Fractals are not specific only to “End-Time” programming, and as we have stated before, we, the authors, are using this term “fractal programming” simply for the ease of writing and reading. We are aware that fractals may not technically be an actual “programming script” in and of itself, although, because of our experiences, we do believe in some cases, they may be.

page_240_Fractal_ProgrammingHowever, although there may be a better term to use rather than fractal “programming,” the idea behind fractals are used within mind-control programming, and it is a way to insert many different types of programming scripts that are self-perpetuating. Since the object of programming is to control people’s minds; and since, as we have shown, fractals are making that control possible through the fractal spirituality of certain programming scripts, such as “Spirit Man theology; therefore for these reasons, we call the fractal spirituality found within such teachings to be “fractal programming.”

The main thing fractal programming does is keep the individual on a never-ending logic-loop, unable to tell the difference between the truth and a lie, or what is real and what is not real. It brings a lot of confusion. Therefore, this concept of fractals within “fractal spirituality” is foundational for how the rest of the End-Time programming scripts are able to take root within the individual, and it is at least one avenue through which people are being programmed by false, demonic teachings that are based on that fractal or quantum spirituality. Fractals are vital to the rest of the End-Time programming, because it is what enables the individual to live in a logic-loop of delusion, keeping them hooked up to the spirit of the antichrist. These fractals connect the person to the spirit of the antichrist, creating points of entry — portals, gateways, doorways — through which the fallen can gain access to the person, as well as gain greater influence over the physical world.

You can review more details about fractals under the section titled “Fractals.”

page_240_Carousel_ProgrammingLike Religious programming and Fractal programming, this is not specific to End-Time programming. However, Carousel programming is used within the Spirit Man programming to facilitate a switch between the so-called “spirit parts” of the individual. Carousel programming is also frequently used in trauma-based mind-control programming. We briefly discussed this type of programming in the section titled “Characteristics of Spirit Man Counseling.”

E. Spirit Man Programming


This has been thoroughly discussed in the Spirit Man chapter, and is particularly made clear in the section titled, “Characteristics of Spirit Man Counseling,” so we will not rewrite that entire section. However, just to bring the point home, the Spirit Man programming is fueled by Fractal programming, and it is connecting the individual to the spirit of the antichrist. It is not the only way an individual can be connected to the spirit of the antichrist, of course, but it is one way.

Since the Spirit Man programming is becoming a huge part of some so-called “Christian deliverance counseling,” this, and related “theologies,” are bringing further deception and trauma to many people who are already suffering from trauma-related disorders and injuries.

F. Seat of Dominion Programming

page_241_Seat_of_Dominion_ProgrammingWe have thoroughly discussed Seat of Dominion previously, so we won’t go into too much detail here. But to recap, this is a programming script that runs within the Spirit Man programming. This seat is programmed inside the spiritual space of a non-dissociative person, or the system of a dissociative person, a process that is facilitated by visualization, as well as a “deliverance coach or counselor” who is taking the individual through a particular conversation or series of conversations that are full of “suggestions,” or sometimes outright commands, to help the so-called spirit of the person “find and learn to engage” this seat within the spiritual space of the individual (or the system of a dissociative individual). Those who have dissociative disorders are more likely to be able to easily visualize this seat, and they are more vulnerable to suggestion or command. Sadly, these are the very people this “deliverance counseling” claims to help.

As we discussed earlier in “Reprogramming and Programming,” these suggestions or commands are acting as literal programming scripts because the individual is in a dissociative or semi-dissociative state when these suggestions or commands are being made (another term for these dissociative states is a “hypnotic state”). These suggestions or commands are aided by the imagination of the person (visualization) and by the demons that are already present. Once this “seat of dominion” is completely visualized and the so-called “spirit” of the person has taken control of the seat, the demons are able to control the individual through that seat, either by taking full control of it themselves, or by controlling the alter/s of the individual who has taken control of the seat. The latter is more common with those who have dissociative disorders, but can also be true for those who are not normally dissociative, because the Spirit Man counseling is causing and reinforcing dissociation.

Finding and engaging this “seat” is the occult equivalent of opening what they consider to be the third eye, as well as the crown chakra, or the head center, serving as a way through which people are opening the “spiritual centers” or “gateways” of their spiritual space to be connected to the demonic. Through this connection, the link to the spirit of the antichrist is made more secure, and it serves as a “portal” (or, gateway) for the demonic to enter into the individual and take total control, and to work through them to have greater influence within the world at large.

G. Gateways

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Section Four, Chapter I: End-Time Programming, GatewaysAt this time, we, the authors, aren’t certain if “Gateways” is a program, or is simply an exercise that leads to or triggers other programming, such as Jesus and Angel programming. However, we have it listed here, as it is possible that it is a program that runs within the Spirit Man programming.

Regardless of whether this is a program or not, it is one process whereby the presumed “spirit” of the individual — in other words, a demonically controlled part of a person or a demon itself — is given the task to keep the individual under the influence of the demonic by keeping the “doorways” or “gateways” of the spiritual space inside the person open, so the demonic can freely enter. Since these two elements of programming are within this teaching — splitting off a “part” of a person (in this case, supposedly the “human spirit”) and giving that part a task — it is similar to a programming script. So for this reason, we have “Gateways” listed here as part of “End-Time Programming.”

H. Jesus Programming

page_242_Jesus_ProgrammingJesus programming can be latent (a “sleeper program”) that is awakened or intensified during the “deliverance counseling session.” This can be awakened in different ways, such as by “asking Jesus to come into the system” or “asking Jesus to go into the memory,” or by “giving Jesus the memory,” or by going through specific exercises, such as “Gateways.” Jesus Programming can also be a new type of programming that people open themselves up to through other programs, such as Angel or Spirit Man, or through specific exercises such as “Gateways.”

This programming is very important because it validates and solidifies the other programming, such as Spirit Man and Angel programming, encouraging the individual to live in a state of constant delusion. It keeps their focus away from a relationship with the Heavenly Father, by distracting the attention away from Him and His written Word (the Bible) and onto the fake Jesus that the individuals find themselves interacting with. This programming is also very important because it strengthens the Religious programming, which will, in turn, strengthen the other types of programming.

I. Angel Programming

It’s not very unusual for an individual with DID, particularly those who have been programmed or gone through satanic/sadistic ritual abuse, to have alters who believe themselves to be angels, demons, animals, inanimate objects, or to even be dead. What is unusual, however, is for a counselor or coach to believe that his client has an alter that actually is a demon, an angel, an animal, an inanimate object, or is dead.”

That said, there is a difference between an alter who simply believes themselves to be an angel, and actual Angel programming. So while some alters have been programmed to believe themselves to be an angel, others just believe they are for many different reasons. Perhaps they were treated kindly and called “angel” by a parent or caregiver when they were doing what they were told to do, but when they did not comply properly with the demands of the parent or caregiver, they were beaten and called “devil.” This is just one of many possible examples of how an individual can be dissociative and have alters who believe themselves to be an angel (or a devil), but not have undergone “professional” mind-control programming.

But here, we are speaking about Angel programming as it relates to End-Time programming. There are three categories of this Angel programming, and they can be interrelated:

1. An alter of a dissociative individual has been previously programmed to believe themselves to be an angel. In regards to this End-Time programming, they will open the door for demons or fallen angels to come in, disguised as angels of God.

2. Angel programming can be triggered or inserted inside the system of a dissociative individual, opening the spiritual space inside that person for demons or fallen angels to come in, disguised as angels of God. As with all of the End-Time programming, this programming is facilitated by Fractal programming, and it can also be triggered by other programming, such as “Jesus Programming.” The spiritual space can be opened up and kept open by one or more of the following:

a. the individual themselves, through deception (such as in a “deliverance counseling” situation).

b. alters who have been programmed to perform this action.

c. demons who are in control of the Angel programming.

d. demons who are in control of the program that triggered the Angel program.

3. Angel programming can be inserted inside the spiritual space of a non-dissociative individual, opening that space for demons or fallen angels to enter, disguised as angels of God, to influence and control the individual. This is facilitated by the programming of fractal spirituality, and is most often inserted by demons as the individual themselves purposefully opens themselves to this invasion, usually to have a spiritual experience, or to receive a “personal angel.”

page_243_Angel_ProgrammingIn some cases, Angel programming will work hand-in-hand with Jesus programming, as the “Jesus” will affirm to the individual that the spiritual being they are seeing is an angel of God. Angel programming also serves to satisfy the desire of the individual to have spiritual experiences, and the demons that are disguised as this angel will provide those spiritual experiences, aiding in occult abilities such as astral travel, or occult seer abilities. Ultimately, Angel programming keeps the individual from focusing on a relationship with God, as they seek after interaction and guidance from the “angel,” rather than being guided by the Holy Spirit.

For those who are dissociative, they may have alters that have been previously set in place who have been programmed to be triggered by Angel programming. When the Angel programming is triggered, those alters who are triggered by that program will believe themselves to be an angel. This can then trigger occult alters to come out. Or, if these “angel” alters were previously keeping the occult alters hidden, they can be triggered to allow those occult alters to come out. Those occult alters can keep the door open to the system for demons (disguised as angels) to invade the system and to invade the spiritual space inside the person. At the same time, the angel alters can greatly influence the individual to have constant interaction with those “angels” that are coming in (demons in disguise), as well as the occult alters who may be disguised as something that is good and helpful. These angel alters can also influence the person to be open to all the spiritual experiences the other “angels” (demons) are offering.

While these types of alters who have been programmed and triggered by the Angel programming can bring great pain and deception to the person themselves, they can also be very helpful in the healing process once they realize they have been deceived and have been manipulated through demonic programming. The reason for this is because usually they ultimately believe they are doing the work of God and are helping, not hurting. Once they realize they are unintentionally bringing pain, however, after a period of healing and re-orienting themselves, they are likely to be very adamant in protecting the internal world, and in helping to facilitate a true healing process.

J. Dragon Programming

page_244_Dragon_ProgrammingThis is called “Dragon Programming” because it is representative of the “dragon” that protects the spirit of the antichrist, and it is in place to oversee the rest of the End-Time programming over the entire network of individuals who have been connected to the spirit of the antichrist. It can be thought of as an “umbrella program” that is created by and run by the demonic, overseeing all the elements of End-Time programming, making sure they are working according to plan within each individual.

People who have been programmed with End-Time programming will have the Dragon programming, although the person may or may not actually see or sense the dragon spirit. If they are aware of the dragon, however, they may find themselves having troubling nightmares of dragons, being spiritually attacked by a dragon, or even during waking hours, begin seeing the shadow of a dragon passing overhead. The shadow will not have a light source that is causing it to appear, and it will often pass overheard when the individual is indoors, making it impossible for it to be mistaken as the shadow of a large, misshapen bird in the physical.

Please understand, this is not an actual dragon, as in, dragons from fairy tales or mythology. These attacks or manifestations are occurring because of End-Time Dragon programming. The “dragon” is a type of demonic entity that protects the spirit of the antichrist, and under certain circumstances, can take on the appearance of a dragon.

The author of this programming does not come from humans, but from Satan, and for this reason, people can be programmed with the Dragon programming without having gone through any type of mind-control programming. Although in professional mind-control situations, human assistance can be used to place this program inside the victims of such programming. Likewise, this program does not have to intentionally be triggered or placed inside of an individual who is going through a “deliverance counseling” situation for it to be present.

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