Section Four: Important Helps


I. End-Time Programming

A. Reprogramming and Programming through Doctrines of Demons

B. Religious Programming

C. Fractal Programming

D. Carousel Programming

E. Spirit Man Programming

F. Seat of Dominion Programming

G. Gateways

H. Jesus Programming

I. Angel Programming

J. Dragon Programming

II. Finding Freedom

A. For the Non-Dissociative Individual

■ Stop Reading and Start Studying

■ Focus on Your Heavenly Father

■ Angels Are Not Your Personal Spirit Guide

B. For the Dissociative Individual

III. Additional Points about Resisting and Finding Freedom from the Fallen

IV. Backlash

A. The Basic Reasons for Backlash

B. Demonic Attack or Torment

C. Visitations from the Demonic

D. Human Attacks

E. Human Visitations in the Astral Realms

F. Backlash from the Internal System of Those Who Have Dissociative Disorders

G. How to Deal with These Attacks

V. Withdrawals

VI. Testing the Spirits

VII. How to Pray

VIII. Other Helps Regarding Dissociative Disorders

A. An Overview to Understanding Dissociation and D.I.D. 

B. Thoughts on Healing 

■ General Thoughts

■ On System Work

■ Heavy Work, Grounding, and Processing

■ Notes About Support Persons

■ Some Notes to Potential Support Friends

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