III. Glossary

The following is a list of some common buzzwords and phrases used by charismatic occultists who are posing as, or believing themselves to be, Christians. We are hopeful this list will help “decode” some of the language charismatics use. This is not so much a list of “bad words,” although in some cases, the words or phrases are clearly occult in nature. Take the word “angels,” for instance. There are angels, and to recognize this or to use the word “angel” is not necessarily a red flag. But the way many charismatics are seeking out, engaging with, listening to, and working with these “angels” (who are actually demons in disguise, or fallen angels) is not of the true God. So then, it is the way the words are being used, and the occult meaning that is being given to these words or phrases, that is important to understand.

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Words Used by Charismatic Occultists

Sometimes the way these words or phrases are being used is obviously occult, but many times, it is not obvious until some time has passed and they expose or share more of what their core values and beliefs are. By that time, many people have already been sucked into the occult doctrine, having been deceived by such deceptive language, unable to clearly see that what they have gotten involved in is of Satan. So how do you know if these buzzwords or phrases are being used in an occult way? You don’t get sucked in by the buzzwords, but instead, line up the doctrines and teachings of such people with what the Word of God says. The Word of God is your plumb line by which every other matter in life must come into alignment. If the doctrines they are teaching or talking about do not line up with the Word of God, then it’s safe to say that the words they use to describe such doctrines or teachings are coming from an occult point of view and have a hidden meaning.

1. Advanced, advancing, or high-level

a. Can refer to advanced or high-level spiritual warfare.

○ Related to “breaking down strongholds.”

○ This is a false, unscriptural warfare.

b. Can also refer to advanced understanding or knowledge (the “deeper things of God”), usually within the context of a “spiritual evolution or manifestation.” (See the next term in the glossary)

○ See also: “Milk versus Solid Food,”The Basics,” and “Emanationism.”

c. Used also to speak of advancing the kingdom or advancing the kingdom of God (on earth).

○ This is related to Dominionism. See: “The Basics.”

○ In this context, they are speaking of “realms.”

2. Advancement, Promotion, or Graduation

a. Often used in the context of a “spiritual evolution or manifestation.”

○ See: “The Basics,” and “Emanationism.”

b. This advancement/promotion/graduation is related to so-called “new revelation” that has no basis in Scripture whatsoever. In other words, as the individual learns more (has greater revelations) about the “mechanics of the supernatural” and how to engage in and operate out of the supernatural, they advance spiritually, or receive a promotion, or graduate into a higher level of learning.

○ See: “Milk versus Solid Food.”

c. These words are also commonly used in the context of a spiritual promotion and weapons upgrade, for the purpose of more advanced spiritual warfare.

○ See: “Kingdom Building Through Realms,” and “Spiritual Warfare.”

3. Angels

a. This is within the context of having conversation and close relationship with angels, as well as commanding them.

b. Reminder: These are not angels of the true God, but demons in disguise, or fallen angels. Those in occult groups often call them Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Spirit Teachers, Angel Guides, and various other names.

○ Often these angels will be used to engage in a spiritual battle against a particular person or group of people, using weapons to stab them in their body, causing physical pain and/or injury (see: Spiritual Warfare).

○ While it is often related, we are not speaking of Angel Programming.

c. Includes buzzwords and phrases such as:

○ Calling forth the angels

○ Commanding angels (commonly for the purpose of engaging in spiritual warfare)

○ Conversation with angels, especially to gain understanding of spiritual matters

○ Cooperating with angels

○ Partnering with angels

○ Personal angels

○ Sending angels on missions or assignments

○ Unemployed angels

○ Working with angels

d. See: “Angels.”

4. Anointing

a. For the charismatic who is involved in witchcraft, this is often a “catch-all” word that when translated, simply means, “Anything that feels good, especially when endorsed by a big-time charismatic leader of a wide-spread charismatic movement. But we’ll slap on the word ‘anointing’ to make it sound like it is endorsed by and given by God.”

b. This is actually a Satanic anointing, and while there are too many different types of Satanic anointings to mention, some of the more ludicrous ones within some charismatic circles include a “Brownie anointing,” as well as a “Guinea Pig anointing (See: “Experimental.”)

c.  A “Branham anointing” is common within certain charismatic groups, and is named for the late William Branham. This “anointing” comes from draping across his grave. This is blatant necromancy.

5. “Arguing your case in heaven”

a. This is a phrase that is used in the context of Courtrooms of Heaven, also known as Courts of Heaven, or Heavenly Courtrooms.

b. Is used as a type of “advanced spiritual warfare.”

6. Awakened or awakening

a. Related to: development, gifts, manifestation.

b. Refers to an awaking of:

○ abilities

○ gifts

○ the senses

c. Also refers to spiritual awakening.

d. This is often used in the context of a “spiritual evolution or manifestation.”

○ See: “The Basics,” and “Emanationism.”

7. Binding and loosing

a. This is often used in the context of “spiritual warfare” and “courtrooms of heaven.”

b. See also the terms in this glossary: Command or commanding, Decree.

8. Burning Hearts

a. Used in the context of a “burning desire” to have a “deeper relationship with God” or experience supernatural things, but they are following occult doctrine and using occult techniques to have the spiritual experiences.

9. Burning Ones

a. Related: fire or flame

b. In the context of:

○ Consumed with passion

○ Fervent witnesses

○ Fiery-hot witnesses

○ Fire-starters

○ “Flames of fire” (referring to people or “ministers” as being these flames)

○ Ignite the nations

○ Revivalist

○ Torches of revival

c. This is referring to a group of people who are being trained and set in place to be “fire starters to ignite the nations” with their spiritual message. What is actually happening is that they are being trained to be used by Satan to spread a false fire of ungodly doctrines of demons. As of 2010, the cost for this training was $100 USD.

d. The teacher of this whole idea of “burning ones” says the following: “The vision for this internship came from the story of Samson in Judges 15. Samson took 300 foxes, tied their tails together, and put a torch in each tail. He then lit the torches and released them into the enemy’s field. My passion is to raise up future ministries of burning torches of revival that take the Gospel of Kingdom into the enemy’s field. We call it The Burning Ones because FIRE catches, spreads, burns, and consumes.”1

○ There are so many things wrong with interpreting this passage of Scripture in such a manner, but we will only address one at this point: have they never once stopped to consider what happened to the foxes that were set on fire? Unless they heed God’s warning and repent, those groups of people who are being compared to these foxes will perish from the same false doctrine they are spreading like wildfire around the world.

○ A good article to read that may help shed some light on the teacher of this false doctrine can be found at: http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/08/bentley.htm.

10. Calling or bringing down

a. By making a declaration of intent, charismatics will often “call or bring down” the following:

○ Anointing

○ Fire

○ Glory

○ Spirit

○ Wind

b. This is usually related to ungodly “spiritual manifestations.”

c. Some will also “call or bring down” what they believe to be their realm, or what are presumed to be “realms of heaven.”

○ This is for “spiritual warfare.”

d. They will also “call or bring down” what is assumed to be human spirits (this is related to the “spirit man” doctrine and “realms”), as well as what they consider to be angels (this is related to “spiritual warfare,” and also “realms”).

11. Command or commanding

a. Angels and the armies of heaven

○ Reminder: these are not God’s holy angels, but demons who appear to be angelic.

○ See: “Angels.”

b. Demons

c. Heaven

d. This is used in the context of “spiritual warfare.”

e. It is also related to the teachings on “realms,” in that they learn to “command through” their realms, often for the purposes of “spiritual warfare.”

12. Cultivate or create

a. This is commonly used in phases such as, “Learn ways to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere conducive to [healing, the spirit, manifestations of the spirit, et cetera]. Or, “Create an atmosphere that is conducive to [healing, the spirit, et cetera].”

○ This is manipulating the audience and teaching the audience ways to try to manipulate God.

○ Often, there are special “schools” or training seminars that teach people how to create and cultivate this atmosphere. People are taught how to do this for a substantial fee, of course.

○ Related to: “Spiritual Manifestations.”

b. This is related to the phrase “stir yourself up.”

○ This phrase is used in an effort to “cultivate or create” a spiritual atmosphere.

○ Is often accompanied by hypnotic music, repetitive phases, and wide-spread tongues.

○ See also: “Elements of Creating a Spiritual Atmosphere.”

c. Can also be used in the context of “cultivating gifts and abilities.”

○ These are occult gifts and abilities.

○ See also: “Gifts,” “Spirit Travel,” “Necromancy,” and “Heavenly Places.”

13. Decree

a. Also: declare, proclaim; sometimes, command.

b. This is used in the context of a “heavenly decree” that is given to a person (through what is erroneously presumed to be the “spirit man” or the “spirit of God” or “angels”) that the person then declares, proclaims, or commands to happen or be true, initiating something to occur in the spiritual realms, with the expectation it will eventually manifest in the physical.

c. Is related to “bringing the kingdom of God to earth” or “advancing the kingdom” through announcing these decrees.

○ See: “Realms.”

d. Is related to “spiritual warfare” and “courtrooms of heaven” teachings that often take place in a “deliverance counseling” situation.

14. “Deeper things of God”

a. This is a phrase commonly used by charismatics, and many times their understanding of “the deeper things” are simply occult doctrine that has been repackaged in a Christian box. It speaks to the efforts of the charismatic who is trying to obtain a type of “spiritual evolution or manifestation” through their understanding of the “mysteries” or the “deeper things.”

○ See: “Emanationism.”

b. Related to “Milk versus Solid Food.”

c. Relates to mysteries and revelation.

d. Can also relate to “intimacy with God.”

e. Is used in the same context as the phrase, “Don’t put God in a box.”

15. Develop or developing

a. Used in the same context as occult teachings on “ascension, manifesting, developing, evolving/evolution,” especially in regards to the “manifestation of the human spirit”

○ See: “Shining Ones.”

b. It is also related to:

○ The “Spirit man,” as in “developing the human spirit.

■ This relates to a “spiritual evolution.”

■ See also: “Emanationism.”

○ Developing gifts (these are occult gifts, that are developed by practice and training).

16. Divine councils

a. This is related to “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

b. The charismatic teachings assert that these so-called “councils” are comprised of:

○ selected saved humans.

○ selected angels, according to their assignment.

17. Dominion or dominionism

a. This is related to “Kingdom Government,” Sheep Nations” and the teachings on Realms.

b. Dominion Theology is an ungodly doctrine, placing aside the work of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. There are various “levels” of dominionism, as the doctrine of some individuals relies more heavily on dominionism than others. However, coupled with the little gods teachings, dominionism basically explains that the kingdom of God will manifest on earth even before the physical second coming of Jesus Christ, because of and through the works that the “church” does on earth.

○ See: “The Basics,” and “Kingdom Building Through Realms.”

18. “Don’t put God in a box”

a. This is a phrase commonly used by charismatics who are practicing witchcraft. Translated, this means, “I have no scriptural foundation for what I am doing, saying, or believing, but if you don’t believe what I am saying, doing or believe is true or real, then you don’t believe that God can perform miracles and do powerful things.”

b. Sometimes used in conjunction with “Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God.”

c. This phrase can also be worded slightly differently: “Break out of the box.” Translated, this phase means, “Any spiritual experience is okay, especially if it feels good.”

d. The truth, however, is that the charismatic occultists are the ones putting God into their occult box, much like a genie in a bottle, rubbing against it every so often in order to force God to act on their behalf and according to their will.

19. Encounters

a. Angelic encounters

b. Divine encounters

c. Encounters with God, Jesus, or the Spirit

d. Spiritual/spirit encounters

e. Heavenly encounters

f. Reminder: for the charismatic practicing witchcraft, these “encounters” are with the demonic.

○ See also: “Angels,” “Jesus,” “Necromancy,” and “Heavenly Places.”

○ Can also be related to “supernatural realms.”

20. Engage or engaging

a. This is a word that describes the charismatic “taking possession of and working through” different spiritual elements, such as:

○ Glory

○ God (what they are assuming to be “God.”)

○ Heaven

■ This is not God’s heaven, but is related to “heavenly places” as well as “personal realms.”

○ The spirit

■ This is what they call the “human spirit.”

□ See: “Spirit Man” and “Shining Ones.”

□ These are not human spirits, but either a demonically-controlled part of a person, or a demon itself. Sometimes, as with “Shining Ones,” it can be a fallen angel. See: “Demonic Possession,” and “Channeling and Walk-ins.”

b. They also use this word to describe engaging in the spirit

○ For those charismatics who are practicing witchcraft, they sometimes use this phrase or term to refer to what they believe to be the “Spirit of God” that they are working through, or who is working through them. But it is not the Holy Spirit of God. It is a demonic spirit.

○ Can also be a term that is describing astral travel. See: “Spirit Travel.”

c. They also use this word to refer to:

○ Engaging in warfare

■ Can be related to “realms.”

○ Engaging realms or dimensions

○ Engaging with or in the kingdom

■ Used often as a reference to their so-called “personal realms.”

○ See: “Spiritual Warfare” and “Realms.”

21. Enlightenment or Illumination

a. This is usually said in regards to the “spirit man,” and is related to the “spirit” manifesting, evolving, growing bigger, growing stronger, et cetera.

○ See: “Emanationism.”

○ Reminder: this is not the human spirit, but a demonic spirit, or a part of the person who is demonically controlled.

b. Also mentioned in the context of the “deeper things of God.”

22. Fire or flame

a. This is related to other “fire” words and phrases such as:

○ Burn or burning

○ Fire of heaven

○ Fire of God

○ Fire of the Spirit

○ Fire on the alter

○ Fire place

○ Fire rain

○ Firestorm

○ Fresh fire

○ Global fire

○ Glory fire

○ Ignite or ignited

○ Kindle

○ Light

○ Running with fire

○ Set on fire

○ Spark

○ Voice of fire

b. Fire is often used in symbols, and also used in the names of many false churches, and ministries who are teaching occult doctrine, but trying to pass it off as being Biblically sound.

c. Also used in context of the “flame or fire of the spirit.”

○ Many people take this phrase to mean “an anointing of the Spirit of God.” However within such false ministries, this is referencing the doctrines of demons that come along with a demonic spirit, as well as an unholy anointing.

d. Important to Note: the demonic love to use symbols — especially Biblical symbols that have been perverted — because it is a way for them to hide their presence and their false doctrines in plain sight. When used by those who are practicing witchcraft, these words and symbols are referencing the false or strange fire of doctrines of demons, and is related to the fire (light) of a satanic illumination that shines from these churches or ministries. See: “Our Testimonies Concerning the Boundaries, Territories, and the Fallen.”

23. Former Rain and Latter Rain

a. Used in the context that God is doing something new and better and different in the end times than He did before; therefore, unusual and strange spiritual manifestations and experiences are expected and sought after.

○ See: “Old versus New.”

b. Related to the phrases: “Don’t put God in a box” and “Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God.”

c. Also in context to the “Latter Rain Movement.”

○ Article for research: http://www.letusreason.org/latrain1.htm.

d. This is usually based on a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of Acts 2:17-18.

○ See the “conclusion” of the section on “Gifts.”

24. Gates or gateways

a. The names of many false fire churches and ministries use this word.

b. Also: Doorways or portals

c. Reminder: The truth behind “gateways,” is that they are open doors through which the demonic can enter into the individual and work through them to influence the world at large.

d. Often used in reference to the occult charismatic teachings on “Gateways.”

○ These teachings can also be used as a precursor to teaching astral travel/projection.

e. Words surrounding this concept include:

○ Body, soul, and spirit gateways

○ Discipleship gateways

○ Gateway accesses

○ Gateways flowing from the spirit to the soul to the body; or vice versa

○ Gateway of first love

■ This is the portal through which the supposed “tree of life” is accessed.

□ This is not the Tree of Life that is in Heaven, but a demonic tree.

□ See: “Gateways.”

○ Gateways of the nature of man

○ Heavenly gateways

○ Keeping gateways open

○ Spiritual gates or gateways

25. Getting “in the spirit”

a. Generically speaking, this often describes a frenzied, emotional state of “praise or worship” within charismatic groups, and with a manifestations of gifts, especially what is considered “prophecy.”. When used in this way, it is related to “Spiritual Manifestations.” See also, “Gifts.”

b. Within more and more charismatic circles, however, “getting in the spirit” is more often associated with visualization, and is connected to seeking after and expecting specific spiritual experiences. Many occultists call this “transcendental meditation,” and it is a precursor to various types of astral travel/projection, as well as remote viewing.

c. It is often referred to as “moving or seeing in” the spirit.

○ When used this this way, the charismatic is referring to astral travel/projection and remote viewing.

○ In an average church service or meeting (either in person or via various types of media, such as live video or radio feed), this astral travel/projection can be the unexpected result of “getting in the spirit.”

○ In smaller groups or in a seminar-type setting, this meditation, along with visualization techniques, is being used to purposefully train people how to astral travel/project.

○ See: “Spirit Travel” and “Heavenly Places.”

d. Sometimes the term “prayer closet” is used to describe the preparation for “getting in the spirit.”

○ When used this way, “prayer closet” describes the process of getting into a meditative state in preparation for spiritual experiences, including astral travel.

e. Reminder: as we’ve described in many places throughout this book, astral travel/projection, remote viewing, traveling to “heavenly places,” and seeking after “supernatural experiences” can be addictive and can lead to neglecting practical responsibilities, including familial and parental obligations, as the individual desires more and more of these experiences of “being in the spirit” in order to have a spiritual experience of being in and interacting within spiritual realms.

26. Gifts and Abilities

a. Cultivating the gifts and abilities

b. Desiring the gifts and abilities

c. Developing the gifts and abilities

d. Engaging the gifts and abilities

e. Growing in the gifts and abilities

f. Learning to move in or walk in gifts and abilities

g. Moving in the gifts

h. Operating out of gifts

i. Positioning to receive the gifts

j. Stretching your gifts and abilities

k. See: “Gifts and Abilities

27. Glory

a. This is often related to “Realms,” “Heavenly Places,” or “Supernatural Manifestations.”

b. It includes words or phrases such as:

○ Dimensions of glory

○ Glory cloud

■ basking in, bringing down, calling down

○ Glory explosion

○ Glory fire

○ Glory invasion

○ Glory of God invading

○ Glory realm

■ accessing

■ activating

■ living in

■ manifesting

○ Glory revival

○ Mechanics of glory

○ New levels in glory

○ Resurrection glory

○ Rising glory

○ Walking in glory realms

28. Heavenly courts, courts of heaven, and courtroom of heaven

a. These are terms that describe a particular teaching on “advanced spiritual warfare.”

b. See: “Courtrooms of Heaven

29. “In Christ”

a. Some charismatic teachings on “in Christ” are used as a way to introduce people to the occult concept of “realms,” and are descriptive of fractal or quantum spirituality.

b. Speaks to a false unity that is connecting people to the spirit of the antichrist.

30. Intelligence

a. Used in the context of using human intelligence/understanding to unlock or understand what is considered to be the “mysteries of God.”

b. Also used in the context of having superior intellectual capacity and superior spiritual understanding. Goes hand-in-hand with the term, “enlightenment or illumination.”

○ It is related to understanding “mysteries,” and speaks to an attainment of superior spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and insight that is based on occult doctrine.

c. Important to Note: this “intelligence” is ego-based, and not based on actual knowledge and understanding of Scripture. This sort of “intelligence” is the basis for occult doctrine that relies heavily on eisegesis to interpret the Word of God, as opposed to a well-balanced exegesis to interpret the Word of God. See: “Stop Reading and Start Studying.”

31. Intimacy with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

a. Related: kissed by the spirit; touched by the spirit; touched by an angel; moved by the spirit (but not in the context of “spirit travel”)

b. Also:

○ Lover of my soul

○ Dating Jesus

○ Bridal Paradigm

○ Bride (what is presumed to be the bride of Christ)

○ Spiritual ecstasy

○ Ecstasy with God

○ Supernatural pleasures

c. Sometimes in certain contexts, the phrase “knowing the heart of God” is used.

d. Important to Note: this teaching is a perversion of Scripture that is used in the context of a “special” relationship with what they believe to be the “Spirit of God” (what some occultists and an increasing number of charismatics see as the “female aspect” of God), or with Jesus Christ. This often leads to sexual experiences with entities that are not of God, commonly through what is known as astral sex with a demonic spirit. Some charismatics will readily admit they are having sexual encounters with beings they consider to be “Jesus” or the “Holy Spirit,” but many charismatics will deny this. However, if you listen to the language they repeatedly use, and their references to sensations, and how they talk about their “encounters” or their “intimacy with God,” it is very clear that, at the least, they have sexual feelings tied into their “intimacy.” If they continue in their false doctrine and on pursuing a relationship with a false god, a false Jesus, and spirits that are demonic, they will begin to have sexual encounters — quite literally a union with the demonic and with Satan’s plan for humanity — causing them to fall deeper into deception.

32. Joel’s Army

a. Related to: Dominionism, Kingdom, Manifest Sons of God, Shining Ones, Joshua Generation.

○ See: “Shining Ones.”

b. This is a term used to describe a group of people who are supposedly advancing the kingdom, making way for the return of Jesus Christ.

○ This is related to “Spiritual Warfare.”

33. Joshua Generation

a. Related to: Dominionism, Kingdom, Manifest Sons of God, Shining Ones, Joel’s Army.

○ See: “Shining Ones.”

b. This is a relatively new term that seems to be used in a similar way as “Joel’s Army.”

c. Is using a metaphor of the “Promised Land” as described in the Old Testament.

d. It describes a group of “seekers” who are supposedly advancing the kingdom by actively seeking out heavenly realms and traveling to them, bringing the reports of “the kingdom” back to regular people so everyone who wants can enter into the “promised land” of God’s kingdom.

○ This is related to “Spiritual Warfare” and “Realms.”

34. Kingdom

a. Advancing the kingdom

b. Building the kingdom

c. Kingdom expansion

d. Kingdom government

e. Kingdom living

f. Mechanics of the kingdom

g. These things are related to the teaching on realms. See: “Kingdom Building Through Realms

35. “Lead into”

a. This phrase is commonly used by charismatics and is related to “cultivating and maintaining an atmosphere of worship.”

○ See the above term in the glossary, “Cultivate or create.”

b. Also referred to as “leading into an encounter with God” or “leading into a spiritual encounter.”

c. These phrases are all commonly used in the context of intending to bring or call down the anointing/glory/fire/wind, leading people into spiritual experiences that are not of God.

○ Reminder: These spiritually manipulative tactics are often used in conjunction with hypnotic music and repetitive phrases, and are creating an atmosphere for people to be open to suggestion and to the demonic by inducing a hypnotic or semi-hypnotic state.

See: A Demonic Anointing.

36. “Learn to move in or operate in” the supernatural

a. This phrase can also be used in reference to learning how to move in or operate in: the anointing, gifts, the spirit, et cetera.

b. Can also be phrased as, “an incredible ability to move in the supernatural,” or, “operating on a higher order of the supernatural.”

c. This is related to the concept of a spiritual evolution as they learn how to “move in, operate in, and develop,” especially developing gifts and the “spirit man.”

d. It is used in reference to learning how to engage “realms,” as they learn how to move in or operate in what they believe is their “personal realm.”

e. It’s also used in reference to a more general “heavenly realms,” as they learn how to move in or operate in supernatural realms.

f. See also in this glossary: “Develop or developing” and “Engage or engaging.”

37. “Learn to walk in”

a. Often used in the context of learning to develop and use particular spiritual elements for one’s own benefit, although they often will say they are doing this “for the kingdom.” This includes such elements as:

○ Abilities

○ Anointing

○ Gifts

○ The “spirit man

b. Can be used in phrases such as, “learn to walk in the revelatory realms of heaven.”

c. See also in this glossary: “Learn to move in,” “Develop or developing” and “Engage or engaging.”

38. Light

a. Important to Note: this reference is an occult perversion of a Biblical truth, and is used by those who are teaching and following after doctrines of demons. It is being used as a shiny lure to make doctrines of demons sound Godly, and is taking people away from God. As always, when people use this word, double-check the doctrines they are teaching, and see if their teachings line up with the Word of God.

b. Like “fire or flame,” this is another word that the demonic is hiding behind, and it speaks of the false light of a satanic illumination. It is speaking of the satanic light that shines from false churches or ministries, as well as the cord of light that shines from the bodies of individuals who are being hooked up to the spirit of the antichrist. See: “Our Testimonies Concerning the Boundaries, Territories, and the Fallen.”

c. Many of these terms are related to “little gods” teachings and is a reference to Emanationism, as occultists and many charismatics believe that people are but a reflection of the light of God. However, this “light” is a light of Lucifer (Satan), and not a light of God. Be prepared to see this word perverted and used by charismatics much more often.

d. “Light” is a word used by charismatics who are following after Luciferian (Satanic) doctrine, and is used in some the following ways:

○ Children of light or messengers of light. Sometimes talked about as the “spirit man that is renewed and made light.”

○ Inner light.

○ Kingdom of light and truth. Sometimes, “church of light and truth.”

○ Light as weapons:

■ Sending light or giving light (sometimes a “white light” or a “light of Christ”).

□ When used in this way, they are often using light as a protective measure, and is part of defensivespiritual warfare.”

□ This is common for occultists to do in order to “shield” themselves from negative energies or spiritual entities.

■ Throwing light (sometimes “light grenades”).

□ When used in this way, they are using light as a weapon, and is part of an offensivespiritual warfare.”

□ This is what is often referred to as a psychic energy shove, something that occultists are familiar with.

○ Light of Christ or God.

○ Light of purpose or light of divine purpose.

○ Light of the soul or light of the spirit.

○ Light of truth, or “truth and light.”

■ This is an occult reference to “enlightenment or illumination” in context of understanding “the deeper things of God,” or the “mysteries.”

○ Manifest light and manifest sons of light. Sometimes is used in the phrase, “the manifestation of the light of the sons of God.”

■ This is related to “Shining Ones.” See: “The Basics.”

○ Miracles and mysteries of sound and light.

○ New light, sometimes “new thought, new light.”

■ This is a reference to “fresh, new revelation,” and is part of getting rid of the old, boring ways, and turning to the fresh, new, exciting ways. See: “Old versus New.”

○ Soldiers of light (also, workers of light).

■ Related to “light bearers” or “light workers.”

■ Also related to “armor of light.”

○ Sons of light

■ Related to “Scrolls of Destiny” and “Manifest Sons.”

○ Walk in the light.

e. In some charismatic teachings, they talk about “seven realms of heaven” as either being a place of “created light,” or a place of “creative light.”

f. Light” is also related to the “Spirit Man” theology:

○ Exhorter portion is the “candlestick” that sheds light.

○ Prophet portion is the one who says “let there be light,” and embraces a sonship, therefore he “gets light.”

○ This theology talks about the “human spirit” as being light — the same light that God is made from, and they will “speak to” the light of the “human spirit.”

g. Light can also be related to “fire or flame.”

h. Light can also represent knowledge, perfection, purity, or understanding.

○ When used in an occult sense, these things are not coming from God, but are based on occult doctrine, occult knowledge and understanding, and an ego-based “purity and perfection” based on human standards.

39. Manifest, manifesting, or manifestation, including:

a. of the spirit of God

b. of the spirit of man

c. of signs and wonders

d. of angels

e. of the anointing, fire, glory, glory cloud, glory realm, or wind

f. of the gifts

g. of gold and gems

h. Also used in the same context as occult teachings on “ascension, manifesting, developing, evolving/evolution,” especially in regards to the “manifesting of the human spirit.” (See: “Shining Ones”)

i. In some contexts, this is a concept practiced within occult groups to describe the same thing that is often called by the charismatic term, “name it, claim it” whereby incantations and spells are used to manifest something that is desired. Christians, particularly those within charismatic circles, often erroneously use scripture as their spell book, prayers as their incantations, and the name of Jesus as their invocation to command God.

○ Related to: prosperity gospel, vision casting, creating one’s own reality, creative doctrine, the power of positive thinking.

○ Often twists Proverbs 18:21, speaking of life and death being in the tongue.

j. Also related to: “Spiritual Manifestations.”

40. Mechanics of”

a. This is a term charismatics often use that simply means, “how it works.” They are usually referring to the mechanics of:

○ Glory

○ Heaven

○ Heavenly realms or dimensions

○ Identity

○ Operating in the spirit

○ Prayer

○ The kingdom

○ The soul

○ The spirit or the “spirit man”

○ The spirit realm

○ Warfare

b. They are using occult doctrine to try to explain “how it works” regarding Biblical doctrine.

41. Mind of Christ”

a. Reminder: This is not being used in a biblical context, but in an occult sense.

b. This phrase is used in the context of “unity” within the “body of Christ” that is identical to the occult “Christ Consciousness.” This “unity” is used as a means to:

○ explore the mysteries of “God”

○ be found together (unity) in the “realm of Christ”

○ become unified (one) with one another and with “God”

○ and by so doing,to bring about the second coming of “the Christ.”

c. Can be interchangeable with the term “in Christ.”

○ In this context, it is related to “Realms

42. Mysteries

a. This is related to the “deeper things of God,” and it speaks to the charismatic who is trying to obtain a type of “spiritual evolution,” or, “manifestation.”

○ See: “Emanationism.”

b. This is also speaking to the charismatic who is getting into the “deeper things of God.” For the charismatics who are practicing witchcraft, this means “The esoteric, occult translation of Scripture.”

○ See: “Milk versus Solid Food.”

c. Sometimes the phrase “Miracles and the Mysteries” is used.

d. These mysteries are usually described with terms such as:

○ Manifold mysteries

○ Hidden mysteries

○ Unfolding mysteries

○ Mysteries or secrets of God

○ Mysteries or secrets of the Scripture

○ Mysteries or secrets of the supernatural

○ Mysteries of the spirit

○ Mysteries of the human spirit

○ Divine mysteries or secrets

○ Kingdom mysteries

○ Mysteries of the kingdom

○ Mysteries of heaven

e. Many charismatic leaders will offer to explain all these “deep mysteries” for a fee.

43. Mystic

a. Many charismatics who are practicing witchcraft will call themselves a “mystic Christian” or a “Christian mystic.”

○ See: “Definition of Christian Witchcraft.”

b. Can also be used in the term “mystic glory.”

44. New (also: fresh, cutting-edge, or revolutionary)

a. Important to Note: These terms (new, fresh, cutting-edge, revolutionary) are often used in juxtaposition to the “average, normal, stale, boring” things that God has done before. See also in this glossary: Former Rain and Latter Rain.

○ See: “Old versus New.”

b. Can refer to:

○ New wine

○ New or fresh fire

○ New, fresh or cutting-edge revelation

○ New, fresh or cutting-edge anointing

○ New or fresh glory

○ Revolutionary or cutting-edge spiritual warfare

■ Also: advanced spiritual warfare

○ Fresh air or wind

45. Passing on the anointing; passing on the mantle of anointing

a. Important to Note: when used by people who are practicing witchcraft, this is often done by the “laying on of hands,” and is an occult transfer or impartation of demonic spirits, gifts, and abilities. This transfer or impartation can take place purposefully, but it can also be accidental. For instance, in those who have an occult past or occult ties that is not completely renounced or healed. To avoid this accidental transfer, it is very important to begin a proper study of God’s Word and on building a relationship with God, in order to mature and become a well-seasoned Christian. (see 1 Timothy 5:22)

b. Also uses the following terms:

○ Activation

○ Activating

○ Impartation of

○ Impartation for

c. Commonly used in the context of people “passing on” or “imparting” a special gift or supernatural power to another person (such as a gift of healing or a gift of prophecy).

○ Is related to the “spirit of Elijah” or “days of Elijah.”

○ They will often speak of this “supernatural power” as coming from the Spirit of God.

○ Within charismatic groups, sometimes these supernatural gifts or powers are “imparted” or “passed on” by draping across the graves of what are considered to be powerful men and women of God.

○ See: “Necromancy” and “Gifts and Abilities.”

d. Also used in the context of “activating” a latent gift within a person.

e. Has been used as “impartation for upgraded spiritual armor,” which comes with a “spiritual promotion.”

○ See: “Spiritual Warfare.”

46. Position yourself

a. This is a term that means the charismatic is expecting that they will be given a spiritual promotion, gifts, or an increase in supernatural abilities, such as astral travel or seer abilities.

b. It can lead them to seek out different types of training, such as Gateways or Seat of Dominion, in order to have supernatural experiences; or cause them to seek out training for more “advanced spiritual warfare,” such as “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

47. Prayer closet

a. In charismatic circles, this is being used in the context of “getting into a quiet place” in order to “get into the spirit and meditate on the word of God.”

b. These “meditations on the word of God” are, in reality, leading to a “visualization” of spiritual realms through what is essentially transcendental meditation, and are opening people up to demonic deception and control by bringing them, astrally and through vision (astral travel and remote viewing), into spiritual places.

○ They often call these spiritual places “heavenly places.”

○ See: “Spirit Travel.”

c. Reminder: These are not heavenly places, and the method of viewing or traveling to such places is occult. Among other dangers, such activity can lead to neglecting practical responsibilities, including familial and parental obligations, as the individual desires more and more of these “meditations” within their “prayer closet” time, in order to have a spiritual experience of being in spiritual realms. This is a symptom of addiction.

48. Prophetic anointing (also, “prophetic word”)

a. This anointing and “gift” of prophecy is very much being used as an occultist would do a “reading,” or as a person would consult a seer, spiritist, witch, medium, et al., for information about the future, what to do in the present, career paths, health, love interests, et cetera.

b. See: “Seers and Prophets.”

49. Realms or Dimensions (sometimes, gateway/s), in particular:

a. Activating realms

b. Deactivating realms

c. Engaging the realms of heaven

d. Higher realms or dimensions

e. Kingdom realms

f. Realms or dimensions of God’s Kingdom

g. Realms or dimensions of authority

h. Realms of glory

i. Realms or dimensions of God

j. Realms of heaven

k. Realms of Jesus

l. Realms or dimensions of power

m. Realms or dimensions of understanding

n. Parallel dimensions

o. Spiritual dimensions or realms

p. Unfolding dimensions or realms

q. Walking in or accessing dimensions or realms

r. Reminder: seeking after, accessing, and engaging in these realms is not an activity that is of God. See: “Realms” and “Supernatural Realms — the Origin.”

50. Revelation

a. This is commonly used by the charismatic who is exploring the “deeper things of God,” and includes some of the following catchwords and phrases:

○ Cutting-edge revelation

○ Deeper revelation

○ End-time revelation

○ Fresh revelation

○ New revelation

○ Revelatory

○ Secret end-time revelation

○ Unfolding revelation

b. Sometimes used in phrases such as, “Engaging or walking in revelatory realms of heaven.”

○ This is related to the teachings on realms.

c. Important to Note: these “revelations” are not based on sound interpretation of Scripture. In some cases, they are twisting Scripture and giving it an esoteric meaning. In other cases, they are completely making things up.

○ See also: “Seers and Prophets” and “Milk versus Solid Food.”

51. Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God.”

a. This is a phrase used by charismatics who are practicing witchcraft. Translated, this phrase means, “Since I can’t find Scripture that supports my actions, words, or thoughts, I am going to assume that anything that is of Satan, the opposite must be of God. Therefore, in an effort to control the language and control people’s perception, I will rename astral traveling to ‘spirit traveling.’ Instead of saying ‘necromancy,’ I will use the more Biblical-sounding phrase ‘Great Cloud of Witnesses.’ Rather than say I am involved in the occult activity of dream insertion, I will say that I am simply engaging my spirit man to teach you occult doctrine in your sleep, but saying it is of God. I will continue to do this with every occult doctrine I embrace, so that the truth becomes a lie, and the lie becomes the truth. And if you don’t believe what I claim is truth, then you are putting God in a box.”

○ See also the term in this glossary, “Don’t put God in a box.”

○ See also: “Definition of Christian Witchcraft.”

52. Seat of Dominion

a. Is a concept used in the Spirit Man teachings that is essentially giving dominion (control) of the individual to their so-called spirit man.

○ This “spirit” is either a demon or a demonically-controlled part of the person.

b. See: “Seat of Dominion.”

53. School or Training

a. These are terms used to describe types of physical schools (including on the internet), the attendance of which usually involves paying an amount of money. These include schools such as:

○ Healing schools or healing training

○ Kingdom warfare schools or training

○ Mystery schools

○ Mystic schools

○ Prophetic training

○ School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven

○ Schools of Higher Learning

○ Schools of the supernatural

○ Schools of wisdom

○ Spirit schools

○ Spiritual Training

 Training in the prophetic

 Worship training schools

b. There are also a type of informal group meetings that usually do not cost money, and meet for the purposes of training in occult skills.

○ Sometimes, there are online or in-person meetings where attendees practice “seeing in the spirit,” “traveling in the spirit,” giving “words of prophecy or knowledge,” and practice “spiritual warfare,” including using their “sword of the spirit” against people they consider themselves to be at odds with.

○ Important to Note: This is not dissimilar to various types of occult groups who meet together for the purposes of practicing and strengthening their abilities.

c. Although not as common, there are also charismatic schools purportedly set up in the supernatural. They claim these spirit schools are set up in the spirit realms by “angels,” and sometimes at the request of a “deliverance minister,” that people (their soul or spirit parts) attend “in the spirit.”

○ Important to Note: Those studying and practicing the occult also have “schools” in the astral realms where they teach and learn doctrines that are specific to their group.

54. Scrolls of Destiny

a. Charismatics say the following about the scrolls (sometimes called Books):

○ The “scrolls of our lives” are written before God created heaven and earth.

○ They contain the thoughts of God and what we are called to do, and we need to get those thoughts that are written down, because they will transform how we think about ourselves.

○ They say that the more we understand God’s thoughts that are in these scrolls, the more we understand the mind of God and will become like Jesus, and we will do the things He did, and greater things.

○ They believe that reading the scroll will help us engage with our destiny.

○ They believe that we are going to be judged according to the scrolls and whether we did what was written on the scrolls or not.

○ These scrolls are accessed by going to “heavenly places” or a “courtroom of heaven.”

○ They say it’s our birthright, because we were made a spirit, but need to “transform” and to be “manifested as sons.”

○ They say the scrolls ties into purpose and identity.

b. We hope that if you’ve read this book with understanding, and are beginning to (or continuing to) read the Bible with understanding and interpret it within context, you will realize that this teaching is not Scriptural at all. It is twisting the meaning of certain verses within the Bible that speak to the “Book of Life,” and of scrolls. This teaching is, in fact, ego based as well as fear based.

c. Furthermore, the method by which these “scrolls” are found and read are through various forms of astral travel. This is an occult activity.

d. Like all of the other “spiritual experiences” we have spoken of this book, this can lead to neglect of earthly responsibilities, such as towards family or work.

55. Seekers

a. Used in the context of “seeking truth,” or, the “deeper things of God or Scripture,” but is actually seeking after occult doctrine.

56. Seer and “true” seer

a. Some people are also training on, “how to be a seer”

b. We have written about this in detail in the section titled “Seers and Prophets.”

57. Spirit

a. Activating the spirit.

○ Can be in reference to using the “Seat of Dominion” to supposedly “activate the spirit.”

○ Can also be a reference to “Shining Ones.”

b. Cultivating the spirit.

c. Dimensions or realms of the spirit.

d. Engaging in the spirit.

○ Can be related to “Spirit Travel.”

e. Engaging the spirit (the so-called human spirit).

○ This is related to the “spirit man.”

○ Engaging the spirit can also refer to “Realms” as well as “Seat of Dominion.”

f. Gateways of the spirit.

g. Getting in, moving in, or operating in the spirit.

○ Can be related to “Spirit Travel.”

h. Growing in the spirit.

i. Manifestation of the spirit.

○ Related to a type of spiritual evolution. See: “Emanationism.”

○ Can also be a reference to the “Shining Ones.”

j. Mechanics of the spirit.

k. Mysteries of the spirit.

l. Seeing in the spirit.

○ This is remote viewing. See: “Spirit Travel.”

m. Spirit of Elijah and “days of Elijah.”

n. Spirit man.

○ Related topics:

■ 7-fold nature of the spirit

■ Ministering to the spirit

■ Redemptive gifts

o. Spirit of the “sons of God.”

○ This is related to “Manifest Sons” and “Shining Ones.”

p. Spirit schools (see also, “Schools and Training” in this glossary).

q. Spirit travel, or traveling in the spirit.

○ This is astral travel/projection. See: “Spirit Travel.”

58. Spiritual battle and spiritual warfare, including:

a. Engaging realms.

b. Courtrooms of heaven.

c. Engaging the “spirit man” or the “Shining Ones spirit man” to battle.

d. An upgrade to higher-tech spiritual weapons.

e. Spiritual promotions that give them greater power when engaging in spiritual warfare.

f. See: “Spiritual Warfare.”

59. Spiritual senses”

a. This phrase is commonly used especially in the context of the “senses” being heightened and activated.

b. It is related to an increase or development of gifts or abilities (these are occult gifts and abilities).

60. Stuck”

a. This is a charismatic word commonly used in phases such as, “Too many people are stuck in the rut of being average and ordinary.

○ This is a marketing technique, meant to promote doctrines of demons. This wording appeals to the ego or fears of a person and lures them into following after spiritual experiences, and into learning and practicing occult activities.

b. This is related to “latter rain and former rain” and “new and fresh,” in that it is not desirable to be “stuck” in the old, but to move on and desire the fresh and new.

c. See: “Old versus New.”

61. Supernatural man

a. This is a reference to the “spirit man,” or the “Shining One spirit man,” especially in regards to having supernatural experiences and supernatural abilities.

b. This is also referring to “supernatural living” as opposed to “ordinary living.”

○ Sometimes used in phrases such as, “Equipping and mentoring people to live supernatural lifestyles.”

○ See: “Old versus New.”

62. Travel/traveling in the spirit and seeing in the spirit

a. “Traveling in the spirit” is a charismatic term for what occultists have always called “astral travel or projection.” “Seeing in the spirit” is a charismatic term for what occultists have always called “remote viewing.”

b. This is detailed in the section titled “Spirit Travel.”

63. Vehicle

a. This is often used often in the context of a person being used as a “vehicle” for a spirit.

b. This is an occult term to describe how a demon will “drive” the person as a vehicle would be driven. Occultists often use the descriptions, “spirit guides or angels” to describe such spiritual beings; however, they are demonic beings.

c. Occultists also define the astral body as being “the emotional vehicle of an individual,” or, “a vehicle of life energy.”

d. Within charismatic circles, they use this term to presumably refer to the Spirit of God using an individual as a “vehicle,” but for those charismatics who are practicing witchcraft, it is not the Holy Spirit of God, but an unclean spirit.

e. Can be used in reference to “astral travel/projection” or in reference to “channeling or walk-ins.”

64. Visualization

a. The charismatic will not always use this word, but they use visualization techniques to more generally encourage the “power of positive thinking.” The word “visualization” is commonly reworded by charismatics to phrases such as, “building your faith by using your imagination.” Or, “learn to position yourself” to receive: dreams, visions, gifts, the kingdom, a spiritual promotions, et cetera. This “learning how to position oneself” often includes visualization.

b. These same visualization techniques are also used to teach or learn astral traveling/projecting and remote viewing (what charismatics call “spirit travel or seeing in the spirit”).

c. This is being used in concert with “getting in the spirit,” a term being used by charismatics that actually describes what occultists would call “meditation,” or a hypnotic trance.

d. Important to Note: like charismatics, occultists use visualization to learn such things as astral travel.

65. Wind

a. Can use the following terms to describe a “supernatural change” that is expected:

○ Spirit wind

○ Wind of the spirit

○ Wind of change

○ Revival wind

○ Glory wind

○ Wind of anointing

b. This “supernatural change” is in the context of “fresh, new revelation,” because they believe “God is doing a new thing” in the last days, therefore, unusual supernatural experiences and manifestations are expected to take place, regardless of the fact that these “new things” don’t line up with the Word of God.

○ See: “Old versus New.”

c. Riding on the wind

○ This is another term for astral travel/projection.

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