IV. Short Bios of the Authors

Loren Grace

I was born into a cult-like, charismatic environment, raised in the United Pentecostal and Apostolic churches, and I grew up believing I and my family were true Christians. However, my mother’s second husband (the most significant “father figure” I had growing up) was a Satanist, and my mother, following familial tradition, held to Luciferian values.

From an early age, I was ritually abused and programmed by individuals who were mostly self-proclaimed Satanists. I was trained to work in different occult programs in many different capacities, but ultimately, the training served to make possible my working alongside the demonic to infiltrate Christian churches in the astral realms.

After my programming started breaking down in my mid 30’s, I finally reached out to a man who claimed to be a “deliverance minister.” In spite of a few highs, the lows of the counseling process caused me even more problems, and after struggling through nearly two years of such counseling, I was worse off than ever. Once I finally quit the toxicity, I realized I had been led even deeper into the witchcraft that I had been trying to find freedom from — programmed and used, once again, by Satan, and by people who were working for him. In the midst of my pain and anger, the Spirit of God reached me and called me to repentance, and I fully submitted my life to the Father.

By His grace, He saved me, and I am now in the process of continuing to allow my Heavenly Father, through His Spirit, to work His healing in me. Through my writings on the joint blog I share with Carolyn Hamlett as well as on my personal blog, I do my best to point the reader back to the Word of God, admonishing them to study the words properly and within context, and explain to them what the Spirit of God has taught me: true healing comes only through a relationship with the Heavenly Father, something that is made possible only because of and through Jesus Christ, and through His Spirit who works within us.

You can read more about me on my website: https://lorengrace.com/snapshots-memory-album/.

Carolyn Hamlett

I am a former Illuminist, born and raised in the Luciferian organization that is responsible for implementing “The Plan” for the New World Order. I was used throughout my life in various capacities and departments in this Plan, which yielded to me a wide range of experiences, causing me to be privy to information that few are aware of.

In 1986, I saw that what I was involved in was not of God. I repented and was saved by the grace of God.

For over 30 years now, I have spoken out against this Plan on my websites, as well as on various interviews on radio and on Christian television. I also share a blog with my friend, Loren Grace, where we expose the witchcraft that has infiltrated Christianity.

My story covers a broad range of information, including the part my ancestors played in the founding of the United States, as well as their allegiance to a hidden agenda that has been silently supported from generation to generation. Their allegiance was to Lucifer, who is Satan, and to his hidden agenda to implement The Plan for the New World Order, setting in place “the Christ” — Lucifer’s “chosen one” — as global ruler. Luciferians around the world have been tirelessly and incrementally working to tear down Christian values for many generations now, bringing strife, war, famine and chaos, so they can offer their solution for a so-called “global peace.” I now stand against this agenda, and do what I can to expose it and that which is behind it.

The information I share is part of my ongoing testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver us from the powers of darkness and to bring healing and restoration to the wounded and broken. I tell my story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy and to point people to the One who I know is, in fact, The Way, The Truth and The Life, and the One I owe my life to — my Savior, Jesus Christ.

You can read more about me on my website: https://carolynhamlettexposinglucifersplaninthelastdays.com/about-me/


Though each of the peoples may walk in the name of his god, yet we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.

Micah 4:5

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