II. Short Bios of the Authors

Carolyn Hamlett

I’m a former Illuminist, born and raised in the Luciferian organization that is responsible for implementing “The Plan” for the New World Order. I was used throughout my life in various capacities and departments in this Plan, which yielded to me a wide range of experiences, causing me to be privy to information that many people do not know about.

“The Plan” for the NWO is a plan authored by Lucifer, who is Satan, and it speaks to the schemes of the enemy (Satan) to lead all of humanity into deception. This is being accomplished by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to Satan’s influence, allowing the demonic to have full access to people. He does this by using his infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, to spread this universal “spirituality” in many different ways and in every culture and religion throughout the world. This is in preparation for setting up Lucifer’s chosen one – his “Christ” – as global ruler, eventually leading to the appearance of the final antichrist.

For many years now, I have spoken out against this Plan on my website, http://beyondthephysicalrealm.com, as well as on various interviews. I have also written a blog article detailing about The Plan and the organization that you can read at http://beyondthephysicalrealm.com/2017/08/the-plan-organizationwhat-is-it.html.

My story covers a broad range of information, including my family’s part in the founding of the United States, as well as their allegiance to a hidden agenda that has been silently supported from generation to generation. Their allegiance was to Lucifer, who is Satan, and to his hidden agenda to implement The Plan for the New World Order, setting in place “the Christ” – Lucifer’s “chosen one” – as global ruler. Luciferians around the world have been tirelessly and incrementally working to tear down Judeo-Christian values for many generations now, bringing strife, war, famine and chaos, so they can offer their solution for a so-called “global peace.” I now stand against this agenda, and do what I can to expose it and that which is behind it. The information I share is part of my ongoing testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver us from the powers of darkness and to bring healing and restoration to the wounded and broken. I tell my story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy and to point people to the One who I know is, in fact, The Way, The Truth and The Life, and the One I owe my life to – my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have been a serious person most of my life, evidenced by the many people throughout my life who have told me to “lighten up.” They always said I was way too serious, but I have always felt the burden of knowing to a large degree what the future held, so my response was always: “Life is serious business.”

Like all those in the organization, I lived a double-life. First and foremost, I had a life that was in service to “The Plan”. Part of this involved satanic rituals, as well as programming and being trained to be used in assignments that were out of the body, as well as assignments in the physical.

However, the cover story of my life was that I was an average girl with average to lower-than-average intelligence. This cover life, which didn’t allow me to appear very bright, was the purposeful creation of the organization who used this to their advantage. Since no one thought I was a threat or smart enough to understand what was going on, I was schooled to use this façade to gather information.

In a way I was used to such dismissive treatment, as my appearance and demeanor was the useful cover-up of my life when I worked for The Plan. No one outside of The Plan suspected anything of me or expected much out of me in the way of intelligence. Even my school performance, IQ tests, achievement tests, and grades were barely average, and often in the “special needs” category.

My mother was the only family member I had who actually knew that my appearance was a cover for my work in The Plan. She used to console me when the pain of rejection and the ridicule of others was more than I could handle. The fact that she knew I wasn’t stupid helped take the edge off. She would hug me and remind me that all of us working “The Plan” had a “cross to bear,” and that each of us at times felt the same loneliness that I did. My mother would remind me of how important each of us was to the working of “The Plan”, and that humanity would benefit by our silent sacrifices to do our part. She would tell me how special I really was, that God knew who I really was and what I was capable of, and that was what mattered.

My mother was right about the God part, but she was wrong about “The Plan” working to help humanity. I do think that my mother died knowing the truth that I know now – that The Plan is not the plan of God the Righteous Creator of the universe, but is actually the plan of the fallen angel, Lucifer, who is also the being known as Satan. I have no doubt that if my mother had not died so young, that she would have been one of the early whistleblowers working to expose this global conspiracy called “The Plan.” Perhaps she and I would have worked together on the effort. I can only wonder.

Throughout my developmental years, my life continued to be under the direction of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy who had very specific plans for my life. They instructed my mother on how to raise me according to the course the spiritual hierarchy had set for my life. My mother also had two physical members of Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) and Lucis Publishing Company, who acted as overseers. Sadly, the things I loved most — music, the arts, and science — I was discouraged in. The exception was competitive swimming, which soon became a large part of my childhood. Looking back, I realize there were several reasons for this activity being encouraged. Not only did swimming keep me in good physical shape for the assignments and projects I was assigned to or used in, but I also learned discipline and how to ignore pain. In addition, the travel required for those meets were all around the state of Florida, giving the programmers easy access to me. All the travel easily facilitated the programming and testing I was going through, especially during those long summer months. So from the time I was seven until I was fourteen, I was used in this way.

After I was fourteen, I stopped competitive swimming, but I was still going through programming and training. They simply were not accessing me through swimming meets any longer.

When I was seventeen, my mother died. A year later, at eighteen years old, I got my own apartment and stopped working directly with the spiritual hierarchy on astral assignments, although they continued to direct the path of my life. They contracted me out to a specific group of people who had been assigned by the spiritual hierarchy to not only protect me, but to use me for their own purposes and projects. Because I had my own apartment, I was easily accessible for programming, training, and to be sent on physical assignments at nights, on weekends, and on my days off. Between going to work and going to school, I had very few “days off” from this programming, training, and assignments, and I slept whenever I had a chance, often falling asleep while I was out with my friends.

At twenty-two years old, I married a young man from the midwest and moved there, which marked the beginning of the next section of my life. Since my life belonged to The Plan, this relationship and marriage was another orchestrated event of my life. This doesn’t mean we weren’t in love, however. We were very much in love, and although, sadly, our marriage didn’t last, we were both expecting it to, and were looking forward to sharing the rest of our lives together.

Soon after marriage and the move to the midwest, I was placed under the care of a new set of handlers and programmers. They encouraged me to join a specific modeling school and agency which was actually a cover for various assignments around the city and surrounding areas.

Then in 1979, the spiritual hierarchy contacted me and recruited me back into service to work directly with the same ascended masters who had been overseeing and directing my life since my birth. At that time I believed the spiritual hierarchy and the “masters” were in service to God. Years later I came to learn otherwise.

Once again, a large part of my days and nights were consumed with working in service to The Plan, which I believed was God’s plan to help humanity evolve spiritually. Since I had a heart for God, I served this plan with all my heart and soul. My assignments were in both the physical as well as in the astral. During the day I was used to infiltrate churches. Other assignments included making personal visits to specific pastors, Catholic priests and medical doctors to recruit them into working with the spiritual hierarchy.

The majority of my duties took place in the astral, working alongside high ranking “ascended masters.” Our most important work was bringing in Satan’s most powerful warriors for his end-time plan. This was the part of The Plan that I had been trained for my entire life, and it was during this project that I learned the truth about this Plan.

I was shown what all “Illumined ones” eventually come to know, and was shown by the top “ascended masters of the spiritual hierarchy” that the “God” of The Plan is actually Lucifer, not God at all. Furthermore, I was shown that Lucifer is the literal Satan of the Bible, and that Jesus Christ is literally who and what the Bible says he is. He really is the Savior, the Only Christ – the Chosen One of God the Creator of the universe – to redeem and save fallen humanity.

So why would I be shown this? Why would Satan want me to know the truth? Because Lucifer/Satan’s most prized possessions are those who know the truth that Jesus is Savior, and who understand God’s real plan for mankind, but still choose to turn their backs on God and Jesus Christ, and willfully serve Lucifer as Satan against God. Satan offered me a place of power and authority in the global order to come if I chose to willfully serve him as my “God” and turn my back on the real God and Jesus Christ.

I chose Jesus Christ, and I have never regretted a moment of my decision.

In my 60 plus years of life, I have experienced and witnessed many fantastic and sensational things and have knowledge of many sensational topics, and yet, the most extraordinary, incredible, sensational and amazing of all (by far) is the saving and healing Power of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation through him, Jesus Christ. He Truly loves us!

There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

This is my testimony and will remain my testimony forever that: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ~ The Apostle Peter (Acts 4:12).


Loren Grace

I grew up in a cult-like, charismatic environment, born into oneness United Pentecostal and Apostolic churches and attending until I was in my mid-teens; I then attended charismatic Pentecostal churches until my mid-twenties. However, the churches I was born into and grew up in were infiltrated by a mixture of Satanists and Luciferians, including my mother’s second husband, who was a Satanist. Although my family has yet to confess the truth, I have many reasons to believe that certain members of my family were or are Luciferian infiltrators, as well, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In spite of this, I have always felt the call of God upon my life, and I submitted my life to Him at an young age.

From an early age, I was ritually abused and programmed by individuals, mostly self-proclaimed Satanists, who had been contracted out by New World Order groups because of my bloodlines. The programming started early, even at home, as I was trained to become dissociative. My mother largely contributed to this, and would, in erratic spurts, beat me for crying until I dissociated and stopped crying, or would ignore my crying, until I finally dissociated and stopped crying. When she wasn’t beating or ignoring me, she was showering me with tons of affection, often in preparation for visitors or a special day out, including church services. Part of the reason for her doing this was that she was following instruction on how to raise me, as she was programmed or trained to do. On the other hand, having been raised by her, I recognize now that she learned to take pleasure in “venting her frustrations” on both myself and my younger brother. She was very cruel.

The first satanic ritual I recall attending was when I was two years old, on or near my birthday. This took place in the deserts of west Texas, near my hometown, and my mother and father both took me there. Shortly after that, they separated.

My mother’s marriage to my father had been arranged from the beginning, and after they divorced, her second marriage was arranged, as well. The arrangement for this second marriage was less overt than the first, but it was still arranged. Subsequently, we moved to Southern California, and my programing and training continued. At that point I had at least two programmers and trainers in the physical. One was a woman who lived in the mountains nearby. I called her the “Good Witch,” although I’m not sure if she was actually a witch or not. I called her that because part of her public persona was built around being a “good witch” who would give out lollipops to children. But she was not a nice person.

The man I call my “main programmer,” however, was a self-proclaimed Satanist. The interactions I had with him were mostly in a hospital setting, as well as in the vast military-type tunnel systems that ran beneath the entire area. He trained and programmed me for particular programs, like space exploration and astral spying. Sometimes my overseers would come and check on my progress, and I remember times that I would “show off” my occult skills for them, as well as other programmers that were helping with my training, or who were interested in my progress. Their interest was strictly intellectual, of course, as they had no real interest in any of their “lab rats,” other than for what they were training us to do.

Most of this programming and training in the physical took place in the summer or on weekends. Sometimes it was at night, and two men who worked for the programmers would take me from my house to the programming sites, and then back home once everything was over. But other times, especially during the summer, my stepfather would take me during the day when my mother was at work. There were also several occasions I remember that my mother took me to meet up with the programmers. Sometimes the meetings were for the purposes of rituals that were under the guise of social events, and sometimes the purposes of the meetings solely centered around my programming.

Once we left California, my training and programming continued. As a teen, one of my main handlers at that time would sometimes show up early in the morning to take me off the mainland, where more programming took place. Most of this took place in the summer, but sometimes it was during school days, as well.

As an adult, most of my ongoing training was in the astral realms, as were my assignments.

I largely dissociated from much of this training and programming to one degree or another throughout my life, until around 2012 or so, when the dissociative walls began to crumble even more. That’s when I began to realize that I had a lot more memories of my past than I had previously thought. I just had been trained to not recognize those memories as actually being memories.

Although I was trained from childhood to fulfill assignments in the supernatural realms, I was not always consciously aware of the programming, or of the training sessions and assignments. Any conscious recollection I would have of the programming, I learned to pass off as being my evil imagination, and any conscious recollection I would have of astral training and assignments, I learned to pass off as a strange dream or an odd thought. This dissociation stemmed from two sources: an abusive home life, and the programming itself.

I had two types of Religious programming: the general indoctrination/brainwashing at home and at church, as well as the professional trauma-based Religious programming. And since this programming was very strong, I wasn’t always consciously aware of the occult programming or training. The general religious programming was my Christian cover, and this cover was my life and what I thought to be my identity. I worked very hard to protect that identity, even to the point of dissociating from anything that did not align with that identity. And since the occult activities did not line up with the religious script of my Christian cover, that religious programming served as a barrier to memories I had of being involved in those occult activities.

Although separate parts of me were taught to do different things for different reasons through the occult programming, not very much knowledge of that activity leaked through to my consciousness. As far as I knew, I — the front alter who most often participated in everyday life — was a Christian, first describing myself as “Apostolic or Pentecostal,” and then later simply as “Christian.” Any bad memories I had of the programming and training, I did not see as memories, but as something that had happened to “another little girl,” not me. And because I was so convinced by my abusive, narcissistic mother that I was a liar, and because I was afraid to contradict her, I began to believe that any memories I had of the astral training and assignments were simply a dream, and that any memories I had of mind-control programming were simply a result of my overactive, evil imagination lying to me. As hard as it was to convince myself, I had to believe that those intrusive thoughts were my evil imagination and not memories. It was the only way I could cope. But that came with its own price, because I became convinced that I was simply a horrible, disgusting child with a horrible, disgusting imagination. I believed I was going to Hell for all my evil thoughts, and I was constantly crying and begging God to forgive me, but the thoughts never went away. So I tried to “make up” for the evilness inside by being the best Christian that I knew how to be, hoping that would be enough to make God love me, and have mercy on me, and let me into Heaven.

Aside from the religious programming that kept me dissociated from the programming and the occult training, I dissociated also because I was trying to cope with physical and sexual abuse at home. That perpetual, ever-present abuse kept me so focused on merely surviving life that I had no mental or emotional energy to consciously cope with the occult rituals, training, and TBMC programming. I lived life in a fog, never really clear about anything except how to survive from day to day. I learned to blend in as best I could, and to please those around me no matter how impossible that task seemed. I learned to pretend that the insane was perfectly normal, and that the impossible was a standard I had to reach. Perfection was a must, and although I was never able to reach that level of excellence, it was the trying that kept my abusers happiest. So I dissociated from everything: from my own needs, from reality, from life. This dissociation, and the resulting denial, became my way of coping and surviving, and it served to keep the majority of the programming and occult training separated from myself for years.

While I was busy trying to be what I considered a “good little Christian girl,” parts of me were being schooled in the astral, and trained for other things, including carrying out assignments in the astral. Each part loved their job, and the parts of me that astral traveled and projected were no different: they loved to travel in that way. One of my main programmers was very effective at keeping me switched to the part he wanted to work with, but my spiritual mentors and trainers weren’t as effective. A problem they were having is that I, as the front alter who was trying to be a good little Christian girl, would sometimes become conscious in the middle of astral traveling, and I was terrified of “flying,” as I called it. It scared me, mainly because I couldn’t get over my fear of heights. I don’t think this “fear of heights” in this situation is abnormal. In my opinion, it is terrifying to look down and see, for instance, the entire North American continent stretched out below, and realize that there is absolutely nothing between yourself and the ground, except air. Some parts of me found that sensation to be freeing. I found it to be terrifying.

So when I, as the front part, would become conscious in the middle of astral traveling, I would begin to take more control of the astral body, and the parts of me that were involved in the astral assignment would begin to recede to the background of my consciousness. Unless my spiritual mentors were able to switch me back to the parts of me who were good at and enjoyed astral traveling, I would end up leaving the astral realm and would go back home inside my own physical body. Although the ability to quickly leave my astral body and find my physical body was helpful under certain circumstances — space exploration, for instance — this wasn’t particularly helpful for the other assignments they were training me for, church infiltration being one. In those cases, my fear was a hindrance and a nuisance to my mentors and higher-ups. So around the age of 6 or 7 (maybe a bit later, or even a bit earlier… I wish I knew the exact age, but I’m not sure exactly how old I was), one particular woman — one of my teachers in the astral — would pull me out of my body at night and try to teach me, the front, how to not be afraid of astral traveling. But no matter how hard she and her male partner worked with me, I couldn’t get over my fear. So she just ended up working with the other parts of me who enjoyed astral traveling, teaching them how to take a firmer control of the consciousness when they were up front, so that it was less likely for me, the front alter, to switch in and take control.

As I got older, I learned to dismiss any conscious awareness of astral traveling, or memories of such activity, as simply being a weird and scary dream. This was facilitated by my mother, who, after I told her what was happening, dismissed it as being a dream. Her body language and tone of voice indicated to me that the subject upset her in some way, and was clearly something she didn’t want to talk about, so I didn’t talk about it with her any more. I knew that if I persisted in talking about something that she did not want to talk about, she would call me a liar and I would be beaten. So I stopped talking about it, and I began dismissing my memories of astral traveling as simply being dreams or my vivid imagination.

In my mid-thirties, my programming was beginning to unravel more, and I had arrived at a point spiritually and emotionally where I was broken down. I reached out for help through what was supposed to be a Christian coach/counselor. In spite of a few “highs,” the lows of the “deliverance counseling” process caused me even more problems, and after struggling through nearly two years of such counseling, I was worse off than ever. Once I finally quit the toxicity once and for all, I realized I had been programmed and used, once again, by Satan, and by people who were working for him. I had been neck-deep in the same satanic mess I had been trying to find freedom from. However, I know now that my Heavenly Father had allowed me to get to the point where I was consciously aware of the choices before me: do I serve Satan, or do I serve my Heavenly Father?

In many ways, there is a sense of power and control in serving Satan, and the gifts and abilities are real. It’s something tangible to hold on to in this lifetime. And since it was what I had been trained to do my entire life, it was my very identity, even more so than being a Christian. I realized that being a “Christian” was simply a cover; my identity had, in fact, been rooted and grounded in the occult. At the least, it gave me purpose and a reason for having suffered through satanic rituals and programming as a child. But the results of being involved in occult activity, even hidden activity over a lifetime, had turned me into a person that I never wanted to be. I had become a person that, fundamentally, I didn’t like, and a person that I no longer wanted to live with. Furthermore, I realized that the consequences are eternal. Any self-serving, emotional rewards are short-lived and simply for the moment, and never truly bring peace and joy, no matter how “good” it may feel at the moment.

On the other hand, serving the true God is the way of self-sacrifice and total dependence upon Him to supply my every need. It is scary because it requires two things of me that I have never had before: trust and faith in my Heavenly Father. And it is that trust and faith that says, “Not my will, but Your Will be done.” Sometimes that trust and faith requires me to temporarily stay in what I call “the pit,” where there is pain and demonic torment. However, I have realized that my Heavenly Father stays with me in that pit, and where He is, is where I want to be. He uses those times to teach me to not focus on the harassment and demonic attacks that surround me, but to focus on Him. During those times, He is building my trust and faith in Him. In serving my Heavenly Father, the peace is lasting and the rewards are eternal.

While the lure of the occult was strong for many reasons (the least of which, it was what I had been trained for my entire life), the love of my Heavenly Father and the desire to serve Him is stronger. I chose to serve my Creator, and to renounce all ties to the occult and to renounce all satanic gifts and abilities. And although it is an ongoing process, it isn’t nearly as difficult as a lifetime listening to preachers and pastors and coaches and counselors had made it out to be.

I am now in the process of working on my own, continuing to renounce and repent, and allowing my Heavenly Father to work His healing in me. It is my desire to share the message of the love of the true God Who calls us all to repentance and reconciliation with Him, and to share the healing message of hope for all those who turn to Him and put no other before Him.

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