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Exposing Christian Witchcraft Series

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These videos (a series of three) are the original answer to the questions many people had asked us (particularly Carolyn): “Why did you leave Bride Ministries and why are you accusing Dan Duval of teaching false doctrine?”

Therefore, they were originally meant to address subjects that would be understood by the dissociative people who were still going through (or who had been through) counseling with Dan Duval of Bride Ministries, explaining in more detail to those people why we left Bride Ministries and Duval’s so-called “counseling.” So the average non-dissociative person who has not had any experience with Dan Duval and his Bride Ministry “counseling” may not completely understand what we are talking about in these videos, particularly if they don’t know any of the occult and dissociative background from which we come.

However, the book that we subsequently wrote does go into a full explanation on the subjects we broached in these videos and should clear up any confusion.

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101 Series


This is a nine-part video series whereby we go into more detail about spiritual warfare and deliverance according to Scripture, answering the many people who have contacted us to ask us questions about this topic.

Carolyn Hamlett’s Vlog Series


Here, Carolyn speaks from her heart on various topics that are important to her.

Additional Videos with Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

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Here, you will find some of our “Q&A” videos, as well as our “Setting the Record Straight” videos.

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