Why We Left Bride Ministries

This is a repost of an article written by Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace on December 17, 2016, on Carolyn’s personal website, BeyondthePhysical.blogspot.com

Carolyn has since taken the above website down, and her new website can be found at “ExposingLucifersPlanInTheLastDays.com

NOTICE: Loren gave an update that can be found at the bottom of this article.

Why We Left Bride Ministries, by Carolyn and Loren

Watchman Ezekiel 33-6Many people have asked me to further explain my reasons for leaving BRIDE Ministries. This article is part of a larger conversation that Loren Grace and I are going to be addressing in more detail in the future, God willing, but for now, this is the beginning. This article is long, but we encourage you to read it more than once, as there is much information to process.

In all seriousness… IF, after reading this article you have the misfortune of listening to or talking with Daniel Duval, we (Loren Grace and I) strongly advise that you come back and re-read this article to remind yourself of the truth!

In early November I, Carolyn Hamlett, went public with my break from Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries. Please review this copy of my public announcement:

I, Carolyn Hamlett, have left BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, and everything associated with Daniel Duval and his ministries.

There is a parting of the ways because I find their new doctrines to be New Age, heretical and against the teachings in the Word of God and DANGEROUS!

Once this was brought to Daniel Duval’s attention, I discovered that he agreed with these heresies which are being pushed by some of the BRIDE Ministry and The Fire Place Church administrators.

BRIDE Ministries is now working in concert with some ministries that are teaching New Age and Luciferian doctrine disguised as Christianity. This is VERY dangerous! I will be coming out with information soon which will clarify the specifics.

What they are teaching is EXACTLY what I (as a child) was told by Satan’s spiritual hierarchy would be the means that Lucifer (who is Satan) would use to take Christians away from the fundamental Bible teachings and into embracing Lucifer’s theology. This is no small matter. This is a huge part of Satan’s end time plan to take Christians by storm!

If any accident, death, calamity or anything related to that happens to me or any of my loved ones, be very suspect of it and Please push to have a full investigation. In addition, I would never commit suicide. I have alerted some trusted professionals who are very aware of this situation and have taken note that I am of excellent mental clarity, soundness of mind and spirit.

If you notice…

(1) I stated why I left.
(2) I also stated that the matter HAD been brought to Daniel Duval’s attention,
(3) and in fact, Daniel Duval agreed and supported the Luciferian doctrines.
(4) I even stated how I know the doctrines are purely Luciferian doctrines.

Something that I didn’t mention was the deceit and lying which I discovered has been a large part of the dynamics Daniel Duval, Darla Carver Guerra and associates have employed to manipulate, control and corral survivors who have innocently put their trust in Daniel Duval and associates. This is unconscionable!

I was not the first person who saw that Daniel Duval was teaching pure Luciferian doctrines and techniques. A few before me took this same matter to Daniel Duval according to the Biblical way to approach a brother in error. The consequence of these honest and well meaning people’s actions is that they were promptly ousted and lied about by Daniel Duval and Darla Carver Guerra which worked to discourage others from being in contact with those people and certainly not believing them if they were to contact those people.

I just happen to be the first victim who has a voice to speak the truth and for that truth to be heard.

The day after I posted my public announcement, Daniel Duval posted his own. It is no surprise that everything Daniel Duval said in regards to me in his announcement are complete lies. Why do people lie? To hide the truth! And as I just mentioned, I am not the first person who has been a threat to what he is hiding and probably not the last person either.

Many people have thanked me for making my public announcement as it was confirmation to them as to why they had not been able to listen to Daniel Duval for months and that they were not alone in their seeing that Daniel Duval was teaching heresy.

Others have condemned me for making the announcement public and accused me of some really terrible things.

Speaking the truth is not for the weak. Though people claim to be all for the truth and for standing up for the truth, the raw fact is, when it comes down to it, few people have the fortitude (courage, bravery, endurance, resilience, moral fiber, strength of mind, strength of character, strong-mindedness, backbone, spirit, true grit, steadfastness; guts, BALLS) to stand for the truth. One must love the truth and others more than they love themselves in order to stand for the truth. The truth and standing for the truth must be more important than one’s own life.

The easiest thing to do is often not the right thing to do. The easiest thing for me in life would have been to have never spent one day, one ounce of effort in exposing the works of darkness and pointing people to Jesus Christ who is Salvation. This hasn’t been an easy road to travel. Evil never likes the light being shed on them because it exposes them and takes away their power…and their prey. Therefore, evil does what it can to murder the truth and those who tell it.

Someday all will know that my leaving Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries and making the public announcement was out of an act of love for others. In fact, any honest person who loves and cares for the well being of others would have done the same if they discovered what I had discovered.


Anyone who knows me even a little, knows that I have a heart for survivors…so much so that I have spent nearly every waking hour of nearly everyday over the last 5 years doing what I can to help survivors.

It was out of my desire to help survivors that I sent so many people to the place where I believed they could find help and support. Until recently, that was to Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries.

It was out of my desire to help survivors that I added a Paypal button on my website not for my own gain, but because I believed that those donations which went straight from my blog into the BRIDE Ministries account would be used to help survivors by covering the counseling costs provided by the associates being paid by BRIDE Ministries. I can’t help but wonder how much money actually went into BRIDE Ministries as a result of good hearted people giving from the Paypal button on my blog. My thanks to all of you with caring and generous hearts for also reaching out to do what you could to help survivors.

It was also out of my desire to help survivors that I had planned to donate all of the proceeds of my book to BRIDE Ministries in support of survivors. Many of you probably heard me mention this on a program or two.

Things abruptly changed early in the 3rd week of October. That was when I discovered the demonic things Daniel Duval and associates were teaching, promoting and practicing. In addition to this, I was on the board of BRIDE Ministries and I discovered decisions had been made without me and things had been kept from me.

Contrary to what Daniel Duval has said/lied, my decision to leave BRIDE Ministries was not some rash unfounded decision that took place on Halloween. Also contrary to what Daniel Duval has said/lied, I did bring the full matter of my concerns to him and to Dr. Rob Ruckert and a few others, yet to no avail. There are other people still in BRIDE Ministries who know this is true. Two of them are still in charge of the survivors support groups and meetings.

Here is an excerpt I, Carolyn Hamlett, sent to a few people in BRIDE Ministries before I made my final decision to leave BRIDE Ministries. This is on the tails of talking extensively with Daniel Duval and several others in BRIDE Ministries over my numerous concerns of the Luciferian doctrines being taught, practiced and promoted by in BRIDE Ministries, primarily by Daniel Duval, Darla Carver Guerra, and their associates and of their habitual deceitfulness (lying). My words fell on deaf ears. This was one of my final attempts to try to wake a few people up in BRIDE Ministries who also knew about the Luciferian teachings and the lies being told. I’ll never understand how people, especially Christians have no problem at all yoking themselves closely with deceitful liars. It certainly isn’t a wise thing to do and according to the Bible (Revelation 21: 8), liars are such an abomination to God that their fate is the 2nd death.

This excerpt I sent to a few people in BRIDE Ministries before I made my final decision to leave BRIDE Ministries…is how my heart still feels about the survivors in BM. The two people I was referring to are Daniel Duval and Darla Carver Guerra who habitually make very conscious choices to lie.

My Excerpt:





I was not the first person who saw that Daniel Duval was teaching pure Luciferian doctrines and techniques. A few before me took this same matter to Daniel Duval according to the Biblical way to approach a brother in error. The consequence of these honest and well meaning people’s actions is that they were promptly ousted and of course lied about by Daniel Duval and Darla Carver Guerra which worked to discourage others from being in contact with those people and certainly not believing them if they were to contact those people.

My Public Announcement – Why It Was Necessary

It was necessary that I make my split with Daniel Duval, his “ministries” and associates public for several reasons.

(1) Many of the people who have gone to Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries are there because they trusted me when I had previously publicly stated that Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries and associates was a safe place for survivors of SRA and high level programming to receive help and sound Christian fellowship.

If I had not made it public that I was no longer associated with Daniel Duval and ministries and why… how would anyone know I was not in agreement with Daniel Duval and his teachings and practices and his associates and “coaches” who are teaching and practicing Luciferian doctrines and methods?

(2) Daniel Duval and some of his associates were deceptively using my name to draw people in under the false presences that I was totally on board with all Daniel Duval’s teaching which includes the “courtroom in heaven” and related doctrines, the “spirit man” doctrines, the doctrines of “redemptive gifts,” “shining ones” doctrine aka “Manifested sons of God,” seeing in the spirit,” “traveling in the spirit,” entering into people’s dreams, and numerous other teachings that come from Lucifer/Satan himself. (I will be going into more detail and explanation on these individual doctrines at a later date.)

Again, if I had not made it public that I was no longer associated with Daniel Duval and ministries, and why I was not, then how would anyone know that I was not on board with their “christian” occult teachings, as Daniel Duval and associates were leading people to believe?

With my announcement public, Daniel Duval and associates could no longer make the false claim that I support them and their teachings and practices.

(3) The last reason why I publicly made a split with Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries was because of trust. TRUST is a HUGE issue for victims of SRA or any type of abuse or any type of mind control programming. Anyone who is a victim of such or works with victims of such KNOWS this!

I do not take it lightly when deceit and flat out lies are used to victimize anyone!!! … Most especially when the deceitful liars happen to be the very people in charge of the well being and support of former victims of the above mentioned atrocities! (Daniel Duval is included in this).

In addition…..there are two “shepherdesses” (Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski) whom Daniel Duval has put in charge of the survivors support groups. These two (Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski) were deliberately persuading the innocent to put their blind trust in them by using my name and good reputation by telling the survivors and others that they are my close friends, and that if they (survivors and others) trust me, then they can trust them! Once the trust was established using my name to get it, the “shepherdesses” began to indoctrinate the survivors and others into pure occult practices under the guise of spiritual warfare. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I recognized the teachings for what they are because of my background in Lucifer’s spiritual hierarchy. Lucifer is Satan and the teaching and practices being peddled by Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries as being of God are in fact straight from Lucifer himself.

If I had not made my split with BRIDE Ministries, Daniel Duval and associates public…how would anyone know that I was NOT in agreement with Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski? They wouldn’t. My bet is both Darla and Karolyn would still be using my name as the means to gain the trust of the innocent so they could continue leading people into the occult practices. At the very least, if I had not made my split public knowledge, innocent people would still be assuming that they could trust Daniel Duval and associates and that I was fully supportive of everything going on in the “ministries.” They would still be believing the lies and everything that Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski were promoting.

With my announcement public, Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski can no longer make the false claim that I support them and their teachings and practices.

Anyone who truly cares for the well being of survivors would insure that the survivors are put in the care of honest trustworthy people. And yet, Darla Carver Guerra, the primary person in charge of the care of the survivors and their support has been proven to be a habitual liar. This matter with proof was brought to the attention of Daniel Duval and Dr. Robert Ruckert among others and was ignored.

All the reasons above are just some of the reasons I can no longer support Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries and associates and why it was necessary that I make my decision public.

Someday all will know that my leaving Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries and making the public announcement was out of an act of love for others. In fact, any honest person would have done the same if they discovered what I had discovered.

In The Beginning…

When I first brought my concerns to Daniel Duval, he ignored my concerns and twisted the conversation around as if I was upset over a single book and a single person.

I brought to the attention of Robert Ruckert and Dr. Preston Bailey, two of Ministries first two counselors (Dr. Bailey also being Daniel Duval’s mentor), in early November of this year, as to why I was divorcing myself from Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries. At first they both seemed to take my concerns seriously, and I even spoke at length with them on the telephone, addressing the many different concerns I had.

Some of Dr. Bailey’s supportive comments in his emails to me include:

“Carolyn: I just sensed something strange has been going on there but I have not talked to me about what it was about. Would you mind telling me because I would believe you!”

“When God spanks his children, it exposes all their sinful behavior!

“I would hate to be Daniel, Darla, and Bride Ministries!”

Dr. Rob Ruckert commented: “…clearly Darla lied and avoided your questions – that is very clear.”

These comments, along with others in the emails and in private phone conversations, led me to think they understood what I was saying and that they were taking me seriously. I thought they understood the severity of the situation, that Daniel had dived head-first into Luciferian theology and practices.

However…after they spoke with Daniel, their attitude changed toward me, and my subsequent interactions with them left me realizing they now thought my concerns were about a single book or a single person! Their previous stated concerns over Daniel teaching false doctrine seemed to melt away as soon as they spoke to Daniel! The issues I brought to them…issues they had agreed with me on and had expressed understanding to me about… didn’t bother them any longer after they spoke with Daniel!

Dr. Bailey and Rob Ruckert’s about-face could possibly be chalked up to ignorance or misunderstanding, except for one thing: Bailey and Ruckert had already been clearly warned by my friend, Loren Grace, twice!…once in February 2016 and again in July 2016.

And, I have since found out that many people have left BRIDE ministries and have had similar concerns over the same issues I have had concerns over.

While there is MUCH to say about my divorce from BRIDE and separation from Daniel Duval, the greater issue I want to point out to you today is that this is not simply about Daniel Duval or BRIDE Ministries, but about Luciferian doctrine that has infiltrated Christian churches as a whole. This is a direct fulfillment of what I had been told would happen when I served in Lucifer’s hierarchy, and I am here to share with you HOW this is happening and what to look for, because it’s very insidious and not always easily recognizable unless you understand what to look for. Because I was involved with BRIDE Ministries at the time this infiltration became apparent to me, I am in the position to name BRIDE Ministries and Daniel Duval as being one of the many ministries that have been infiltrated and used by Lucifer to spread his doctrine. I don’t name names to be spiteful or because I get some sort of enjoyment out of it. It has caused me grief and confusion and anger. This is not easy to talk about at all! If it was I would have already had this written weeks ago. However, this situation is VERY important because it affects the entire Body of Christ! And for me, to be silent is morally and spiritually wrong when I know that innocent people are being victimized to the highest degree by TRUE wolves in sheep’s clothing. (More on this later.)

Like I stated earlier, this article is just the beginning of many conversations I plan on having, God willing, on this topic. For now, here is the testimony of Loren Grace. At the end of her testimony, I have added a little more of my own information which fully corresponds with the experiences of Loren Grace.

Loren Grace’s Commentary

Hi everyone, this is Loren. Some of you may remember me from the interview series I did on Daniel Duval’s podcast with Carolyn Hamlett and Preston Bailey, “Are My Memories Real?” For the multitudes of you who don’t know me, I am a survivor of an abusive childhood, including abuse at home, satanic ritual abuse, and trauma-based-mind-control programming. However, I am learning to overcome the traumas of this by the power of Jesus Christ. Healing, I have learned, is a lifestyle. There is no timeline for healing; it’s a way of life, and one I am learning to walk in.

I am writing this to not only support Carolyn in the stand she has publicly taken in separating herself from BRIDE Ministries and Daniel Duval, but to also share a little bit about where I am coming from, having also recently separated myself from Daniel and his ministry (as of May 2016). And I believe our testimonies, although they come from two slightly different perspectives, shed light on the same issue, and point to the greater problem we have both experienced and seen with BRIDE Ministries. Although our experience lends itself to naming BRIDE Ministry and Duval as being part of the narrative, please be assured, this is not just about BRIDE or Duval. It is about Luciferian doctrine that has infiltrated and has now permeated the entire Body of Christ. Dan Duval is but a small part of the whole, and I truly believe now, regardless of the pain it caused me, that God purposefully had me in the right place at the right time to see this unfold for myself, so I could be in the position to warn others.

So for those who would be angry or incensed at me (or anyone else) “naming names,” (meaning, Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries), thinking we should somehow not speak out against those “brothers and sisters in Christ,” I would say: please reevaluate who, exactly, is your brother or sister in Christ. Jesus Himself said, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’” (Matthew 7:22-23)

The point is, not everyone who calls on Jesus is actually working for or following after Jesus, and I am not so much concerned with protecting the perpetrators of evil, as I am speaking out for and defending the victims of that evil in whatever way my Creator God has me to do.

There are many who have infiltrated the Body of Christ and have now begun teaching Luciferian doctrine, and Duval is one such person. Personally, I believe he started off with a good heart and good intent, although I’m aware I could be wrong on that count, as well. But, I will give the benefit of the doubt, and concede that Dan started off doing the work of the Lord Jesus. However, it has gone south, and it is so far left field, it is nowhere near sound Biblical doctrine.

Pertinent Background

I am well-acquainted with Christian ministries and organizations that are occult/cult in nature. I was born into a cult that was posing as a Christian church (Apostolic/United Pentecostal*), full of abusers of all sorts, and not everyone there was a true Christian. Because of false doctrines of men and demons, those churches were not only a haven for base, abusive individuals with no moral compass, but also Satanists and Luciferians. There was heinous abuse of all sorts going on: physical abuse – particularly of women and children – sexual deviance of all kinds including child molestation and pornography, and mental and emotional abuse. Keeping all these other abuses tied up and hidden was the spiritual abuse, which is often the most insidious of all, because it can be very difficult to pinpoint, and even more difficult to come out of.

True, there were likely some people that attended those churches who were sincere Christians with a good heart, doing their best to follow God and do what was right. However, it’s also true that I saw many of those good people leave the churches, because they could no longer follow after a religious doctrine that fostered and encouraged such an abusive, evil environment.

Scriptures were taken so out of context, and not applied properly at all. It was brought up to the pastor that there were children being raped in his congregation; nothing was done. It was brought to the attention of the pastor that women were being beaten and abused; nothing was done. Although homosexuality found within the world was hotly preached against, homosexuality within the church was not addressed. These are just examples. Perpetrators were protected and victims were vilified. No one was allowed to speak against the evil.

Anytime someone would bring up to the pastor the sins and abuses that were going on within their own families or with other church members, it was ignored. Women were commanded to submit to their husbands, and if a woman was being abused, it was assumed the woman was not pleasing her husband in some way, and would thus be reprimanded. Children were to submit to their parents, and so child abuse was ignored.

If anyone questioned the church leaders (who were also abusing the young children and teens in the congregation) scriptures were brought up, “Touch not God’s anointed!” and “Submit to the leadership that is in authority over you!” Words were used to accuse whistleblowers, such as: Jezebel spirit, spirit of jealousy, spirit of rebellion, spirit of contention, etc.

Notice the theme? “The spirit” of this or that? As soon as someone pointed to a “spirit of” something or other they wanted others to think the whistleblower was operating out of, anything that person said to defend themselves or speak out against, just cemented in the collective minds of the cult, that the person truly was being used by or possessed of an evil spirit.

This was spiritual abuse at its worst. This was twisting Scripture for an ungodly purpose.

So all that background is to say this: if there is abuse going on, it doesn’t matter who is the abuser, it needs to be spoken out against! Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental or emotional abuse – it should not be tolerated. And spiritual abuse falls under the same category. Spiritual abuse is usually so insidious, that most people don’t recognize it, or simply pretend it doesn’t exist. But when abuses occur under the name of GOD, and the twisting of scriptures are used to abuse, control, manipulate, and harm people, this is spiritual abuse.

Spiritual abuse permanently damages the relationship between ourselves and the One Who loves us the most: our Creator. In my opinion, that is the most important of all relationships, and people who mess with this relationship have done serious damage to a person, and they need to be called out on it, no matter who they are.

* I highly recommend the document written by Paul Fahy, “Origins of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movement.”

(link: http://www.understanding-ministries.com/p/774062/the-origins-of-pentecostalism)

EDIT 3-27-19: we originally left a link to “gospel hour” to read this document. It was brought to our attention, however, that the “gospel hour” link is now directing people to a porn site. We do not know if Gospel Hour was hacked, or what, but if you came across pornographic content via the old link, please accept our apologies. The new link, reflected above, leads you directly to Fahy’s website. If, for some reason, Fahy’s sits gets hacked and begins pointing people to a wrong website, you can also find a copy of his PDF document on our website:


If there are any more links that do not lead to the content that is expected, please contact us via our contact page and let us know, detailing which of our web pages has an incorrect link. Thank you!

This documents, historically, the satanic influence on the charismatic movement. I do not personally endorse Fahy, nor give a blanket endorsement of every single thing he has written or states, as I do not know him personally, nor have I read anything else of his, other than the above-mentioned document. I will not even go so far as to say I endorse every single point Fahy writes about in the above-mentioned document, but his writing certainly paints a good, overall picture of the satanic origins of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement, and is good for general knowledge and self-education.

Speaking Out

I finally left BRIDE Ministries and Dan Duval’s “counseling” in early May of 2016, after many conversations we (myself and my parts) and my husband had concerning how he was mistreating me, as his client. One major reason we were having so many problems (aside from the Luciferian doctrine, that is), is because Daniel Duval truly did not have a heart to help survivors, as he and others assert. He told me several times over the course of our 23 months together that helping survivors is not his main goal/mission/assignment from God. Building ‘sheep nations’ is his main goal/mission/assignment, not counseling survivors. When I would ask him, “Then why are you counseling us, if we aren’t your main concern?!” he would respond, “Because my clients are helping me achieve my mission.”

Translation: Daniel is using survivors and our testimonies as stepping stones for him to achieve his career goals. I believe you can see the truth of this for yourself if you have even a basic understanding of how his “ministry” got started and who he has used to build his platform: survivors of SRA (satanic/sadistic ritual abuse) and TBMC (trauma-based mind control).

Personally speaking, I think that is a horrible and inappropriate attitude for a “counselor” to have towards his clients, and this didn’t inspire much trust towards him, as it caused more trauma to the attachment injuries I already have.

How Daniel was mistreating me was bad enough for any client in the secular world to have cause to leave and find another counselor, so why should I be any different because the person counseling me was supposedly a “christian” and my insurance didn’t cover the $300 a month we were paying him to “help?” After all, a client should believe and trust that their counselor is 100% committed to his clients and has a heart to help them! And legitimate emergencies and occasional human error or misunderstanding aside, clients should be allowed to have certain expectations concerning the concrete nature of their appointments, just as much as the counselor should have certain expectations concerning the concrete nature of their appointments! And if the counselor continually cancels appointments or is otherwise distressing to the client in any way, the client should have a right to peacefully terminate the relationship. And the same goes for the counselor, too: if the client is constantly canceling or making life miserable for the counselor, the counselor has a right to terminate the counseling relationship, as well.

Furthermore, call me crazy (many have…), but clients should not be ignored or unexpectedly and increasingly tossed aside for other “more important” assignments and appointments, nor should they be manipulated and spirituality and emotionally abused into thinking that GOD is the cause for the distress and canceled appointments!

(As a side note to anyone reading this who is a survivor, especially someone with D.I.D. or related dissociative/trauma disorders:

if you want a counselor to help you work through your issues, please find someone who is understanding, knowledgeable, and is trained in helping clients work through trauma injuries and attachment injuries. And if you find yourself in a situation where your counselor is not sensitive and respectful of the injuries you have as a client, FIRE THEM. It’s okay. It’s allowed. You aren’t a bad person for setting boundaries. It IS okay for you to leave and you should be respected for your decision, not lied about and gossiped about behind your back.)

However, putting aside the issues I had with Daniel over my treatment as a client, I realize now, in retrospect, that the more important issue had been addressed a few months prior, during a particular series of email conversations in February of 2016, between myself, Daniel Duval, Preston Bailey, and Rob Ruckert.

(Bailey and Ruckert were the first two counselors that served as BRIDE Ministry coaches to help counsel survivors, and Preston Bailey has been touted as being Daniel’s mentor in understanding D.I.D. and related trauma issues, which was why it was important to me to go to those two men in particular.)

One of Daniel’s clients had been constantly bringing up that his true nature (his spirit) was angelic, and that he was actually a human/angel hybrid on assignment from God – an angel walking around in human form. I had been trying to be kind and not stress this person out, so I kept my opinions to myself in an attempt to be supportive of this person. However, I became angry, frustrated, and confused when it came out that not only Daniel believed this to be truth, but that in this client’s counseling session with Daniel Duval, “Jesus” had confirmed that this client was, in fact, angelic. So I brought the issue to all three men (Duval, Bailey, and Ruckert) at the same time, in the same email, trying to get to the bottom of this theology that I recognized as being unbiblical and ungodly. At the least, it was delusional. After all, it’s not uncommon for a person with D.I.D. to have parts that believe themselves to be angels, demons, animals, or even inanimate objects. But for a counselor to believe the delusions of his client to be true…? That didn’t make sense to me, and so I wanted to lay everything out on the table, in the open, and figure out what was going on and why.

(I have copies of those emails in my journal, and may share them at a later date, if it’s appropriate, “X’ing” out the name of the client, of course, but it is CLEAR by the emails, that neither Rob Ruckert nor Preston Bailey were on board with the “angelic being” theology and that such a notion indicated delusion. The concern was also expressed by Rob Ruckert, that if that information were to be broadcast to Daniel’s podcast audience, it would hurt the credibility of BRIDE Ministries and the credibility of those of us who had done interviews with Daniel on his podcasts.)

Daniel did not respond to any of the group emails between himself, Ruckert, Bailey, and myself, but instead telephoned me privately, and explained that the “angelic” claims were in regards to the “Shining Ones” theology. Although I was not initially on board at ALL with a HUMAN BEING having an “angelic” nature (or a “Shining Ones” nature), during that short conversation with Daniel, however, I began to be convinced that I had been wrong about the “Shining Ones” theology, and my counselor was correct. Within a few days, I was totally convinced. I know differently now, and I truly wish I would have listened to my first instinct about this delusional, demonic theology. But, after speaking with Daniel, I became mesmerized, and just agreed with what he told me at the time.

(This type of “mesmerizing,” I’ve since learned, is something that is common with people when they try to come against Duval and the false doctrine he is teaching. Let me be blunt and say, it’s demons working through Daniel that are throwing the wool over people’s eyes, deceiving them and blinding them to the truth.)

Eventually, I quit counseling, once and for all, in early May of 2016.

I am aware there was much gossip circulating around the “support group” about the circumstances surrounding the reasons for me leaving, and I was lied about by my ex-counselor, among others. It was said that I was jealous and crazy (in so many words). It was said that I was angry because Daniel canceled a counseling appointment we had, and that is why I quit, or, “fired” Daniel. But, I’ve addressed the rumors as much as I’m going to at this point, and I’m not going to address them further. They are ridiculous and baseless, and don’t even make sense if people stop and think for themselves for a moment. Perhaps some other time (probably not) I will address the rest of the rumors. For now, however, it doesn’t matter. And honestly, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter at all. Let people gossip and lie about me if they wish. They will one day stand before Creator God and give account for every single thing they have ever said and done – as will I – and that is good enough for me. So, right now, I will not further defend myself against ridiculous gossip.

What I will do, however, is share my experience in coming out of counseling with Duval. Carolyn Hamlett has plenty to share from her point of view, and after many conversations with her, I realize that our individual experiences have led us to same conclusion on exactly where this ungodly doctrine has come from.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the situation:

Luciferian doctrine has infiltrated Daniel Duval’s ministry, and it is affecting his counseling relationships and his entire BRIDE ministry. The spirit man doctrine has led to the “Shining Ones” doctrine, and the “Shining Ones” doctrine has led to all other sorts of ungodly, occult activities. Bluntly put, Daniel Duval is exploiting the occult abilities of his clients – the abilities we learned through programming and trauma – to build his own career.

There are many things to talk about related to this, and I hope I will have opportunity to share in the future, but what I’d like to do today, in this particular post, is give witness to everyone reading this article the warning I shared, via email, with two of Daniel Duval’s trusted counselors in his ministry, Rob Ruckert and Preston Bailey. This is to let everyone know that warning WAS given; unfortunately, however, at the time of this writing, warning has not been heeded. Therefore, in remembering my childhood where abuses were going on and no one did anything about it, I am doing what I can to share my warning of spiritual abuse that is going on and that I have personally experienced, and doing my part in warning others that there is Luciferian doctrine being preached that needs to be avoided!

Others may stay silent in the face of abuse and ungodly, unbiblical, Luciferian doctrine; I will not.

Background Email

First: background.

I emailed Preston Bailey first, to ask him what he thought of certain doctrines that had come up in my counseling with Daniel Duval. I absolutely knew what I believed, but I wanted to hear from Preston – Daniel’s proclaimed mentor – first-hand. I wanted to know if I had a chance to actually be heard by Preston, in particular. So, here is my first email, and his response (the bolded parts in the body of the emails are original, and not my addition):

Subject: Hi! Just a Few Questions
From: Loren Grace
To: Bailey
Date: Friday, July 1, 2016

Hi Dr. B,

Sorry to bug you. 🙂 I know it’s been quite a while, but I have a few questions, and since I don’t have a pastor, and since I am generally inclined to respect your viewpoint, I am very curious about your thoughts and opinion.

First, have you ever heard of the doctrine of the “manifest sons of God,” and if so, what is your general stance on it? Can you please share with me clear Scripture backing up your opinion, one way or the other?

Second, concerning the manifest sons of God thing and assuming it IS true, do you think it is reasonable to assume that the revealing of these “sons of God” in the last days would manifest in the spirits of that special group of humans overcoming the physical bodies of those humans, resulting in them becoming invincible and unable to be killed? Imperishable, even? Almost as if they became super-human, or something? Or, to put it another way, overcoming the physical limitations as their spirit overtook their flesh? If you agree with this, can you please point to clear Scripture that backs up this doctrine? If you disagree, why?

Third, what do you think of the interesting phenomenon of angels emailing people to give them messages from God? Is there Biblical precedence for this? I know Gmail isn’t mentioned in the Bible (lol), but is there precedence for something like … idk…. carrier pigeons or some other middle source being bearers of angelic missives written on parchment paper, or something of the like? I realize that angels often appeared to people to give them messages to give to OTHER people, but is there an instance where actual people were bypassed altogether and instead technology of any particular era was used to communicate a heavenly message? If so, can you share those Scriptures or even historic instances with me?

I’m just curious to get your opinion and Biblical thoughts on these things.

Thanks in advance, and I appreciate your discretion in keeping my new email address private. 🙂



From: Bailey
To: Loren
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016

“First, have you ever heard of the doctrine of the “manifest sons of God,” and if so, what is your general stance on it? Can you please share with me clear Scripture backing up your opinion, one way or the other?”


I do not believe in it because historical “cult” leaders started the teaching such as William Branham.

“The Charismatic Dominionism expressed in spiritual warfare and the current signs and wonders movement is largely an extension of the Manifest Sons of God doctrine” which I also reject. Read the above link and it explains it very well.

“Second, concerning the manifest sons of God thing and assuming it IS true, do you think it is reasonable to assume that the revealing of these “sons of God” in the last days would manifest in the spirits of that special group of humans overcoming the physical bodies of those humans, resulting in them becoming invincible and unable to be killed? Imperishable, even? Almost as if they became super-human, or something? Or, to put it another way, overcoming the physical limitations as their spirit overtook their flesh? If you agree with this, can you please point to clear Scripture that backs up this doctrine? If you disagree, why?”

No. I do not believe that at all.

Our bodies are perishable:

1 Cor 13:10-11 but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. NIV

The Bible refers to our “flesh” as our sinful man.

“Third, what do you think of the interesting phenomenon of angels emailing people to give them messages from God? Is there Biblical precedence for this? I know Gmail isn’t mentioned in the Bible (lol), but is there precedence for something like … idk…. carrier pigeons or some other middle source being bearers of angelic missives written on parchment paper, or something of the like? I realize that angels often appeared to people to give them messages to give to OTHER people, but is there an instance where actual people were bypassed altogether and instead technology of any particular era was used to communicate a heavenly message? If so, can you share those Scriptures or even historic instances with me?”

I have done an extensive study on every verse in the Bible that refers to angels. Angels translated means “messenger” that bring an answer of prayer from God the Father to the Christian on earth.

I have never heard of an angel sending emails to people. I personally have experienced very wild things regarding angels but not emails, letters, or telegrams come from angels. God does not work that way.

There are actually 9 orders of angelic beings in heaven and “angels” is only one of these 9 orders.

“I’m just curious to get your opinion and Biblical thoughts on these things.”

I suggest that you avoid becoming enmeshed with the historical false doctrine of the messengers of God that is not recognized by orthodox Christianity. It will only lead to confusion and guiding you in the wrong direction. Satan uses half-truths to deceive us.

Today there are numerous denominations that teach weird things. When in doubt, go with what was taught by the church throughout history mainly from 300 A.D. which is the time of the early church fathers to the 1500’s.

God bless you!

Dr Bailey


From: Loren Grace
To: Bailey
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing the scriptures and the link. I’ll read up on that link. I agree with what you said, but having been raised in the environment I was raised in, certain things are ingrained inside my head — programmed in my heart, if you will — and it can be very difficult to trust my instinct or discernment when I sense something is not right. So it’s helpful to have the wisdom from someone who has more experience and less baggage than myself.

That said, I have another email to send to you, but I want to send it to both you and Dr. Rob. It’s rather long, and I apologize for that, but it was impossible to explain the things I needed to explain without a certain amount of detail.


(end of emails)

When writing this next email, I was trying to keep in mind my audience. I was trying to not alienate anyone. I was trying to not be contentious. I was trying to find common ground between the three of us, and so I was softer with my language than I would be now. (J, one of my protector alters, was not softer, but you will see that at the end of the email exchange.) I did not delve into everything that Daniel was/is doing, because that would be an even longer email than I already had written! But I wrote about the most incriminating things I thought would get their attention, and things I knew for certain were being done (not intuition or feeling or things I could not prove with my personal witness). I was also going off of what Preston Bailey had told me concerning the “Manifest Sons of God” doctrine, and how he felt about that. He clearly expressed to me a warning to stay away from that, and that it was “cult” in nature.

Unfortunately, Rob Ruckert and Preston Bailey ignored my subsequent message, and did not appear to give any serious concern to what I expressed to them. Instead, they defended what they thought to be Daniel’s character, and I was reprimanded for not taking this matter to them AND Daniel at the same time.

I have more to say in defense of THAT, but it will wait for another time, if I decide to address it at all. For now, here is the email I sent to Dr. Rob Ruckert and Dr. Preston Bailey, in an attempt to blow the whistle, once again, on the Luciferian doctrine that had infiltrated Daniel Duval’s ministry. I am sharing the entire email conversation (it is long), including the very end where one of my protective alters, J, switched in. She is not nice, she does not speak kindly, and she freely uses “bad” words unapologetically; however, it is part of the emails, and I have no shame in anything that was written by myself or by my alter.

Names of other survivors are “X’ed” out, because this is not about shaming victims. This is about naming the perpetrators. Also, for the sake of sensitive constitutions, I have used asterisks in place of J’s “naughty words.”

The E-Mails

Subject: Concerns I am Sharing with the Two of You
From: Loren Grace
To: Rob Ruckert, Dr. Bailey
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016


I am emailing both of you because there are some things that have really concerned me about Daniel Duval and the Bride Ministry counseling. Red flags, if you will. And I will say right off the bat that I could be 100% wrong about my conclusions, but I could also be correct. If I am correct, I can’t in good conscience wash my hands of the entire affair and say nothing. I’m not stirring up or trying to create problems. If I were, I would have used a more public forum to publicly expose what I believe to be the false doctrines DD is privately entertaining. I am merely concerned that it is wrong and ungodly, and I am privately telling you what is going on because I feel you have a right to know, if you don’t already, and then I am going to walk away from it. I don’t want to be involved with or associated with DD and Bride Ministries any more than I have already.

Quick background: I come from having been born into religious cults that were infiltrated by satanists and luciferians. I would even go so far as to say they were founded by satanists and luciferians, and looking back now, I have reason to suspect the particular churches I was raised in (not the entire denomination, necessarily) were a haven for certain families within the Illuminati who had hidden bloodlines. Some (like myself) more hidden than others. So, unfortunately, I am intimately familiar with the look and feel of religious cults and the spiritual havoc they wreak, although sometimes it takes me a little while to recognize it when I’m stuck in the middle of it. I realized this week that I had forgotten a lot of the doctrine I was taught and immersed in. I don’t know if it could be classified as “dissociation,” but I certainly “suppressed” a lot of those memories because it represents a very difficult time in my life. But I’ve remembered some things this week and made a connection with DD and a particular doctrine he has expressed as truth and a secret end-time revelation from God.

I didn’t realize until this week that I knew about this doctrine floating about called “manifest sons of God.” I knew the concept but I did not know it by that name. And because of my background and first-hand experience with religious cults, I certainly knew of all the surrounding beliefs that are connected with this “manifest sons of God” doctrine. Such as “sharing the anointing of these few special selected/elected mighty men and women of God.” This more commonly lends itself to handkerchiefs, for example, that Brother So-and-So used to wipe off his sweat, and so it’s now “endowed with his anointing,” and it’s like a prized item up for grabs. Everyone wants to touch the sweaty handkerchief or get a whiff of the spirit-wind created by it being fanned about, and they’ll get healing or money or deliverance, or whatever; and as a sign of this special “anointing,” they’ll fall to the ground and flail about, babbling in tongues, shaking, laughing hysterically, and sometimes making animal sounds. And perhaps less commonly known, sometimes it manifests in people literally draping themselves over the graves of these “mighty men and women of God,” and being endowed with the “spirit” or “anointing” of the dead person. Catch-phrases like “the spirit of Elijah” and “transferring the mantle of anointing” are used. Of course, Scripture is always twisted and presented in an attempt to give credence to practices that normal people see as whacko and demonic.

Even though DD is not using the phrase “manifest sons of God,” it is exactly what he has been talking about with his clients the past several months. He is using the Illuminati phrase “shining ones,” and he is beginning to base his entire mission around it, becoming an significant part of his counseling relationship with his clients. At least, many of them. I don’t know for sure if he talks with all of his clients about this doctrine, but I know that he believes nearly all of his clients, including myself – although I’m not his client any longer – and at least some of the coaches, including himself, are shining ones.

Basically, DD expressed to me on a number of occasions during our last months together, that he believes before Jesus Christ returns, he, along with the other special “shining ones” – 99,999 in total, is the number he gave to me – will have their spirit manifest in this physical realm and overtake the physical body. He told me he believes he is not going to die, but from the point that his spirit becomes physically manifest, he – and the other shining ones – will be invincible. He told me that the shining ones are God’s special, secret, end-time weapons to fight against and destroy the Illuminati and the NWO, and he uses passages of Scripture to try to prove that point. Although, it is a stretch to find Scripture and be absolutely certain of any esoteric meaning, even for DD, and he admitted as much to me, which is one reason he stated why he was not yet ready to publicly come out with his “exciting end-time revelation.”

DD believes about the shining ones because he confided to me that several different people at different times have told him about the shining ones, and he views this – along with a few esoteric interpretations of Scripture – as part of the confirmation, validating that doctrine. He also believes the fact that our spirits shine brightly like a light to be confirmation. And yes, my spirit does shine brightly at times, but I don’t believe (any longer) that is because I am a “shining one.” I believe it has something to do with the manifestation of the glory she/I has been or will be given, but I am not sure, and I honestly don’t care any more. It is what it is, and I’m not going to continue chasing after answers to questions that don’t really matter one way or the other.

DD told me that the Illuminati have known about the shining ones since 1723 A.D., and they are keeping tabs on us. He also told me some of his clients who came out of the Illuminati were the ones who told him about the shining ones, but it’s possible there may be more than just his clients who have “confirmed” this to him.

He also has expressed to me that he believes his spirit will write a book in the very near future. Not sure what to think of that one, but since he believes his spirit is this “shining one” that is going to manifest and overtake his physical body and he’ll be imperishable, I doubt his spirit is going to be writing a book any time soon. Just my opinion, although I could be wrong. However, I don’t see Biblical precedence where the spirit of a person wrote a book. From what I know of the authors of the books of the Bible, they penned the words themselves, not their spirits. The Spirit of God was speaking through them, but twisting that to say their spirit wrote the book is going too far, in my opinion. But maybe I misunderstood what DD was talking about, and maybe it is possible.

DD told me he has frequent conversations with God and with his own spirit about this shining one doctrine, and that is when God – and DD’s spirit man – reveals to him certain things about the shining ones and what DD is specifically called to do as a shining one, which is where writing the book came from.

He also expressed to me that he is going to go public with this knowledge he is acquiring about shining ones and their role in the end-time battle against the anti-christ and the NWO. He may have gone public with it already, I don’t know. Or, he may change his mind and decide to not go public with it. But I think it’s only fair for you to be given a heads-up on what’s going on.

Now, I’m usually a logical person. I do get emotional, of course, sometimes overly so, especially if I’m triggered. And even though I am logical, I am also a passionate person. (That’s a nice way to say I have a short fuse sometimes… lol) But even through my emotional displays, I am still very logical in my thinking process. It’s difficult for me to express that logic with the spoken word, which is frustrating, and I’m better at expressing with the written word. But in spite of logic, like many people, I am not immune to being fooled or deceived. I’m not immune to having my ego stroked, either. So for a while, I believed this “shining one” doctrine for myself. Fortunately, I prefer the harsh naked truth over the prettily painted lie, and while having my ego stroked feels nice, I can’t survive off of hot air. I need the well-balanced nutrition of the whole truth.

One thing I have always done in my life is ask questions. And I analyze things. I think about things a lot. Sometimes I analyze the hell of things when I ought to not and I have the tendency sometimes to overthink. However, that’s just how I am. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember, because there’ve been a lot of things in my life that puzzled me. They didn’t add up, and I was trying to figure out my life! Now that I mostly have the bigger picture of the TRUTH of my life, I realize the life I had was basically a cover-story. It was a lie! And all that overthinking and over-analyzing was me trying to figure out what the TRUTH is. The truth is very important to me. I hate lies. I hate deception. I lived with it my entire life. The first 40 years of my life were built on a tangled web of lies, and I don’t want the next 40 to be built on lies, either!! So I analyze things to find out what the truth is.

So, after thinking this thing through – this deal with the shining ones, the whole deal with DD and how things ended the way they did between the two of us, and the whole counseling thing and his whole ministry – things just aren’t adding up.

First, around the time DD took his trip to AU last year, I noticed things started changing, and it wasn’t for the better. I’m sure he would disagree – did, in fact, disagree with me – but that was my perspective based on what I was seeing and experiencing for myself, and I maintain that perspective to this day. Some of the issues were due to me. My programming was quickly unraveling, and a lot of memories were surfacing all at once. It was incredibly overwhelming and I had no support system to help deal with the fallout of that. But the problems I started having with DD made dealing with the issues I was having over the programming even more difficult. It started off more subtle, but as time progressed, it got worse. Looking back, I’d say they were signs and symptoms of the greater problem, and the greater problem was that DD was beginning to be deceived by false doctrine.

One of the really big changes was when he started talking about these “shining ones.” That came to a head because of the questions I asked concerning XXXX and his claim that his “true nature” was angelic. So then, after having multiple conversations (no pun intended…ha!), DD had me convinced I was a shining one as well. And boy oh boy, didn’t that just stroke the old ego! Who wouldn’t want to be part of some “special army of God” that is meant to destroy the NWO? Pretty exciting stuff, huh! Especially to a group of people (like myself) who have been kicked around our whole lives: beaten, raped, ignored, disdained, told we were no good, and made to feel like a piece of shit. So yeah, it feels nice to imagine being “special.” And it certainly gives a deeper meaning to all the suffering we’ve been through, which makes it all the more pleasant to believe.

Second, some of DD’s clients are former (possibly some current, I don’t know) Luciferians, satanists, and the like. As I’m sure you are aware, many have come from Illuminati families and backgrounds, with varying degrees of involvement and awareness. And to me, it seems logical to ask the question, “Why is DD basing a supposedly Biblical doctrine off of what former illuminists/satanists are telling him that the Illuminati believe to be true? Or on what they are saying is the truth?” In my mind, that does not make sense, regardless of how many people have “confirmed” this doctrine! Satan is capable of pulling off a mass deception. That’s kinda what he does, you know? He does it all the time, every day, especially in churches and with Christians!

I understand that as counselors, it’s likely a fine-line you all walk between you believing what we are saying is true, and believing that we believe what we are saying is true. Does that make sense? It’s a fine distinction there. I have no doubt those clients who told DD all those things about “shining ones” really do believe it to be true. It’s also just as likely that it is not true, but a deception straight from hell as a way for satan to infiltrate even the most sincere, God-seeking individuals. It’s a way for demons to enter in, under the guise of “angels” or “angelic spirit beings” or even masquerading as the spirit of the person themselves, causing chaos, confusion, and just a huge ungodly, unbiblical mess.

Third, if the Illuminati supposedly know about the shining ones and are keeping tabs on them; and if the shining ones are such a threat to the Illuminati and their NWO plans; then why not just kill the shining ones and be done with it? It doesn’t seem logical to me that the Illuminati would allow a supposed threat to them and their plans to go unchecked.

As a further example of the things DD is getting involved in and how it’s affecting his counseling ministry and his clientele: did you hear about the angel that “emailed” DD recently? One of his clients, XXXX, supposedly had one of her angels email DD, which was enough to convince him to travel to XX with her to pray over that area. Now, I’m not saying the trip to XX was not of God. I am saying the way it came about doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not sure how the mechanics of that email took place, if the angel manifested in the physical and sat at the computer and typed out an email, or if the angel “took over” (basically, possessed) her body and XXXX’s body sat down and her fingers were used to type out the email. And I could be wrong, but that doesn’t sit right, however it came about. Where is Biblical precedence for that? I’m well aware that the Bible doesn’t really speak about Gmail or AOL, but if we want to think about courier pigeons, or something of the like: is it ever recorded in the Bible where God’s angels sent a message via courier pigeon? Or a telegraph? Or anything like that? From what I read, God’s angels send messages IN PERSON. Often in dreams, but sometimes by appearing in the physical realms, or by the person themselves being taken to a heavenly realm. I’ve heard of a donkey talking, but from my understanding when I read that account in the Bible, the angel wasn’t telling the donkey to give Balaam a message for him. The angel gave the message to Balaam himself. I’ve heard of birds giving food to Elijah or Elisha – whichever one it was – but I don’t recall them giving him a parchment of paper whereupon an angelic message was inscribed. Angels have even given messages to people who are then commanded to pass those messages on to others as “Thus sayeth the Lord” types of things. But this is the first time I’ve ever heard of an angel of God using email to get a message to someone. But, I don’t know. Maybe his wings had been clipped and he was having a hard time flying about. Maybe he had a headache and wasn’t feeling up to flying around that day. Maybe email is more convenient nowadays, and they prefer to now bypass battling demons and all that jazz, and take advantage of our “superior human technology,” and shoot off a quick email. I’m wondering if they know about Facebook yet…. That might be extra-convenient to quickly mass-distribute those heavenly missives. Although, on second thought, instead of battling demons, they’d be battling the spying US government and obnoxious trolls. So maybe they don’t want to deal with Facebook hassles. I don’t blame them, really. 😉 lol

All joking aside, I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time! Maybe there are examples in the Bible of God’s angels bringing messages to people via a letter or the like. If so, I’d appreciate you or someone else pointing out clear examples to me (not twisting obscure passages and putting your own spin on them, but true, clear examples). In my opinion, this whole affair stinks really really badly, and this “emailing angel” is just another example of DD believing things from his clients that have no Biblical basis, and then acting on them. It could be that my “smeller” is off, but it could just as easily be that something is rotten and putrid and needs to be addressed.

So here’s my conclusion:

After God forced me out of that counseling relationship (and I believe now, as painful as that separation was, it truly was God using those circumstances to force me out of associating myself with DD and his ministry, because not only am I an over-thinker, I’m also hard-headed as hell, and I didn’t want to leave on my own), I’m starting to see the truth: DD has fallen victim to a satanic deception. He’s been tricked and deceived, is starting to believe in demonic doctrines, and teaching them to his clients. Yes, there is the usual “bringing Jesus into the conversation” for validation and confirmation. However, it is just as easy for a fake Jesus to appear, either born from one’s imagination in an attempt to have a feel-good conversation with God that makes us feel special, or a programmed version of Jesus, or a demonic entity that enters in disguised as Jesus. At this point, I do not know how to tell the difference, and unfortunately, it appears, in my opinion, that DD has gotten to the point where he can’t tell the difference, either.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the harm of being deluded and tricked by a false Jesus is incredibly painful to work through. It’s not something that is easy to face, and because it’s so painful, most people never face it and continue to live in delusion. And because, in hind-sight, at least some of those tricks and false Jesus’s were sneaking into my counseling sessions, this has added yet another layer of confusion and fear: if even someone as relatively “normal” and godly as DD can be tricked and deceived into thinking an entity is Jesus when it is not, or deceived into thinking a doctrine is Biblically sound and of God when it is not, then what does that say about me? Who can I trust? And this isn’t simply a minor disagreement over interpretation of Scripture or Godly doctrine. It is flat out doctrine of demons that is straight from hell! If I can’t trust my own counselor to help guide me into being set free from demonic attachments but is instead inadvertently welcoming them in, then who can I trust? It has lent itself to me questioning every single conversation I have ever had with “Jesus,” either in a counseling session or on my own time, and wondering if it was true and real or not? It’s flipped me upside down and devastated me. It has also caused me to become very cautious, to the point now where I have flat-out told God that if He wants to find me, He knows where I’m at, because I’m done trying to follow after Him. I am not done with God, but I am done chasing after God, because I’m not sure if who I’m following is the REAL Jesus or a demonic fake Jesus. Or a Jesus born from my imagination. Going through constant breakdowns just to get an occasional breakthrough has been exhausting, and now I’m left wondering that maybe my “breakthroughs” weren’t exactly breakthroughs, but a false sense of peace that came about from a deluded mind trying to heal itself and find a stable place again. Because there has been no good, lasting fruit from those last several months of counseling and the “shining ones” doctrine. Aside from those occasional “breakthroughs” that I’m now questioning the validity of, overall I’ve been worse. I feel farther apart from God and more confused, even more than I did two years ago before I started counseling, and that makes me feel incredibly sad.

Furthermore, because DD believes I am a “shining one,” he expressed that my spirit is now strong and his responsibility to counsel me through this process of healing and deprogramming had ended. And it certainly did end, because I could not handle the stress and confusion any longer. He had begun to ignore me and then started unexpectedly casting aside our counseling sessions (one in particular was canceled when DD took that trip to XX after XXXX’s “angel” emailed him, and that was one of the last straws for me). What made it worse is that since he considered me and himself to be a “shining one,” he was justifying his behavior, going so far as to tell us that he had sat down with his calendar and God Himself had told him to cancel our sessions (along with others – we weren’t the only ones), so that he could take care of other “assignments” that God was giving to him, in particular the assignment to start the internet church and the XX assignment the angel emailed him about.

Now, I understand things come up. I really do. But the way he went about it was wrong. I was told that I was not allowed to have any expectations concerning the schedule for my sessions, and that was wrong. Not being able to depend on DD to hold to his word but to possibly cancel our session any given week for any given reason was not reasonable, and it caused a lot of anxiety for me that was ignored and not addressed. And that was wrong. Using God as an excuse to cancel my sessions and ignore me was wrong. And certainly, my session being canceled because an “angel” emailed him…? That did NOT sit right with me at all. That was wrong. And to top it off, all this was happening while I was right in the middle of unearthing a ton of memories about my 13th year ritual, which was already driving me batty. I was already beginning to have a breakdown, and being cast aside for bigger and better assignments – and being told that God was the one responsible for it – made it worse.

It got to the point where I was questioning, “Why does God have to kick me aside in the ditch so He can pull someone else out? Is this what God does? Why does God throw me to the ground to be used as a stepping-stool for others so they can reach a higher level? Why am I being passed over so someone else can have their turn? Why does it have to be one or the other, but it can’t be both and all?” It just didn’t – and doesn’t – seem right to me, but no amount of protesting made a difference. Many of our last conversations were he and I going back and forth, me telling him how his actions were hurting me, and him explaining to me – and to my husband – why I had no right to be hurt and why his assignments were so important, and I got so tired of hearing him justify his actions by telling me those things were coming from God. Quite honestly, counseling became a huge waste of my time and money, and with all the added stress of recovering extremely painful memories, and without dependable support or help working through those memories, it was stressing me out to the point where I was having a nervous breakdown. So I ended our counseling, and that is when DD informed me it was okay because my “shining spirit” was strong, and his responsibility towards me to help me through my healing path had ended. It was devastating. And I told him as much. And got ignored.

So…. whining about myself aside, I am just letting you know how it feels to go through this spiritual manipulation and deception, because I don’t want any of the others in that group to go through what I have gone through. This manipulation and deception with the “shining ones” doctrine is bearing bad fruit, resulting in clients being cast aside and ignored. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that was my experience. Being ignored and my sessions screwed around with was simply a symptom of the larger problem. The “shining ones” doctrine was the root cause. At least, ONE of the major root causes. And if DD keeps this up, others will be hurt, if they haven’t begun to be hurt already, and led down a path of destruction, and that hurts me for them. From my perspective based on the last several interactions we and my husband had with DD, he has started using “god” as an excuse to do and say whatever he wants, partly because of an over-inflated sense of self that has come about through this “shining ones” doctrine. And the burdens placed on us to be okay with whatever he – or God – dished out because our spirit was a “shining one” was too heavy to bear. I felt this way then, and I continue to feel this way now, even after a few months of distancing myself from the situation, so this is not an emotional, knee-jerk reaction. And from what I understand, this not only caused chaos between DD and I, but between him and his other clients, as well, particularly these past several months. DD described this chaos to me as “an attack from the enemy,” and he is correct. But it’s because he has opened that door for the enemy to come in, and he has left it wide open!

And I have the sinking feeling based on the last several months of interaction with DD, that I just bore witness to the birth of a charismatic cult leader and the emergence of a cult that has former (or current) Illuminati members manipulating things behind the scenes. I know that is a very harsh, serious accusation to make, but I don’t make it lightly. It grieves me to have to say it. I am not accusing anyone of purposefully and consciously manipulating and lying. I understand how things work with alters, especially deeper cult-loyal alters, or hidden programmed alters. Or even with clients who are desperate for extra, undivided attention from their counselor, even to the exclusion and expulsion of his other clients. And sometimes we can be sincere and believe what is happening to us is from God, but it’s a lie and deception from satan and isn’t the truth at all! I know this first-hand! But it’s clear to me that lying and manipulation is going on, and the “emailing angel” is one extreme example that easily proves my conclusion.

Furthermore, from my perspective, DD has surrounded himself with a fan base that strokes his ego at every turn. They make him feel good, and while feeling good is fine, it’s also important to be open to correction when we go astray. DD, in my opinion based on my experiences with him, has shown himself to not be one who is open to correction. At least, not so far, but maybe that can be changed before it goes much farther. And because this deception of the shining ones runs so deep, and because it appears to me that he is beginning to base his entire life’s mission around it, and because what I believe and have experienced are false Jesus’s popping up and giving “confirmation” on this ungodly doctrine and other experiences that are outside of sound Biblical teaching, and because his ego is being stroked, DD is absolutely convinced that he is right, and anyone who disagrees with him are wrong.

And like I said, I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. I’ve been involved with cults my entire life, and I feel that while DD started off with good intentions and a good heart (they usually all do, I dare say), it has gone south. He is beginning to open himself up to delusions and ungodly doctrines, and because of his ego, and because of the very nature of the “shining ones” doctrine that is feeding that ego, he is unable to see it. I do not think that DD has done this intentionally or with malice. I believe he has a good heart and that he is very sincere. I believe he loves God with all his heart and he wants to do what is right. But I also believe his heart has been led astray, in part by his fan base, in part by his deceived clientele (of which I realize I was a part of, embarrassingly so), and in part by demons who have attached themselves and created an atmosphere of delusion. DD may be sincere, but I believe he is sincerely wrong.

Now that I have perspective and I see the truth, I’m done being angry and bitter towards him, and I am now praying that God will open his eyes and show him the truth before anyone else is led astray and gets hurt. And before DD himself burns out and gets hurt, and before his ministry – along with those who associate themselves with his ministry – is tarnished. It’s not too late for things to be turned around for DD and Bride Ministries, so hopefully – prayerfully – DD will be able to do just that.

If I am wrong about my conclusions, God will deal with me, and I accept that. Furthermore, I guess with the whole “shining ones” thing, time will tell if I am right or if DD and his like-minded clients are right. I am not going to worry about it any longer. Time will tell, as with all things.

I am not trying to hurt anyone or create confusion, but I do stand by every word I have written in this letter, and it’s been sent with the agreement of and blessing of my husband.

Apologies for the length of this letter, but I pray it has been received in the spirit of love and concern that it was sent. Thanks for reading, and I wish you both peace in your lives.



From: ruckert
To: Loren Grace
Cc: Bailey
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hi Loren,

I appreciate your courage in sharing what you are sensing concerning Daniel and Bride Ministries. Please know that I am taking what you are sharing seriously and I am bringing it to the Lord for some serious prayer. I cannot justify or not justify the “shining ones” belief system based on the what I know of the Bible and so I really need to go to the Lord on this.

God bless you,


From: Loren Grace
To: ruckert
Cc: Ruckert
Date: Monday, July 4th, 2016

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, Dr. Rob. I “hear” my mother in my head (not literally… lol…. but it certainly is ingrained in me….) saying, “Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself!” Which always meant, “Don’t acknowledge or speak the truth, and never admit that you are in pain.” So, it’s hard for me to share honestly with others without feeling as if I may be coming across as a whiny baby. So with consideration to those “voices in my head” hollering at me, I feel compelled to explain what I am trying to accomplish through me sharing with you and Dr. B.

I am trying to:

1. share very briefly my involvement with religious cults, so that you know I have a certain level of personal understanding.

2. share what DD shared with me concerning his cult beliefs.

3. share how those cult beliefs have hurt me: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and in my counseling relationship with DD. Because if they are hurting me in that way, it stands to reason, they will eventually hurt others. Maybe not in the same way, because, first of all, I’m not someone who is being used by the Illuminati to infiltrate and cause dissension, chaos, and spread false doctrine; however, even if there are those who are being used to do that, eventually they will be hurt as well. In fact, it’s almost certain they already are hurting. And they need to be stopped from spreading confusion and lies, and find true healing.

4. in like fashion, hopefully, by exposing this wrong, it will help to stop this spiritual abuse and manipulation from going any further and hurting ALL involved — counselors, clients, and supporters, DD included.

So, I’m not trying to whine or cry about anything or garner anyone’s sympathy. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about people feeling sorry for me. I don’t WANT anyone to “feel sorry” for me. I just want to share the truth so that the pain and deception can stop.

As far as understanding Scripture to proof or disprove this “shining ones” doctrine:

I think there are two important questions to ask ourselves anytime we are confronted with a situation that we don’t know the Biblical solution to: what does the root look like, and what does the fruit look like? In other words, where did this come from and what is the result of it?

In this case it’s obvious, I believe, through historic evidence, that the ROOT is bad. Furthermore, through historic evidence, it’s obvious the FRUIT is bad as well. Furthermore, I have given you personal witness as to how the fruit of this doctrine CONTINUES to be bad.

However, that’s just my thoughts and opinion. I’m not a theologian. Just some thoughts to consider. 🙂


From: ruckert
To: Loren Grace
Cc: Bailey
Date: Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Hi Loren Grace,

I want to respond to your e-mail as I have prayed:

1. In the Bible when you have an issue(s)or conflict with some someone and it not able to be resolved between the both of you, then it says you should get a couple of trusted people (like you did) and bring it directly to the person you have an issue with. You did not do this with Daniel. He should have been copied in your e-mail.

2. I have had a honest discussion with Daniel about these matters and I do not believe or am I concerned with Bride Ministries becoming a cult.

I did not share your new e-mail or phone number with Daniel as you requested but if you want me to be part of working out your concerns about Bride Ministries, then Daniel will have to be a part of those discussions.

Please know what I care about you and I am praying for you.

God bless,


From: Bailey
To: Loren
Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I have not heard Daniel Duvall say anything about the “shining ones” so I don’t know where he got the phrase or what it means to him.

Daniel Duvall has a big heart and wants to help people with DID and not harm them in any way. So I will discuss this with him. But Daniel would never force anyone to do something against their conscious or beliefs. I have always found him to be kind and sensitive even though we have not always agreed on something.

People disagree over doctrine which is why there are so many Christian denominations.

I counsel people a lot but there are times I have to counsel a session because of an emergency, I have to speak some where at the last minute, or I was confused about the specific time or the client was confused. This happened yesterday. Two weeks ago I counseled a woman and I said I could counsel her in two weeks. She chose July 4th. She was from another country so I said, “That is the Fourth of July here in the U.S. when we celebrate our independence but I will meet you then.) I wrote the exact date and time and emailed her within the hour. On July Fourth I adjusted my schedule just for her at 1:30pm and even came back early for a luncheon meeting so I would not miss her call. I called her and she said she got confused so we made it the next day. I made a big sacrifice for me and my family to counsel her on July 4th and she forgot our conversation and even when I wrote her the date and time.

So appointments are canceled for both the counselor and counselee.

I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with Bride Ministries for whatever the reason. I hope and pray that you will find a ministry to minister to your needs since there are so few that minister to people with DID.

Dr. Preston Bailey


From: Loren Grace
To: ruckert
Cc: Bailey
Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Thanks Dr. B for your words. Of course you haven’t heard DD talk about the shining ones. That’s why I am telling you. So you know. I understand issues over doctrine. This is not the point. I’m not talking about concerns over biblical doctrine. I’m talking about luciferian doctrine being touted about, privately: I am telling you what DD has shared with me about the shining ones. Believe it or not, that is not my problem any longer. I am simply sharing so everyone is on the same page because I believe you have a right to know if someone you are professionally associated with is spreading false doctrine that is bringing harm to other people. I already stated in my email that I believe DD has a good heart and wants to do the right thing. That has never been my problem. His intention is not suspect, in my book. Furthermore, if you think my email to you is complaining about a missed appointment or two or five or nine, apparently I have miscommunicated. Moving on….

Thanks, Dr. Rob for your thoughts. I have brought my concerns to DD, and he has confused us even more. I am not having another conversation with him about false doctrine that he is pushing on people. The both of you — Dr. Rob and Dr. B — are assuming things you have no idea about. I came to the two of you with a legitimate concern, and you have chosen to ignore it or dismiss it. That is on you. No problem for ME, because I have no dog in the fight any longer, so to speak. We shared out of concern. What you do with what we have shared, I do not care any longer. Our responsibility has ended.

Rob — it’s not US trying to come to you to help us “WORK OUT AN ISSUE” we have with DD and BM…. Are you **** serious?! LOREN CAME TO YOU TO TELL YOU ABOUT AN ISSUE SO OTHER PEOPLE WON’T BE HURT!!!!! OMG!!!! I understand you feel we should now biblically be “required” to bring our concerns to both you AND him, but you are wrong and you can **** on your verses that tell you that you are correct. That is not going to happen, hon. So sue me. WE aren’t trying to “work” anything out. That time is passed. We are telling YOU what is going on so you know. Loren feels it’s only fair to you. If you don’t give a **** then fine…. don’t give a ****. Get on with your life and we will get on with ours.

Let me tell you, tho, I don’t do things like you think I ought to according to your Bible?! HAHAHA!!! That is so **** laughable…. He’s caused all of us a lot of pain with his bs doctrine, and we aren’t getting involved in his **** any more. If you don’t like that, I don’t care. Get over it. I’m not giving DD our contact info. We ARE doing the proper thing by bringing our concerns to the two people that may be able to help the most, and if you are unwilling or unable to help, that is between you and God. Not our concern any longer. I WILL NOT ALLOW LOREN to go to DD any longer, because it has not worked. She went to him with her husband, and it did not work. He twists things around for her and **** her up royally and WE WILL HAVE NO FURTHER CONTACT WITH HIM AT ALL. I don’t expect you to understand. Of course you can’t understand.

I have nothing further to say to either of you. WE have nothing further to say. We did what we had to do, and you will do what you have to do. So leave us alone and we will leave YOU alone. Forget our email. Go back to kissing one another’s ****. Have fun. Loren did what she thought was right, but once again, she was wrong.

Don’t contact us again. We will not contact you again.

Thanks. Bye.

(end of emails)


I am fully aware that many in churchianity will love to zone in on J’s response and bring out their accusations. People like you, oh churchianity, just love to point to any type of emotional humanity that comes in and use it as an excuse to not listen or hear the message that is being brought forth, especially if there are the ever-offensive “bad words” inserted into said emotional humanity. (Personally, I find the fact that children are being beaten and raped and otherwise abused to be more offensive than someone saying the “s” word or the “f” word, but that’s just me.) However… I think it’s important to bring out J’s message. It is part of me. It was part of the conversation. As embarrassed as I am sometime at how J communicates, it is STILL part of me. And if I am being honest about this entire conversation, I am going to be VERY honest about every part of me and the part I and all of me played in this. I am not hiding anything, not even an alter that switches in and reams someone out that she is angry at – that I am angry at, but am unable to accurately express!

So I make no apologies for J, because this is how I feel! She just had the chutzpah to express it, when I did not. I was going to leave it at my last sentence in addressing Rob Ruckert, but J switched in, and there you see it….


As is clearly documented, Daniel had been confronted on multiple occasions by myself and my husband concerning his treatment of me as his client (and concerning the “angel” issue that led into the Luciferian “Shining Ones” doctrine, which only brought further confusion and led me into deception). Furthermore, Rob Ruckert and Preston Bailey had been warned back in July 2016 that ungodly things were going on (had, in fact, been warned prior in February 2016 when I first brought the angel issue to the table), and Luciferian doctrine was being taught, and yet they did nothing, aside from defending Dan’s character and reprimanding me for not allowing Ruckert to mediate between Daniel and myself. As if there should be any common ground to be found between Christianity and Luciferian doctrine!

And this was just what I warned them about, and it was just the tip of the iceberg! It’s possible that others had previously gone to them or the other leadership in BRIDE ministries to sound the alarm, but I do not know. All I know is that I did what I had to do in February and July of 2016, to warn the two people – specifically Preston Bailey, as Daniel’s mentor – that would, in my mind, likely have the most sway with Daniel and likely be the ones to do something about effecting a change in what was going on with Daniel’s “ministry” to trauma survivors.

Carolyn has her own perspective to add, but to me, the entire affair with Duval boils down to this: the public “spirit man” teaching combined with the ungodly belief that it is “okay with God” if people are half-human and half-angel (Biblically, this human/angel hybrid came about because of fallen angels, and not something God was or is okay with…), led to the private “Shining Ones” theology, which has led to all other sorts of occult doctrines, including astral travel (in the guise of “spirit travel”), remote viewing (under the name, “seeing in the spirit”), casting spells and throwing around curses (in the name of “spiritual warfare” and “prayer”), sending forth demons to attack people (the demons are disguised as angels, and they are doing this, again, in the name of “spiritual warfare” and “prayer”), necromancy (this is something I will have to discuss another time, because there WAS necromancy going on in counseling, regardless of what Duval publicly says!), and all sorts of disgusting satanic practices that Christians should have nothing to do with. These are some of the things I was trained to do through programming and trauma, and it just blows my mind how Christians would desire these occult abilities! Why would Christians desire to split their own soul and spirit in order to gain these occult abilities?! Why do Christians think it’s okay to cling to a form of “Jesus,” yet hold tightly to and defend their occult doctrines and practices?

Furthermore, I went to Daniel Duval to get help in overcoming the enemy and heal from the chaos and havoc the enemy had wreaked in my life, but based on my experiences with him as my “counselor,” these occult abilities fascinated Daniel and were encouraged by him, and I realize now that he is using his wounded, desperate clients to help him build his own career!! He has and is exploiting us, and the people who surround him are enabling this, ignoring the cries for help from his clients, and doing nothing to stop it!

More on that later, if God allows, but like I shared with Ruckert and Bailey, here are the two things you need to look at if you do not know how to properly ascertain if something is of God or not, especially if you do not know where to look in Scripture, or even if you are looking at Scripture: look at the root, and look at the fruit. In other words, where did it come from and what is the result? If it comes from Lucifer, it doesn’t matter how many scriptures you twist to try to make it Godly, it will never be of God. If the fruit is pride, strife, confusion, fear, suffering, gossiping, lying, etc… then you can be assured that something is wrong with the root. A healthy, good plant does not bear rotten, diseased fruit.

And most importantly, don’t follow after people or movements. Don’t look to me, don’t look to Carolyn Hamlett, don’t look to Daniel Duval, don’t look towards anyone!! Look to Jesus Christ. HE is our leader, not anyone else.

End of Loren Grace’s commentary

Carolyn Hamlett’s closing comments

I was flabbergasted when I read Rob Ruckert’s and Dr. Bailey’s responses to Loren Grace’s very clear and descriptive emails she sent them in her concern over the Luciferian teachings and practices that DD was not only teaching, but using in counseling sessions!

And…then, months later, when I contacted Rob Ruckert and Dr. Bailey to tell them of my own concerns that Daniel Duval is teaching and promoting Luciferian doctrines…both Rob Ruckert and Dr. Bailey sounded as though they had never heard any such thing before! I even mentioned to them that BRIDE Ministries is now a cult and teaching the occult. Loren Grace warned both Rob Ruckert and Dr. Bailey months ago that this situation with Daniel Duval and BRIDE Ministries was very serious and if not corrected, BRIDE Ministries was on it’s way to being a cult.

Because of our unique backgrounds, Loren Grace and I (especially Loren Grace) have the qualifications of knowing what a cult looks like, sounds like smells like, tastes like etc. It is just a fact. Yet… Loren Grace’s words fell on deaf ears because everyone I know of associated with BRIDE Ministries (including myself !!!) listened to Daniel Duval and believed him when he told us what he wanted us to believe about Loren Grace and why she left BRIDE Ministries many months ago…and we all flat out without question, blindly believed every word Daniel Duval said!

Sadly, I believed DD’s lies about other people too.

As it turns out, Loren Grace is not the first person who saw that Daniel Duval was teaching Luciferian doctrines and tried to reach Daniel Duval as the Bible instructs one to approach a brother in error. I had two other friends who also spoke with Daniel Duval about his Luciferian occult teachings… long before Loren Grace and her husband went to Daniel with their own concerns. And…I believed all the lies Daniel Duval told me about my two friends which kept me from contacting either of them. It turns out that Daniel Duval lied to them about me too, so they wouldn’t contact me. That is how a CULT works. If you doubt me, go look up for yourself about cults.

Now, I would like to share with you my own experiences of emails and exchanges with Dr. Preston Bailey and Dr. Rob Ruckert which further validates the experiences of Loren Grace and her email exchanges with the two of them.

After nearly a week of 12 hour days of research, and having already had a lengthy phone conversation with Daniel Duval over my concerns, I posted this notice before I left the BRIDE Ministry Facebook support group led by Darla Carver Guerra and Karolyn Otlewski. This was posted on October 31st. Notice I said “I may need to leave BRIDE Ministries,” not that I had left.

“I am leaving this group and may need to leave BRIDE Ministries. I do not support the teachings that some of you are getting from your groups leaders. For anyone who would like to know my reasons, you are welcome to message me.  I love you all and will be keeping you in my prayers. God Bless!


Rob Ruckert was the only one who contacted me after I posted the message and left. He expressed his concern and wanted to hear what I had to say. As I have stated earlier in this article, I had a lengthy phone conversation with Rob and I thought he understood what all of my concerns were about Daniel Duval and what Daniel Duval is supporting and teaching and practicing. At Rob’s request, I even sent Rob some emails with screenshots, names and and links so he could easily do the research and see for himself.

Rob Ruckert emailed Daniel Duval over his concern saying “my [Rob’s] discernment says something is really wrong with Darla and that you need to get on this right away. I know you are going on another trip and that you are really busy now but there is nothing more important than dealing with this. My spirit is on red alert.
God bless,

On November 4th at (11:33 AM), Rob Ruckert emailed me say he hadn’t looked at the links I had sent him, but that he “gets it,” but what he says he “gets” about why I was leaving BRIDE Ministries was just a part of my concern. He “got” the part that Darla Carver Guerra is deceptive and a habitual liar. Strangely, what Rob Ruckert didn’t “get” even after I accented it over and over…is just how serious it is that Daniel Duval is either purposely covering for Darla Carver Guerra’s lies or his (Daniel Duval’s) discernment is so far off that he can’t tell a lie from the truth and a liar from the person telling the truth. Either way you look at it, that is VERY serious when Daniel Duval who runs BRIDE Ministries and who specializes in counseling people with DID of whom so many trusting people have put themselves under his “care” is not a person that can be trusted because he (Daniel Duval) is either practicing deceit himself…or is severely lacking the ability to discern what is of God and what is of Satan…and discern what is the truth and the truthful person from what is the lie and the liar. How can ANYONE who genuinely cares for the well being of others see this and still be silent about it??? The answer is obvious.

The clincher…is…that after all of the messages, email exchanges including the time I spent talking with Rob Ruckert on the phone…Rob Ruckert TOTALLY ignored the fact that Daniel Duval is teaching Luciferian doctrines!!!

It is no wonder Rob Ruckert didn’t want me to go public with my findings and it is no wonder Rob Ruckert chose to ignore my concern over Daniel Duval’s lies and Daniel Duval teaching and practicing Luciferian doctrines…because he himself (Rob) is also teaching some of the same doctrines of demons Daniel Duval is, and Rob Ruckert is also incorporating these doctrines and practices in his “counseling” sessions with survivors.

My Email Back To Rob Ruckert’s Email That He “Gets It.”

From: Carolyn Hamlett
To: ruckert
Date: November 4th 2016 (3:14 PM)

Hi Rob,
No, Rob, you don’t get it.

There is far more going on that you obviously do not know about.

Daniel has completely been compromised. He ISN’T to be trusted. What he tells you is different than what he tells me or another person and different than what he is REALLY doing. Darla IS the same way.

I have done the research on these people of whom Daniel is in bed with. I suggest that you do the same. What Daniel has been saying to you is not what he has been telling me. Daniel and Darla BOTH are saying one thing and doing another. They ARE DEEPLY involved in Satanic teaching, yet they deny it and accuse me of being affected by Satan.

Rob, you need to do your own research. Ask God to guide you…not the voice of Daniel Duval…and you NEED to make YOUR OWN decision as to whom YOU serve! And, in regards to whom you serve, I am not talking about serving Daniel or serving BRIDE Ministries! Whom do YOU serve?

You are making assumptions based on what Daniel has told you. You need to do you OWN investigation by yourself in order to SEE what all this actually is! Sure…the bottom line is Daniel’s discernment can not be trusted. THAT in itself should be enough to settle this whole matter! The 2nd issue that is very obvious now is that Daniel is ALSO lying. He is a manipulator. Darla is a manipulator.

There is a HUGE reason WHY Daniel’s discernment is not to be trusted! It has to do with what he is tied into. Daniel Duval has been infected. Daniel has different faces depending upon who he is talking to and what his agenda is. He is deceitful. He is handled by Darla as are most people associated with BRIDE. If you do your research, you will see that this is true!

I thought my original simple bottom line information would be enough to sound an ALARM, but apparently not! It should be CRYSTAL CLEAR that I am NOT the person who needs to be counseled.

Rob, People CHANGE when they talk to Daniel.

I have seen this over and over again with people who have legitimate concerns like I have, that they strangely change their minds after a short conversation with Daniel about their LEGITIMATE concerns!…like they have been mesmerized! There is something VERY wrong.

This boggles my mind!!!! And I see the same thing happening with you, Rob.

I am fully convinced that this is at the least, a spirit of divination involved. Obviously deceit is involved.

I will not waste any more time on this. We are at the place where YOU, Rob, have to do the research that I did.

Please go do the research yourself. I sent you some links to get you started. Ask God to guide you.

May God Bless you, Rob, and may God be your guide.


(end of email)

My Emails To Dr. Preston Bailey

These next emails I want to share with you illustrate how Dr. Bailey flip flopped in his thinking like Rob Ruckert did each time he talked with Daniel Duval. If you remember earlier in the article I mentioned that when I spoke at length with Rob Ruckert and Dr. Bailey on the telephone, addressing the many different concerns I had, that they both at first seemed to understand and take my concerns seriously….UNTIL… they spoke with Daniel Duval. Then their their attitude changed toward me, and they seemed to have forgotten all my subsequent interactions with them of what the real issues were. Instead, after talking with Daniel Duval, they were some how convinced that my concerns were solely over about a single book or a single person. What causes people to change like like?

This first email was after I had had the lengthy phone conversation with Dr. Bailey where I explained at length my concerns of the Luciferian doctrines Daniel Duval was involved in, the unsavory people he was yoked with and the deceit and lies of Daniel Duval, Darla Carver Guerra and their associates.

Dr. Bailey and I exchanged a few more emails where he was very supportive and seemed to still understand what the real issues were. That suddenly changed when he talked with Daniel Duval and then it became about single book and a single person.

This is the email response I sent to Dr. Bailey:

From: Carolyn Hamlett
To: Dr. Bailey
Date: November 15th 2016

Dr. Bailey,
Daniel is not being honest. As I told you he has also lied publicly about me on all counts. He is a liar. A liar is a con. A liar murders the truth. He is lying because he has much to cover up. Today, he lost one more large piece of his sheep’s clothing. His butt is showing. His facade is cracking and he has been scrambling to cover up what the REAL truth is.

Daniel just mentioned a book to you. That is purely a smoke screen. It is more than just an author and just a book! In fact the book he keeps telling people I have a problem with is not even the worst book the guy has written. Daniel is totally covering up as to what he and and his associates are involved in and are teaching. They are involved in the occult, and practicing witchcraft. What they are doing, and the powers of darkness that they are allowing to work through them are more diabolical than ANYTHING I have come across since I was working hand in hand with Satan and his inner circle! This is VERY dark! VERY! Satan is the CON of all cons and what Daniel has allowed to take him over is as close to Satan as any being I have ever dealt with. Very evil, very cunning, very slippery.

Daniel has an unnatural evil ability he charms people with that makes them a submissive mental zombie after talking with him. It is soooo bizarre. They don’t don’t even notice it! He is a player and plays people. I know you are more solid than anyone I know, but I do have concern that Daniel will mesmerize you as he has done to others. This is not a negative statement about you, it is a statement as to the degree of evil Daniel is manifesting. The evil working through him and the evil he is allied with is so diabolical that I do see a need to warn you that this is not some low level demon. These are a mass of unified high ranking principalities.

What they are aligned with is Lucifer himself and Lucifer’s own plan, Lucifer’s ace which he has been holding out to play just before he puts his “Christ” in global power. This plan of Satan is exactly what I was told when I was a kid that would be set in motion just before their “Christ” would be put in power. This plan was to muddy the waters that separate the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ from the occult. This plan is to take people away from the solid fundamental teachings of the Word of God and smack dab into the occult all the while leading people to believe they are still “Christians”. People will begin to be less and less like Jesus Christ and more and more evil hearted and like the power seeking narcissist that Satan is.

Daniel KNOWS he is not doing what is of God. He has been making conscious choices to lie and slander , character assassinate anyone who finds out what he is doing so that no one will believe that person if they try to tell others the truth about Daniel. I personally know several people Daniel has done that to! I have heard from numerous others. He has been doing this for at least 2 years! BRIDE Ministries is becoming a cult in every sense of the word.

Another VERY unsavory character Daniel has yoked himself with is Steve Harmon. This is not hear say about this evil man. I personally know someone who was harmed by Steve Harmon. I wanted to help this person, but I went down and was without energy for weeks. Now I think this was not a coincidence. XXXX, who also knows this victim brought it to Daniel’s attention and Daniel did NOTHING! If you want to hear this young lady’s experience with Steve Harmon, I can arrange that. I am sure that you will be see how evil it was. This Steve Harmon who is a friend of Daniel’s has a “angel” who is a demon that attacks people at his command. Two weeks ago Daniel denied to me that he knows Steve, but that was such a lie. Steve has even stayed at Daniel’s house and in bed with a single woman. Now, two weeks later, Daniel has decided to not hide the fact that he knows Steve and is yoked with him. Steve is a victimizer and Daniel is shunning the victim and sheltering the victimizer.

There is a long list of filthy “ministers” wolves in sheep’s clothing that Dan Duval is yoked to. Two weeks ago Daniel totally denied it. Now he is coming out in the open with some of these people, but he is trying to get people to think that these people are men of God! He is very deceptive! Daniel is totally the man working to bridge the gap to take people away from God’s Word and into the occult…the SAME plan, same jargon, same techniques I knew as a kid that “Lucifer” would be using as the final snag like the pied piper pipping an alluring song that takes the naive Christians away from God’s Word, Jesus Christ and into Lucifer’s lap.

This is VERY serious. It is not about me having a problem with a book!

Two weeks ago, Daniel was trying to get people to think I had a problem with Darla. Daniel KNEW that was also a smoke screen. He wanted people to believe I was having a problem with Darla and that he, Daniel could patch it up. Daniel KNEW Darla was not the issue. He knew that I knew what he was involved in, but he chose to tell numerous lies about me. WHY? Why does anyone lie like that? To cover up the TRUTH about themselves. Daniel is afraid he will be exposed for what he is and what he is doing. He is building his own kingdom. He is a narcissist. He has a narcissistic personality. That should say it all.

Since Daniel mentioned a book. Here is the author of that book and numerous others.

Dave Hayes “Praying Medic” Web Site books LINK: https://prayingmedic.com/my-books/

Click on the pics of the books. Takes you to Amazon where you can read descriptions and look inside the books.

Very telling. It is pure Luciferian repackaged as “Christian”.

The books are pure occult packaged as Christian. All are bad, but the very worst one is “Seeing In The Spirit”.

I have witnessed on this guy’s FB page him teaching people the SAME techniques we used to teach people to astral travel and remote view!!! And…to manipulate dreams and implant thoughts.

Darla Carver Guerra who wears many hats now in BRIDE Ministries and The Fire Place Church is one of the infiltrators. She is also an evil con artist. In the spiritual warfare group on FB that she took over…she has also been teaching and promoting astral travel, remote viewing and all the diabolical doctrines that are being taught by Dave Hayes, Steve Harmon, Todd Bentley, Jeff Jensen and others. I have screen shots to prove it.

XXXX was in a FB group chat with Darla and one of Darla’s teacher friends was teaching the group occult techniques. I am sure XXXX would be happy to tell you about this. XXXX told me that this friend of Darla’s was teaching people to do psychic energy shoves and to use their mental power to do something like visualize swords piercing their foreheads or maybe it was to pierce someone else’s forehead. Either way it is evil occult teaching.

Below is a link to an interview of mine that was recorded a few weeks ago. This my way of an introduction of a heads up about some of the doctrines that are being peddled. I will be getting more descriptive next. My goal has been to expose the plan of Satan so people will recognize it for what it is…and I will be pointing people back to the Word of God which is the only way they will ever know what the Truth is. I want to put tools in the hands of people so that they can identify these doctrines of demons where ever they go…whether it is in a large church, small church, on line, synagogue, home study or a one on one conversation.


Sorry about this long email, but there is so very much to all this than what Daniel wants you to believe.



(end of email)

Dr. Bailey emailed me back the same day I sent the above email to him where I once again explained many of my concerns and clearly made the point that the problem wasn’t at all what Daniel was telling him and wanting him to believe. It wasn’t all about a book!!!

Thanks so much for clearing this up.”
“These concerns me deeply what he is teaching.
There are no shortcuts in the kingdom of God.
Thanks so much!
Dr Bailey”

However…Two weeks later… Dr. Bailey does yet another about-face! After another talk with Daniel Duval, Dr. Bailey seemed to have forgotten again what the REAL issues were. Daniel had Dr. Bailey back on track to thinking the issue was a single person and a single book.

In a short email from Dr. Bailey he told me, “I talked with Daniel about his guest and said he [Daniel] never read his book. So I bought the book and am reading it.”

I think it is silly for anyone to think that I would sever ties with Daniel Duval and leave BRIDE Ministries over a petty disagreement with one or two individuals. For those who believe that, they certainly don’t know me and for those who take Daniel Duval’s word for why he says I left BRIDE, they certainly don’t know Daniel Duval either.

The old saying applies here, “It will all come out in the wash”.

An even older saying and promise applies: “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 8:17)

In all seriousnessIF, after reading this article you have the misfortune of listening to or talking with Daniel Duval, we (Loren Grace and I) strongly advise that you come back and re-read this article to remind yourself of the truth!

Updates: March 2018

by Loren

Update 1: although at the time of writing the emails to Ruckert and Bailey I had come to the realization that the “shining ones” doctrine that Duval had counseled me on was occult, in reading through my emails now, the bizarre way I wrote about “my spirit woman” and a supposed “future manifestation,” suggests that what Duval had “counseled” me concerning my “shining-one spirit-woman” still had me in a state of confusion, and I now regret what I wrote about this so-called “spirit woman.”

Additionally, looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have used the word “Illuminati” in my emails to Preston Bailey and Rob Ruckert, and I realize now that the way I worded all that may have sounded as if I were calling myself to be a “former Illuminati.” Or, at the least, alluding to it. I don’t describe myself that way and I haven’t, for reasons I have already written about. But at that time, having just taken myself away from the influence of Duval and that so-called “support group” (what I describe as the world’s least supportive group), I was still using language that was common for them. The unspoken pressure in that group was to make claims that you were “former Illuminati,” and if you didn’t, then you were not as “high level, special, or important” as those who did call themselves “former Illuminati.” The wackier the stories, the more attention people got, and those of us “lesser individuals” who weren’t trying to make ourselves more interesting and relevant with far-out stories, were ignored for the most part, and the “high level” people were fawned over and lauded and applauded. Very nearly revered, as if everything that came out of their mouth was absolutely true, because they were “former Illuminati” and they were “in the know.” Carolyn was in the group, too, of course, but she rarely participated in group conversations, and this attitude was not coming from her. But this attitude was coming from some of the others. Not all, no, but enough that it ruined the entire “support group vibe” that by the very nature of “support groups” was supposed to be present. It was a situation with a lot of ego, pride, and jealousy involved, as well as a desperation to have the attention of the others in the group, especially the attention of Duval. It was totally bizarre. A cult mindset, in fact.

This is my analysis based on my experiences with the entire group as a whole, and I’m sure there are those who would disagree with me. But it’s how I feel, and I stand by my opinion. It certainly was a very odd and unhealthy dynamic in that group, and this is one major reason why the phrase “former Illuminati” rankles me to this day: I’ve seen the unclean spirits that are operating through people who make a point of calling themselves “former Illuminati,” and it’s not something that I want to associate myself with.

⇒ Note: To read the testimonies of other people’s experiences with Duval’s Bride Ministries and why they left Bride Ministries (as well as left other people and ministries who are teaching false doctrine), follow this link: “Testimonials

Update 2: Concerning the “emailing angel”: the woman of whom Daniel made this claim, emailed Carolyn after she read this blog article that we wrote together. I won’t share the entire email and I won’t share any personal info, of course, but just the parts where she specifically addressed what I had written and claimed. She wrote:

“What Loren said was excellent as well – albeit painful – particularly about how he [Duval] shoved us all aside for his own agenda.

So, getting “help” from Bride Ministries means getting used by Bride Ministries.

I do want to address the angel thing that Loren brought up. No – the angel did not email Daniel – I emailed Daniel. I heard it on the inside, felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and sent along what I heard. I am not defending any of it, cuz I have not worked through it all yet. In fact, I have some serious issues with that entire trip [to Montauk] that I am still working through. 😦

That said – Loren’s brutal honesty about the shining one thing, totally resonated with me. She NAILED it.”

While it is nice that she acknowledged (privately, at least… and second-hand…), that I was right about the “shining one thing,” it would be even nicer if she’d come out and make a more public statement, because this is just one thing that Duval is lying about. There are several other people who know the truth about Duval and the “Shining Ones” doctrine, that he believes in this doctrine, and implements it in his relationships with other people as well as with his clients. They know from first-hand experience that this is a HUGE part of Duval’s spiritual philosophy that he has tried to hide from the general public. Having other people publicly and on their own verify that Duval was (and perhaps still is) teaching about and implementing in “counseling sessions” the doctrine of the “shining ones” would go a long way to exposing the truth.

Even Rob Ruckert, a “counselor” who has since left Bride Ministries, knew that Duval was talking to his clients about the “shining ones” and was implementing that doctrine in his counseling sessions. But rather than speak the truth of what he himself knew personally, he was silent, and he allowed me to be thrown under the proverbial bus to protect the false and lying reputation of Bride Ministries and Dan Duval, and to protect his own skin. What sort of “counselor” does that to the clients of the so-called “christian” organization that they are involved in? The lack of godly character and morality is appalling.

This is a serious matter! It’s not about having a difference of opinion, or a matter of having a personality conflict. It has nothing to do with that! But it’s a matter of people falling into delusion and under the influence of the demonic! It’s a matter that has eternal consequences!

But concerning the angel: this woman says that she was going off of what she “heard on the inside.” Having fallen for the same deception through “counseling” with Dan Duval as she did, and after having multiple telephone conversations with her myself (I think it was three conversations, not including the short conversation we had on a podcast that I regretfully participated in with her), and after reading her words carefully, she is speaking about a so-called “personal angel” that was inside her dissociative system, and to whom she was listening. So, she wrote the words that her “personal angel” gave to her, and she emailed them to Duval. Either way, the words came from this supposed angel, and what I said about this is not incorrect.

But she then says that she “felt the presence” of the Holy Spirit, implying that these were words that were inspired by, or endorsed by, God. And to describe anyone’s writings in such a fashion is bordering on heresy. I have been guilty of having this frame of mind in the past, as well, so I’m not pointing any fingers of blame that I’m not pointing at myself! I fell for many of the same deceptions that she fell for, too, and made quite a fool of myself in the process!

So considering all this, the way her explanation is worded sounds like she was participating in what is called “channeling and automatic writing.” This is an occult activity, and it was definitely a common occurrence that was encouraged and sought after in Bride Ministries. In fact, Duval’s entire “prayer at Montauk” was an exercise in this automatic writing. The language used to describe this activity is hidden behind words such as “inspired by the Spirit,” or, “God spoke these words to me and I wrote them down.” Even with the most sincere Christians, this is walking on dangerous ground, in my opinion.

But in Bride Ministries, things were taken even a step further, and two other phrases used to describe this “channeling and automatic writing” were: “my spirit man was speaking to me,” or “my personal angel told me these things.” These phrases were sometimes worded differently, but it basically boiled down to those two things: people listening to the voice of their “spirit man,” and to the voice of their “angel.” That was very common in Bride Ministries. And the way those “words” were being used by people, including Duval’s so-called “words of God,” were not of God at all. In many cases, they were used to puff up the pride of the individual who was receiving the word, or to puff up the pride of the individual who was giving the word. Or to declare this thing or that thing, without once giving consideration to the will of the Father. Or to engage in a type of “spiritual warfare” that was not biblical at all. Furthermore, the words were not lining up with the ultimate authority: the Bible. Oh, lots of Scripture was normally used, in hodgepodge fashion! But they were verses that had been twisted and were being used out of context, and were being used exactly as an incantation, to try to force the will of God to bend to the will of man (or woman).

So for these reasons, all of those “words of God” (or of angels or of the spirit man), were at the least someone’s imagination; at the worst, the result of channeling a demonic spirit and engaging in automatic writing.

Update 3: Related to the above update, for those interested in reading the “declaration” at Montauk that Duval made (a perfect example of channeling and automatic writing), and our commentary on this “declaration of judgement,” you can follow this link:


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