Duval’s “Judgement Decree” at Montauk

What follows is the transcript of the “prayer” that Duval wrote out and prayed at Montauk.

We share this transcript for four main reasons:

1. To give an example of channeling and automatic writing, as practiced by those who are engaged in “christian” witchcraft.

2. To offer proof for the discerning of the ungodly spirit out of which Duval is operating.

3. To use this opportunity to point out all the false doctrines that are being alluded to in this prayer that was penned by Duval’s own hand, and spoken by his own mouth.

4. To give an example of the type of “spiritual warfare” that Duval engages in, and to point out that it is unscriptural, ego-driven, and doesn’t even make sense half the time.

He sent a copy of this prayer both to Loren Grace as well as Carolyn Hamlett. Loren has since deleted the email account to which Duval sent the Montauk prayer, however, so she has no proof that he sent it to her. However, here are the screenshots that show that Dan Duval sent it to Carolyn:

Montauk Decrees screen shot 1.png

Montauk Decrees screen shot 2.png

Even though Carolyn received this email from Duval, she didn’t open this email and read this so-called “prayer” until recently (in March 2018). Furthermore, in the podcast that Duval subsequently did on his trip to Montauk where he read this “prayer,” he only read a small portion of this “judgement declaration” on his podcast, and Carolyn didn’t listen to that entire podcast until recently (in March 2018).

⇒ Note by Loren: at the time that Duval took this trip to Montauk, I was still technically a client of Duval’s, and I was still under the mind-control influence he had over me. That month had been a very difficult month, to say the least, and shortly thereafter, I finally quit counseling to try to save my own sanity. I’ve already talked about it some, so I won’t go over it here again.

On April 27, 2016, Duval called me up, unexpectedly, and asked me to be a part of the program he was recording that afternoon with Eleyna, one of the survivors that he went to Montauk with. He wanted me to take a few minutes and share a couple of “spiritual experiences” I had surrounding their trip to Montauk: one that had happened April 8th, and one that had happened in the wee hours of the morning on April 10. I have not listened to the entire podcast, and I don’t care to. It just brings up a lot of bad memories of the circumstances that surround that entire trip — including my own “spiritual experiences,” as well as the constant breakdowns I was having. But I know what it was that I had shared on that podcast because I have everything written down in my journal.

It’s possible that after my break with Bride Ministries and after going public with the Luciferian doctrines that Duval is practicing and teaching, he may have edited out my portion of the interview he did with Eleyna. Hopefully he did. That would be a relief. But in case he didn’t, I want to make a public statement now: while the spiritual experiences I had is what actually happened to me, the way I was interpreting the events was completely wrong. I was interpreting those event through the eyes and the understanding of someone who was being traumatized over and over again throughout the “counseling” process; therefore, my perspective was off. I was confusing the “Jesus” in my system with the actual Jesus Christ, I was confusing angels with demons, and I was confusing the Heavenly Father with the “god” that Duval (and myself, at the time) served and followed. So while the events I shared were honest, the perspective I shared it from was horribly skewed. This is one of the shames that I will bear throughout my lifetime: being on that particular program and saying what I said about what had happened to me. It’s horribly embarrassing, and if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have done that program. But I can’t go back. All I can do now is move forward, and warn people away from the very thing that I was once encouraging them towards.

So, moving on….

There are many worrisome aspects of this “prayer” that Duval wrote and spoke. But the biggest worry is that Duval claimed that this was “given to him” by God. That’s a very serious claim for anyone to make, that “God” gives them the exact words to write down and say. This is putting those words on the level of Scripture itself that was inspired by the Spirit of God, and this is a heretical claim.

Furthermore, you will not find a single mention of Jesus Christ in this “prayer.” But you will see where Daniel mentioned his own name three times. Well… supposedly, “God” (or “God,” through Duval’s so-called “spirit man”) mentioned Daniel’s name three times in this prayer that he dictated to Duval, but failed to make mention of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.


But at any rate, what follows is this complete “prayer” that Duval claims was “given to him by God,” word-for-word (typos and all), as shared with Carolyn and Loren. We have bolded some specific statements that Duval wrote, and inserted our own comments. Our reactions to his words are indicated by the bolded and blue-colored font.

For those interested, here’s the audio clip of Duval on the podcast he did about this trip he took to Montauk, where he read off part of this “prayer.” In this audio, Duval said he couldn’t read the full prayer because “people weren’t ready for the full word,” and he describes the rest of his prayer as being “off the charts.”

At least we and Duval can agree on that much! In fact, the entire thing is “off the charts.”

At Montauk

Thus says the Lord,

Throughout this prayer, Daniel is speaking in the first person as if he were God speaking these words. This is a very serious matter, to claim to be speaking for God!

Anytime the words “thus says the Lord” come out of someone’s mouth, usually the best thing to do is turn around and walk away. We’ve learned this from personal experience.

Furthermore, we should compare this so-called “word of God” from mankind with what the actual Word of God really does say. Everything should be compared to the Bible that has been interpreted properly and in context.


Even Jesus Christ Himself — who IS THE WORD OF GOD INCARNATE — did not answer Satan with “Thus saith Me….” But He answered Satan with, “It is written…,” and then He quoted Scripture.

Ponder on that thought for a moment, if you will….

the earth is mine and all that is contained therein. I am bankrupting every contract, lease and oath entangling this land with your realms and plans and timelines and I am taking it back unto myself.

Where’s Scripture for this? But, hey…. as far as contorting Scripture and using it out of context goes (the very essence of “christian witchcraft”), it sounds like a pretty decent plan so far.

I am redeeming this land by an act of my own will and the strength of my own hand.

… and with the help of Daniel Duval, of course.

And to every power that has experienced increase and gain on account of what has been done, anchored, and leverage through here, justice is being rendered to you this day.

If this sounds like a bunch of legalese to you, it’s because what was going on here was reminiscent of what certain “christian witches” believe in regards to the false doctrine of the “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

Except it was happening on earth.

At Montauk.


And I call you all to account to answer thus. Have you done justly? Have you received of my abundance?

Of course, these must be rhetorical questions! Surely the demonic aren’t just, nor do they receive of God’s abundance!

Have you served me in the execution of your assignments? Have your courses and paths been established by my will? Are you certain of your strength? For this day I call heaven and earth to witness against you.

This idea of “witnesses” is connected to the “Courtrooms of Heaven” false doctrine.

This doctrine teaches that God allows certain special individuals to go through certain evil things so that they can then “bear witness” in a “courtroom of heaven” (or on judgement day) against Satan and the demonic. Their witness allows God to then make a proper judgement of “guilty” against Satan and the demonic. The presumption is that without these “witnesses,” God would be unable to pass this “guilty” verdict, although they probably don’t word it like that.

Although this doctrine can give reason to the survivor of heinous traumas that they have endured, answering the question of “why did all this happen to me?”, and in this way can make them feel better, this doctrine ultimately serves to build their ego and puff up their pride. It is a false doctrine that is not based on Scripture that has been properly interpreted within context. Furthermore, the practicing of this doctrine often involves things that are unbiblical, such as astral traveling, and a spiritual warfare that is not based on Scripture that has been properly interpreted within context.

I own it all, and what you have pirated shall be brought down in judgment.

So according to this, God owns it all but the demons “pirate” things, so the only things the demonic have are because they have stolen them from other places.

Keep this thought in mind as you continue reading. 😉

I will reduce you to that which is rightfully yours, and I will take that which is rightfully mine.

What does this mean? If the demonic pirate (steal) everything that they have, then nothing is rightfully theirs. But according to this statement, there are some things that rightfully belong to God, and other things that rightfully belong to the demonic.

This is just confusing….

I scoff at your timelines. They are weak and petty, and now behold in the sight of all. They are gone. Where are your timelines? I say you will not find them. Not now nor ever again. I receive back to myself every pirated thing held therein.

Aaaaand… we’re back to the pirated thing.

It is done. Fight now with your swords and your shields. With your bows and with your chariots. Your abominations will not stand but fall before me and all that is determined by the spirit will not fail to be reflected in the natural.

Hmm…  How was all of this actually reflected in the natural?

Oh… That’s right. Duval believes that there’s a connection between this “prayer” and the cancelation of a reproduction in Times Square of the “Temple of Baal.”

No matter that Duval never mentioned “Baal” in this “prayer.”

No matter that this temple was never planned to be reconstructed, but it was the arch that led to the temple that was supposed to be reconstructed.

And also no matter the likely millions of people who had been praying about this all along. They should have just asked Duval to take care of matters. Sure would have saved them a lot of worry and stress!

But wait… a few months later, in September of 2016,  this reproduction of the Monumental Arch of Palmyra (The “Arch of Triumph”) that “historically served as the entrance to the Temple of Baal” was, in fact, built.

(see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monumental_Arch_of_Palmyra)

So much for disappearing timelines.

But, hey, at least Duval’s god was able to hold off construction for a few months, at least.

You are not my friends. You are enemies doomed and called to give account for wrongs committed. How dare you think that I would permit my own overthrow under any circumstances? Do you not know my might? Have you all not beheld my own glory? Have you not been in my courts seeking justice on account of my laws which change not?

This is another reference to “Courtrooms of Heaven,” a teaching that is unbiblical in doctrine and in practice.

Yet you fight against me? I judge you as defeated. I cast you down and decree that you are profane. My unknown armies do it.

This is a reference to the “shining ones” who have supposedly been, up until this point, unknown by the enemy and hidden within the Father. They are supposedly God’s “secret weapons” to fight against Satan and the demonic.


Overwhelm cannot describe the might and brilliance of who I am and the armies that subdue you now. I extinguish your battle fields. I extinguish your timelines, I extinguish you callings, which you deceitfully entangle men in. I extinguish your extensions,

Where’s the Scripture for this?

for you have lived lavishly on that which has been stolen and pirated from the abundance appointed to my people, which you have hijacked.

This is a reference to the unbiblical “prosperity gospel,” or “word of faith.” Through this entire prayer, Duval is claiming to “take back” this wealth and abundance from the demonic entities that stole it.

And again… the language keeps changing in this “prayer.” At certain times, it’s stated that the demonic “steal and pirate” because “God owns it all,” meaning that what the demonic have is not theirs to begin with. But at other times, it’s indicated that the demonic have a right to the things that they have, which means that they haven’t stolen or pirated them. Which is it? It sounds like Duval’s god is confused.

I decree that on account of the witness against you, what has been ascertained by you is taken now.

This is another reference to the “witnesses” in the “Courtrooms of Heaven” false doctrine.

Some of you here will lose your whole realm.

Why will just some lose their whole realm? Why not everyone that was there that day?

Regardless, Duval is big on “realms.” This is a demonic teaching that we explained in our book.


But, where’s Scripture for this?

Others, I call crippled beyond recovery.

Well, if the whole realms of some of them can’t be taken, at least it’s good that they are crippled beyond recovery. That’s a relief… 

But, again… where’s Scripture for this?

I bankrupt your New World Order.

Why didn’t someone think of this before?

I will provide for those that are mine, but you will not provide for those that are yours. Let you distinguish yourselves before me. I am Jehovah, the Creator and Maker of Heaven and earth.

Personally speaking, we would feel blasphemous for speaking these words, sounding as if we actually were claiming to be Jehovah, Creator and Maker of Heaven and earth. It’s one thing to quote Scripture, but Duval’s Montauk decree is not Scripture.

You are created, you are fools and bastards. You are broken and cast down. Your power is not power, but delusion.

Well… it’s true that Duval knows what he’s talking about when it comes to delusion!

I hate what you have done, I hate what you have stood for and I hate what you have promoted. Yet I, in my own ability, suffered long with you that by my own rules and self-limiting restrictions, overcome you on my own terms.

The way this is being used is not Biblical. God is all-powerful and is not restricted at all, in any way. Now, it’s true that God cannot lie, for instance, but this is not because He’s restricted. It’s because He is truth and there is no lie found within Him! It’s not a “self-restriction”; it’s His very nature! But the context in which Duval is using this supposed “self-restriction,” God’s hands are tied by the rules He set in place without really thinking through the consequences of those rules. So if these truly are words that have been given to Duval by “God,” then God just made a mistake here and contradicted Himself… and if God made a mistake, then He’s not God at all.

But it’s clear that the god that Duval serves (and hears from and quotes in this “prayer”) is not the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and as such, Duval’s god is prone to setting forth rules of his cosmic games that trap him later on down the line, rendering him powerless and restricted by his own self.

Duval’s god is weak.

And I shut your mouths and implode the vast armies you assemble unto yourselves. Your laboratories will go up in flames. Your networks will go up in flames, your war rooms will go up in flames. Your technologies are taken from you. Your libraries are rooted out of their foundations and taken to my realm, where you are not permitted.

Again with the realms.

But, hmm…? What’s this? So then, the demonic are not allowed in God’s realm?! Really! What about the whole “Courtroom of Heaven” teachings? Isn’t God’s courtroom found in His realm? So then, why are the demonic in God’s courtroom, if God just said here, through Duval, that they are not permitted in His realm? Which is it? Are the demonic permitted in God’s realm, or are they not?

But maybe God has a realm that He lives in — His “Main Residence Realm” — a “Vacation Realm” that He chills out in, and then a “Work Realm” where He does all the work-related stuff, like holding court. So maybe the demonic are allowed in God’s “Work Realm,” but not in His other realms.

But of course, this is not Biblical. So the best answer is that the god that Duval serves (and hears from and quotes in this “prayer”…) is not the true Creator of Heaven and Earth, and this god of Duval’s gets confused and contradicts himself.

Duval’s god is confused.

Heaven fights against you and I, with my own mouth condemn you. Power untold is wielded against you this day. For this is the day you contend with God Most High,

…and Duval.

and I dominate you out of the abundance of my own glory; and out of the resonations of my incomprehensible love, you are impaled.



First, this language, though…! Surely this could have been worded better…. :

Second, where’s Scripture for this? Is this how the Bible says God is going to deal with the demonic?

Third, ever get the feeling that some people are just trying too hard to be “deep?”

I will have my way, and not one of you here can stop me.

And for this cause have you gathered yourselves to this place. To stand down my servants. But I am my servants, and in me are they hidden.

Two things:

First, this “I am my servants and they are hidden in me” nonsense is speaking to the idea behind “fractal or quantum spirituality,” and in case you don’t know, this is a Gnostic, theosophical, new-age, Luciferian (satanic) doctrineWe wrote about this concept throughout our book, beginning in the “Spirit Man” chapter.

Second, this is another reference to the “shining ones” who are said to have been “hidden within the Father.”

You fight not with them but with me. And as you fight with me through them, your hearts will fail for fear of those things which I bring upon you.

Again with the, “huh?”

To you it has been appointed to be brutally afflicted by my people. For this is only the beginning. You will be stripped from every habitation throughout every cosmos and universe until there is nothing of yours left to be torn down. I rend the heavens through my people, and I decree that your heights are no heights. I scoff at your high places. I am He who sits in the heavens and laughs and I hold my enemies in derision. For in Abraham’s seed will all the nations of the earth be blessed. He that blesses him will be blessed but he that curses him will be cursed. You are surely accursed. The borrower is slave to the lender. I declare that your leases on my people have expired.

There’s too much here to put in bold text, but all the references to these Scriptures are being twisted out of context and used in way that is not Biblical.

Furthermore, half of this doesn’t even make sense. (“rend the heavens through my people…?” Huh?)

I stamp the hidden documents with my blood.

Another reference to the “Courtrooms of Heaven” and the “legal documents” that God supposedly signs or stamps as He renders a verdict.

Furthermore, this would have been the perfect place to mention the blood of Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice has made possible our redemption and our freedom from the law of sin and death. Yet… no mention of Jesus.


You will lose your victims faster and faster with each passing year. With great acceleration will I redeem earth from your grasp. I will dwindle your kingdoms to nothing. I will not relent, for I am the Lord of Hosts, and I reign on High.

Hmm… So Duval’s god is capable of gradually defeating this enemy, but he’s not powerful enough to do it all at once…?

But again, where’s the Scripture for this? Apparently, Duval’s god doesn’t know what the Bible says about the end times or about God’s timeline and plans for Satan’s demise. Jesus Christ said that things would get worse before He returns, not better and better! See: Matthew 24, among other verses. Anyone who takes Duval’s “decree” at face value as being God’s decree, does not know what the Bible says. Is God a liar who contradicts His written word? Or is Duval serving a different god?

And I call out the King of the North. I declare, your time has expired. I have appointed one to abide in your stead. And I am He.

So “God” is now the King of the North? Is there Scripture for this?

I remove you from your throne and I take from you your crown, I set mine appointed in your throne, and I cast you down naked and ashamed as a profaned thing. Your realm, power and glory now given to another, leaves you with nothing but to wander until the appointed time. Now get out.

Again with the “realms.”  

But wait… didn’t this god just say that he had appointed himself to take the place of this King of the North? Who’s this other guy now?

But aside from this contradiction, there’s something else we’d like to bring out.

We aren’t aware if Duval has made a public statement about this or not, but he has talked about himself as being the “King of the North” with at least three people that we are aware of, Carolyn and Loren being two. Which is a really weird thing to say, and we couldn’t figure out why he believed this and why he would even be proud of this! Now, however, we wonder if this (this “prayer”) is where he got this idea from. Is Duval referring to himself as the “appointed one” who now “abides in the stead” of the King of the North, and is now seated on the throne that supposedly belonged to this King of the North, and who has been given the “realm, power, and glory” that this King of the North supposedly had?

Hmm… we aren’t sure, but it seems possible. I guess Duval himself would have to explain this one. Either way, he might ought to dust off his Bible, though, and take a look at what the Word of God says about the King of the North.

Just a suggestion….

Thoth, this is my word to you. You have defamed the planet with your works, and iniquity and supreme intelligence.

Does anyone else feel as if Duval’s god just gave Thoth a back-handed compliment?

You have sat as a god. From your realm you have wrought terror in the earth and untold devastation. So today I take from you the pillars that your realm rests upon. Build your own. I take from you the foundations of your realm. Find your own. I take from you the intelligence of your illuminated mind. For if in your own power you have built your kingdom, then in your own power you will build it again.

Aaaaand…. more realms😒

But wait… earlier, Duval’s god said that some realms were going to be destroyed, and others were going to be crippled beyond recovery…. but now he says that some realms are going to be able to be recovered? Is this a special case only for Thoth? Why aren’t the other demons being given this same consideration that Thoth is being given? Seeing as how this Thoth has been such an awful fellow, you’d think that Duval’s god would fix it where he just couldn’t build at all. Seems like Duval’s god plays favorites.

Duval’s god is so confusing and contradictory.

For I this day take everything I allocated to you except existence,

Wait… what? Duval’s god is flip-flopping yet again, and making contradictory statements. Did Thoth build all these things, or did Duval’s god give them to him?

We thought earlier, when the question was posed, “Have you received of my abundance?” that this was a rhetorical question! Furthermore, it was stated earlier that the demonic steal (pirate) everything that they have.

So, which is it? Does God give the demonic the things that they have, or do they steal everything they have, and build it on their own? Is there even a Scripture that explains all this?

Ugh… we’re so confused….

But on the bright side: at least Thoth gets to keep his existence. That would have been a real bummer for Thoth if Duval’s god decided to destroy him right then and there. At least now he has a chance to build everything back up again…. Or maybe he’ll get on this god’s good side again, and this god will give some things back to Thoth. Who knows? But when this god makes a decision on these matters, certainly Duval will be the first to know.

and I determine that you will justify yourself in the eyes of those that look upon you. Where is your strength? Where is your might? Where is that cocky attitude?

We aren’t exactly sure how Thoth lost his cocky attitude, but we have an idea where he can find it….

I beheld you from the beginning. I behold you at your end.

Wait… what?! Sorry, but we’re confused again. Is this the end of Thoth?! Didn’t Duval’s god just say that he was taking everything allocated to him except existence? Ugh!

Duval’s god is so confusing!

I will by no means acquit the guilty.

Satan, this day I reduce your kingdom by half.

Half? Wow! Duval’s god is so powerful that he can reduce Satan’s kingdom by half!!

Maybe one day he’ll be powerful enough to just get rid of it altogether….


You, my great opponent, have your days numbered. This battle you cannot win, will grieve what remains of your soul.

Satan has a soul? And what happened to the other part of it? Where’d it go? Where’s Scripture for all of this?

And Satan is able to grieve? Since when? Where’s the Scripture for this?

I will not relent until I destroy all value from you and you are crushed under the feet of my people. I will shortly crush you under their feet, and I will subtract from you and your kingdom until all that has been spoken is fulfilled.

Again with the gradual destroying! Why does Duval’s god do these things gradually?

“Thus says the Lord

Has anyone else noticed that any time “God” has a word to give, it always comes “King-James” style? : Odd… 

Satan and all those that are with you. Take a seat and heed my words.

Duval’s god: “No, not that seat, Satan. That’s the former seat of the King of the North that I just gave to my special appointed one — or to myself. I’m not sure yet which statement is true. Duval and I will figure that out later. But don’t take that seat. Take the other seat.”

You will sit and not stand. You do not have the power that I have, and you never will. I impale your armies

Hmm… So is this the same thing as being impaled by the “resonations of incomprehensible love”? Or is this a different type of impalement altogether?

Just askin’.

and declare my righteous cause. Your mysteries are nothing before me. Now watch, as your secrets are exposed by the might of my hand for all the heavens to behold. Hear and see and watch this day as you learn that what you call power is no power. You are small before me, and for the greatness of my glory you have no antidote. For even you Satan, would turn back to me were it given to you.

Really? Where’s the Scripture for that?

But I reject you. I cast you down as a profane thing, and my words towards you will nevermore be sweet and lovely as they once were.

Where does Scripture talk about how God spoke lovely and sweet words to Satan, even before he was cast down? The Bible records where God gave description of Lucifer (Satan) before he was cast down, but we aren’t aware where there is record of conversations between Lucifer and God whereby God spoke “sweet and lovely” words to him.

But even if this is speaking about how God described Lucifer, and is referring to those words as being “sweet and lovely,” then does this mean that God is going to change His Word and change up how he described Lucifer? Is God now repenting of how He described Lucifer and deciding to change up how He words that description from now on?

Where is the Scripture for this?

I hate your deeds, I hate your plans, and I hate the works of your hands. The wrath that has been accumulated against you is beyond expression in human words, and on account of my wrath, you and your armies will sit and suffer.

Duval’s god: “You and your armies will sit right here and suffer… until tomorrow when Duval catches his flight to go back home. Then you can get up. But for now, you and your armies are in time out!

Today your destiny is revealed for all to see.

For all to see? All of whom? Was this being broadcast around the world? Which television channel? A lot of people missed seeing this, but maybe they’ll catch the reruns.

And if everyone saw this, why did Duval to do a podcast on it afterwards to share with other people?

This is what is coming to you, to your armies, and is what some that are with you will receive this day.

Some? Why not all?

It is determined, it is decreed, and I scoff at your hidden armies.

Ooh! Satan has hidden armies, too?! So, Satan has shining ones?!

In all seriousness, in a way, this statement makes sense. Since Duval and people like him have the false teaching that “Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God,” then it makes sense that Duval would say this.

But the truth is, however, that these “shining ones” aren’t from God at all. We wrote about it in our book.

Now behold mine.

“Mine” what?

Ooh… “behold mine hidden armies.”

And yes, this is another reference to the “shining ones.”

You will remain seated. You cannot fight. This is not a war. This is punishment. Everything that you have established in and through this land is now being taken by Daniel.

Wait, in the beginning of all this, Duval’s god said that he was taking everything. So now, he’s letting Daniel take it?

Ah… yes, now we see why it was important for Duval to go to Montauk to pray his special prayers that “only he is qualified to pray.” Because he had to go and “take back” everything that Satan had established in and through the land, and add it to his own loot. This is a component on the teaching on realms, whereby Duval believes that he acquires all the realms that he takes from the enemy. It’s one way that he builds his own realms. (See: realms)

Let’s just hope Duval does a better job with everything than Satan did…


But seriously where is the Scripture for this?!

Daniel has made the keys and they are distributed to my hosts.

Good thing Duval’s god has Duval around, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the keys!

But really — where’s the Scripture for this?

Now watch as they unlock every realm

Aaaaand…. again with the realms… that couldn’t be unlocked before… because everyone was waiting around for Duval to forge the keys.

Where’s the Scripture for this?

and counterfeit timeline and evil work tied, anchored and portaling through this land. You think you have might? I dare you to stand. You cannot. You will sit and watch. I am the Father, but you are a created being, and you have defied me in all my ways and corrupted your course. Therefore I tell you this, your greatest embarrassment is not yet. No, I will embarrass you and destroy you in the place of your greatest weakness your pride.

Pride? Hmm. Interesting that you brought this up…. 

For I will deliver XXXX from your hands and she will be mine. I will shame you before the hosts of heaven. I will not relent and XXXX herself will command your judgment. Eleyna will command your judgment.

There were two individuals who were specifically named in this “prayer,” but since we aren’t sure if this other individual was publicly named already as having been a part of this supposed “Montauk Massacre” in the spirit realms, we “X’ed” out her name.

My witnesses command your judgment.

Another reference to the witnesses spoken of in false doctrine of the “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

See how pitiful your almighty war is.

Well… to be fair, you did say that Satan wasn’t allowed to fight today. You said he and his armies had to sit there in their time-out chairs and get punished.

For nowhere is there anyone with you that is not losing heart at what you all must behold.

Huh? Surely this could have been worded much simpler….

For as this land is taken from you and your kingdoms you sit and watch as I display to you your destinies.

Whew! Good thing Jesus has Duval’s help with all this! Imagine what would have happened if Duval hadn’t gone to Montauk to pray this prayer? Satan would probably STILL have his kingdoms!

*eyeroll* 😐

Vengeance is mine and you forget oh so quickly who you contend with.

At what point did Satan forget that he was fighting against God? Where’s the Scripture for this?

When could you ever challenge me? Never.

Duval’s god: “Well, okay, there was that one time. But that was a long time ago.”

Your petty plans to backdoor me


Backdoor me?

Surely better words could have been used….

by causing one of my words to fail are pathetic. Now face me! Look me in the eyes if you dare. Where is your strength? Where is your might? Were it not for my word you would already be extinguished. Never forget who you are again.

Did they forget in the first place? Where’s the Scripture that backs up this thought?

Your empires, your kingdoms, your realms, your timelines, watch as I take and destroy them.

Destroy them? Didn’t Duval’s god just say that he was giving them to Duval?

I destroy your hope. I destroy your counterfeit futures. I destroy your worlds. Pick up the rubble and rebuild. You can try. This day your kingdom is halved, and the unlucky half,

So the other half is lucky?

And speaking of half… since Satan’s kingdom has been halved now, why didn’t the evil and crime and destruction in the world decrease by half?

you are coming with me to stand judgment now.

So is this the judgement day already? Where’s the Scripture for this?

But… this is yet another reference to the “Courtrooms of Heaven.”

But on earth.

At Montauk.

NOW get up here now

Satan: “But I thought you wanted us to….”

and stand before me.

Satan: “But you said…”


Satan: “Okay, okay, we’re standing…. Sheesh….”

Everything you have is taken from you

Everything? Didn’t you say earlier that you were only taking half?

and given to my people. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just.

Wait… first you were taking it for yourself, then you were giving it to Duval, then it was being destroyed. Now it’s being given to other people?


Let’s hope this god’s heavenly stenographer had some white-out handy when Duval’s god was passing out all these decrees through his special chosen victor, Dan Duval.

Not one of you could take on Daniel singlehandedly. You do not have the strength. For as my hand has been withheld so has his, but this day he manifests before you. Look upon my chosen victor.

“Manifest” is another reference to the “shining ones.”

On a completely unrelated note, did Thoth ever find that cocky attitude that came up missing?

As the North winds of abundance blow upon him the east winds of judgment come in a violent fury upon what I leave of you Satan.

What does this even mean? Sounds like a nor’eastern is a-brewin.

And for what you have done to Eleyna, I strike your scales. You will be marred and smited, and incur a wound this day that will never be healed. You will bear this mark for eternity.

Is there Scripture to back this up?

You call yourself a god? Now you can take it laying down!

So Satan has to take it sitting down, standing up, and now lying down? Whew! Sounds like Dan Duval’s god pretty much has all the bases covered!

This is judgment. This is wrath. This is when the Almighty stands up and declares His might. I am not fooling around anymore. I am no longer relenting.

Duval’s god: “I was kinda playin’ around earlier, and I was kinda lettin’ you get away with stuff up until now, but now I’m for real!

You will be brutally afflicted by my people. It begins now.

Duval’s god: “Wait… not yet…! Wait for it…. Wait for it…!! Okay, starting now. Thanks for all your help, Dan Duval. Couldn’t have done this without you.”

There’s some poking fun at this entire thing, but don’t think that we don’t grasp the seriousness of the situation. If we didn’t understand how serious it was, we wouldn’t take the time to share this with you and to point out not only the ridiculousness of the entire thing, but also to ask the question: “Where is Scripture for this?!

This entire “prayer” is indicative of an individual who has fallen into delusion, and who is then leading others into that same delusion. What makes it even more heinous, is that some of these people whom he is leading into delusion are survivors of ritual abuse and mind-control programming. And those people are under the dangerous misconception that he knows what he is doing in “counseling,” and who falsely believe that he is helping them.

Here are two last points:

1. This false premise Duval is standing on that causes him to believe he has the “right” to tear down (half of) Satan’s kingdom, to “dethrone Thoth,” and all the other things he declared in this “prayer,” is Dominionism. Duval calls it “Sheep Nations,” but no matter what word is used to describe this “kingdom building” (or this “tearing down of kingdoms and allocating the loot elsewhere,” namely, adding it to what he believes to be his own ever-expanding realm), this is not a Biblical doctrine. We wrote about this in our book and you can read all about it in the chapter titled “Shining Ones,” particularly the section on “Realms.”

2. One of Carolyn’s friends read through this entire “prayer” of Duval, and we believe that the thoughts he shared with us are important points to bring out:

This whole prayer is basically a Satanic rite/ritual. It’s symbolic of a transference of demonic power to Duval to be the new host for this demonic power.

It’s also is like a ceremonial thing between Duval and “XXXX,” in terms of him stating how “she will be mine.” It sounds like he’s saying that he will have full ownership and control of her. And when “given to my people” is mentioned — and I interpret that Duval’s clients/victims were the “my people” that is being referred to — that from hence forth all the evil, realms, etc, from Montauk etc, are bestowed to Duval to use on “his people.

This is all about control and power for Duval. This whole thing is A LOT more sinister than people realize. There was definitely an occult/dark motive, and a reason Duval was so gung-ho and “possessed” to go do this.

Loren’s Thoughts: as Duval’s former client, I certainly agree with this assessment. And considering the demonic force (this “god”) that was using Duval — this demonic force that Carolyn and I have been at odds against, and have spoken out against, and have exposed the evil works of, and have been attacked by — at the least it absolutely was a ceremony (a demonic ritual) to take spiritual authority over the individuals who were there that day. And the entire ritual was sealed by Duval dumping out a large container of olive oil into the water. (I’m sure the flora and fauna at that place at Montauk weren’t thrilled about this…)

All the elements of spell-casting were there:

●  invoking (calling on many spirits, and the use of “Christian” language made this a type of “white magic,” although, just barely….)
●  charming (Duval’s long, drawn-out, superfluous, contradictory, ego-driven “prayer”)
●  symbolic action (pouring out the oil into the water)
●  and using a fetish, or, objects (Montauk itself was being used as an “object of power,” but this also involved standing on high place — the rocks — at Montauk. These rocks were being used as “power objects.”)

Carolyn and I wrote about this in our book: “Elements of Spell-casting

This ritual was also part of “kingdom building” that Duval believes he is engaged in. He believes he is “taking back” the kingdom of darkness for the kingdom of “God,” and in doing so, by taking over these “realms of Satan’s kingdom,” these realms that he “takes over” is given to him. And so through these decrees, he believes he is expanding his own personal realms, giving him a greater “spiritual authority.” Carolyn and I gave details about all of this in our book, particularly in this section:


Not only this, this ritual served to build Duval’s ego and puff up his pride, and is just a part of many other activities and experiences that serve to keep him focused on things that are not of God, and things that are not Biblical.

One additional word I use, too, is the word “mind-control programming.” And certainly, this programming is assisted by the demonic. In counseling sessions with Duval, he would “pray prayers” like the one above (not usually quite as long, although I may not  have realized if they were that long, because I would usually dissociate during his “prayers”), and he used his “realms” as a way of programming.

Bottom line: Duval is programming people through his “counseling” and calling it “spiritual warfare,” and then is using these same “spiritual warfare” tactics on other people.


This “decree of judgement” contradicts the word of God over and over and over again. It has done nothing to point people to the Heavenly Father, to point people to the Word of God, nor to bring glory to the Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ. But it has done everything to glorify and bring people’s attention to Dan Duval. This “prayer” is either the result of Duval’s egotistical and prideful imagination; or, if we believe what he has said and his “god” gave him these words, then it is a result of automatic writing from a demonic spirit.

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