About Our Experiences with Bride Ministries International

On this page, you will find a list of resources to fully explain the questions many of you asked of “Why did you leave Bride Ministries?” and “Why are you accusing Daniel Duval of teaching and promoting false doctrine?”

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Why We Left Bride Ministries

This is an article by Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace, originally published on December 17th, 2016.

Exposing Christian Witchcraft (Video Series)

These videos (a series of three) are the original answer to the questions many people had asked us (particularly Carolyn): “Why did you leave Bride Ministries and why are you accusing Dan Duval of teaching false doctrine?”

Therefore, they were originally meant to address subjects that would be understood by the dissociative people who were still going through (or who had been through) counseling with Dan Duval of Bride Ministries, explaining in more detail to those people why we left Bride Ministries and Duval’s so-called “counseling.” So the average non-dissociative person who has not had any experience with Dan Duval and his Bride Ministry “counseling” may not completely understand what we are talking about in these videos, particularly if they don’t know any of the occult and dissociative background from which we come.

However, the book that we subsequently wrote does go into a full explanation on the subjects we broached in these videos and should clear up any confusion.


Here we have listed some of the testimonies of others that they have publicly shared on various social media sites, as well as the testimonies of some who have emailed us, telling us and others of their experiences with Bride Ministries and Dan Duval, as well as with other false doctrines and ministries who are promoting false doctrines, including those of Ian Clayton, Arthur Burk, Patricia King, Jeff Janson, Steve Harmon, Dave Hayes (also known as the “Preying Medic”), and others.

Duval’s “Judgement Decree” at Montauk

This is a transcript of Duval’s “judgement decree” at Montauk with our commentary.

We share this transcript for four main reasons:

1. To give an example of channeling and automatic writing, as practiced by those who are engaged in “christian” witchcraft.

2. To offer proof for the discerning of the ungodly spirit out of which Duval is operating.

3. To use this opportunity to point out all the false doctrines that are being alluded to in this prayer that was penned by Duval’s own hand, and spoken by his own mouth.

4. To give an example of the type of “spiritual warfare” that Duval engages in, and to point out that it is unscriptural, ego-driven, and doesn’t even make sense half the time.

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