⇒ Disclaimer One:

The Heavenly Father has delivered us (Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace) from the occult, and after many years of personal experience of working alongside Satan’s “Spiritual Hierarchy,” as well as many years of involvement with the charismatic movement, we are both now in the unique position to understand and explain how Satan’s Plan is pushing forward not only within blatant occult groups, but also within Christianity, in particular through the charismatic movement.

So, what we share on this website (and on our other websites) is based upon our understanding of occult doctrines that both of us were taught by both human teachers as well as non-human teachers. We then line these doctrines and philosophies up with the Word of God in order to explain to you why they are not of God. This is done not to cause you, the reader, to be fascinated or captured by the occult, but to warn you of the dangers and deceptions of Satan’s plan, to warn you of what is to come, and to encourage you to hold to the Truth of God’s written Word (the Bible).

To better understand the point of view that we come from when addressing particular issues, please read our “About Us” page.

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Related to Disclaimer One, please keep in mind that no one is forcing you to read this blog or watch our videos. Furthermore, we are not standing in front of a church congregation and teaching Scripture. However, if you are man and you feel that any of our blog articles or videos are violating the “women shouldn’t teach men” principle, then please do not read our blog articles or watch our videos. Simple enough. 🙂

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While anyone is free to read our blog and comment, of course (please read our comment policy), the main focus of this blog is directed towards Christians and towards those who call themselves Christians. If you are someone who is easily offended by the free expression of opinions and viewpoints that you may not agree with, or someone who feels stressed when confronted with viewpoints that challenge your belief system, then, regrettably, this may not a good blog for you to follow or read.

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If you are a survivor of trauma, specifically ritual abuse or mind-control agendas, please read the material on this blog with caution, taking into careful consideration your own emotional and mental state. While we do our best to not be purposefully triggering, some content may be upsetting. If you find yourself being triggered while reading through the content of this website, please stop reading and tend to your immediate needs.

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The information and opinions presented on this website are not meant to be used in place of professional help, whether for emotional, mental, or physical issues. If you are in need of professional help, please contact your local health professionals. If you are in danger of hurting yourself, please contact your local emergency services. If you are being stalked or are in danger of being hurt by someone else, unfortunately, we can’t help you. Please get to a safe place and reach out to your local resources to find help.

If you need help finding a therapist near you, here is a resource where you may be able to find help: https://www.sidran.org/get-help/.

If you do not know where to go in case of an emergency, a list of hotlines to call can be found here: www.sidran.org/resources/hotlines/.

Here is another resource to search lists of helps that are arranged by the country you live in: http://www.befrienders.org/directory.

* NOTE: We do not personally endorse the above-linked services, and offer them only as a convenience to you. Take advantage of the resources at your own risks, assessing your own needs as well as the qualifications of the individuals with whom you come into contact.

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Any of the citations and links found on this website to other material that is not written by us (Loren Grace, Carolyn Hamlett), should not be considered an automatic endorsement of the directors, creators, authors, and/or contributors of the respective books, videos, or websites and all of their expressed viewpoints. We encourage you to line everything up with the Word of God, reading Scripture in context and with understanding, and to make a relationship with your Heavenly Father your highest priority.

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