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Comment Policy

On this blog, we share our opinions with you, the reader, based on our own specific life experiences, as well as our understanding of the Word of God. To better understand the point of view that we come from when addressing particular issues, please read our “About Us” page.

While anyone is free to read our blog and comment, of course, the main focus of this blog is directed towards Christians and towards those who call themselves Christians. If you are someone who is easily offended by the free expression of opinions and viewpoints that you may not agree with, or someone who feels stressed when confronted with viewpoints that challenge your belief system, then, regrettably, this may not a good blog for you to follow or to read.

Likewise, if you are a survivor of trauma, specifically ritual abuse or mind-control agendas, please read the material on this blog with caution, taking into careful consideration your own emotional and mental state. While we do our best to not be purposefully triggering, some content may be upsetting. If you find yourself being triggered while reading through the content of this website, please stop reading and tend to your immediate needs.

Whether or not you agree with our opinions, we welcome your feedback when it is given in a respectful manner. There are a few guidelines, however.

1. Before commenting, please review our disclaimer. Any comment that does not reflect an understanding of our disclaimer will not be posted. For example, if you are asking for mental health advise, your comment will not be posted.

2. All comments are held for review. There are no exceptions.

3. We will not engage in debate in the comments section, neither will we allow others to debate. There are no exceptions. If you would like to give a lengthy response as to why you do or do not agree with our stated opinions, please send us an email via our contact form.

4. Generally speaking, we do not allow URL’s in your comments or in your signature, and they are automatically filtered by the spam filter and placed in a folder that we rarely check because we usually forget about it. This includes links to personal websites, business website, blogs, social media, product pages, et cetera. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and are up to our sole discretion.

5. Unless the article is specifically encouraging the sharing of such information, the comments section on this website is not a place to advertise or promote your own blog, website, business, works or products. Comments that do such will not be posted.

6. Unless the article is specifically encouraging the sharing of such information, the comments section on this website is also not the place to advertise or promote other’s blogs, websites, businesses, works or products. Comments that do such will not be posted.

7. Comments that have nothing to do with the preceding blog article, or that are rambling, incoherent, or unreasonably lengthy will not be posted. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you have a lengthy comment you’d like to share with us, please do so by email via our contact page.

8. Under certain circumstances, short quotations from well-known or historical figures may be acceptable if it is applicable to the preceding article, but lengthy quotations will not be posted. If you have a lengthy quotation you’d like to share with us, please do so by email via our contact page.

9. We wish that we were fluent in all languages, but regrettably, we are not. Therefore, comments that are not written in English will not be posted.

10. While you are welcome to respectfully express your opinion and give feedback, any comment that we deem to be hateful, rude, bullying, or otherwise disrespectful to ourselves or to others will not be posted. Please do your best to share and speak with kindness and respect, even if you strongly and irrevocably disagree with us or with others. We promise to do our best, too.

11.  Messages, comments, or emails that are threatening to the peace, safety, and lives of ourselves, our loved ones, or others, will be reported to the proper authorities.

12. Comments containing telephone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, or any other type of information that is usually considered to be private will be deleted or edited for content. (Your email is required in order to post a comment, but it is not shared publicly.)

13. Please be careful what details about your life that you share in your comments. For example, it may not be a good idea to share details about the argument that you and your spouse got into the other night, or details of the difficulties you are facing at the moment. We aren’t likely to approve comments that are of such a personal nature, but on the chance that we do allow the comment to post, the comments are permanent and cannot be deleted by you.

14. If you change your mind about posting a comment, you can reply to the comment that you want deleted, and ask that we delete that comment for you. While we can’t make any guarantees due to miscommunication, misunderstanding, technical error, illness, or the like, we will comply to the best of our ability and as quickly as we are able.

Comments may be edited to conform to these guidelines, but generally speaking, it’s not worth the hassle. If your comments do not follow these guidelines, they will not be approved.

We (Carolyn Hamlett, Loren Grace, and reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. We also reserve the right to block access via IP address to anyone from commenting or subscribing to for violation of this comment policy.

Regarding Your Privacy

  • If you post in the comments of a blog post on this website or anywhere on social media, any personally identifiable information you have chosen to publicly share is visible to others. (Your email is required in order to post a comment, but it is not automatically shared publicly on this website.) This information that you submit to any social media forum can be read, collected, or used by other individuals to send you unsolicited messages. We, (Carolyn Hamlett, Loren Grace, and are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in these forums.
  • Please assume that any comment you submit on this website or on our affiliate pages (such as our other social media pages) is being or will be posted publicly. By posting any comment, you are giving us (Carolyn Hamlett, Loren Grace, and permission to use your comment in any way we see fit. For instance, we may choose to address your comments, either in full or in part, in an upcoming blog post.
  • Although this blog does collect certain information (such as your email address) in order for you to comment, we will not use that information collected by this blog to contact you without your permission (for example, we will not contact you via email if you choose to comment on this blog), nor will we sell or give away such information.

If you disagree with any part of this comment policy, do not comment on, or on any of our affiliated websites, such as our other social media forums.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. By using this website after we post any changes, you agree to accept those changes, regardless of whether you have reviewed them or not.