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⇒ This is the JOINT website of Carolyn AND Loren, so when you use this “Contact Us” form, be respectful of this fact, and do not try to exclude one or the other of us from your correspondence.

⇒ WE DO NOT DO INTERVIEWS AT THIS TIME. So please DO NOT use this form to ask us to do an interview with you!

⇒ Because of the volume of emails we receive, we do not make a habit to respond to each email individually. It has become overwhelming and taxing to the point of taking over a good portion of our day. Therefore, as described in our Privacy Policy, we set up this joint email address with the express purpose to receive relevant questions and comments that we may, at our discretion, choose to address on our upcoming video conversations or in an article on this website. Therefore, we will likely not reply to your email message unless we address your important questions or comments on our videos or on this website.

However: we take your privacy seriously. If we choose to address your important comments or questions that you send to us via any of the comment forms on our website, or via a direct email to us, we will not share any personal identifying information, such as your name, your email address, or IP address. Neither will we share any information that is considered by us and/or stated by you to be of a private, personal nature. The only exception is in the case of a security threat, as described in the notice directly above the contact form.

⇒ Our email is NOT SET UP so we can find pen pals or new friends with whom to correspond. We may respond to your email, but we likely will not. Either way, we are not looking for pen pals or new friends.

⇒ Our email is NOT SET UP to debate back and forth on any given topic. The opinions we express on our website are our opinions. If you do not agree with our opinions or if they are offensive to you, you are welcome to email us to let us know, if it’s important to you to make sure we know how you feel. However, we still will not engage in debate or argument. Our arguments are set forth on our various blogs; there is no need to engage in lengthy debate/arguments via email. It’s a waste of time and energy for both you and us.

⇒ WE ARE NOT PSYCHICS. We have renounced all occult gifts. The types of questions you can expect to not receive an answer for include asking for predictions for the future. The long and short answer to those types of questions is this: focus on your relationship with your Heavenly Father and stop worrying about the future; ask Him to guide you and trust Him.

We are not mental health professionals or counselors, and we do not offer advise regarding your mental health or the mental health of others. Neither are we in the position to help you walk you through life decisions, or to provide help for you if you are in danger. So please do not treat us as such. We are ex-occultists, former infiltrators, and survivors of trauma and mind-control agendas, and we are merely offering our opinion on certain issues based upon our specific life experiences and our understanding of the Bible. Please see our disclaimer. You can also read our short bios to better understand where we are coming from.


EMAILS OR MESSAGES THAT ARE THREATENING TO THE PEACE, SAFETY, OR THE LIVES OF OURSELVES, OUR LOVED ONES, OR TO OTHERS, WILL BE TURNED OVER TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. So just don’t send threatening emails. Work your feelings out with a therapist, or something of the sort.

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