About Us

Main Purposes of this Blog

1. We, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace, have joined together for the purpose of having a place to share the book we have written together: “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft.”

2. We also use this blog to address pertinent questions others have asked us. While some inquiries come via social media, we prefer if you ask us your questions by emailing us so that we can have everything in one place. You can email us by filling out the contact form.

3. Using our personal experiences and observations from years of working alongside Satan’s “Spiritual Hierarchy,” as well as many years of involvement with the charismatic movement, and lining up those occult doctrines and philosophies we have learned with the Word of God, we also use this blog as a way to explain to Christians how Satan’s Plan is pushing forward not only within blatant occult groups, but also within Christianity, in particular through the charismatic movement.

This is done not to cause you, the reader, to be fascinated or captured by the occult, but to warn you of the dangers and deceptions of Satan’s plan, to warn you of what is to come, and to encourage you to hold to the Truth of God’s written Word (the Bible).

Main Audience of this Blog

While anyone is free to read our blog and comment, of course, the main focus of this blog is directed towards Christians and towards those who claim to be Christians.

⇒ See: 1 Corinthians 5:12.

Main Mission of this Blog

1. We hope to point people back into having a relationship with their Heavenly Father and to remind them that their relationship with the Heavenly Father is made possible only because of Jesus Christ, through whom salvation comes.

⇒ See:  Ephesians 2:1-10, Romans 5:6-11, Colossians 2:13-15, Hebrews 9:14, 27-28, Matthew 20:28, John 10:6-10, John 3:1-21.

2. We also do our best to encourage people to follow Jesus Christ, and to remind them that following Jesus Christ means following the example He gave. This means denying themselves, daily taking up their cross, and walking in humble submission to the will of the Father and in obedience to His Word, no matter what.

⇒ See: Matthew 16:24-27, Matthew 10:32-39, Mark 10:21.

3. The Word of God (the Bible) is our plumb line by which every other matter in our life must align. Therefore, it is our mission to encourage people to go to the written Word of God (the Bible) and study what the words mean, interpreting the Scripture properly and within context, testing all things against the Word of God. This is how we build discernment.

⇒ See: Acts 17:11, 1 John 4:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21, Matthew 7:15, Matthew 24:4-5Hebrews 5:14, Romans 12:2, Ephesians 5:10, Romans 1:28, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Philippians 1:10.

Fulfilling our Purpose, Staying True to our Main Audience, and in Keeping with our Mission

So in fulfilling the purposes of this blog, in staying true to our main audience, and in keeping with our mission, we often point out and detail common errors within Christian circles and groups, as well as sometimes name false teachers and false prophets, showing how particular doctrines, belief systems, or activities are not centered around the Word of God but around occult doctrine.

⇒ See: Ephesians 5:112 Corinthians 6:14Acts 26:18.

This is not done to glorify or sensationalize our past experiences with the occult. Neither is this done to “point fingers” or to try to make ourselves look better than we are, because we are not perfect or righteous because of or through anything that we do or say, and we aren’t trying to pretend we are. We are, however, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the same as everyone else who accepts the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as being the ultimate, final, and only acceptable propitiation for their sin.

⇒ See: Romans 3:25Hebrews 2:171 John 2:21 John 4:10.

So this blog is not an avenue through which we gleefully take the opportunity to self-righteously “throw stones” or to unfairly or unjustly judge. But this blog is written based on our own experiences and understanding of occult doctrine. We do our best to honestly and forthrightly address occult doctrine that is increasingly taking over Christianity, and try to encourage and urge those who have consciously or unconsciously strayed from the faith to humble themselves before the Father, to submit themselves to His will, and to be obedient to His Word.

So it’s true that our main focus is reaching Christians and those who call themselves Christian. However, if, in the process of writing this blog, we reach others who are not Christian, encouraging them to take a look at the truth found in the Word of God; or, if we reach others who have left Christianity altogether, compelling them to take a second look at the truth of the Word of God and questioning their own misconceptions that perhaps caused them to leave in the first place; then that is an extra bonus. 🙂

Whatever your reason for perusing through the content found on this website, following our blog, sharing our posts, and commenting on our articles, we pray that you will come to know the peace and joy of walking in a close relationship with the Heavenly Father, and of walking in submission to His will and in obedience to His Word.

Thank you for visiting. ❤

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About Carolyn

I’m a former Illuminist, born and raised in the Luciferian organization that is responsible for implementing “The Plan” for the New World Order. I was used throughout my life in various capacities and departments in this Plan, which yielded to me a wide range of experiences, causing me to be privy to information that many people do not know about.

“The Plan” for the NWO is a plan authored by Lucifer, who is Satan, and it speaks to the schemes of the enemy (Satan) to lead all of humanity into deception. This is being accomplished by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to Satan’s influence, allowing the demonic to have full access to people. He does this by using his infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, to spread this universal “spirituality” in many different ways and in every culture and religion throughout the world. This is in preparation for setting up …

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About Loren

My ongoing bio can be found at: https://lorengrace.com/snapshots-memory-album/

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