The Significance of Repeating Numbers

I have received a few questions via email that people have had about the significance of repeating numbers. Here are two of the questions:



For the past year I am seeing the number 33 almost daily, in every day situations. I am praying to have an answer. Would appreciate [your] thoughts on this.


I have a question regarding the significance of seeing repeating numbers like 222, 333, 444 etc.? I see these kinds of numbers a lot and feel as though God is giving me information eg: when I see the 2’s it’s an indication about anger – mine or someone else’s that may come up. The 4’s are to do with being careful to not allow myself to be triggered into fear, 6’s means a psychic/satanic attack, 3’s are to do with the presence of Jesus is around me (and it’s usually when I need him) etc. I was wondering if you know if God can speak to us via seeing these numbers or am I being deceived are these from the New Age / Occult?

The Shorter Answer

Numbers are not occult. They are simply a way to count items, to determine the value or rank of items, to give a total to a number of items, etc. This isn’t occult.

But to study the supposed “deeper meaning,” the “hidden meaning,” or to seek after the “interpretation” of numbers and how they influence or guide one’s life, is occult. It is a form of divination commonly known as “numerology.”

There are two main reasons why people frequently notice and are distracted by repeating numbers and/or repeated numerical patterns:

1. they are seeking after occult things in one way or another;

2. or, the demonic is trying to attract their attention towards those things which are occult.

Now, it’s probably fair to say that everyone sees repeating numbers throughout the day to one extent or another. This isn’t abnormal or occult, nor does it always mean that the demonic are trying to attract people’s attention through those repeating numbers.

But for some who are constantly distracted by or intrigued by such repeating numbers, it may be an indication that either they are seeking after the occult in one way or another, or that the demonic are trying to attract their attention towards the occult.

But as Christians, we should know that God speaks to us and guides us by His written Word and through His Spirit; not by numbers.

As Christians, we should know that ultimately we should be influenced by the Holy Spirit of God and His written Word; not by numbers.

So, if you are frequently distracted by repeating numbers or number sequences and feel tempted to seek the “deeper meaning” of those numbers:

1. pray and ask the Father to keep you on a path that is guided not by numbers, but by His Spirit (and this guidance will always be in agreement with and come from the written Word of God that has been properly interpreted within context, because God does not contradict Himself);

2. and, ignore the distraction.

The Longer Answer

When I speak of “the two main reasons why people are distracted by repeating numbers,” this holds true even in those instances when noticing repeated numbers is due to mind control or trauma.

Mind Control

Sometimes those who are survivors of mind control will notice repeating numbers for many different reasons. They may have been programmed for certain numbers or number sequences to hold significance to them that they subsequently notice frequently; or perhaps particular times were significant to them because those times were when a bulk of the programming was taking place in the past (this is related to trauma, which is the next point); or any other reason.

Now, the noticing of particular numbers isn’t necessarily the individual’s fault, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are purposefully seeking out the occult, although with some individuals, this will most certainly be the case.

However… regardless of whether or not the person is actively and consciously seeking after “hidden or special meanings” to the numbers they are frequently noticing, the demonic can (and will) try to entice the individual into seeking out guidance and meaning from those numbers that they are continually seeing, and encourage them to allow those numbers to influence his or her life, and that is an occult activity.

As Christians, we should know that God speaks to us, guides us, and influences us through His Spirit, and it will always be properly based upon His written Word; not numbers.

Other Traumas

In the instance of other types of traumas, sometimes an individual will notice repeating numbers or numerical sequences that have a direct correlation to the trauma itself. For instance, if a traumatic event took place at a certain time, they may instinctively be aware of that time and glance at a clock at that exact moment.

This is just an example, but again, frequently noticing particular numbers or number patterns does not necessarily mean the individual is seeking out the occult, although in some cases it may be true.

However…  the demonic can (and will) try to entice the individual into seeking out guidance or meaning from those numbers that they are continually seeing, and to allow numbers to influence his or her life, and that is an occult activity.

As Christians, we should know that God speaks to us, guides us, and influences us through His Spirit, and it will always be properly based upon His written Word; not numbers.

So, even in these cases, the answer is basically the same:

1. pray and ask the Father to keep you on a path that is guided not by numbers, but by His Spirit and through a proper understanding and application of His written Word;

2. and, ignore the distraction.

The process of overcoming this distraction can be a bit more involved with those who are dissociative, however, particularly if alters are involved, so tips on overcoming (based upon our past experiences and our understanding and application of Scripture) can be found here: 

“Biblical” Numerology

Biblical numerology is the use of numbers for their symbolic value in Scripture. Basically speaking, it gives special meaning to specific numbers, presumably by extrapolating the meaning from Scripture (although this doesn’t always appear to be the case).

For example:

Some give 2 the meaning of “division” (the human and divine nature of Jesus; two Testaments, the Old and the New; mankind being created as male and female, as recorded in Genesis 1:27; a vessel for honorable use and the other for dishonorable use, spoken of in Romans 9; two types of people, sheep and goats, mentioned in Matthew 25:32; two ages: this age and the one to come). But others say 2 means “valid testimony, witness, or support” (Genesis 1:16, Exodus 25:22, Numbers 35:30, Deuteronomy 17:6, Deuteronomy 19:15, Ecclesiastes 4:9, Matthew 18:16, Matthew 26:60, Luke 10:1).

The number 3 is believed by some to mean “completion, perfection, and unity” (as noted by the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit), and since Scripture records many important events happening on the third day or within three days, Biblical numerologists and proponents of such assert that the number 3 holds a particular significance.

Some say the number 10 represents “totality” (ten fingers and toes on humans; ten horns in Revelation 12, 13, and 17; ten crowns in Revelation 13:1), and that multiples of 10 signify “heightened totality” (Revelation 7:4 and 20:4). Others say 10 represents “human government and laws” (Ruth 4:2, Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5, 1 Kings 11:31-35). Still others assert that the number 10 symbolizes “divine perfection” (ten commandments in Exodus 20; ten plagues in Exodus 9; 10 x 10 silver sockets that formed the foundation of the Tabernacle in Exodus 38:27; ten “I AM’s” spoken by Jesus in the Gospel according to John).

The number 40 is often thought of by Biblical numerologists as representing “trail” or “probation” (Deuteronomy 8:2-5, Exodus 24:18, Jonah 3:4, Matthew 4:2).

… and so on.

While I don’t necessarily and completely disagree with numbers having a symbolic meaning at times…

(and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with symbolism, in and of itself, unless, for example, that symbolism is being used to guide one’s life, or is being applied to one’s life in an unbiblical fashion)

… I do have issue with numbers in the Scripture being treated as solely or entirely symbolic. In other words, while there are some Scripture that may lead the reader to conclude within himself or herself that “40” may represent “trial” or “probation,” this does not negate the literal meaning it has within Scripture.

Furthermore, while numbers may have a significance in Scripture, this does not necessarily apply to our actual lives today. To extrapolate from Scripture a meaning about numbers and attempt to (mis)apply the same meaning to our lives in ways that are not Biblical, is not something that is wise nor advocated by Scripture, and if left unchecked, it can lead to different types of superstition and witchcraft.

For example, if you begin to notice and fixate on the fact that for the past several days, you have been second in line at the bank teller; second in line at the grocery store; second in line at the red light; and that you keep seeing multiples of 2, etc… and then if you decide to give this a “biblical” meaning to your life, believing that perhaps God is telling you that it’s time for a division in your life (or, depending upon the meaning you decide to give to the number, that God is trying to tell you that you have His support in your latest endeavor or personal philosophy or whatever else…); or, if you are continuously seeing the multiples of 3, and you suppose that this means Jesus is with you; then this absolutely is not of God. It is a form of divination that is called “numerology,” using numbers and the imagined meaning of those numbers to guide and influence your life.

Some people are very superstitious in this manner, and will even take it as a “sign from God” that He is “making the way clear” (or something of that nature) if they drive down the road and the signal lights seem to “magically” turn from red to green as they approach.

Again, this is not of God but is a form of divination.

I personally knew someone who believed just this concerning lights and numbers and all sorts of things that he gave special meaning to, and he based many of his spiritual beliefs on such superstitions. People believed him to be a devout Christian, and he was as far as outward appearances went. And he claimed to love God, and I do not doubt his sincerity. But he continually and progressively based his Christian beliefs upon mysticism and superstition, and sad to say, he progressed to the point where he is now involved in a cult that denies the deity of and our salvation through Jesus Christ.

I also knew a different person (also a self-described Christian) who allowed herself to be guided by dead animals on the road and the meaning she would ascribe to their appearance, position, number, etc.

It can really get strange and downright delusional, the superstitious things people allow themselves to be deceived by — and self-proclaimed Christians at that! Some, I believe, may be suffering from mental illnesses brought about through no fault of their own, so I do believe that the Father has mercy on them, because they can’t help their condition. But others are simply suffering from rebellion, pride, and from being stiff-necked in refusing to line up with the properly exegeted Word of God.

And I used to live by such different types of superstitions myself (not the animal thing, tho…), so I’m not trying to be overly harsh with this assessment.

But as followers of Jesus Christ and believers in God’s Word, we need to understand that God does not speak to us nor direct us in our life through numbers or lights or animals or anything else of that nature. God speaks to us and directs us through His written Word and by His Spirit, Who will always and forever be in agreement with His written Word!

So, the dangers that surround “Biblical” numerology are many, and it begins with the fact that the different meanings of numbers are often subjective and can vary, depending upon the meaning the individuals themselves ascribe to the number.

But if God truly has meant a spiritual meaning behind every number in the Bible and if He has meant for those meanings to guide our lives today, then should this not be made perfectly clear in Scripture?

Yet, it seems that at least in some cases, the significance and meaning of the numbers is based more so on the opinion of the Biblical numerologist rather than the fact of Scripture itself. And to begin to base one’s spiritual beliefs and Biblical understanding upon the subjective meaning of numbers (or any other subjective opinion), and to allow those supposed meanings to guide our lives today, is not wise.

Furthermore, “Biblical” numerology tends to dangerously and progressively do the following:

It encourages Christians to focus on the significance of numbers rather than the actual literal meaning of the Scripture itself, and it can lead to a failure to properly apply the true, clear, and simply-understood meaning of Scripture to their lives.

It is a distraction that naturally leads Christians to lose their focus on their relationship with the True God (although, they are enticed and tricked into thinking that “God” is speaking to them through the numbers), and to begin to allow themselves to be guided by the supposed “hidden meaning of numbers” to one extent or another, rather than be guided by the Holy Spirit of God and the clear and simple meaning and application of His written Word.

It has the tendency to feed the esoteric-minded, leading many astray into mysticism, superstition, and divination of various types, including the different methodologies of gematria that are found within Kabbalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism.

This is a very dangerous trend!

So stop worrying about any supposed meaning behind numbers. We can glean wisdom and guidance from Scripture without trying to ascertain any type of supposed hidden or deeper meaning from the numbers. If there is a meaning behind any given number found within Scripture, it should be clear to the reader that there is an importance behind the number, even if the meaning is obscure or argued about by others (for instance, 666, the number of the beast, spoken of in Revelation 13).

Otherwise, don’t worry about any supposed meaning behind numbers in Scripture.

It is enough to allow the Scripture to say what it says and to mean what it means without adding anything extra. To do otherwise leads to dangerous territory.


Calling yourself a Christian and practicing any type of numerology does not make this occult activity to not be occult. It is still an occult practice, regardless of what name it may be given or regardless of who practices it.

So if you find yourself being distracted by repeating numbers… if you find yourself wondering if God is trying to tell you something through those numbers… if you find yourself seeking the meaning and interpretation of numbers… or seeking guidance or inspiration from numbers… or if you’re seeking the knowledge and understanding about anything else “mystical” about repeated numbers… remember that it is a satanic distraction that if entertained, will lead you down a path of occultism of some form or another.

This is the real significance behind the allure and “mystery” of repeating numbers.

So just ignore it.

Instead, allow the Holy Spirit of God through His written Word to influence you.

Allow God to speak to you and guide you through His written Word and through His Spirit.

Loren Grace

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8 thoughts on “The Significance of Repeating Numbers

  1. Great article! I have been experiencing this for a while myself but I know it is the demonic trying to entice me into looking into it. It likely has to do with my past interest in angel numbers which was short lived, but nevertheless I dabbled in that occultic activity which opened a door. Also I had attended a Charismatic church for a year or so that practiced divination and claimed to have visions etc. I was raised in the Catholic church and so I was accustomed to practicing rituals and mysticism. I am so blessed to have been pulled out of all of that and now I am reading the scriptures for myself and by the grace and mercy of God I am a new creature in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your informative, sound and well written articles Loren. God bless you and yours, Marjorie 🙂


  2. I have also engaged in these things. After being delivered from darkness, to the extent of having God’s mercy to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, this was one of the numerous hooks that were sent to try to pull me back into darkness. And I also practiced numerology as a witch. “From glory to glory…” Only if we accept Our Heavenly Father’s correction, but if not we are bastards, and not sons. I am thankful for Our Heavenly Father’s mercy and grace every day, and for you, my friend, who never flinches at speaking the truth in live. Incidentally, I am not seeking a therapist, although I was tempted to.
    Jesus is my rock and my fortress. A relationship with God is all we need. Good thing. The ” church”, by and large, has already kicked me out.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cindy. 🙂 ❤

      As far as therapy: I have some thoughts written out on my personal blog about this topic, but I haven’t posted it yet, mainly because I hate how nasty some Christians can be to one another when it comes to the topic of therapy or counseling. It can be very hurtful, particularly for those who are suffering, yet are being offered no true help by such Christians… and then being further burdened by being told by such Christians (sometimes outright, but sometimes through suggestive language) that seeking outside help is against Scripture. 😦

      But anyway… here are my basic thoughts on the topic.

      Whether or not one sees a therapist is a personal choice, and it depends upon the situation. I do not seek therapy for my own self at this time, for many reasons which are personal, the least of which I have been very badly hurt by a “Christian” who acted as a therapist to me. The other main reason is because some of the ongoing issues I have are spiritual in nature, and at this point, I do not trust another person enough (namely, a licensed therapist) in order to share without being afraid they will not believe me. Or think me to be suffering from a mental illness. Or something of the like. Perhaps one day I will feel safe enough to open up to another person in such a way. For now, however, I do not. But these are my fears, and my personal feelings about therapy should not deter others from seeking therapy if they believe it would be helpful to them.

      On the other hand, my son does see a therapist once a week, however, (as well as a psychiatrist once every few months or so), and sometimes my husband and I sit in on the sessions. It is helpful overall, and so far, there has been no unbiblical advice given. If there were, I would point it out to the therapist. If she responded negatively or insisted upon trying to convince us of her unscriptural advise, I would then seek counsel for my son (and, by extension, our family) elsewhere.

      Which brings me to the next and the most important point: I do not see where, as a Christian, seeking out advice or help from others is against Scripture. Scripture does not teach against such that I can see. If there is a verse I have missed that talks about this, however, I would appreciate it being shared with me so that I can study out the matter for myself.

      Obviously, we should avoid the clearly ungodly counselor, but sometimes even those who call themselves “Christian” are not Christian at all, in spite of their outward appearance and their claims of Godly living!

      🤷‍♀️ So then, what are we to do in seeking out advice or help from others…? 🤷‍♀️

      👉 In keeping with the whole of Scripture, I see where we are admonished to seek out wise and Godly advice. And so, to that end, it is clear that we should line up all advice or counsel that we are given (regardless of whether the advise/counsel comes from a friend, a stranger, a family member, a pastor, a life coach, or a licensed therapist) with the properly exegeted Word of God, clinging to that which is good and abhorring that which is not.

      But again, if there is Scripture that teaches against seeking out therapy or any type of help or advice from other people, I would like to be shown so that I can study out the matter for myself. Otherwise, I say it’s a personal choice. 🙂


      1. Yes Maam. I was a counselor. And as a counselor, I did the same occult techniques. I was also a client. And as a client, whenI was still walking in darkness, I received the same. More and more I tell folks the same, to pray and do what the Lord says. Yet, if they report something that is opposite of God’s word, I have no problem sharing the written word of God. I now have no physical contact with certain parts of my family. They know they cam call me or come by. If I am attacked here, they know that I will call the police. If you prayed for me thanks! This part is very diifficult!
        Blessings my Sister,


  3. Loren I just wanted to thank and encourage you. You are doing such a great job (Carolyn too!). I guess I feel a kinship with you guys as my Mother was into witchcraft before she was saved and I like the advice you both give. It reminds me of her. You keep pointing back to Jesus.
    Keep going. Keep going.
    God bless you both


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