Thoughts From My Rock: Bully Viruses and a Global Crisis

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I don’t usually keep up with the latest in the news anymore. It’s not that I’d rather hide under a rock in ignorance… but I do enjoy lounging on my rock. It’s rather comfortable here.


But, regardless of my “lounging rock,” I’m not ignorant at all to what’s going on in the world today. It’s just that… well, I know how the story ends, so I don’t see the point any longer in focusing on the headlines leading up to the end.

Many may disagree with me.

Heck, not so long ago, I disagreed with me, too!

But after spending too much time focused on and inevitably stressing out over current events, future possibilities, and all sorts of doomsday prognostications in the name of “Biblical prophecy,” I finally came to the realization that I can’t change what is going on, and no amount of focusing on the problems of this world will change the outcome one bit.

I don’t begrudge others, however, who keep up with all the latest news headlines. Someone’s got to do it, I suppose. It’s just not my job.

But even though I mostly hang out around my comfortable rock, I do notice things. And the panic over Covid-19 hasn’t escaped my notice, of course.

I’ve tried to keep my thoughts and insights to myself concerning the events of the past several weeks — aside from talking with Carolyn and my family, of course, because I talk with them about a lot of things — because I figure there are already plenty of voices that are contributing to the chatter. Some voices ring with reason and truth, perhaps, but undoubtedly, there are many others who are doing little except gleefully speculating and theorizing, which only contributes to the panic and fear. Hopefully the panic and fear will soon crest and begin to wane in the upcoming weeks.

Until the next event, anyway.

But what follows are my thoughts on this whole affair: personal evaluation, as well as reminders and warnings of what is to come. Considering the diversity of the two separate topics, this probably should be two separate posts… but my blog, my rules!


The latter topic has been weighing more heavily on my mind lately, and so is probably the most pressing thoughts I want to share with you, but I’ll share the “normal everyday stuff” first, because it’s important, too.

Personal Reflection: Evaluation

Living in a part of the country where hurricane season is a part of life, making sure that we are as prepared as much as we possibly can be for emergencies has been at the top of my priority list. It’s just common sense. So, for instance, we have stocks of food that I rotate throughout the year; alternative cooking and lighting sources; garden beds, etc.

Now, I sure would love to be able to afford more expensive items, such as a generator, but we just don’t have the money for it. A generator would come in handy when the electric is out due to power outages from floods and/or hurricanes, which have been occurring more and more often lately… assuming there is access to a fuel source, of course, and this is one major downfall of a generator, in my opinion, that puts a generator way down on my list of “important things to buy.” Ideally, I’d love to have an alternative source of energy, though, such as solar, but that’s too expensive for us right now, especially considering that we are looking ahead to, God willing, moving in the next few years.

So for now, I spend money on emergency lighting sources that presently make more sense for us: candles and matches; flashlights and batteries; and oil lamps, wicks, and fuel.

In the future, if I save up for a really expensive item, I’ll probably pass over the generator and instead purchase one of those old-fashioned wring-washers I’ve had my eye on since the last time we had a flood/hurricane and I attempted to wash our laundry by hand (emphasis on “attempted” 😅). A wring-washer wouldn’t really be ideal for everyday use, no, and it would be much cheaper to buy a plunger and a bucket to use for clothes-washing emergencies (which isn’t a bad idea), but when the electric goes out because of a natural disaster or any other situation, I won’t have to spend hours soaking and scrubbing dirty laundry… only to have them still turn out grungy!

Another thing I’d love to have (in theory, anyway) are chickens for fresh eggs, and possibly meat. That’s something, however, that will have to wait until we are in a place, God willing, where we can actually care for them properly. But now is not that time, unfortunately. So I have learned to not worry about what I can’t do, and just focus on what I can do.

I think that’s good advice for anyone, no matter the situation.

And so, with the latest panic, I’ve had a chance to take stock of our level of preparedness, and forgetting those things which we simply can’t help, I’ve found a few holes that I plan on trying to plug, to the best of my ability.

First, I’ve realized that I should never, ever, ever again procrastinate when it comes to replenishing our purchases of colloidal silver.

Second, I realized that I don’t have enough tinned meat in rotation. The problem is, we don’t usually eat a lot of tinned meats… but they sure come in handy when there isn’t fresh available! I do have some large cans of dried meats, and those are okay. But if I have to choose, I usually prefer tinned over dried. So, with recent developments in mind, I’m planning on making tinned meats more of a part of our food rotation.

Third, I realized that I didn’t have enough seed to grow micro-greens (also known as “sprouts”) for any extended period of time. Lettuces or other greens in the garden are great (and we now have some growing in our gardens), but there are advantages to micro-greens. They can be harvested and consumed quickly, usually within just a few days; they are super easy to grow; they can be grown indoors any time of year and in any weather condition; they are nutrient-dense (practically like taking a mega multi-vitamin); and they are versatile. The one downside is that they aren’t as renewable of a food source as growing full-sized plants, because we are harvesting the plant before it has a chance to go to seed. However… if things really got bad, I could always stop using the seed for micro-greens, and just sow them directly into my garden beds.

Fourth, I realized that at some point in the very near future (at this point, I’m thinking much sooner rather than later), we are going to have to bite the bullet and buy some more filters for our water purifier, even though the brand we use is very expensive. I usually buy a few gallons of bottled water each week, partially to use (because our filters are old and work very slowly now) and partially to save for hurricane season. But bottled water has been difficult to come by lately, in case you haven’t noticed! Besides, I much prefer filtered to bottled. Bottled isn’t a good long-term solution, neither for practicability’s sake nor for health’s sake, and this latest scare has certainly reinforced that.

Fifth, I’m thinking more seriously about investing in a wheat grinder. I enjoy freshly-ground flour, anyway, and homemade bread is delicious. 😋 Plus, it would be wonderful to be able to share fresh bread with neighbors, who may not be as prepared as others for emergency situations.

Sixth, I’ve seriously reconsidered the practicability of stock-piling toilet paper for emergency situations. Who’d’ve thunkit, but that a virus scare would have people running for the toilet paper, leaving nothing behind (pardon the pun…) for the rest of us…? So, while I do plan on continuing, for comfort’s sake, to keep at least a couple of large packs of toilet paper in rotation (which would mean about 48 rolls in total), I’m now thinking more along the lines of transitioning to hand-held bidets and washcloths for more practical and sustainable long-term emergency use. Husband isn’t too thrilled with that thought… but if it comes down to it, he can wipe with leaves if he wants. I’m using a bidet. 😁

So… those are some of my personal reflections concerning our level of preparedness. Nothing earth-shattering or revelatory about them, but I try to do evaluations like this every year, anyway, and this recent health crisis has me looking at a few things that we can do better for next time.

Because there will be a next time.

Which brings me to the next topic.

Reminders and Warnings of What is To Come

There are two main reasons why I don’t like talking about this next topic:

1. I am concerned that I will talk about it in such a way that will cause people to put their focus on the problem, rather than on the Solution.

2. I am concerned about backlash, not so much from the human sort, although a certain amount of ridicule and mocking, and even astral attack at times, is always to be expected from certain people, but I don’t worry too much about them. It’s backlash from the demonic that I’m more concerned about. And, yeah, I try not to worry about that, either. But sometimes I do.

But here goes…

When news of the dreaded coronavirus reached my rock, I had a lot of thoughts tumbling about in my head. Here are a few of those thoughts.

First Thought

What has bothered me about disaster-type of situations is not so much the crises themselves, necessarily, but the panicked and fearful way people often react, and this panicked reaction has been exacerbated many times over with this latest health scare.

Expect these sorts of things — disasters and crises, as well as panicked and fear-led reactions — to happen more and more frequently as time continues to grow short.

I’m not giving a “prophecy” and I don’t need to have “insider info” in order to say this.

Scripture warns us and reminds us of this.

Second Thought

As important as it is to be as prepared physically for a disaster or crisis in as much as we are able (if at all), it is just as important (and more so!) to be prepared spiritually. This, I believe, is what contributes the most to panic and fear and the subsequent reactions: yes, the lack of physical preparation, but more so the lack of spiritual preparation.

So, for instance, if we have not been focusing on the basics of our faith and focused on building our faith on those basics… if we have not been focused on our relationship with the Father…. if we are not grounded in the truth of His Word… then we are going to be susceptible to being overcome by fear and anxiety.

And hey, because of trauma and dissociation disorders (which the Father is daily healing me of, as I learn to walk with Him) I suffer enough from anxiety as it is! There’s no need to pile on even more anxiety on top of that, especially over things which I have no control! So while, sure, there is very legitimate concern… and while, sure, I am fighting the same anxiety everyone else is struggling with right now because of this health crisis and related issues… and yes, while a large portion of this anxiety is present because I can see the writing on the wall, if you will, and it concerns me… there can also be a level of peace that secures me in the knowledge that God is in control. A peace that secures me in the knowledge that no matter what happens, my life is in His hands.

And this peace of God that comes through Jesus Christ — this peace that passes understanding —  is what will sustain us — guard us — in the dark days ahead.

Philippians 4:6-7

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Third Thought

When news of this health crisis first found its way to my lounging rock, my thoughts quickly went to something specific that I was told/shown by the demonic some time back, and I wondered if this was the event that would be the tipping point they had told me they were planning on using.

They had showed me some things that they would precipitate and use in order to get people to the point where they (the people of the world) would be demanding a global government (that will be resided over by Satan’s chosen leader) to supposedly take care of what was a global problem. I was shown some of the things they had planned, and then had a very long and distressing “meeting,” I guess you could call it, with the global leader.

(This meeting occurred in the astral realm — the spiritual realm — by the way, and not in the physical realm.)

Aside from talking with Carolyn about it, I haven’t shared at all about what I was told and shown, partially because it’s hard to explain to others without feeling as if I will not be believed and that people might think of me as a total nut job.

And, too, it was an experience I’d rather forget about, if I could.

Being shown and told things that I didn’t want to see or hear about, especially from the demonic

(I’d rather read about it in the Bible, thank you very much, because it’s not traumatic in that fashion)

… being threatened by them …

… having my dissociation used against me and the other parts of me in such a humiliating and shameful way …

… and all of it as a part of an ongoing effort to “reason” with me, manipulate me, and try to convince me to go along with Satan’s plan …

… to work with the demonic instead of against them …

… it was just an absolutely awful, humiliating, and heartbreaking experience that I’d rather forget.

On the other hand… it was yet another humbling opportunity to recognize my many weaknesses and vulnerabilities, not only because of the weakness of my humanity, but also because of dissociation and the lingering effects of mind-control programming, and to once again learn to lean on and rely on the strength of my Father, asking Him to help me and to close those doors and to heal those parts of me.

And… it was yet another humbling reminder that I can’t do this on my own. This healing, this resisting of the enemy, this standing strong against all odds — none of it is by my own strength! It is only the grace of God that sees me through.

So while I give all glory to God for once again rescuing me from the hand of the enemy, I’d still rather not talk about the details.

But I also don’t like to talk about things like this for two other very important reasons:

1. The demonic are liars; therefore, anything they say or share is suspect.

2. Even if what I was told and shown was truth (“truth” in the sense that it  factually was or is a part of their overall plan), their plans are constantly shifting and changing. So what might have been part of their plan some time back, may end up being discarded or changed dramatically in some way over time in order to keep on track with their main goal, which is to usher in a global government/global spirituality, also known as the “one-world order,” ultimately bringing about the appearance of the final Antichrist.

Besides, the Bible speaks of what is going to happen anyway, so it’s not like it’s anything you don’t already know, if you study Scripture.

So details of that unfortunate encounter and the information I was shown aren’t important nor necessary to discuss at length, and the only reason I bring it up at all in this post is to let you, the reader, know that I am not just writing about these things because I heard it from someone else (although that isn’t a bad thing at all!). But I do have a few personal insights to share in view of this latest crisis.


There are many ways the demonic are preparing people to come into alignment with their plan. Carolyn and I wrote about some specific ways in our book, but there could be volumes more written to detail other ways.

I do not have the desire, nor likely the knowledge, to undertake such an endeavor. And there are too many complexities to the situation for me to really dive into detail in this blog post, anyway. But I will mention just a couple things here in regards to disasters and crises, such as the one facing us now.

“For The Greater Good” and a Global Community

I first remember being introduced to this idea of “for the greater good” in public school. It was in my Honor’s English class in ninth or tenth grade, and I was about thirteen or fourteen years of age.

Our teacher was Luciferian, but I didn’t realize that at the time, of course. If I would have been asked to describe his religious belief system, and if I would have been given a moment to think about it, at that time I probably would have said, “He’s new age.”

But… same thing.

He’s the same teacher who took us for a field trip one day to one of the nearby colleges, where he introduced us to his close friend, a professor who worked at that college. I believe she taught some sort of English class, but I could be wrong about that.

My husband knows who I’m talking about, because he took a class from her husband who taught at the same college, and my husband confirmed that both of them were very “new age.”

Anyway… that day, she taught my fellow classmates the basics of astral traveling through a meditation exercise she brought them through.

Of course, she didn’t call it “astral travel.” She simply explained to us that she was going to teach us a “relaxation” technique, like meditation, and that sometimes people with “very bright imaginations” reported “seeing or doing things.”

Looking back, I can recognize the subtle suggestion she made, encouraging the students to visualize “seeing or doing things,” but without actually outright suggesting it. It was an attitude of “only the better and smarter people will have ‘unique’ experiences,” and since, as Honor’s students, the attitude of “you are better and smarter than the other regular students” was constantly reinforced in class by our teachers, it was like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, enticing them to move forward, without actually pushing them forward.

Very subtle.

But I refused to participate. It just didn’t feel right, and I didn’t want to do it.

My teacher tried to encourage me to join the other students. But the internal pressure that had been building since we had first been introduced to the professor felt like a huge boulder crushing the breath out of me, and I wanted to run out of the room. I didn’t know why I felt so awful. I didn’t know why I felt nervous and jittery, like I was about to scramble right out of my own skin and go floating up into the air. So I just sat in my chair and picked at a hangnail. “No thank you,” I murmured. “It’s against my religion.”

I had him there.

He couldn’t force me if I said, “It’s against my religion.” He wasn’t even allowed to give me a bad grade for refusing to participate in the class exercise, although I knew that the next paper I had to write, he’d probably punish me by giving me a lower grade than both he and I knew I deserved. He frequently did that to me, which is one reason why I didn’t like him, because he wasn’t fair.

So his hands were tied that day. He knew it and I knew it. And so he left me sitting by myself, and joined his professor friend at the front of the room.

At the end of the exercise, the professor asked the students to describe how they felt and if they saw anything while they were meditating. Most students reported simply feeling relaxed, a couple reported no change at all, but there were several who described various things they had seen or done while meditating. The account of one of my classmates intrigued me because, strangely enough to me at the time, I could relate to how she described her experiences and how she talked about how it felt she was “flying.”

It was strange to me (at the time) that I could relate to her, because I was dissociated from my own ongoing experiences with astral travel, and at the time, I didn’t understand why her story felt familiar to me in many ways.

I understand now, of course (see my ongoing bio for a more thorough explanation). But I didn’t then.

Anyway, I’m now able to clearly see that my ninth and tenth grade Honor’s English teacher was Luciferian, and he was the one who I first remember introducing us to the idea of “for the greater good.”

He gave us a scenario in class one day. I don’t recall the exact details, of course, but basically it was a “crisis situation” that involved a boat or a ship of some sort, I believe it was. There were a set amount of people on the ship (around one hundred, if I remember correctly), and those people were the only people alive on the face of the earth. We were handed a list that categorized the types of people who were on board. For example: there were five children under the age of two, ten children under the age of twelve, thirty males between the ages of eighteen and forty, etc. And more statistics on them, such as: two of the females over the age of forty were scientists, one man was a minister, one man was a farmer, one of the teenagers was a drug addict, three adults were overweight, etc.

The boat was sinking, but there were only enough life jackets/life boats for a certain amount, such as twenty-five (I can’t recall the exact number, but it was limited). We were tasked with deciding who would live and who would be left to die, and we had to give reasons for our decision.

This exercise had nothing whatsoever to do with English, of course, and it left me feeling disconcerted. The process of choosing who would live and die bothered me, and the reasons that we were giving just sounded horrible and calloused.

Things such as:

“Toss the old guy. He’s lived a long life. Give someone else a chance.”

“Leave the babies. Too much of a liability. More babies can be born, anyway.”

“Toss the drug addict. He’s totally useless.”

“How many housewives do we really need? Save the scientists. That’s more important.”

“Leave the guy behind who was in prison. We don’t need criminals. We need people who are going to work together and follow laws, not break them.”

So what does this have to do with the recent health crisis?

For years now, “for the greater good,” and similar terms that are speaking to the same idea, is a common theme that has been exponentially resonating throughout the entertainment industry, throughout the education systems, throughout the political systems, throughout the medical industry, etc. People have been conditioned and trained to accept this idea, whether it’s “for the greater good” of a righteous cause, or “for the greater good” of an unrighteous cause.

Now, “for the greater good” is not necessarily an occult idea in and of itself. In other words, there isn’t always a “hidden or esoteric meaning” behind the thought of “for the greater good”.

For instance, in Scripture, “for the greater good” is a theme that is presented throughout, in verses such as Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28, and Ephesians 1:11, as well as many others.

In fact, Jesus Christ Himself is a testimony to this, as He gave His life “for the greater good,” a sacrifice which served God’s plan of salvation for all of humanity through His Son, and His ultimate plan “to bring all things in heaven and on earth together in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:10)

And certainly, on a more “universal” level (so to speak) that most can relate to, Christian or not, “for the greater good” is something that any loving parent can understand, as we often do things that are “for the greater good” of our children, even though sometimes the understanding of our children is limited at that moment.

Or, depending upon the situation, “for the greater good” can be displayed when someone risks their own life to save another. It could be understood that the risk they take at their own peril is “for the greater good” of someone else.

So there’s not anything necessarily wrong or unbiblical about “for the greater good,” if the meaning and application doesn’t contradict Scripture.

But, as mentioned earlier, there can be “for the greater good” of an unrighteous cause, and when our understanding of “for the greater good” is filtered not through the Word of God (as it should be), but through a humanistic (man-centered) worldview, or when this Biblical concept is applied in an unbiblical way, then the idea begins to become twisted, and it takes on an occult meaning.

Right now, “for the greater good” is being used to encourage people, on a global scale, to do certain things (such as “social distancing,” or shutting down entire cities and regions, or canceling all public events, or telling churches that they aren’t allowed to hold services) in an effort to curb the spread of a virus.

Considering the circumstances, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with these things.

Although… the actual common-sense helpfulness of some of the policies being implemented by businesses and local governments, and even the constitutionality of some of the demands being made by our local and national governments, certainly is debatable. Of course, no one seems overly concerned about the Constitution at this point, which is an attitude that can be considered to be “for the greater good.” And which, by the way, is an attitude that serves Satan’s plan for a global government (headed by the demonic themselves and supported by demonically-led people) to take the place of sovereign nations.

But I digress.

The occult meaning and application behind “for the greater good” is leading society down a path to cause them to fall in line with global policies that are believed to be for the greater good of the global community. In other words: to work together for the greater good, as a global community, and by implementing global policies that are believed to solve global problems. And, of course, there is always suspicion cast upon those who are perceived as not doing things that are “for the greater good” of the “global community.”

This doesn’t really sound bad, per se, if one doesn’t look closer, beneath the surface.


Well… except, trying to solve problems in the absence of the Heavenly Father and His Word, is the problem.

And I’m not just talking about a virus.

See, the danger is not about a store policy that asks you to keep a distance from others at this time in an effort to “stop the spread.” The danger isn’t about a city-wide or state-wide or nation-wide policy that, in the interest of the health of all, asks you to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to be out. The danger isn’t about canceling city events or national sporting events. It’s not about shutting down schools and colleges across the country. It’s not even about asking churches to not hold in-person services at this time, although I’m sure some people can see future consequences of these things (for instance, very serious affects on the economy…), and how this is setting a serious and negative precedent for the future.

And that’s really the greater point. That’s what is happening here. precedent has been set.

Because the danger isn’t in using common-sense measures to hopefully curb the spread of a virus.

But the danger is that people have been conditioned and programmed and trained to unquestionably accept the occult narrative of “for the greater good” that is ultimately being driven by the demonic as they manipulate people to give up what is good and right, for what they (the demonic and those who are working for them) say is “good.”

This current event is part of what can be called a “negative reinforcement,” as the demonic push people to seek solutions that they (the demonic) will offer to problems that they (the demonic) have caused in the first place, most often by using people who are consciously working for them, or who are being used by them to whatever degree. The demonic will use world-wide economic devastation, disease, famine, and other problems, to create and foment panic, fear, and anger, and to push people towards the “solution” of a global government.

This is what they want! They are counting on people being fearful, panicked, and angry, because then those individuals are reacting through their emotions, rather than thinking clearly.

And there will be more crises after this that will do the same thing.


Because people will not be demanding a solution for a problem that isn’t there!

At the same time, there will undoubtedly be “positive reinforcement” through this current health situation, and those crises that will follow. In other words, people will begin to notice that the solutions to global problems will come about through the work of a “global community.” Therefore, I see where this world-wide event is being used by the demonic (and those working for them) to push people —to encourage them, like dangling a carrot before a donkey — to get used to the idea that “working together as a global community” (because “we are one” and “we are all in this together”) is the only way to solve world-wide problems, such as disease and viruses, famines, droughts, economic disasters, and even war and “intolerance” (which is now becoming synonymous with “hatred,” which is part of the plans of the demonic, too… but I digress again) and religious divisions.

So eventually (and because of how quickly things have deteriorated the past several week, I see this coming very soon, although I could be wrong), through this process of positive and negative reinforcement, people will be demanding that, “for the greater good,” we set aside our individual needs to serve the “global community”… people will be demanding that, “for the greater good,” we set aside our sovereignty as individual nations and “come together as one global community” in an effort to stop war and famine and economic devastation and other problems… people will be demanding that, “for the greater good,” we all join together in one religion of “love and peace and tolerance” so that strife and arguments and wars will cease… and people will be demanding that, “for the greater good,” a world leader is put in place to set right in this world all those things which have gone so horribly wrong.

And then Satan’s chosen world leader will be put into place, and those who refuse to serve his antichrist agenda will be seen as the enemy. They will be seen as the subversives. They will be seen as the ones who do not want peace and love, as those who do not tolerate but who hate, as those who want war and strife and hatred and disease and famine, as those who are the problem and as those who are standing in the way of the solution.

And so “for the greater good,” they will be put to death.

Don’t believe me?

Read the Bible.

You don’t need to have “insider info” to see this coming down. And really, the only “insider info” you need is found in the Word of God, anyway.

So, this is what bothers me when I hear “for the greater good” and similar sentiments, over and over on the news stations and in video blurbs and read about it on social media. It’s not because it’s necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself. But it’s because the  occult meaning behind “for the greater good” will ultimately lead up to a global government and a universal “religion,” to Satan’s chosen leader being put into power, to the antichrist agenda being embraced by most, and to the death of those who are against the antichrist agenda and of those who refuse to bow and serve this plan.

And people have been primed and prepped for years now to accept this as being the best solution to what they believe will be a lasting peace, because it’s “for the greater good.”

A Final Warning

It’s possible that this current health scare is the tipping point… that it will be used as a springboard for the demonic to give one final push, one final crisis or two or three, that will put everyone across the earth in an angry and fearful uproar, demanding a global government to “solve” the global problems.

I could be wrong, and I hope that I am. But I do know that eventually, the demonic will begin to push much harder to implement their plan… to push much harder to get people to believe that a “global community” and a “world leader” is the solution to global problems… and to push much harder to get people to the point where they will demand this. They’ve been pushing for this for many years, anyway, but soon their plan will begin to move along much faster as their time grows short.

I see this current crisis as being a golden opportunity for them to begin pushing harder. They have been preparing people — including Christians — for many, many years now, to accept occult ideas… to accept and embrace a new age, Luciferian philosophy… to believe that mankind has the solution to the world’s problems if we only “work together as one,” or if we “take back our ‘godhood‘,” or similar thoughts… and to ultimately take the One True God out of the equation altogether by causing His Solution found in His Word to seem archaic or silly or inadequate, and to some, even dangerous.

Take a moment to research who owns the water.

The statistics are sobering.

Take a moment to research how much U.S. land is owned by other nations.

The statistics are sobering.

Aside from the economic crisis that is sure to come as a result of this virus, will the next global crisis affect our water supply? Our food supply?

I don’t know.

Will the next crisis hit soon, or will there be another lull?

I don’t know.

Will it be the next crisis that will have people in such an uproar, and the nations up in arms, that people will finally begin to demand that a global government take control in order to “solve” the problem?

I don’t know for sure.

It could be that this current situation will settle down, and it will be years and years down the road before the climate is such around the world that Satan’s world leader is finally able to be put into place.

But, unless God intervenes, I see the demonic doing everything they can to take advantage of this current situation.

And perhaps God will intervene.

But perhaps He will “shorten the time,” and allow things to continue to progress more and more rapidly, until the end.

Time will tell.

His will be done.

In the meantime, stay prepared. Not just physically. There are many of us who can’t physically be prepared for different crises for many different reasons. But I mean “stay prepared spiritually.”

Know Who your God is, and stay strong.

Submit to Him and resist Satan.

Do what is right, not what feels right.

Stand strong in His Word and don’t compromise.

Encourage one another in these times.

Our redemption is near.

Loren ♥


James 1_12
James 1:12
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.

♥ ♥ ♥

John 14_27
John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts From My Rock: Bully Viruses and a Global Crisis

  1. Hey Loren. I’ve been wondering how you and family have been. I emailed you last week, just asking how you were, but maybe you didn’t see it. So good to hear from you. Been praying for you, and will continue. I agree with everything you’re saying here. I think this present crisis is a practice run for what you mention. I have same perspective as you. We can’t change anything, but our mindset and response, I’ve been saying. About the ‘greater good;’ I studied situation ethics in Bible college. I can identify with what you’re saying here. The world is definitely being conditioned into a herd mentality. Even large sections of the church have already, thro’ demonic indoctrination, occult/new age practices etc. begun to be assimilated into the process of one world church. We’ve discussed some of these things I believe. Glad to hear you’re resting on your Rock, Christ Jesus! I don’t know how to express how I feel, without it seeming awkward, or out of place. I know you know what I mean. Email me some time, if you wish. Our prayers are with you, family and Carolyn. I’m supporting you re: push back. I’ve got your back, Loren. “Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might!” You and Carolyn are a real blessing. God bless. Daryl


    1. Hi Daryl! 😊 I saw your email. I’m sorry I haven’t responded yet. There’s been a lot going on, on many different fronts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll try to get to your email today. I can’t say thank you enough for your prayers. I pray for blessings and peace for you and your wife! ❤️


Before offering feedback in the comments section, please read our disclaimer as well as our comment policy.

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