Spiritual Warfare: Praying Against…?

1 Timothy 2:1-4

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Pray for others, because God desires all to be saved! ❤ 🙏

This is not an easy thing to accept, to understand, or to live out, especially when you are suffering from the ungodly and unwarranted attacks from ungodly individuals and are unable to separate yourself from such people and the situation that is causing you to be an easy target.

⇒ See: Advice for Those Who are Being Gang-stalked and Harassed

And often, out of desperation (or anger… or frustration… or a misguided and unbiblical sense of what we believe is “justice”… or ignorance… etc.), we have the tendency to fall back into old ways of thinking — back into the ways of the world and into what “feels right,” rather than what is right — and we begin to fight against evil in ways that are not of God.

For instance:

⇒ We begin to “bind and loose” those people, out of total ignorance of what that term in the Bible actually means.

(See the term “Spiritual battle and spiritual warfare” in the glossary of our book to read more about what “binding and loosing” really means — and you may be surprise to learn that it has nothing to do with what you may have been taught from charismatic-minded individuals!)

⇒ We begin to “send back curses” and “pray against” those people.

⇒ We begin to place more emphasis on physical weapons, such as:

    • belt
    • breastplate
    • boots
    • shield
    • sword
    • helmet

instead of our spiritual weapons, which are:

    • truth
    • righteousness
    • the gospel of peace
    • faith
    • salvation
    • the Word of God
    • and others

⇒ We may even take things a step further, and begin using other “weapons” in the spiritual in order to fight people (or even what we consider to be demonic entities), twisting Scripture completely out of context in order to justify our witchcraft, including:

    • arrows
    • fire
    • light
    • water
    • wind
    • salt
    • grenades or bombs
    • cages or boxes (to trap what is considered to be the spiritual essence, or part of the spiritual essence, of people)
    • and much more.

⇒ We may begin to “engage or activate” so-called “angels” for the purposes of ordering them about for our protection, sometimes sending them to attack the people who are attacking us!

(and by the way, don’t be misled: angels of God are not ordered about in such a manner! We talk about this in our book, so to understand why we say this, please take advantage of that free resource.)

⇒ We may also start making increasingly lengthy and complicated “declarations or decrees” against or towards what we believe are angels or demons, people, God, situations and circumstances, “mountains” in our lives or in the lives of others, etc….

⇒ We begin “taking back” whatever it is we believe we need or want, or what we believe the enemy (either demons or people) “stole” from us, such as authority, kingdom, inheritance, etc….

But please keep this in mind: if your “spiritual warfare” is practically indistinguishable from the warfare of the world (such as what is listed above), then you are doing it wrong!

You see, when you understand this basic, fundamental teaching of our Christian faith, and this basic, fundamental aspect of our Creator — that He desires all of mankind to be saved! — then you will understand why “praying against” people is not something we, as Christians, should do! We are to pray for the salvation, healing, repentance, deliverance (etc…) of others; but not against them.

Yes, we can pray that God would protect us from their attacks, in whatever form those attacks come.

And yes, we can ask the Father to have mercy on us and others, intervene in the situation, and stop the attacks.

Yes, we can and should do what we can to protect/defend ourselves and others from those people — as long as it is done in a Scriptural manner.

And certainly, we should separate (distance) ourselves from them, insomuch we are able, if we are able.

After all, enabling ungodly abusers (of whatever sort) to continue to abuse is not healthy either for them or for us and others.

But we are not to go on the attack ourselves!

Instead, we should pray for them, that they would heed the voice of God who calls all to repentance and who desires all to be saved.

Hard truth?


Easy to live?


Doing things God’s way isn’t easy, because it requires denying ourselves and picking up our cross and following Jesus Christ.

But it is simple.

So put down your ways of doing things.

Put down the ways of the world.

And follow after God’s way.

Carolyn and Loren

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  2. Yes! Thank you for this. People need to hear and be reminded of what is true, right and good.
    Very encouraging. Give a sacrifice of love just like Yeshua loved us.


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