RE-BLOG: He has closed the eyes of the prophets; And covered the heads of the seers

Re-blog: He has closed the eyes of the prophets; And covered the heads of the seers (via

The above link is to an excellent article by Daryl Giffin that we want to share with you, our readers.

Thank you, Daryl, for reminding us that God’s Word should be above all else in our lives! Not our subjective human experiences and feelings and thoughts.

We could write an entire article in response to Daryl’s, sharing some of our own thoughts and experiences about the topic, but rather than do so, here are some quotes that stood out:

“It strikes me as intriguing, that a ‘prophetic’ tendency is to spiritualize Scripture to extract a meaning to validate an otherwise extra-Biblcal view, yet, to also tend to discount, ignore, invalidate, Old Testament references that are still relevant ‘instructive examples,’ revealing and communicating the mind, heart, perspectives, and character of God.’

“If the Scriptures were thoroughly read, thoroughly believed, and thoroughly responded to appropriately, there wouldn’t be the need to rely so heavily upon ‘prophecy’ and ‘prophetic utterance,’ standing upon uncertain foundations, extrapolated from heterodox usage of isolated, unclear texts, one’s faith and focus entirely dependent ‘prophetic’ interpretation, and extra-Biblical revelation.”

“The aforementioned ‘prophetic’ tendencies, will leave people, unprepared, ill equipped, eschatological unsound, and prone to disillusionment, and confusion, with a false focus on non-existent, illusionary events, ‘prophetically promised,’ perhaps even down thro’ the ages.”

“A major challenging question I have posed to myself and now the Body of Christ, is, how much of what we believe, and focus our attention on, is based on ‘prophetic utterance,’ tho’t, and extra-Biblical prophetic revelation?”

“‘Prophecy’ and ‘prophetic revelation’ have been slowly supplanting the Word of God, in all manner of ways. This, I have been addressing and endeavouring to bring to light, revealing the state the ‘prophetic’ is in at this time. We must get back to the Word of God as our foundation, or else drift permanently and indefinitely, into the delusion God warns of, for those ‘who love not the truth.’”

“Diverging from orthodoxy, in practice, (which is called orthopraxy, orthodox practice,) and in principles, exposes, and makes one vulnerable to error. God has given unto us a reliable account of truth, about God Himself, His purposes for creation, and His people. Down playing, minimizing, abusing, His Word will lead to delusion and destruction.”

“I used to live for the ‘prophetic’ words for a new year, and form my outlook and focus around them. My ‘detox journey’ has caused me to look long and hard at so many things, propelling me into long hours of research and study, bringing me to numerous conclusions that have drastically affected how I view some major aspects of my Christian life, walk, exp., beliefs and practices. I have observed how much of ‘prophetic activity,’ mindsets, beliefs, even philosophies, are aligning with, increasing in similarities, more and more with new age/occult verbiage, and philosophical ideologies.”

“I’m not invalidating anyone’s giftings, I’m asking all to genuinely pursue the truth, inviting the Lord to correct where correction is needed. That can’t hurt! We should always be doing that! Yet some will find it difficult or nearly impossible to do, their identity so wrapped up in what they’re ‘doing,’ that they couldn’t imagine considering that there might be error some where. It’s to threatening, to unimaginable, to literally destructive, to every thing they know and believe, to chaotic to their ‘reality.’”

“So please don’t allow ‘prophetic activity’ to feed your spirit and soul with imaginations and tho’ts outside of the mind and heart of God.”

“The supposed ‘restored voice of the Lord,’ has, succumbed to human imagination, and familiar spirits, generating mass confusion, deception and delusion. The supposed ‘strong revelation,’ has diminished the importance of Scripture, allowed spurious ‘prophecy’ to run rampant, along with every imaginable and unimaginable, new thing, failing to establish order, and allowing disorder thro’ very unBiblical mindsets and attitudes.”

“The concern here … is the ever increasing emphasis on denying our critical thinking, while highlighting the ‘infinite expressions of the Holy Spirit,’ and embracing every and any new thing, unquestioningly, with no reference to testing, examining by Scripture, or discerning spiritually. This is not good …! This is not wise, or Biblical, and it’s lending to the increased deception coming upon the world and the church! Please, I urge a reconsideration of this direction and trend in the ‘prophetic ministry.’”

We hope you can take the time to read the entire article, as it is excellent. Here’s the link again:

Carolyn and Loren ❤

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3 thoughts on “RE-BLOG: He has closed the eyes of the prophets; And covered the heads of the seers

  1. Thanks Loren for re-posting my blog. The warning bells must be continually sounded, for the universal false church is already assimilating many deceived ‘believers,’ from every imaginable quarter.


    1. Both Carolyn and I thought it would be good to repost your article. Thank you for all you do in exposing the lies and spreading the truth.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, ladies…so much truth here. All things MUST PASS the test of Scripture. If it fails, it fails…cast it aside.

    The following caught my eye: “Yet some will find it difficult or nearly impossible to do, their identity so wrapped up in what they’re ‘doing,’ that they couldn’t imagine considering that there might be error some where.”

    In my humble opinion this is a sign that pride has captured this person’s heart and mind. It also reminds me about a worldview I’ve only learned about recently.

    You may have heard of it; the “post-modern” worldview. When I read the definition, a light bulb went off in the ol’ noggin’ – It explained an experience I had with someone in a comment section on an article years ago on the topic of truth.

    I’d forgotten about that completely unfruitful (for the Gospel’s sake) discussion until learning about post-modern thought. Now that I think about it, the concept probably plays a big part in the atheist explosion…

    Hope that each of you and your families are doing well.

    God bless.


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