The List of False Ministries/Organizations Explained

The List of False Ministries/Organizations Explained -

Since beginning this website a few years ago, we’ve had quite a few people contact us asking us to give our opinion on particular people, some who we are familiar with, but many who we have never heard of. We already addressed this issue in a post titled “Answering Questions About Various People,” and basically our answer was:

Our book is written to give you the tools to be able to recognize false teachings; but ultimately, go to the Word of God and build your own discernment so that you can recognize those teachings that do not line up with His Word.

However, since our last post which drew attention to the page on our website that made public a list of people, organizations, and “ministries” to watch out for, we’ve again had several emails from different people, as well as several comments on our Facebook pages, asking for us to give reasons as to why “so-and-so” made the list.

We may, in the distant future and if time allows, give very simple explanations on this website as to why each person is on the list of false ministers. At this time, however, we aren’t focused on that particular project. So for now, we suggest the following:

  1. First, do your own research. Some of the people on our list (but certainly, not all!) have already been called out by others for their harmful practices and/or their heretical teachings. Some have been called out by other Christian groups and some have been called out by non-Christian groups. Both groups of people, however, point out things that can be taken into consideration when deciding for yourself.
  2. Second, keep in mind who each person befriends, promotes, supports, and defends, because this adds a whole other layer of liars, con artists, and heretics to be aware of and to keep away from. It matters with whom each of us associate! (See 1 Corinthians 15:33 — “Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good character.” And Ephesians 5:11 — “Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”)
  3. Third, read our book and our articles. Much of what we write has to do with exposing false doctrines, explaining why they are not based upon sound Biblical teachings, explaining how Satan is using these doctrines to deceive Christians, and  then doing our best to point you to the truth of the Word of God. So, if you understand what we’ve written, you’ll probably be able to more easily spot the false doctrines coming from the “so-and-so” who made the list.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, begin making a habit of lining up everything with the Word of God that has been properly exegeted. (More on this in a moment.)

That aside, we’d like to publicly make a few other things clear concerning the list.


First, we want to point out that anyone is capable of being deceived and of spreading that deception to others. This does not automatically put them on a “list of false ministers” (or whatever title they give to themselves: prophet, pastor, teacher, counselor, etc).

But those people who:

  • have purposefully, consistently and systematically spread false doctrines throughout the years…
  • have refused to publicly and visibly repent and correct themselves when they have been called out by others as teaching false doctrines; but who instead dig their heels in deeper and double-down their efforts to justify their words and actions and their false doctrines…
  • begin to, or continue to, build their career (that they often fallaciously label as a “ministry”) on such demonic doctrines…
  • continue to befriend, promote, support, and defend others who are teaching and spreading false doctrines…
  • and who stand in silence as their associates continue to spread false doctrines and bring harm to others…

those are the people who we have pointed out as being “false ministers” (or whatever other title is appropriate).

The same could be said of those who claim to be helping survivors: there is a difference between someone who is trying to help survivors, yet is ignorant; and someone who claims to be helping survivors, yet is purposefully leading them into false doctrines and re/programming them. Either way, the survivor isn’t being led to a Biblical solution to their problems; and either way, the survivor is susceptible to being led further astray by false doctrines. But there certainly is a difference in intent: one person may be unconsciously and ignorantly leading astray, while the other person may be doing so on purpose.

Note: in our book, we talk about this basic difference between people who are being used unconsciously by Satan to spread false doctrines, and those people who are consciously being used by Satan to spread false doctrines. The intent may be different, but the result is still the same.


To put it another way: there is a difference between a con artist, and someone who has been duped by a con artist.

Unfortunately, “christian” con artists who masquerade as “ministers, teachers, prophets, evangelists, bishops, pastors, doctors, counselors, etc,” often depend upon the very people whom they dupe to lure others into their web of deceit, and so this is the danger of such people: they depend upon their loyal fan base (the people who they have deceived) to perpetuate the false doctrines that they are teaching.

So, our list focuses not on the millions of people who have been duped by false ministers/organizations; but upon naming just a few of the false ministers/organizations themselves who are purposefully duping others, who have shown themselves to be unrepentant, and who continue to be supportive of others who are teaching false doctrines and/or who stand in silence as the false ministers harm others.

And, of course, if at any point in the future we become aware that any one of the individuals on our list publicly confesses and repents from their false doctrines and begins pointing people to sound Biblical doctrine that is based upon the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, we will amend our list to indicate that the person has publicly confessed and repented.

We hope and pray that we will be able to do just so in the near future!

Red Flags

Generally speaking, here are a few things to look out for. Most of these things are addressed in our book and in various articles throughout our website, so as we previously suggested, please feel free to take full advantage of our work found on this website.

Red Flags:

  • “Ministers” (by whatever title they use) who befriend, support, promote and defend other false ministers…  are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who stand silent while other “ministers” bring harm to others and spread heresies… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who are focused on and teaching about a false spiritual warfare… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who are focused on and teaching on “gifts and abilities” rather than on a relationship with God, and are focused on developing those “gifts and abilities” for themselves, and are focused on teaching others how to develop those “gifts and abilities”… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who are leading the wounded and hurt into “solutions” that are not based upon properly exegeted Scripture, but that are based upon repackaged occult doctrines… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who are focused on various interpretations of “end-time prophecies” or this prophecy or that prophecy (few of which actually agree, which is a red flag in and of itself)… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who build their careers on fear-mongering (often tied into various false prophecies)… are not of God.
  • Related to fear, very often, they foster this fear because it is tied into conning their audience out of money… so watch out for that, too!
  • Also related to fear: focusing on the problems instead of the Solution is not of God. In other words, while it’s a good thing to expose Satan’s deceptions (and as Christians, we should expose the works of darkness!), if the “minister” is not exerting more energy towards focusing people’s attention on the Solution (which is found in the Word of God, and is based upon a relationship with the Father through His Spirit, and is made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ), this can cause their followers to become focused on the things of the occult rather than the things of God… and this is not of God.
  • “Ministers” who believe in, promote, teach, and defend esoteric interpretations of Scripture (often called by “Christian” occultists to be “the meat” or “the deeper things” of God)… are not of God.
  • “Ministers” who teach on “quantum or fractal” spirituality are teaching demonic doctrines… and this is not of God.
  • “Ministers” (or whatever they call themselves) who use extra-biblical books (and in some cases, books that are very noticeably and historically occult) to teach their “theology” or to pull from in order to build their own “theology,” are taking people down a path where they will become trapped down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of the occult… and this is not of God.
  • “Ministers” who focus on the supernatural and the sensational are leaving behind sound Biblical teachings and are luring people into focusing on and following after the occult… and this is not of God.

⇒ Note: you may recognize that some of the qualities mentioned above are highly descriptive of a cult… and this is not of God.

These are just a few things to look out for, and yes, our book and many of our articles have been written in order to point out these false teachings and to explain why they are not of God. And we hope our book and articles are helpful to you.

But ultimately, here again is our best advice: line everything up with the properly exegeted Word of God — word, deed, and character — and you will be able to discern who is of God and who is not of Him.

But this is practically impossible for many of those who have been deceived by such false ministers!


Because very often, such people who follow after the types of charismatic, sensation-seeking, occult-teaching individuals such as those who are listed on our page, are reading and interpreting the Word of God through the filter of whoever they hold near and dear to them.

For example, if they are wrapped up in listening to Tom Horn’s interpretation of Bible prophecy, or Michael Lake’s interpretation of Biblical theology, or Doug Rigg’s philosophy on healing and deliverance… then when they read the Bible, they are going to interpret the words they read through the filter of Horn’s interpretation… or Lake’s interpretation… or Rigg’s interpretation… or whoever else’s interpretation.

To make matters worse, many people are, in fact, addicted to the sensational, supernatural topics that false ministers build their careers upon. They are addicted to that “red pill” of what they consider to be “truth” (the “truth” of the occult — see the term “Seekers” in our Glossary)… to the point where it is very difficult to extract themselves from the trap that Satan has laid for them through the doctrines of demons being taught by whatever minister, teacher, prophet, etc is feeding those false doctrines to them…. because it “feels good” even when it doesn’t, as any addict or former addict can attest to.

See also:

Take Yourself Out of the Loop

So what to do? How to stop the cycle of deceit?

Take yourself out of the loop.

Detox yourself.


As we explained in our book, here are some things to consider:

  • “Fast” from listening to other people talk about religious or Biblical matters. This is particularly important if you have been listening to people who are feeding you false doctrine. Stop allowing other people to tell you what God is saying and what He means, and find out for yourself.
  • If you are going to a church that is teaching false doctrine, you may want to think about taking a break from church-going for a while. This is especially important if you are attending a church that is teaching doctrine of demons. The more you immerse yourself in false doctrine, the more it affects you. Take yourself out of toxic, ungodly, Satanic environments.
  • Stop listening to internet preachers; stop tuning into television priests; stop talking to Facebook prophets; stop watching YouTube clergy. Start talking to and listening to your Heavenly Father.

Just take a break from listening to other people tell you what the Word of God says and what it means… and then start studying it for yourself, asking His Spirit to reveal to you the simple truth found therein!

When you separate yourself from and rid yourself of the false doctrines of men and the false doctrines of demons, you just might be surprised at how much more clear God’s Word begins to be to you… and then it will be much easier for you to spot and warn others of the wolves.

Carolyn and Loren ❤



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9 thoughts on “The List of False Ministries/Organizations Explained

  1. I’m glad you wrote about this. It’s like I always say, if you build a house on a crooked foundation, the whole house is gonna be crooked. Just like bad so called religious leaders. If you build your ministry on false doctrine, the whole message will be lost. Great job!


  2. I like the list. Did you investigate John Hagee, Mark Taylor and Jonathon Cahn? They all speak of blood moons, and use gematria.


    1. Hi Patricia,

      I’ve never heard of Mark Taylor, altho perhaps Carolyn has. Thanks for mentioning him. I’ll check him out.

      Hagee and Cahn are two of the “big names” that we didn’t add simply because there are so many people it’s hard to think of everyone! They just slipped our mind. But thanks for mentioning them, too. They’ve been called out before by others as those who are preaching a false gospel and teaching false doctrine.


  3. Circling back. I recently tried to tell people about Kim Clement, but he’s is the king of Charismatic Prophecy….I’m Pentecostal, but the charismatics (as John Todd Collins said) have infiltrated and taken over the gits of the spirit. For us, it’s ministry, for them it’s like a way to fill a church. Ours\ main focus was holiness and salvation, like David Wilkerson. The charismatics only care about signs and wonders. Plus, I never hear them use scripture…or hardly ever. Plus, I can’t remember one time Clement offered salvation.

    I just listened to David Wilkerson about witchcraft in the church and it sounds like what’s going on now, as he preached 30 years ago. I’m soooo sad. My mom is enamored with Kim Clement. Even though he has several wrong prophecies, she thinks he was a true prophet due to the Trump prophecy and his Ford Stock prophecy. I told her I dropped Benny Hinn when I realized he was a propensity preacher and loved Ruth Heflin, the Charismatic mystic .

    The worst thing, My mom is a great woman of God but she’s so stuck on him, because he prophesied such beautiful words to her, and even though it didn’t manifest, she’s still “high” on him and waiting 10 years later. Is it brain washing why people, who love Kim Clement just don’t acknowledge he was wrong? I told a lot of people he was in error a lot, and rather than think about it, I was attacked and called names. Plus, they ignored the bible verses about when prophets get things wrong they aren’t true prophets.

    I’m praying, because she also fell for the Trump fiasco, even though he’s a heathen…but Clement said he’s chosen by God so she loves Trump and Clement. Now that his Trump prophecy hasn’t happend, I wonder if she’ll see. I’m going to be leaving our church when my fiancé and I get married unless she snaps out of it…

    TBN, Daystar, and God TV are charlatans… I think these prophets get their illuminati, AIPAC, and CPAC money and promote what pays….


    1. I was born into and raised in Apostolic/Pentecostal churches. They are part of the charismatic movement, too, a movement that was ultimately started by Satan to infiltrate and influence sound, Biblical teachings with occult doctrine.

      Growing up as a Pentecostal, I wasn’t told the truth about this, but not only does my own testimony speak to this fact, but some of the resources by Paul Fahy that we have listed on this page ( helped me make the connection several years ago.

      The false doctrines and the “standards” taught within such churches make for an easy transition into deeper occult doctrines, as well as make it easy for people such as Satanists and Luciferians to hide, not to mention abusers of all sorts, including pedophiles. This obviously isn’t true of every single person who attends such churches (and I obviously don’t know every single person and their individual situations), but the false doctrines and standards taught within the Pentecostal churches make it easy for this to happen. For more info, see my bio as well as my comment on this page:


  4. Understood…I am definitely find the charismatic movement troubling, Catholicism pagan, most baptists like Justin Peters are angry calvinist and cessionist. After listening to John Todd’s tapes and reading his memoir, I guess Satan infiltrates all denominations. Almost all in the US are have a sect that is heretical.
    I think I will stick to my bible.


    1. It’s greater than simply denominational. Satan doesn’t always “infiltrate” denominations in the way that is commonly understood. Sometimes he starts them, and in this way he tries to infiltrate Christianity as a whole. In other words, sometimes the “denomination” IS the means by which he infiltrates. It’s this way with the charismatic movement. Carolyn and I wrote some about our experiences with that part of his plan in our book, at the end of the “Shining Ones” chapter. We’ve meant to come back and explain more about this, including the different types of infiltration, but we haven’t been able to yet.

      I understand what you mean about angry Calvinists…. I’ve noticed it too. It’s sad.


  5. wake up os sleeper from your slumber . they have ears but cant hear and eyes to see but cant see. bless you my sister from fiji. stay strong .we love you in CHRIST .


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