Hybrids: An Error and the Correction

We recently realized that we have been in error in an area that we have previously addressed with a few individuals who have emailed us over the past couple of years, and today, we’d like to set the record straight and correct our error.

Without getting into an inordinate amount of detail, some individuals have contacted us via email, expressing the fear that they may be a hybrid mix between a human and some type of demonic being, and asking us what to do about it.

Some of them have worded this concern by stating that they believe they have a particular blood type that they believe means they have Reptilian bloodlines.

Others simply talk about their fear that their genetics have been tampered with and they aren’t all the way human.

We have also seen comments floating about here and there on the web in regards to this subject, with some people afraid that they are some type of demonic/human hybrid, and they are desperate to find a “powerful prayer” that will “clean their genetic code” so that they will be wholly human again.

And we have come across some who claim to be a hybrids of different types (one of them claims to be a fallen angel), and when we were in still enmeshed in Duval’s “Bride Ministries” group, we had personal interaction with people who claim such.

Interesting Note: within the Christian community, the only people we have come across who believe these things about hybrids are charismatic occultists (regardless of what Christian denomination they claim); those who may have come out of charismatic occult groups yet still have the same mindset; and/or those who have gone through a type of charismatic “deliverance counseling” with one so-called ministry or another. We aren’t saying there aren’t other groups within Christianity who have bought into Satan’s lies surrounding hybrids. We are simply saying that this is what we have noticed. (We describe charismatic occultism in our book, “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft.”)

Furthermore, of the people we have come across and spoken to about this matter, nearly all of them use occult material as well other extra-biblical texts, such as Enoch 1 or the book of Jasher, to justify their beliefs.

We find this to be very concerning.

Unfortunately, and much to her deep sorrow, when Carolyn was living in deception under the “discipleship” of Dan Duval, she fed into a lot of the sensationalism, particularly with the topic of Reptilians, a subject she has since seen lead many people astray — into following after the occult, following after the sensational things, glorifying the demonic and their power, being guided and tricked into a false spiritual warfare, etc… — rather than glorifying God and His power, focusing on their relationship with Him, and following the Truth found within His written Word. And because of the information she shared, she saw an increase in people who decided — either out of fear or out of pride — that they were of Reptilian bloodlines.

Carolyn has since renounced and  repented from every bit of her involvement with spreading such an infected pile of garbage, and by the grace of God, she will come out with more details later, giving a more thorough explanation. But for now, please know that she is very regretful and repentant for what she previously shared about the topic and how she shared, and she would like to take this opportunity to public apologize. She wishes she could take back what she said, what she wrote, and that people would stop going to those previous videos that were so clearly infected with occult trash.

Like Carolyn, Loren has also had past experiences with hybrids, including Reptilians, and when she was involved with Dan Duval of Bride Ministries, she did talk about it some. But she doesn’t recall talking in the same way as Carolyn about those demonic beings. (she spread other satanic garbage, however… something she has already repented of, renounced, and been delivered from). However, she would like it known that if the way she has previously shared her testimony about such encounters was in a way that took anyone’s eyes off of the Father… focused them on the occult… focused them on the sensational… and pointed them to a false “spiritual warfare,” she would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize. Even though those experiences are part of her testimony of what the Father has rescued her from, she realizes now that focusing on or drawing attention to such things is not a Godly thing to do, and she now strives to share her testimony in such a way that does not bring more attention to the problem, which is the demonic, but to share in such a way that brings the attention to The Solution, which is the Heavenly Father.

There is a difference between sharing one’s testimony and warning others from occult involvement, versus focusing people on the occult.

Defining “Hybrid”

(This section is an addition, in order to address concerns expressed in the comment section)

For the purposes of this article, we are not defining a “human hybrid” as someone who is fully human but has had their genetics screwed around with against their will.

(And, by the way, for the purpose of this argument, let’s assume that there IS proof that genetics have been tampered with, and it’s not just someone’s fear or a delusion by whatever means.)

But in this article, we are defining a hybrid as being an individual who is half human and half demonic, whether it is a demon or a fallen angel. For example, a person who has a human mother, yet their father (genetically speaking) is a demonic being.

Now, there are likely instances where people are fully human at the point of conception (regardless of how that conception came about, such as through normal sexual relations or in vitro fertilization), yet have had their genetics tampered with against their will to whatever degree. Scientifically speaking (according to some definitions of “hybrid”), this can be a “hybrid,” and it can be to varying degrees.

But we aren’t speaking of that in this article. We are speaking of (for instance) a woman who has had sexual intercourse with a demonic being and who produces a human/demon hybrid. Or, a woman who has had her eggs extracted and combined with the demonic in order to produce a human/demon hybrid, or other such situations. These are things that can happen within Satan’s hybrid breeding program. So this is what we are speaking to in this article; not a human individual who has had their DNA tampered with, causing them to be a “hybrid” in that sense. We aren’t using that definition in this article.


It must be noted first, that of all the people who claim to be a hybrid or some sort, we have never heard of anyone who has had genetic testing to prove one way or the other if their claims are true.

That said, aside from the general category of “charismatic and charismatic-minded people” that we mentioned in the note above, we’ve noticed there are particular types of people who believe this hybridization to be true concerning themselves. There may be other categories, but these are just the ones we’ve noticed.

1.  They believe they are a hybrid, but they are actually demonically possessed, which can cause changes in the person’s appearance to one degree or another (usually temporary), including: drastic changes in the eyes (the color turning black or the pupils morphing into a slit as a reptile’s), changes of the face structure, changes of height, of hair color, etc.

This possession can be to the severity of a “walk-in,” which is a type of demonic possession, that can (but not always) drastically and more permanently change the person’s appearance.

2. The individual is delusional, possibly because of mental illness. We aren’t mental health professionals, so this is merely our opinion based upon personal observation, but it certainly is a possibility for some that should not be ruled out.

3. The individual is delusional because they have been busy gorging themselves on a study of the demonic and occult related material (whether under a “christian” guise or not), and they have come to the conclusion that they are or may be part demonic.

These individuals can be broken down into further categories:

• Some are fearful of this possibility and are desperately looking for a solution to what they believe to be their problem.

• Others claim to be fearful of this possibility, yet their actions and words show otherwise, as it’s apparent that they take some type of perverse pleasure out of the attention they garner from others because of what they claim to be their pitiful state. Some of them have even gone on to make somewhat of a name for themselves largely based on this claim (as well as other sensational topics). Or, their claims are used to boost the career of so-called “counselors” or “DID experts,” as well as bloggers and “radio talk show hosts” on YouTube, BlogTalk, or other such media.

This is true even of those who claim to have prayed what they believe is a supposedly “powerful prayer” from one person or the other to have their “blood cleansed,” or something to that effect. And in spite of supposedly being healed, they seem to take pleasure in the attention they garner from such claims, as well as a sense of pride from the identity they have built for themselves around hybridization.

• There are still others who have taken a very public stand on their belief that they are a hybrid (by whatever name they call this hybridization), with no claims of grief or fear.

Some believe themselves to be a mix between a human and a demonic being, and others believe themselves to be a mix between a human and an angelic being.

We know of one individual (who claims to be a Christian) whom Duval was/is “counseling,” who describes himself as having an “angelic nature.” When questioned about it, it became clear that he believes himself to be part human and part angel. When the issue was pressed further, it was revealed to us that he believed himself to be a “shining one.”

See: Shining Ones 

We’ve also heard of other individuals outside of Duval’s circle who believe themselves to be an angel/human hybrid, and they call themselves a “shining one.”

Others we’ve heard claim a different type of hybridization that is related to “shining ones,” but is expressed in a different way.

And one man we have come across claims to be a fallen angel.

Whether or not they are who they claim is beyond our ability to judge, and it is also possible that these individuals are suffering from mental illness. But again, we can’t judge one way or the other. We simply don’t know. All we know is what they claim.

4. And lastly, it cannot be ruled out that for some, they are telling the truth about their demonic nature (although, some claim it is an “angelic” nature).

This is something that we cannot make a judgement for ourselves about, but if someone is adamant about their claims that they are a hybrid (or a so-called angel… or a fallen angel…), then that individual is certainly someone who we would stay away from and not have any sort of fellowship with whatsoever. (More on this thought in a moment.)

Our Previous Responses

We’ve basically had two different responses over the past few years: a response that we had during our time at Bride Ministries, and a response that we have had after we left Bride Ministries.

During Our Time at Bride Ministries

When we were involved with Bride Ministries and Loren was told of the man who believed himself to be an angel/human hybrid (the words he used were that he had an “angelic nature”), she questioned Duval about it, along with two of Bride Ministries’ “counselors,” Rob Ruckert and Preston Bailey. Loren included Ruckert in the conversation because Ruckert was very aware of all the details surrounding the claims that the man was making, and she included Bailey in the conversation because Bailey was Duval’s professed “mentor,” and Loren thought that Bailey would have some helpful Biblical insight into the situation.

A basic rundown of the entire thing can be read here, if you, the reader, are interested, but the result of the conversation was that Duval, ignoring the group conversation, privately telephoned Loren and said that the person who was claiming to have an “angelic nature” was actually speaking of the “shining ones.” Duval then went on to explain to Loren about the “shining ones” doctrine.

Over the course of the weekend, Loren began to believe the heresy that she had been told by Duval, and one of the things that had convinced her was because Duval had said that Carolyn was a shining one (a claim that Carolyn never knew about). Furthermore Loren was led by Duval to believe that Carolyn knew this (which she didn’t), and that Carolyn believed Loren to be a shining one, as well (she did not).

Both Loren and Carolyn have since realized that Duval had been lying to them. Carolyn never believed she was a shining one, nor did she even know about it, and Carolyn never said that Loren was a shining one.

Throughout the rest of Loren’s time “counseling” with Duval, this “shining ones” heresy (along with the spirit man heresy) was the defining element of her sessions with Duval.

So in this instance, Loren’s initial response to hybridization was to accept it as something that could be of God, given certain circumstances. She realizes now, of course, that this is absolutely wrong — it is against Scripture… it is a doctrine of demons — and she has since repented of this thinking, now working diligently to continually line her thoughts and belief systems up with the Word of God.

In regards to other types of hybrids, however, through Duval’s teachings as well as through conversation during “counseling” sessions with him, we (Carolyn and Loren) were both led to believe that hybridization could be cured (freed from… healed… canceled out… changed…) through Duval’s “powerful prayers,” as well as through Bailey’s “scientific prayers.”

We realize now, of course, that we were 100% incorrect in believing this, and we showed absolutely no discernment, not realizing that Duval was teaching things that do not line up with Scripture.

After We left Bride Ministries

After we left Bride Ministries, since the topic of “hybridization” was (and still is) something that we wanted to stay away from, we never took the time to completely line up that particular heresy of Duval’s with the Word of God. We simply… ignored it, in a manner of speaking. We chalked it up to delusion, and stuck with our main message, which is to point people back to the properly exegeted Word of God to deal with the problems that they face.

(A connected thought that will be addressed in an upcoming blog on Loren’s website is that dealing with one’s problems also involves physical, common-sense activities. We’ve touched on this here and there in our book and on this website, but our main message on this website is the spiritual side, not the physical. But we want to take a moment to remind people that they must properly look after the matters of the physical, as well.

For example, if you have a mental illness, you need to seek medical attention. Or, if you have physical problems, even if they have been caused by the demonic, then you need to seek medical attention. You need to attend to the spiritual and the physical. Neither one should be ignored. But this will be addressed more fully in Loren’s upcoming blog article.)

And so, we reasoned that if people thought they had a problem with demonic genetics, or with being a hybrid, or similar problems, then they could simply ask the Father to take care of it. We certainly didn’t plan on writing an article on a subject that we would really rather not talk about!

Yet… here we are.

Now, of the people who have recently contacted us, they have only briefly referenced their fears of the possibility that they may be some type of hybrid… or of having their genetic code tampered with so that they are not fully human… or of having bloodlines that they believe to be Reptilian… etc. And since their emails were filled with many different issues they were having, we chose to address their email by simply giving them links to the material on our website concerning true deliverance according to the Word of God, and we admonished them that deliverance begins with salvation and continues as we walk according to His standards, in humble submission to His will, and in obedience to His Word (this is a very abbreviated version of what we share,  but this is the basics).

While this is the correct answer for the issues that people generally need deliverance from, and while this is generally the correct answer for someone who believes themselves to be possessed, influenced, or controlled by a demonic being, this is not the correct answer in response to someone who believes they are a demonic/human hybrid.

 Meanwhile, when writing our book, we did not realize how significant the impact is of the deception of this demonic “theology,” if you will, concerning hybridization and of Satan’s plan to bring deception into the church, partially because we did not want to discuss the topic or even think about. But unfortunately, on page 127, of the PDF format of our book, we made a statement concerning this human/demon hybridization. We wrote: “… They [people who believe themselves to be a “shining one”] should be encouraged to turn to God to heal them and cleanse their bloodlines, not encouraged to celebrate their hybrid status.”

This is not a statement that is completely in line with the Word of God and it is a statement that could lead to an unbiblical viewpoint. We were in error to state such. We apologize and repent from suggesting something that is not Biblical, and ask you to please disregard this statement.

We have corrected the error on our website. The corrections to the PDF will come soon, along with an update to the glossary that we have been planning to do anyway, although, we have placed a notice on the main page where you can find our book.

Building a Case

Before we get into why we were wrong in our previous responses, even since having left Bride Ministries, we need to get a few basics out of the way first.


During our time of working within Satan’s hierarchy, we noticed a difference between the fallen angels and all of the other demonic beings.

(Yes, the fallen are a type of demonic being, but from our past experiences and past observations, there is a definite difference between the fallen angels and demons, of whatever sort that demon may be.)

There were many different types of demonic beings, including creatures that were obviously hybrids, but they were not the same type of spiritual being as the fallen angels. There was a difference.


Some people believe that demons are the result of the fallen angels intermingling with human women. In other words, that demons are the result of the combination between human DNA and the DNA of the fallen.

This is the very definition of a hybrid.

Because of our experiences, we believe this to be a true statement.


Some people believe that there is Biblical evidence to prove the above assertion, that demons are the result of the fallen angels breeding with human women.

We believe that the Word of God does certainly speak to this, however, we could be wrong in our interpretation, and are open to correction on the matter.

Either way, it’s not a point that we argue, but we certainly know that although they are all demonic in nature, there is a discernible difference between the fallen angels and between what is commonly recognized as demons, as well as other demonic beings (demons) that people call by various other names: hybrids, different reptilian-like races (so to speak…), aliens of various sorts, etc…


We have both had varying degrees of experiences with Satan’s hybrid breeding programs that are currently in place, a topic that may or may not be discussed at a later date if it is something that needs to be more comprehensively discussed.

But we briefly mention this here, because we know that part of Satan’s plan has the demonic (of whatever variety… whether the fallen or otherwise) mixing their genetic code with that of humans, and coming up with a hybrid.

These hybrids vary in appearance and in name, but they are hybrids, nonetheless, because they are a mixture of two separate “species,” if you will: that of a human and that of a demonic being.


So it’s clear: hybrids, no matter the name or appearance, are demonic beings. It doesn’t matter if the genetic makeup is between a demon and a human, or if it’s between a fallen angel and human, it is demonic.


If a human believes themselves to be a mixture of human and the demonic (whether the fallen or a demon of whatever type), and if that belief is true, then they are not human, but a hybrid.

And for those individuals who believe they are a mixed breed of “angels” and humans, they have been horribly deceived. God’s holy angels do not breed with mankind.

Why We Have Not Been Correct in Our Past Response

So, building upon the foundation of the above information, when our past response has been suggesting that individuals who are hybrids (a mixture between human and the demonic) can turn to God and ask God to “heal their bloodlines,” here is why this response is NOT correct.


Repentance is more than a change of mind. It is a change of heart that results in turning one’s back on the previous path, and going in the opposite direction.

True repentance only takes place within us because God calls us to repentance. It is a direct result of the work of the Holy Spirit, and not our own.

(see the link on the below point for Scripture references)


Demonic beings cannot repent. They cannot be saved.

Hybrids, who are demonic beings, cannot repent and they cannot be saved.

The Holy Spirit of God does not work upon the “hearts” of demonic entities to bring them to repentance. They are doomed and marked by God for future destruction, not for future repentance.

See: Why Can’t Satan or the Demons Repent 

(Notice: we believe this to be an excellent article, however, we have not fully perused the above-linked website. Therefore, by leaving this link, we are not giving a blanket endorsement of the expressed viewpoints of the directors, creators, authors, and/or contributors of the website. Please line up everything with the Word of God.)

And, by the way, their future destruction is a job solely for God! In other words, it is not your job to search out dens of demons and beat them up, any more than it is your job to march through town to find the homes of suspected or self-proclaimed hybrids and beat them up.

See: Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture 


Given all the other points, if you are a hybrid

(not just someone who is deluded into believing you are, but someone who truly is a hybrid)

then you cannot repent. You cannot be saved. And, in fact, you wouldn’t even want to be saved in any real sense of the word, but would instead celebrate, either privately or publicly, the fact that you are a hybrid.

A Warning

Although we have our own experiences, we do not know if there is any actual physical evidence that will undoubtedly and absolutely prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are hybrids who have taken human form and who are walking on earth today. Because of our experiences, we believe this to be true, but we do not have possession of such proof.

Note: if you know of any existing proof (valid scientific proof, not superstitious imaginings or supposition), then please contact us and let us know so that we can amend this article. Thank you. 😊


Regardless of whether or not it is happening today, we strongly believe this to be something that will occur in the future, right under everyone’s noses, and at the least, we are already seeing the beginning stages of preparing people for this, even Christians, in order to gain acceptance of these hybrids (and eventually, the fallen angels) by society at large!

So here’s the word of warning to Christians:

Hybrids who have (or will have) human form and who are (or will be) infiltrating Christianity to whatever degree, may claim that they are saved or that they want to be saved or that they want to repent or that they have repented. But it would be impossible for them to repent and to be saved, because salvation is for humanity — for those who God calls to repentance — not for the demonic.

And, as we have stated earlier, God does not call the demonic to repentance and salvation is not for the demonic!

So do not allow your human emotions to be swayed by the demonic. They prey upon human emotions, including your sympathy and concern for their eternal state of not  being fully human and of being a creature that is designated for eternal destruction. They are masters at manipulating the human emotion. These hybrids who have been (or will be) given human form, will do and say whatever they need to do and say in order to gain acceptance by you.

This is part of Satan’s agenda concerning the hybrids!

In this way, they can manipulate, coerce, control, and infect you with their false doctrines.

So the best thing to do if (or when) you come across someone who either is a hybrid or who claims to be a hybrid, is to stay away from them, if you can. (Sometimes work-related issues may prevent this from being entirely possible, but you should certainly assess your options.)

Do not fellowship with them. Do not give them a listening ear. Do not hang out with them. Do not befriend them. Do not offer them encouragement. Do not “friend” or “follow” them on social media. Do not promote their philosophies, even if they seem to come from a “christian” viewpoint.

Shun them!

The Correct Answer

So …

If you are worried about whether or not you are a hybrid, then you aren’t!

Unless hybrids (demonic beings of differing varieties) are putting on a show in order to confuse and gaslight people (something that they do all the time because it is part of their nature and part of Satan’s agenda!), they do not worry about the state of their being. They do not fret about it. In fact, they do not even question it!

Instead, they celebrate it. They draw attention to it. They talk about it all the time. They take pride in their hybrid status.

As stated above, it’s possible that they may put on a show of worry, but this is only to gain your acceptance. They may put on a show of questioning, but this is only to confuse and throw off other people.

This is all part of Satan’s agenda!

Demons do not genuinely worry about being demons. They do not honestly question it, nor do they truly want to change. They enjoy who and what they are.

So to those Christians who are distressed because they believe they may be from a Reptilian bloodline (making them to be a hybrid) … or are afraid that their salvation is contingent upon their blood type … or are in fear because they believe that their genetic code may have been tampered with and they are afraid they may be a hybrid… here is the response we should have given to you in the first place:

Please answer the following questions honestly and for yourself.

(In other words, we do not want to know what your answer is. Instead, we would like you to answer these questions as a matter of your personal introspection, and not in order to convince us or sway us in one direction or another with your answer.)

Questions: Do you feel the Spirit of God convicting you? Causing you to be sorrowful for and to grieve over your sins? Calling you to a true repentance that drives you to change the direction you are heading towards destruction, and to follow Jesus Christ instead?

Assuming there is no mental illness that you are suffering from (please consider seeing a mental health professional to decide this for yourself), here are the possibilities that your answer of “yes” or “no” indicates.

If you answered “no,” then either you have been given over to delusion (see 2 Thessalonians 2.), which is a human condition, but one that will lead to your final and eternal destruction, or you may be a hybrid, as you claim.

But if the answer is “yes,” then you aren’t a hybrid by any means or method, whether by tampered genetics, altered DNA, test tubes, cloning, etc.

For whatever reason and by whatever means that you have come to falsely believe yourself to be a hybrid, your focus and worry over this matter of hybridization is only causing you to keep your eyes on the problem (a problem that you don’t even have!) rather than on the solution, who is your Heavenly Father!

Here are our suggestions (aside from seeing a qualified mental health provider, if necessary):

1. We suggest you “detox” from the garbage you are listening to from other people that has caused you to come to the false belief that you are demonic being. Simply stop watching it, listening to it, and reading it.

2. If you have friends who are feeding these delusions, take some time to evaluate those friendships and ask yourself if it is worth your mental and emotional and spiritual health to be around such individuals.

3. And then, get back to the basics of the Word of God. Go back to the simple gospel of Jesus Christ.

We write about this often on our website, and have written about it in our book, so we hope that you can take some time to peruse through that information and we hope that it is helpful for you.

In closing, we would like to once again apologize for sharing information before on the topic of hybrids (including Reptilians) in a way that did not line up with Scripture.

Furthermore, we would like to again apologize for previously having shared a bounty of information with others on this topic when we were involved in Bride Ministries. To do so was not a godly thing to do, and Carolyn plans to soon come out with a full description that will explain why this was not a good thing to do. When that article is complete and posted, we will update this article to give a link to that material. 😊

Carolyn and Loren ♥

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3 thoughts on “Hybrids: An Error and the Correction

  1. This comment is just my private response to what you have written regarding hybrids and salvation.

    I believe you should refrain from stating so categorically that someone with a bit of other than human DNA cannot be redeemed.

    I have concussion syndrome and am supposed to avoid screens, so not able to give you my Scriptural support at this time.

    I am very concerned that this new stance is equally as dangerous for many following Jesus who believe, foe whatever reason that they may have other DNA.

    Also concerned it will cause more drama and strife and attacks on some unnecessarily.

    You may mean well and I cannot say more now, so I am unsubscribing.

    Charlotte [name deleted by admin]

    1. My previous reply wasn’t clear enough, so I deleted it.

      I’m sorry you are upset. ❤😥 I understand why this would be upsetting. Our mutual acquaintance explained some. Not a lot, but some.

      I do appreciate your feedback, and I am glad for the opportunity to explain more thoroughly what we are talking about. I don’t know if it will help you feel better… or if it will be triggering to you even more. I hope it is the former. ❤

      First, I want to make clear this point. We have not in any way suggested that people should attack others because of any hybrid status, real or imagined. We stated: “And, by the way, their future destruction is a job solely for God! In other words, it is not your job to search out dens of demons and beat them up, any more than it is your job to march through town to find the homes of suspected or self-proclaimed hybrids and beat them up. See: Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture.”


      It’s also not our job (or anyone’s job!) to try to figure out who is or who is not a hybrid, and then to pass judgement on them. That is a matter that is between them and God.

      So I hope it’s clear that we are not advocating violence or persecution in any way at all.

      Second, for the purposes of this article, we are not defining a “hybrid” as someone who is fully human but has had their genetics screwed around with against their will. (And, by the way, for the purpose of this argument, let’s assume that there IS proof that genetics have been tampered with, and it’s not just someone’s fear or a delusion by whatever means.)

      But in this article, we are defining a hybrid as being an individual who is half human and half demonic, whether it is a demon or a fallen angel. For example, a person who has a human mother, yet their father (genetically speaking) is a demonic being.

      Now, there are likely instances where people are fully human at the point of conception (regardless of how that conception came about, such as through normal sexual relations or in vitro fertilization), yet have had their genetics tampered with against their will to whatever degree. Scientifically speaking (according to some definitions of “hybrid”), this can be a “hybrid,” and it can be to varying degrees.

      But we aren’t speaking of that in this article. We are speaking of (for instance) a woman who has had sexual intercourse with a demonic being and who produces a hybrid. Or, a woman who has had her eggs extracted and combined with the demonic in order to produce a hybrid. Or other such situations, such as what can happen within Satan’s hybrid breeding program. We are not speaking to a human individual who has had their DNA tampered with, causing them to be a “hybrid” in that sense. We aren’t using that definition in this article.

      However… the question still remains if the person who has had extra DNA inserted into their code is someone who is incapable of repenting and receiving salvation. Could this type of hybridization cause a person to lose their human spirit? We don’t know! That’s an answer that only God knows!

      We believe the answer is “they probably can repent and receive salvation.” However, we could be wrong, so our opinion doesn’t matter one way or the other. What matters is the TRUTH. And if we are Christian, then our truth comes from the Word of God (the Bible) and no other source takes it’s place! Not the book of Enoch, not someone else’s experiences, not someone else’s opinions, not someone else’s fears or worries over what may be, what could be, or all the “what if” scenarios…

      Regardless of genetics having been tampered with, the TEST is according to Scripture: Is the Holy Spirit calling them to repentance and to salvation? The Holy Spirit does not call demonic spirits to repentance and salvation. He calls humans (with human spirits) to repentance and salvation, so if He is calling someone to salvation, then they are able to be saved!

      And IF the Holy Spirit truly is calling them to repentance and to salvation, there will be fruit of repentance and evidence of their salvation, indicated by living a lifestyle that is in submission to the Father and in obedience to His Word, proving that, regardless of their genetic code having been tampered with, they are a child of God, and the Holy Spirit will bring them deliverance as they submit to His work in their life. In other words, deliverance doesn’t come from a “prescription prayer” or from any human source, but from the Spirit of God.

      So what we are trying to point out to people, is that the important thing is not to focus on a fear of whether one is or is not a hybrid; but to focus on God.

      I am truly regretful that this point was not clear to you. I hope that this makes it more clear. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify. ❤

  2. Thank you so much for clarifying this. What I love about you is your courage to always seek the Truth. All of us can fall under deception, but it takes a humble person to admit it and move forward! Thank you! God bless!

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