A Public Apology to Fiona Barnett

We would like to publicly apologize to Fiona Barnett for a series of events that took place in 2015.

On November 19, 2015, Fiona Barnett FB messaged Loren with the following:

“Loren, I’m just going to come right out & tell you this – I have it from a very good source that Dr Preston Bailey is a CIA operative. He is a military re-programmer – not a de-programmer. He was seen mocking RA / mind control victims at a seminar her spoke at a decade ago. He also had on his arm a Barbie doll sex slave who was witnessed to be in a hypnotic state. I’m sorry.”

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After receiving this message, and after subsequent further conversation with Fiona on the issue, Loren then spoke with Carolyn about the matter, as well as Duval, and Bailey himself.

The nuts and bolts of the entire situation comes down to this: neither one of us believed Fiona, and we instead chose to believe Bailey’s version of the story. (There are many reasons why we chose to believe Bailey over Fiona, and perhaps we will come out with more information at a later time.)

After Fiona made a public FB post basically stating the same thing about Bailey, we both subsequently told other people (both publicly and privately) that Fiona Barnett was lying… was being used by the enemy… all the general brainwashed idiocy (and perhaps, considering the circumstances, idiocy that came about because of programming…) that is to be expected from those who don’t see through the lies of those who they blindly trust.

While we do not know if the CIA accusation holds water or not (we aren’t refuting this claim nor are we agreeing with it, we are just saying “we don’t know”), after having gone through what we have gone through with the “counseling” (programming) at Bride Ministries, much of which has been documented throughout this website as well as on Loren’s personal website, and coupled with alarming information we have subsequently received from others, and in addition to being able to “put together the pieces of the puzzle” and see the picture with clear and unbiased eyes, we have seriously reconsidered Fiona’s claims.

And so we say:

“We apologize to, you, Fiona, for telling others that you were lying about this matter.  It was wrong of us to falsely accuse you and to gossip about you. We are especially ashamed because we did not think to apologize to you before today, and we also apologize for not giving you an apology much sooner.”

We are making this apology public because we made the accusations public.

Comments are closed on this post because we do not want any comment to detract from our apology to Fiona.

Carolyn and Loren


This apology is simply an apology for what we did wrong concerning this specific situation over Bailey. It is not, nor should it be considered to be a blanket endorsement of what Fiona believes or expresses.

We don’t give blanket endorsements of anyone at all, neither do we expect a blanket endorsement from anyone else. That would be foolish. We are all prone to mistakes and to being led into deception, unawares. If people simply believed everything we said without thinking about it critically, and without going to the Word of God to line up what we say with what GOD says, then how would they be able to point out if we are in error?

(This notice was added because of a comment on one of our social media pages.)