Help and Prayers Needed (Updated)


Hillary has passed on to be with the Lord. Please keep her family in your prayers.

This is an unusual deviation from what we usually write about, but one of Carolyn’s closest friends, Hillary, is struggling with cancer right now, and she and her family need help.

On her “Go Fund Me” page, she writes:

“Hi, my name is Hillary. I’ve been fighting Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for two years now. I have mets to the liver and the brain. Six months ago they found tumors in my brain and I became physically disabled. Now I can’t drive or work, so this makes it very difficult for us financially. I had brain surgery this summer. The first time after I was hospitalized, I was in a wheelchair for a month and my husband took three months off work to take care of me. And this summer he took a couple weeks off to take care of me after my surgery. Now I’m doing my third round of chemo and I’m sick all the time. We are really struggling financially right now. We can’t pay our phone bill and we’re behind a month, and I have a couple medical bills I can’t pay. I need to buy the kids’ winter clothes but we cannot afford the things we need right now, since all my Disability money would go to bills. I feel at a loss and very discouraged. We need help right now. Anything you can give will be very much appreciated. Thank you!”

Thanks to the generosity of others, she’s already met her needed goal of $1000, but I know that anything over and above this amount will be so very helpful to her and to her family.

If you are able to help her financially, the link to her “Go Fund Me” page is here:

If you aren’t able to help financially, I know that she will appreciate and be blessed by your prayers and encouraging words, so please feel free to leave words of encouragement for her and her family in the comments section of this blog post.

If you aren’t sure what to pray, here’s what I’m praying:

  • That the Father will bring her healing, strength, peace, and encouragement.
  • That the Father will bless her children and her family with peace and encouragement.
  • That the Father will move on the hearts of individuals near her to help her and her family with the practical needs they have.
  • That the Father will provide a safe place for her and her family to live.
  • And ultimately, that the will of the Father will be done in her life and in the lives of her family, bringing glory to Him.

If you know of anyone else that is struggling with illness or other struggles right now (including yourself), please let everyone know in the comment section below so that we can pray for them, too. (But please don’t share any information that would be considered too personal, such as last names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and the like.)

Loren ♥

Notice: on the chance that other “Go Fund Me” accounts are linked to in the comments section of this blog article, please be aware that neither Carolyn nor myself can vouch for the veracity of the claims of other people who say they need help, so donate at your own risk.

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4 thoughts on “Help and Prayers Needed (Updated)

  1. Just yesterday I learned about a brother in Christ who completely recovered from a stroke in record time. But a little time later he was diagnosed with cancer. Tough luck – again. But amazingly he survived and completely recovered – again. What are the odds? I don´t know. But it´s a safe guess that the odds of believers are better than the odds of non-believers.

    1. I don’t know if that theory has ever been tested and proven, but I do know that all suffer sickness, whether believer or not. We are all human.

      Thank you for your prayers. Blessings. <3

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