Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 4

What should Christian counseling look like? In part 4 of the series, “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” we discuss some of the basics on what Christian counseling should be from a Biblical standpoint.


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If you are going to an individual for counsel because they are a Christian, then that counselor should be following the standards of what a Christian should be according to what is found in the Word of God.

⇒ Note: secular counselors, even if they call themselves Christian, will likely not be able to pray with you and counsel you according to Scripture. This doesn’t mean they don’t have helpful advise to offer; it just means that you need to understand this going into a counseling situation with such an individual. However, as with all situations, line up what they say with the Word of God. If their advise isn’t spiritually sound, throw it out. If they do not respect your Christian values and are pushing you to become involved in things that are not spiritually safe and Biblically sound (e.g., meditation), then it may be time for you find a different therapist.

“Christian” is a name-tag. Calling yourself a Christian doesn’t automatically make it so! A lot of people who call themselves Christian counselors or Christian “deliverance” ministers have open doors to the demonic. So be careful who you allow to counsel you, pray with you, or even touch you in the context of prayer or “deliverance” counseling.

Even if you are going through a counseling situation that does not occur in person (e.g., via Skype or telephone), when you give that individual spiritual authority over you, you will be susceptible to the same influence that the demonic have through that person. This holds true regardless of whether you have given that person explicit permission to have authority over you, or whether you have given your implicit permission. So take care in whom you allow to counsel you, and in whom you allow to have a level of spiritual authority over you.

Some questions to ask yourself of a potential or current Christian counselor:

  • What is their character like?
  • Are they moral?
  • Are they following the standards of God?
  • Is it wise to submit to the spiritual authority of a counselor who is not following the standards of God?

⇒ Reminder: go to the Word of God to see what the standards of God are.

Deliverance and Christian counseling should include these elements:

  • Christian counseling should include discipling (education on the Word of God).
  • It should include confession and repentance.
  • Christian counseling should be conducted out of love and compassion.
  • The counselor should not be operating out of condemnation, but they should stand firm on the standards of God that are found in the Bible and encourage you to follow those standards.
  • Christian counseling should strengthen your faith.
  • Christian counseling should involve relying on GOD (not demons) for the answers, and having faith that He will answer according to His will.

⇒ Important: when you start to walk in the standards of God and begin to be obedient to His Word, the doors to the demonic will start to close.

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