Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 1: Back to the Basics

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. It is not an interview.

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What is deliverance and spiritual warfare from a Biblical perspective? In this video (which is part one of what will be several videos speaking about this same subject), we share some of our experiences with deliverance and spiritual warfare, and discuss the importance of getting back to the basics: the standards of God that are found in His Word.


Many people have come to us with complicated issues that they struggle with, including:

  • Healing from mind control agendas
  • Healing from dissociation and traumatic memories
  • Implants
  • Alien abduction
  • Hybrid breeding programs
  • Astral visitation, astral travel, and being taken out of their body
  • Hearing voices
  • Demonic harassment in varying degrees

They are usually asking us questions about deliverance, including:

  • do we know of any special prayers that they can pray that will help them with the exact problem they are dealing with?
  • do we know of a trustworthy deliverance ministry or counselor?
  • how does deliverance work if you have alters?
  • how do they find deliverance?
  • how did/do we find deliverance?
  • is deliverance is a one-time thing, or is it a process that takes a while?

It seems to take some of these people by surprise when we send them back to the basics: confession, repentance, submission, simply asking of God, walking by faith, being obedient to God, living humbly, and focusing on their relationship with God. They aren’t always convinced that this simple solution will adequately address their complicated problems, especially for those who are dissociative and have alters.

However, in this video series, we will go into detail concerning each of these items, and explain how each of these things that are found in the Word of God are those things that will help them find true freedom and healing.

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101 Series

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6 thoughts on “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 1: Back to the Basics

  1. Thank you…I love the ending. satan complicates. God simplifies. This was wonderful. My last “near abduction” a few years ago was the last. I was being tickled in my side, and laughing, by what I thought was my Sister, which woke me up. But all of a sudden I felt this horrible evil, and knew it was trying to do something awful to my side, and I could not speak. But I could jump up out of the bed & ran down the hallway, with her chasing me…well, I was thinking…JESUS, HELP ME! struggling hard to get a word out. But at only the thought of Jesus, the thing chasing me whirled around and ran back down the hallway. Finally I could yell JESUS! And the things in the room I had run into went “POOF” gone! (there were 2 or 3 shapes) So, even thinking Jesus’ name, they know, and run. AND it gave me my voice back. I have not had any more attacks since. SO GRATEFUL, I prayed a long time after, thanking the Lord. Shaken up too. Thank you for sharing this. It used to happen to me a lot when younger, but I didn’t know what it was, or how to call upon the Lord. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE! BLESS YOU. ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS. -Crystal


  2. I have reached out to Carolyn before. Your courageous attempts to reach people brought me out of babylon. I know I am only one person but my pride and ignorance finally began to subside when I found your testimony. It is hard to imagine such things can happen within a family unit when one wasnt raised in the organization. Christians do not realize that learning about the luceferian agenda can only make us want to be stronger in Christ Jesus so that He can show us how to stand against it. In His Word and by listening to The Living Word. Stay strong dear sisters in Christ!!!!


  3. Something always felt counterintuitive about those extremely detailed “recipe” prayers but I couldn’t pinpoint it. Quoting from your video, “Basically telling God step-by-step what he needs to do in order to bring you healing…” Loren you nailed it! Bam! Thanks!! 😊

    My friend and I have been helping a young man get free of his occult past through the power of Jesus Christ. During the process I was getting spiritually attacked in my sleep nightly (never experienced this before). In addition to praying before bed, I started reading the Bible before bed and the attacks have stopped ever since.

    God bless you guys!


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Erica. I pray that your friend comes to find the peace and healing that comes from walking in a relationship with the Father.

      Blessings ❤


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