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The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. It is not an interview.

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The following are some notes to complement what we discussed on the video.


How do you know if you are being demonically attacked because you are doing what is right and the demonic are trying to stop you, or if you are being attacked because you are involved in what is not right, and you have left yourself open to demonic attack?


Two common schools of thought by some Christians:

1. Being attacked by the demonic is a sign that you are doing what is right.
2. Being attacked by the demonic is a sign that you are doing what is wrong.

Some people (such as those self-proclaimed Christians who are practicing witchcraft) think they are doing what is right, and so when they experience demonic attack, they believe it’s part of their “spiritual warfare,” and they continue in their witchcraft. But they have been deceived and are fooling themselves.

Personal example: going through “deliverance counseling.” (We’ve experienced this both in our personal life, as well as observing this with others.)

After seeking out such “deliverance counseling” such as what we went through, the individual going through this “deliverance counseling” often finds that the demonic attacks increase. But they erroneously believe this increase in demonic attack is because they are doing what is right, so they press forward, often diving into even deeper witchcraft (such as “Courts of Heaven“).


On the other hand, sometimes people are doing what is right, and the demonic don’t like what they are doing, so they (the demonic) will go on the attack. But some people, or the people around that person, think they are being attacked because they are doing what  is wrong. So sometimes those people will stop going down the right path, and turn away from what God really wants them to do.

Personal example: when we were writing our book and being attacked by the demonic, and by people who were being used by the demonic. These attacks included direct attacks by the demonic, dream insertion, and unusual confusion/sleepiness when trying to edit the book. There were also human invaders who were coming at us through the astral realms to spy on us and harass us in the physical.

Important Note: we were not astral traveling — they were. Astral traveling is an occult ability, and we have renounced those things and do not practice them any more.

Additional example: there have been some who have read our book and reported that they get unusually sleepy or confused.

In BOTH instances, the demonic are working hard to achieve their goal: to keep the individual focused on the demonic, herding them down the path that they (the demonic) want them to go down, rather than being led by the Spirit of God.


You will be attacked or harassed (in varying degrees) by the demonic, whether you are doing what is right or whether you are doing what is wrong.

So how do you know if the attacks are because you are doing what is right, or because you are doing what is wrong?


Demonic attacks are not the plumb-line (the standard) whereby we measure whether we are doing what is wrong or right. GOD’S WORD (the Bible) IS OUR PLUMB-LINE. The Bible is our standard whereby we measure whether we are doing what is right or wrong. NOT demonic attacks.

So use discernment to judge yourself (check yourself), to decide whether you are doing what is right or whether you are doing what is wrong!

How do you learn discernment? GO TO THE WORD OF GOD and BE HONEST with yourself!

  • Are you following God’s standards as found in His Word, or are you doing your own thing?
  • Are you following the truth found in God’s Word, or are you ingesting the religious dogma that someone has regurgitated and given to you?
  • Are you submitted to the will of the Father, or are you seeking after your own will?
  • Are you following Jesus Christ, or are you following a false Christ?

Ask the Father to show you the truth, then go to His Word (the Bible) and study His Word, lining everything up with the Word of God that has been properly interpreted within context.


  • Keep your eyes on the Father and on following the standards of God that are found in His Word (the Bible).
  • Don’t focus on the demonic or their attacks.
    • Important to note: using demonic attacks as your standard to decide whether you are doing what is right or wrong is focusing on the demonic!
  • Don’t focus on other people.
  • Focus on God.
  • Submit to the Father and to His will.
  • Walk by faith and in obedience to His Word.
    • Important to note: you will never build faith in the Father until you learn to submit to His will.
  • When the attacks come (and they will), it won’t matter to you, because you are doing the will of the Father.

Quote from our book:

Attacks will come whether you are doing what is right or whether you are doing what is wrong; however, the important thing is not focusing on the attacks, but on focusing on the true God, Who is your Protector and Defender, and on your relationship with Him. Humble yourself before your Heavenly Father, focus on Him, learn to trust Him, and when the attacks come (and they will), you will not be so greatly affected. The demonic attacks will have no more power over you, because your focus is in the right place.”


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10 thoughts on “Video: Discerning Demonic Attacks

  1. These words of wisdom lead us straight into our loving heavenly Father’s arms. One of the demonic’s most used tool is fear. When we submit to the instructions of our Father and His righteousness, His perfect love casts out all fear for fear holds punishment and when we fear we are not made perfect in His love. Using demonic attacks as a plum line can become a direct access point to allow fear an en-trance.

    Thank you Loren and Carolyn for this vital teaching and your astute insights revealing enemy tactics.

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    1. Can adult onset epileptic seizures be a result of someone getting into the emerald tablets…the siezures began about the same time period all testing by medical field comes up “normal”…at the time of our conversation a few yrs back I was told he was experincing ‘some things” seeing things yet he wouldn’t go into any details with me when i tried to tell him how dangerous it was he of course blew it off and now Doc has told them they need to get these seizures under control (using meds) or they would kill him they are violent one broke his jaw and this last one broke his sinus ?? where he is having to have surgery to correct it.
      Just wondering if its possible that demonic spoirit could be causing this also am told they usually come on while he is sleeping?


      1. Demonic oppression and/or possession can cause physical problems, yes, but I wouldn’t automatically assume that every physical ailment is because of the demonic. I pray that he finds relief from the seizures no matter the cause of them, and also that he will stop seeking after occult knowledge and start seeking after a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Blessings. ❤


  2. Thankyou ladies, a good message pointing us to righteousness, based on the Word.
    Carolyn, thanks too for your Noah video (yes Doug Bachelor is a good preacher) – worth watching even just to see you smile!
    God bless.
    Love, George

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  3. Thank you both again for what you are doing. It must require great energy and focus. This helps me better see how prayer is effective. Your efforts are very helpful to me in many ways. I have experienced the fog, confusion and sleepiness myself while in the midst of coming across and processing significantly useful info with this subject matter; both with profound works by others as well as your works. I suspected something out of the ordinary with that dynamic. Your insight will help me better focus with prayer to our Heavenly Father thru his Son Jesus Christ the Anointed One moving forward in these situations. God bless you both and keep up the good work!

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  4. Thank you Carolyn and Loren. My eyes were first opened. Few years ago when God lead me to Carolyn’s YouTube’s. Then Carolyn and Loren. Carolyn, when you came back and I saw that you had cancer , I was upset. You both have helped me through so many struggles. Now I have been hearing others about what is going on with babies and canabilism. Did y’all do a video on that. So many horrors out there. I get up in church and got away from it when I was in high school. I am so glad I had those foundations. Bless you bith


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