Q&A: So, what IS the name of that magazine you mentioned, anyway…? (Updated)

Last September, Carolyn was made aware that a “christian” magazine was preparing to publish altered transcripts of what had initially been private conversations between herself and two others. Well before the expected publishing date, Carolyn reached out to the individuals involved in this plan, including the editor-in-chief of this “christian” magazine, along with a few other witnesses, including myself. She made very clear that not only were the transcripts incorrect, but that she did not give permission for these transcripts to be made public.

She was informed that the article was going to be published anyway.

One of these men, an unscrupulous, ungodly, deceitful “Professor of Lies,” was so angry at Carolyn for refusing to give her permission to publish his lying transcript of the private conversation she had with him, that he threw a huge tantrum, calling her all sorts of awful names. And he actually believed that his “god” rerouted Hurricane Irma to avenge himself and to bring destruction on Carolyn.

And in case you’re wondering, Carolyn suffered no loss whatsoever from this storm, by the way. 😉

☛ See: Illness, Disaster, and a Warring Spirit

So Carolyn went public on her blog (update: this article can now be read at Carolyn’s new website) to make clear to people that if they read anything about what she has supposedly said or about what she supposedly believes, that she had not given permission to this magazine to publish those supposed “transcripts” of her words. She wrote:

“So as to prevent any confusion or misconception, now or in the future, I want it known that the contents of the book I co-authored with Loren Grace, supersedes all previously written or recorded content associated with me.”

“Because of the rash of people who have been misquoting me, taking my words out of context and twisting what I have said, I want it publicly known that no one other than myself is qualified to speak for me or to represent my views.”

Since then, several people have asked Carolyn to name this magazine, both via email and on her Facebook page.

This is Carolyn’s response.

By Carolyn Hamlett

In regards to one of my articles in September of 2017 (this article can now be read on Carolyn’s new website), I have been asked by several different people to name the magazine I was referring to in that article.

If I had wanted to name the magazine, I would have done so then, but I purposely did not mention the name of the magazine for two main reasons:

  1. I did not want to give this magazine any publicity.
  2. I did not want to stir up curiosity within others, influencing them to go searching out this publication, thereby risking them becoming infected by its Luciferian articles.

My reason for posting my blog article was to protect myself when the content went to print and became public, alerting anyone who happened to read the article in the magazine that the article or articles using my name were falsified and published in spite of my opposition and petition against publishing it. My objections were raised well in advance of the set publishing date.

But let me remind you: I don’t need to give you the name of the magazine in order to warn you against reading and buying such Luciferian content.


Because if you learn how to discern for yourself, you will be able to recognize Luciferian doctrine for yourself, without needing me to give you the names of what are probably many thousands or hundreds of thousands of Luciferian content on various media outlets that are disguised as “christian.”

And so rather than give you a list of people, magazines, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, blogs, television shows, radio programs, podcasts, churches, groups, organizations, and clubs to avoid… Loren and I can better spend our time trying to teach you how to discern these things for yourself!

How do you build discernment?

It begins by establishing your own relationship with your Heavenly Father. This is something that is made possible only through Jesus Christ!

It continues as you read the Word of God (the Bible), studying it for yourself, studying it within context, and applying those Godly principles to your own life.

When you know the Truth and when you are well-acquainted with the genuine, then you will not be fooled by the false and the ungodly! And this is what I and Loren have been trying to do, and will continue to encourage you to do: discern for yourself!

A big problem with a lot of people today is that they have been conditioned to believe that they need to rely on other people to tell them what to believe, who to believe, what to think, what to say, what to do, where to go… They can’t think and do and believe and act for themselves! They have no discernment for themselves! We want you to learn to do and think and believe on your own as you build your own relationship with the Heavenly Father, reading His Word for yourself, and studying it properly and within context! This is how you build your own discernment!

Loren and I wrote a blog article about this very subject. You can read it here:

☛ “Answering Questions About Various People

So to be very clear: I am not, at this time, going to give the name of the Luciferian magazine who was set to publish, without my permission, an inaccurate transcript of what was originally supposed to be a private conversation, that was altered to make it look as if I supported the Luciferian doctrines that were being peddled, when I do not support those doctrines at all! I won’t make a “special exception” for anyone. So stop asking.

Learn to discern for yourself the difference between truth and lie, and you won’t need me around trying to steer you clear of every evil, ungodly, Luciferian organization, publication, group, or individual. Loren and I will help you build your own discernment (we wrote an entire book to help you build your own discernment, and we write blog articles encouraging you to build your own discernment!), but I won’t necessarily “name names” unless the Spirit of God leads me to so. This is not one of those times.

Carolyn Hamlett

Notice: this article has been updated to include links to articles that have since been added to this website, as well as to correct broken links.

Update November 2020

It is now time for Carolyn to “name names,” and so she has now made public the name of the magazine, as well as the editor of that magazine, the individual in this article we referred to as “Professor of Lies”, and other people who have continued to support them and their lies See: Time Travel & the Crucifixion

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: So, what IS the name of that magazine you mentioned, anyway…? (Updated)

  1. Amen! Amen! While agree that you have the right to take preemptive measures to discredit the lies before they were published, I salute you for taking this stand. When I left the cult I had been affiliated with I was encouraged by others to speak out, name names and be pro-actively outspoken against the man and the followers he continued to dupe as some others had done. The rationale was so that I could warn people to stay away from him.

    But that’s not what I heard in my spirit and it’s not that I was afraid to call out the devious teachings. What I understood was that, Christ’s sheep know the sound of His voice. I heard it and I knew that others would as well. Sometimes we are challenged to figure out things based on, as you so eloquently stated, our own One-on-one relationship with Christ. Get or don’t, is sort of how I sum it up.

    It’s so hard to explain to people that we are accountable on our own to listen, to obey and to trust. As it turns out, quite a few left after I did. Some even contacted me to apologize because the cult leader had some disparaging words to say about me when I bailed and they believed him – until he did it to them too and they figured out what a liar he is.

    So, the take away was – Christ’s own know His voice.

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    1. While “naming names” is sometimes VERY necessary (and probably most often necessary), sometimes it’s not. It’s just a matter of listening to what our Father is telling us to do. For instance, while the book Carolyn and I wrote was naming specific Luciferian doctrines that Dan Duval and associates are teaching, we didn’t specifically call out him or the others in our book. Why? Because the book wasn’t about him specifically, but about the Luciferian doctrines he believes and teaches. And he’s not the only one who believes and is teaching those things.

      However, in other situations when it’s necessary, I will name Bride Ministries, Dan Duval, and his crew of so-called “counselors” both past and present, as being extremely harmful. Both Carolyn and I have gotten flak because we have done this, but we will continue to do this as is necessary, not because it makes us feel good, but because it’s the right thing for us to do.

      So this article is not meant to discourage people from speaking out and naming names when necessary. Cults and cult leaders NEED TO BE NAMED. The issue that I see is that not everyone is in the position to be able to “name names,” either emotionally or mentally. There may also be circumstances where “speaking out” puts family or loved ones in danger, and those things need to be seriously considered. For some, the price may be worth it. For others, it may not be.

      But I do wish (AND PRAY!!!) that others will come out publicly and tell of their experiences with Duval and his BM, as well. I know why some of them won’t, and in some circumstances, I completely understand. Especially when many of those people are dissociative and just thinking about it is re-traumatizing, much less having to talk about it. 😦 I understand this all too well… So for those who are unable for whatever reason to speak out and name names the way it needs to be done, then Carolyn and I will do it on their behalf. 🙂

      But the others…? There are others who are simply afraid because they are allowing themselves to be manipulated and frightened into not saying anything. And still others who won’t come out and say anything because they are still caught up in the same type of charismatic witchcraft. Or those who just don’t fully understand (or even care) why it’s so dangerous what that man is involved in, and simply don’t care to warn others, for whatever reasons they may have. Some don’t want to hurt their own career that they have labeled a “ministry.” (I have seen a lot of people in these last two categories, and it’s such a horribly selfish, uncaring, and un-Christ-like attitude, it’s shameful…) And then there are those who won’t come out and say anything because it’s personally embarrassing that they have ever been associated with Duval in the first place and that they have publicly shared things that they wish they had never shared. (I understand this, too… It is horribly embarrassing….) Or they still enjoy the attention and the limited “notoriety” that having been associated with Dan Duval has given them. These sorts of people get perverse pleasure out being considered a victim, and they relish the attention they get as people fawn over them, trying to help them “feel better.” But bullies who aren’t stood up to will continue to be bullies, and for those who are able to do so, it’s absolutely necessary to “name names” of cults and cult leaders in order to warn people away from them and take away the imagined power that they hold over others.

      But, it just depends on the individual circumstances and timing. And I believe that if you ever choose to “name names,” it will be at the right time, in the right place, and coming from a heart that is doing what is right before God. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ❤

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      1. I know this all so well. And, yes, there are all sorts of circumstances and reasons for choosing to remain silent or speaking out. Just before I made my great escape I had a lengthy phone conversation with a woman who handled the money (lots of money with no accountability). She admitted she was disillusioned and she didn’t listen to the leader’s web sermons anymore. I asked, why do you continue on? Her reply was so stunning I had no response – she said, “Well I don’t have any other way to serve God.”

        The delusion of what defines serving God has successfully replaced the true definition of serving. And frankly I think this is true in the ‘normal’ churches. If a denomination or organization or a single person proclaims to be from God, that seems to be the only credential necessary to fleece the sheep.

        I did learn later, from another escapee, that there might have been another deeper reason for her remaining. Fear. She knew, as we all did, that he spoke curses on people who left and she still bought into his power. Whereas, I said, bring it on. Show me your worst. I assume he did speak a curse on me but, again, if you stand in the light of Christ, satan can’t see you. His curses has no power over me.

        I agree there are many wolves who have amassed great positions that even reach into and influence political figures and those definitely need to be expose, if for no other reason to stop the bleeding. In my case, my cult leader only thinks he is something big – in the whole picture, he is a gnat. My experience is not uncommon but not as blatantly evil as was yours. I guess you could say there are degrees of evil even though it all leads to hell.

        I did write about my experience, without naming names, first, as a form of catharsis, and secondly because I thought it would be a cautionary tale. (It’s a 20 page free download if you want the link).

        But, frankly, all these years later I have come to understand that anyone who would wish to read it isn’t someone still in the starry-eyed honeymoon phase of following a charlatan. It could only be a comfort to someone who has already been damaged and to let that person know he/she is not alone.


        1. Feel free to send a link of the download to our email. 🙂

          Every cult and cult leader needs to be named and exposed, no matter if they are a gnat or in a position of great power. I think of all the “powerful and influential” cult leaders that could have been stopped if they had been squashed when they were still a gnat. And besides, to the ones who are stuck in those cults, their leader is powerful and influential, regardless of what reality is. And certainly, each life that they harm is powerful and influential in its own way, and each life that they harm is important in every way. But even more importantly, when we take into account the way Satan is using them for his end-time purposes, and how this is part of the great deception that is causing people to fall into delusion…. this end-time plan is something that has to be exposed and something that people need to understand. Not all will, of course, but it doesn’t take away my responsibility to speak the truth! From the small to the great, Satan is using people in different capacities to push forth his end-time agenda, and people need to be warned about it. If people don’t know how Satan is using specific people in different capacities, then they are less likely to understand and see the bigger picture. Of course, like you’ve said, many are in that “starry-eyed honeymoon” phase, but if and when they come out, if they aren’t able to connect the dots (or, have others connect the dots to help them out), then they are going to fall into that same trap again, just with a different cult leader. But regardless of whether they heed the warnings or not is irrelevant concerning my responsibility to speak out and name names!!

          Now, there’s no way I or Carolyn can possibly know of every single cult and cult leader. Which is why we do our best to teach discernment, so people can figure it out for themselves. Ultimately, this is the most important thing, over and above naming names, for the reasons that have been stated in this article as well as in other articles we’ve written. But that in no way means that we aren’t responsible for naming the ones that we have been acquainted with. It is our responsibility to name names! We’ve gotten some flak for it, like I said before, but we have also had people thank us for warning them away, saving them from a lot of pain. And then there have been others who have come out who have thanked us for giving confirmation to things that they felt were wrong, but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. And yes, there are MANY others who are still stuck and won’t come out because of whatever reason. But if and when they do, the truth of what they have been involved in is here, available to help them understand the mess that they’ve gotten into and how to find freedom from it in a deep, spiritual way. None of this would be helpful if we didn’t name names.

          Abusers are able to get away with what they do because no one calls them out on it. No one sees it, because their victims, for the many varied reasons, say nothing. So many people don’t know that anything is wrong. Unfortunately, this is all too common a theme in many different abusive situations, and the same solution applies to spiritual abuse as what applies to physical, sexual, or psychological abuse: people, including victims, have to speak out in order to stop the cycle of abuse! So I will speak out and name names, if for no other reason than for the ones who can’t. Not naming names is like knowing there’s a child rapist in the neighborhood, and who he or she is, but for whatever reason, not warning those around us to keep their children protected. It’s no different with spiritual abuse. Even though it doesn’t get as much attention as other abuses, spiritual abuse is just as harmful as other types of abuses. If we know who is being abusive, they need to be called out by name. If people don’t listen, it’s not our fault. But it is our fault if we don’t call them out.

          And the other reason for naming names is just as important to me, too: it is still my hope and prayer that those cult leaders who have fallen into such a great delusion, such as Dan Duval and related “counselors,” will one day heed the voice of the Spirit of God and repent, finding reconciliation with the Father. If no one ever tells them that they are wrong, then this is not going to happen. I realize this may come across as a “Pollyanna” attitude, but they are still human beings in need of salvation. I know that I can’t lead them to repentance — I’m not the Spirit of God. But what I can do is what God has called me to do: share the truth. That’s my responsibility. Regardless of whether they heed the warnings or not is irrelevant regarding my responsibility to speak out and call them out for what they are: false teachers and false prophets who have gone astray and who are leading others astray as well.

          There may be degrees of evil, but there is only one degree of hell. And if all evil leads there, then it all needs to be exposed in whatever capacity we are able to expose it. It’s not always easy, but it is our responsibility.

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          1. I do not disagree with a single point. If it were left up to me, I’d rent billboards in every town and list all the wolves – including some pretty prominent well thought of preachers who just flat teach another Jesus. Sometimes it feels as though I am screaming in space – where you can’t hear sound. I don’t seem to have what it takes to convince anyone else to pay attention to the red flags.

            Interesting though – all the things I learned how to do while working within the framework of the cult – I accepted as the good fruit born of the bad experience. You both also are bearing good fruit by writing and exposing as much as you can.

            One thing all this led to for me, by being armed with some basic skills, I am now working on another book that focuses on the survivors of exposure to toxic people in general. I cannot believe the stories that just keep coming. Just as I think I’ve heard the worst, the next one blows me away. I have no idea how long it will take to finish this – I just know that it seems to me that the demons have been unleashed on us. The rise in psychopathy and mental disorders is off the charts. And since I perceive that most cult leaders have a form of mental disorder ranging from narcissism to schizophrenia, I also note that satan is the father of psychopathy – the original psychopath who knows he will lose in the end but either wants to make sure he takes as many as he can with him or he believes, in his alternate reality, that if he just tries harder – he can win.

            ps I sent the link


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