Dissociation, Fragmentation, and Spiritual Prisons

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We’ve received emails from several people asking questions about and wanting to discuss dissociation and fragmentation, as well as the idea of parts of them being taken or stuck in different demonic realms. The following are a portion of some of the emails.

Question 1

In your book you mention that the fragments can be taken to other dimensions and I think you even mentioned to hell. Did I understand this correctly?

Question 2

I wondered if you could pray for me and ask God if my soul has been imprisoned in second heaven or if you have any knowledge of prisons in second heaven?

Question 3

Do they [the demonic] have fragments of my soul?

Question 4

I suffered from ritual abuse. I have D.I.D. and five alters. Does this mean I’m possessed?

Before I share some of my experiences and opinions regarding “fragments,” two things need to be said:

1. I am not a mental health professional (please see our full disclaimer), and I am not trying to say that my definitions of “fragments” should be taken as a clinical definition of “fragments.” Clinically speaking, I’m not sure if mental health professionals even make a differentiation between “alters” and “fragments,” and I’m not sure if they’d agree with my definitions or not. I do not work with any mental health professional as of this writing, so for all I know, therapists, or even other survivors, may consider “alters” and “fragments” to be one and the same. But for me, as someone who has a dissociative disorder, “fragments” are different than “alters,” and the reasons for why they are different to me are personal. So when I share my opinion and experience, it is just that: my opinion and experience, and not a professional opinion that should necessarily be applied to your own situation.

2. Related to this thought: you may or may not agree with me or be able to relate to my experiences regarding the differences between “fragments” and “alters,” and that’s okay. I’m simply sharing my opinion based on my specific experiences. Your experiences and opinions may be different. In order to understand your own dissociative experiences, do your own research, seeking the help of a qualified mental health professional if that’s helpful to you.

Dissociative Disorders

While we won’t go over this information in this blog article, in order to understand fragmentation and alters within the context of dissociative disorders, you need to have a basic understanding of dissociative disorders, in particular, D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Carolyn and I have already written about this in our book, and you can read it online here:

☛ Important Helps Regarding Dissociative Disorders 

The Sidran Institute has a good article that gives an overview on the basics of dissociative disorders, as well. You can find it here:

What is a Dissociative Disorder 

For the purposes of this article, however, I’ll just remind you that dissociation is simply a coping mechanism.

On the “normal” end of the spectrum is a common dissociation, such as daydreaming. It’s normal for everyone to have experiences with daydreaming, and this type of dissociation is not indicative of a disorder.

On the “abnormal” end of dissociation, however, is severe dissociation that interferes with everyday life, such as D.I.D. In between these two extremes, there are many different types of dissociative experiences, such as DDNOS (Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), and even D.I.D. itself can be more or less complex.

☛ To read more about the different diagnoses on the dissociative spectrum, seehttps://traumadissociation.wordpress.com/tag/ddnos/

Note: as always, please do not consider the presence of this link, or any outside link, other than what we have written ourselves, to be an automatic endorsement of the websites, the material found on the websites, or of the authors or contributors on the websites.

Furthermore, the above-linked page to “Trauma and Dissociation” has a page on Facebook for a type of “support” for those who have various dissociative disorders and related disorders. You may find their page to be helpful to you, and it has been helpful to me in the past, but please remember that such pages or groups shouldn’t really be used to actually support, nor should be used in the place of your own therapy or work, but such a page should be used with the understanding that it is offering more validation to a particular group of people who are all suffering (or who have suffered) from the same ailment/s, and not so much “support.”

Here’s why I say this:

a) I have found that often “support-type” groups and pages on social media can quickly turn into “stay stuck in the pain and anger of the past” groups, and such was the case with the above group. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as different people are in different parts of their healing journey, but it is antithetical to my healing journey to stay in groups that overly focus on aspects of healing that either I have already worked on, or am working on in a different way — specifically, by learning to submit my anger and pain to the Father, and walk by faith in the promises of His Word, something that isn’t talked about very much in a practical and loving manner in any online group I have ever been a part of, and while I wouldn’t expect this from secular support pages or groups, I haven’t even found it in Christian support groups.

b) Sometimes topics that are posted in Facebook “support” pages or groups, should perhaps not be posted (in my opinion of course), because they are topics that are are too stressful to be properly discussed within such an informal setting, and there is no safe way to discuss certain topics amongst members in a fruitful manner, nor to offer dissention opinions without being verbally attacked, whether the opinion is concerning politics or health and medical preferences, or anything else that is usually considered controversial.

Now, if it was a legitimate and actual support group (for example, a support group sponsored by a local licensed therapist), and not just a page or a group on social media, and an actual qualified counselor was available to facilitate the discussion, that would be a different matter. But these things don’t usually end well in social media “support” groups.

But this is just my opinion based on my experiences. Certainly, anything can be stressful or triggering to certain people for any number of reasons, and what may upset me wouldn’t necessarily upset you, and vice versa. So perhaps it all comes down to what one prefers, and I prefer for secular support groups or pages for dissociative survivors to stay on topic to being supportive of the healing journey for dissociative survivors rather than foray into other topics that have nothing to do with healing or with dissociation.

c) On the other hand, I prefer groups and pages that speak about healing from dissociative disorders from a Biblical perspective, of course, but I haven’t found one that does so without meandering into mysticism and occultism, which leads to my next point….

d) As with most secular support groups (and even in Christian groups or pages I have found), there is often a focus on different types of “healing” that are spiritually unsafe, such as different forms of meditation, or different types of therapy that include EMDR, or a type of therapy that includes working within one’s system with another person. You can find warnings about these things throughout the writings on this blog, on my personal blog, and in the book I wrote with Carolyn (see the list at the end of this article to start with), and so it greatly troubles me to see such “healings” to be those that are most widely recommended.

It’s not surprising, however, since I understand that this is part of Satan’s plan, but rather than continue to point out every time unsafe healing methods are suggested and explain why they are unsafe, I simply unfollow the page or group.


Before I get to the email questions, I’d like to briefly discuss “fragments.”

Within the context of dissociative disorders, “fragments” (sometimes called “soul fragments” or “spirit fragments”) are similar to “alters” (also called “identities,” “others,” “parts,” et cetera), and they are created through trauma. Fragments do not necessarily have their own strong personality, individual experiences, separate values and beliefs, et cetera, who have the ability to take full control of the body for periods of time. But they are smaller fragments of the person’s psyche.

For some, the presence of a “fragment” (as opposed to a “full-blown alter”) may be an indication of a less complex form of dissociation on the dissociative continuum.

However, the presence of many different fragments (in addition to “full-blown alters”) can be an indication of a more complex form of dissociation. For instance, one way fragments are created in children is through trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC), which is an intense type of trauma that purposefully induces dissociation in order to push forth the agenda of the group who is doing the programming. This results in the development of a complex dissociative disorder.

(This same type of poly-fragmentation can also occur with sadistic or satanic ritual abuse (SRA, also referred to as RA), but there are certain distinctions between SRA and TBMC that we won’t discuss in this article.)

Now, there may be instances where a severe dissociative disorder does not develop because of this programming, but this would be highly unlikely, in my opinion, unless the programming began after a certain age when acute dissociative disorders are less likely to form. In such cases, there would still be the development of a dissociative or other trauma-related disorders (such as PTSD or C-PTSD), but just not as complex as poly-fragmentation.

Here’s a very short explanation of my personal experience with this:

Through the programming process I went through as a child, there were many splits created during any one session. Some of these splits were created by and used by programmers in various ways, becoming whom I consider to be some of my “stronger alters.” (Other strong alters were created to deal with abuses at home, but that’s a separate topic.) But not every split was used for programming, so the “extras” were kept in various places throughout my system.

These “extras” are what I call “fragments.” They are not as fully developed as the other parts of myself, but are associated with one particular traumatic event (or a specific part of that traumatic event), usually with one strong emotion or memory related to that event that they hold on to.

But regardless of how fragments are created, and regardless of whether they are indicative of a more severe form of a dissociative disorder or a less severe dissociative disorder, fragments are associated with dissociative disorders, and dissociative disorders begin in early childhood. Once an individual has developed this disorder in childhood, they are more likely to “split” at any time throughout their life, creating a separate identity in order to cope with surrounding circumstances that they feel are too overwhelming to handle. This is not to say that every stressful situation a dissociative person encounters will create another alter; it’s just saying that it can happen.

Sensationalizing Fragmentation

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that there’s a growing sensationalism surrounding this idea of “soul fragments,” particularly among those Christians who undergo “deliverance counseling,” such as the type of so-called “counseling” I went through with Dan Duval of Bride Ministries, and with those who follow after those types of ungodly ministries and individuals.

And before I separated myself from Duval’s so-called ministry and his phony D.I.D. “coaching,” I began noticing an alarming trend with some people who were not dissociative under normal circumstances: because of the sensationalizing of trauma and dissociative disorders through organizations such as Bride Ministries and countless others; and because people were seeking after supernatural experiences such as those experiences that have been had by some survivors of mind-control agendas; then more and more people were beginning to believe themselves to have these “soul fragments” that were supposedly stuck in various places all over the known and unknown universe, including hell.

This trend may have already been on the upswing long before I even got involved with Dan Duval, and if it was, I didn’t notice it… but this is something that would be, in my opinion, highly unlikely under normal circumstances.

However, since spiritual trauma can create a type of fragmentation through demonic connections; and since the types of people who believe themselves to have these “soul fragments” scattered in various places are the types of people who are getting themselves involved in unsafe spiritual practices; then it stands to reason that people who would normally not be dissociative are creating a type of dissociation within themselves by putting themselves through spiritual trauma.

This would probably not be considered a clinical type of dissociation that was created through early childhood trauma, no, and professional therapists would likely disagree with my stance concerning spiritual trauma and its connection with dissociation, but that’s probably to be expected, since many of them encourage their clients to engage in spiritually unsafe therapies and activates in order to facilitate a supposed “healing.” But I have experienced and observed for myself that some people are creating a type of dissociation, or exacerbating an existing dissociative condition, that is caused by unsafe spiritual practices, and this dissociation can sometimes turn into a chronic and clinical dissociation, and can be very debilitating for many individuals in various ways.

Unfortunately, many of those individuals fall into delusion and can’t always see how debilitating this spiritual trauma and resulting dissociation is to them, particularly since the occult narrative that is pushing a connection with the demonic is so prevalent within society today.

Here are some examples we’ve tried to warn Christians about, in both our articles as well as our book, that illustrate how this type of fragmentation can occur for some self-proclaimed Christians:

Example One

An individual begins to seek after and practice unsafe, occult activities for themselves, such as yoga and meditation, including so-called “Christian” activities that are identical to an occult meditation.

Meditation is purposefully inducing a type of dissociative state, and this dissociation can become chronic and create a permanent dissociative state. This is indicative of fragmentation through unsafe spiritual practices.

To study the evidence of this type of dissociation and to read about how some Christians are involving themselves in this occult practice, oftentimes without recognizing it as being occult, see: “Meditation and Yoga: A Deeper Look into Occult Practices that are Deceiving Christians Today.”

Example Two

In an effort to heal from an imagined soul fragment, a Christian individual purposefully engages themselves in very unsafe spiritual exercises that do, in fact, create spiritual trauma. That trauma then creates a type of dissociation whereby they then become fragmented.

Carolyn and I wrote about some of these practices in our book that are common with some types of so-called “deliverance ministry,” including things like “spirit man” counseling or similar types of “counseling,” as well as things like “gateways,” or “seat of dominion,” or “Courtrooms,” or similar types of unbiblical activities.

Fundamentally, these types of practices are occult and are using the same basics of an occult meditation, which is why they cause a type of dissociation.

Example Three

Additionally, the growing interest in “fractal spirituality” has begun leading the average charismatic-minded individual into embracing doctrines of demons (such as the aforementioned “spirit man” and “gateways”), and is causing them to accept a fragmentation of their own selves as being something that is natural and of God, when it absolutely is not.

Answers to the Questions in the Emails

What follows in this section are basic answers to the questions we received via email. In most cases, because there was additional information that we received from these individuals, the email responses I gave were more personalized than what you read here.

Question 1

In your book you mention that the fragments can be taken to other dimensions and I think you even mentioned to hell. Did I understand this correctly?

In the book Carolyn and I wrote, we didn’t specifically write about fragments being stuck in parts of hell. We wrote about how, through so-called “deliverance ministry,” that people are sometimes being told that they have parts of them stuck in other dimensions and that they have to go find them — or send a supposed part of them to go find them. These places can be places of torment, or what looks to be a “heavenly place.”

Soul or spirit fragments can say or believe (or be imagined to have said or to have believed) that they have been stuck in any number of places, including “hell,” or a type of hellish place. Whether or not it is actually true is up for debate. I’ve come across some people who are mentally ill and simply delusional, so I have serious doubts as to whether or not their soul or spirit parts are stuck anywhere at all, except in their own mind.

On the other hand, it may be possible that fragments of people are stuck in other places, such as a type of hell. I’ve had experience with this myself, but since it’s not something that can be proven one way or the other, and since I’m not sure if it’s true even for my own self, and since it’s not something that is helped by focusing on it, I just don’t worry about it any longer. In spite of how complicated the process was made out to be through “deliverance counseling” with Dan Duval of Bride Ministries, I have learned to simply give the problem to my Heavenly Father and let Him take care of it in whatever way is in accordance to His will.

It truly is that simple!

We’ll talk more about this in the next section.

Question 2

I wondered if you could pray for me and ask God if my soul has been imprisoned in second heaven or if you have any knowledge of prisons in second heaven?

One of the many wonderful and miraculous things about Jesus Christ is that He is your mediator. He came so that your relationship with the Heavenly Father can be restored, and so that you can boldly make your requests known to God for yourself.

☛ See: 1 Timothy 2:5-6

My point is this: Jesus Christ is your mediator, not us nor anyone else. So we don’t have to ask God on your behalf whether or not you have a part of you that is imprisoned anywhere. You can ask God for yourself! 

As far as “prisons in the second heaven”: yes, there are spiritual spaces that could be considered to be prisons. Whether they are in what can be considered the “second heaven” or not, I’m not entirely sure. I was taught about “dimensions and realms” in my occult studies, not first, second, third heaven. And as far as I know, there is no clear teaching in the Bible on what, exactly, the first, second, and third heavens are, and what the similarities and differences are between the three.

Now, I know what I was taught by charismatics about the first, second, and third heaven, but most of it (and perhaps even all of it) is not anything that can be proven with Scripture. It’s extra-biblical, and quite honestly, I’m not interested in looking into it any longer. Delving into things of that nature has the tendency to lead people into seeking after occult information and into so-called “truths” that have no foundation in the Word of God.

If you’d like to look into it, however, here are a couple links where you can find some information that is strictly from a Biblical perspective with nothing extra added (nothing extra that I noticed, at any rate, but judge for yourself):

1. https://www.blueletterbible.org/faq/don_stewart/don_stewart_151.cfm
2. https://www.gotquestions.org/second-heaven.html

As with all things, line up what you read and hear from other people with what the Word of God actually says. Don’t take anyone’s word for what they claim is “truth found in Scripture” as actually being truth that is found in Scripture. Study the Word of God for yourself and find out for yourself what is truth.

But whether these “soul/spirit prisons” are in the second heaven or not, and regardless of what “deliverance ministers” and similar people will tell you, finding freedom from this is not complicated, and this is true even in the case of programming that is keeping a fragment stuck in what is thought to be a spiritual prison.

 You don’t need to ask someone else (or pay someone) to pray for you or “counsel/coach you” in order to find deliverance from these spiritual prisons.

 You don’t need to seek understanding of the dynamics of dimensions and realms, which is all theoretical anyway, or study esoteric knowledge of the first, second, and third heaven, in order to understand these supernatural prisons and find deliverance. Doing so can actually cause you to become fearful, take your eyes off of the Solution (the Heavenly Father) and become overwhelmed by your problem, bringing you further bondage.

⇒  You don’t need to study occult material in order to “figure out how the dark side works” so you can use your knowledge against them and wrest yourself from their grasp, the way some “deliverance ministers” and “D.I.D. coaches” Carolyn and I have had been acquainted with have tried to do. This will actually lead you down a path of occultism and spiritism, leading you away from the Heavenly Father and towards destruction.

We’ll remind you of the details momentarily, but all you need to do is submit yourself to the Heavenly Father, and ask Him to help you.

It really IS that simple!

Question 3

“Do they [the demonic] have fragments of my soul?”

☛ Important Note: This is but a small portion of the email from this person. They gave us some details about attacks they were trying to fight off in the astral, and it sounded to me as if these were demonic attacks. I responded personally to this individual, but I did not hear back, so I am still assuming the attacks they were suffering from were spiritual in nature. Therefore, based on the rest of the email, I’m assuming this person was asking us if the demonic has fragments of their soul.

I don’t know whether the demonic have fragments of your soul, either literally or in a manner of speaking. It may be possible, I don’t know, and who am I to say otherwise? But ask the Father to reveal the truth to you, if it’s His will for you to know, and then ask Him to deliver you.

And yes, it may not be in the Father’s will to reveal to you whether or not the demonic literally have fragments of your soul. There are probably many reasons why God would not reveal this information to you, but here’s one possible reason: maybe He wants you to stop focusing on and worrying over the demonic, and start focusing on Him.

This is where your freedom is found!

Focusing on our Heavenly Father and not the demonic is what Carolyn and I have found to be most helpful to ourselves, even in overcoming programming! We’ll discuss this in a little more detail in the next section, but for now I will say, YES, I know this is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are being physically and/or psychically attacked by the demonic. I understand this from first-hand experience! So I am not being indifferent to your situation, and I pray that I don’t come across as giving a flippant response or as having a nonchalant attitude. I’m not indifferent and I do understand all too well the terror of the situation that you described in your email to us.

But there is freedom from these attacks, and it is found in one place alone: your Heavenly Father.

So build your relationship with Him. Learn to trust in Him. Learn to hear His voice.

All these things take time, yes, and we address this in our book and within different articles on our websites (see the list at the end of this article to start with), but please do not go searching for answers outside of the principles that are taught within Scripture. All that you need is found in a relationship with your Heavenly Father!

He is your Provider, your Deliverer, and your Help. He is your Healer. And when you submit to His will for your life and you learn to focus not on the demonic attack but on your Heavenly Father (this is not easy, but possible!!), you will find peace and the attacks of the enemy will not be so overwhelming.

I am speaking from personal experience. I have had the fallen try to literally suck me out of my body and kill me, and the fear was overwhelming for me. Other times, they have pulled me out of my body and traumatized me in various ways that I don’t even want to detail. And they still bother me sometimes because they do not like that I am against them and their agenda.

But…! I have had the most amazing revelation: by focusing on my Heavenly Father and in being submitted to His will over and above my own, I have found freedom — and I continue to find freedom and healing — not only from past trauma, but also from programming and from fragmentation that was keeping parts of myself in unsafe spiritual places.

Whether or not these “unsafe spiritual places” were “spiritual prisons in hell” is not something I wish to theorize on any longer, and for the purposes of finding freedom, it doesn’t even matter what or where they were. But the greater point is, this: I have found freedom, and I continue to find freedom, through a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

This focus on my Father and being submitted to His will is what it means to follow and be in submission to the authority Jesus Christ! And I have realized that when I focus on the Solution (my Father) rather than the problem (the demonic, fragmentation, et cetera), then the problem isn’t so overwhelming, and the problem, whether it is real or simply a fear in my own mind, loses its power over me.

(See the list at the end of this article to read some about my personal journey about this.)

So if you are afraid that there may be parts of you that are being held captive by the demonic, walk in submission to the authority of Jesus Christ and do as He did: submit to the will of your Heavenly Father ask Him to take care of the situation in whatever way is in accordance to His will.

Yes, it really IS that simple!

Question 4

I suffered from ritual abuse. I have D.I.D. and five alters. Does this mean I’m possessed?

The simple answer to this question is this: no. Having a dissociative disorder is not the same thing as demon possession. Alters are parts of you, they are not demons; therefore, if you have alters, this does not necessarily mean you are demon possessed.

However, regardless of whether one is dissociative or not, there can be demonic attachments, influence, and/or possession.

(There is a difference between demonic influence or attachment, and demonic possession, but we won’t go into this difference in this blog article.)

That said, there may be some who say that because of the nature of dissociation, people who have dissociative disorders are more likely to suffer from demonic influence and/or possession. This is not something we will argue one way or the other, but I will say that for myself, I can see where this statement has been true in the past, and it’s something that I am constantly on guard against. It certainly has reminded me to be in humble submission to my Heavenly Father and to allow Him to bring healing to every part of me.

The solution to healing is simple: ask your Heavenly Father to set you free, and He will. This may take time, depending upon many factors. Since you are dissociative, you may have alters that are holding the doors open for the demonic to enter in and reside, or to hold influence over your thoughts and actions. However, simply ask God to take care of it for you, and over time, He will.

But in the meantime, focus on a relationship with your Heavenly Father. Continue to confess, repent, submit to His will, renounce your own will, walk by faith and in obedience to His Word, live humbly, and focus on Him (we go into detail about these things in our book). The closer you draw to God, the more healing and wholeness His Spirit will bring to you.

It really IS this simple!

(See the list at the end of this article to read some about my personal journey about this.)

Finding Freedom

If you feel that you have fragments that are stuck anywhere, whether it’s a place of torment or a supposed “heavenly place,” finding freedom is simple, and the entire process begins with a relationship with your Heavenly Father!

Review the steps we outlined and discussed in our book:

  1. Confessing
  2. Repenting
  3. Submitting to God
  4. Making your requests known to God
  5. Walking by faith and in obedience to His Word
  6. Living humbly
  7. Continuing to focus on God

This relationship with your Heavenly Father that I have been mentioning throughout this article begins at salvation, something that is only made possible through Jesus Christ.

☛ See:  Ephesians 2:1-10Romans 5:6-11Colossians 2:13-15Hebrews 9:14, 27-28, Matthew 20:28John 10:6-10John 3:1-21

Salvation begins with the first step outlined above: confession, and it can’t be accomplished without first believing (having faith) in your heart. When you believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate, final, and only acceptable propitiation for your sin…

☛ See: Romans 3:25Hebrews 2:171 John 2:21 John 4:10 

… then you confess this, and because of His grace, the Father covers you with His salvation that has been made possible because of and through Jesus Christ.

☛ See: Romans 10:9-10Ephesians 2:1-10Titus 3:3-82 Timothy 1:8-11 

(And if you have trouble with believing, then ask the Father to help you see the truth so that you might believe. It might seem silly to ask God to give you something that you either don’t believe exists, or that you don’t believe He’ll give to you. But if you are reading this, then it means that it’s not too late for the eyes of your understanding to be open. So ask Him anyway!)

As you walk in this new life and begin to focus on your relationship with the Father, His Spirit begins to transform you into His image, bringing you a deep spiritual healing. The steps that we outlined above are speaking to this process of focusing on and building your relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Here are the steps again:

  1. Confess
  2. Repent
  3. Submit to God
  4. Make your requests known to God
  5. Walk by faith and in obedience to His Word
  6. Live humbly
  7. Continue to focus on God

So what happens if you believe that a part of you is being held prisoner in spiritual prison? Or if you think they might be stuck there, but you aren’t sure? If you have salvation through Jesus Christ, here are the steps you can take, as outlined in our book:

1. Confess to your Heavenly Father what you believe to be true (that there is a part of you that is stuck in a spiritual prison).

2. Speak a “repentance” (a turning away) from this spiritual prison. In other words, tell your Heavenly Father that you do not want to be there any longer.

3. Submit this problem to God, and don’t forget to submit yourself to God, as well as any and all parts of you to Him. This “submission” is easy: just speak it. Say something like, “Heavenly Father, I submit this problem to you, I submit myself to you, and I submit every part of me to you.”

It’s not a script, and so there’s no “secret special way” to say this. There is no “more powerful” or “less powerful” way to say this, so don’t be fooled by charlatans who try to sell your their so-called “powerful and more effective prayers.” These are simply words that are coming from your heart and being spoken by faith to your Heavenly Father, and this holds true for every prayer that you make.

4. Make your request known to your Heavenly Father: simply ask Him to free those parts of you from the spiritual prison. Again, there’s no super-special way to say this. Just ask your Father to free every part of you!

If there are parts of you that are being held captive, then the Father will take care of it in His own way and in His own time. You may be aware of the freeing at that moment, or you may never be aware of it. But if you have submitted the problem to Him and asked Him to take care of it, then He will.

If you have lingering worry about this situation, confess this worrying to the Father, repent of it, submit your worry to Him, and then ask Him to give you peace. Or to increase your faith in Him. Or whatever it is that you need. If you don’t know what you need, just ask Him to give you what He knows you need.

5.Walk by faith and in obedience to His Word. In other words, have faith that God is taking care of the situation in His own time and in accordance to His will.

This faith is hard to have if you have no trust in Him. So while you should ask God to give you faith (and this is a good thing to do!), one way you build your trust in God is by stepping out and following Jesus Christ anyway, in spite of what your emotions are telling you. With time, as you follow the example of Jesus Christ and walk in obedience to the the Father, this faith that often starts off as “blind faith,” will turn into strong conviction as He teaches you to trust Him.

And part of walking in obedience to His Word means that if you are doing things that are against God (things that could possibly be contributing to parts of yourself being stuck in spiritual prisons, in other words), then listen to the urging of His Spirit and stop doing those things!

Sometimes — probably most times — this “walking in obedience” is a process that takes place over time, because surrendering your own will and accepting the will of the Father is not an easy thing to do. So if you are like me, you’ll have to go to the very first step, and work through this process over and over again: confess your sin, repent of it, submit to God, ask Him to help you stop, and then walk by faith, believing that He will help you in accordance to His will and in His own time.

(Are you starting to see how this thing works…? 🙂 )

But continue in this process, and the Spirit of God will work His healing inside of you.

6. Live humbly.

Why is this important? Because if you ever come to a place where you think you’ve got this whole thing called “life” down pat, or you’ve got this thing called “healing” well under control, then your ego takes over and pride begins to rule in your heart. Your pride and the Spirit of God are two things that won’t mix. God gives grace to the humble, but opposes (sets Himself against, resists) the proud.

☛ See: James 4:61 Peter 5:5-6Proverbs 3:34

7. Continue to focus on God. Don’t think that this “confession, repentance, submission, et cetera” is a one-time thing and you are done. This condition of being human means that you need to remain focused on God, confessing and repenting and submitting and relying on Him to supply your every need. As you continue to do these things, your relationship with the Father will strengthen, and your faith and trust in Him will grow.

Growing a relationship with your Heavenly Father is something that takes a lifetime as you purposefully and consciously bring yourself into alignment with His Word and with His will, beginning at salvation. And this is where our healing and freedom is found: as we build a relationship with Him, He brings healing and freedom to us in His time, and in accordance with His will.

It is my prayer that you will begin to know the blessings and the healing that comes from a relationship with the Heavenly Father, in walking in submission to His will, and in obedience to His Word.

Loren Grace

*this article was first written in February 2018, and has been updated for the benefit of the reader, adding and correcting links, as well as adding additional clarification on some points.

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A Note on Healing

In this article, I’m talking about finding freedom from the parts of you being held captive in spiritual prisons. However, concerning the issues surrounding fragmentation and dissociation, there are other things you can do in the physical that will help facilitate your overall mental health and well-being. I’m keeping the focus narrowed on “spiritual prisons” in this article, so I’m not talking about those other things, but we wrote about some of them in our book. There are many resources available for you to learn about some of the physical things you can do to help along the healing process, and I talk about these things on and off throughout my personal blog, but you can read some of our thoughts on healing beginning here:

☛  https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/section-four-important-helps/viii-other-helps-regarding-dissociative-disorders/#thoughts-on-healing

You can read more detail about finding freedom here:


And for those who are dissociative, because we understand how triggering some words and Biblical concepts can be, we have some additional thoughts that you can read here:

☛ https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/section-four-important-helps/ii-finding-freedom/b-for-the-dissociative-individual/

Because of Carolyn’s health right now, I am doing the majority of the writing on this blog and other social media, and this is how Carolyn prefers it for now. But although I composed this article from my perspective and offered some personal examples, Carolyn offered her opinion on the material that made the final cut for this article, as always. So this is just to let you know that I am aware that this blog is named “Ask Carolyn AND Loren,” and not just “Ask Loren.” Carolyn and I talk on a nearly daily basis, going over the questions people email us, and talking through my point of view, Carolyn’s point of view, as well as the material that I write. Sometimes Carolyn has additional insight that she’d like to be put into the article, but many times, she does not. But this doesn’t mean that she’s not expressing her opinion on what actually makes it into the blog article. Her opinion and insight is very valuable to me in the same way that I know it is valuable to you, and I know we will all be glad when Carolyn is feeling well enough to put her own thoughts into a blog article. But until then, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. 

See also: “A Message From Loren.

Before offering feedback in the comments section, please read our disclaimer as well as our comment policy.

8 thoughts on “Dissociation, Fragmentation, and Spiritual Prisons

  1. Based on my own experience with a perfects/Christian Mysticism cult, I agree completely with your conclusions. It’s almost surreal to consider just how evil can take so many forms, use so many tactics, and convince the mind that there is no hope for escape. I equate this to being not unlike what psychedelic drugs do. They intercept thought processing to create strong delusions. Interesting that all things about Christ stands for what is true, not just what is perceived, so illusions/delusions are always about untruth. This more or less defines Antichrist, does it not?

    I also agree that the road to recovery begins with surrender to Christ. The only thing I would add is that evil, at its core strives to convince us that it is equal to God. Another delusion. Satan is not equal to God and never was. I once read a quote I’ve held close in times of trouble – when you are standing in the light of Christ, Satan cannot see you.

    I do believe that evil continues to mess with us once we are liberated but holding fast to the truth, that Satan cannot do anything to me that God does not allow, puts it all in a more clear perspective. All that is required of me is to keep my eye on Christ, keep my heart open and ready to receive grace, keep my hope in Him strong, and whatever aggravations, troubles, road blocks come my way is all chaff. I do not expect to live in a bubble, without some tribulations, in this fallen world so I see all challenges as just another day serving and believing that He is the end goal. The troubles I experience have a greater purpose, so I don’t take them personally.

    There is nothing sacred remaining on this earth now so there’s nothing here for me to worship or fear. I look only to Him and so I am free. No demon, or evil intent can touch me now.

    From time to time I read introspective complaints that someone is fearful that they are not good enough. They dwell on all the things they are not, all the mistakes they’ve made, all the ways they are not worthy to be saved. I think this is just another tactic of evil to squelch the joy that comes from acceptance of salvation. If evil can’t have us then the kick back is to rob us of the precious feeling that comes from grace. My counseling to those who beat themselves up over this is to ask – if you knew that you could not be saved would you still serve Him because He is worthy? If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to be concerned about – you are already there.

    For Him,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow! There’s so much I want to say in response to your comment, but I’ll stick to just a couple of things that really hit home for me, because I don’t want to detract from the beauty of the wisdom you shared. ❤

      You said, "Satan cannot do anything to me that God does not allow." Whew… yes… this has been a HARD and PAINFUL truth that I have come to realize, but it is the truth. But what I did not expect to realize after accepting this painful truth is the peace and the strength this affords me. What I thought was putting me in a WEAKER position — a position I fought against (and lost) with all my might for the majority of my life — has actually put me in a STRONGER position, because I am dependent upon my Father. And sometimes it's His will for me to go through trials and attacks. It's still not easy, no, but it's a lot easier than fighting against His will! 🙂

      You said, "If you knew that you could not be saved would you still serve Him because He is worthy?" Again… WHEW!!! And YES! I came to this point recently… feeling so beaten down and trying so hard to fight against programming, alters, and my own feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness and hopelessness. It's hard to put into words the despair — and more recently, the outright rage — I have felt so many times in my life, just knowing and believing that no matter what I do and how hard I try, that I'm still going to fail, and end up being destroyed in the end. That salvation is for "other people," but not for me. That God accepts "other people," but never me. I finally just heard that still small voice that whispered to me, "Would you still serve Me even if it's My will that you not be saved?" And after ruminating on that awful thought for a while, I just had to say, "YES, I will serve You, no matter what, because all things serve Your purpose." Since then, however, I've really had a heart realization that my salvation has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the grace and mercy of God that He pours out to me through Jesus Christ. I had a head knowledge about that, but never a heart knowledge. I still struggle with constant feelings of shame and inadequacy. Maybe I'll always struggle with this, I don't know. But I am learning to just give it to my Heavenly Father and to rest in the peace of knowing that He's got me.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate to your point of view, and it's helpful.

      Loren ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ’ve been free almost ten years now. From time to time I hear from or about others who finally saw the light and escaped. The cult leader, who keeps a tight rein on his spiritual slaves, realized, awhile back, that people were not only fleeing, they were making comments online in forums and blogs about their experience and what it’s like to be so blinded by the good words of false religion.

        To counter this he came up with a ‘revelation’ about the growing threat of a ‘factious spirit’ that was pulling people away from the truth. He mandated that his flock separate themselves from all those evil voices and trouble-makers. I experienced this first hand from a woman whom I thought I had been friends with, even after I left we still communicated via email. The emails stopped suddenly and then I heard about the factious spirit dictum, and had to face something real and painful.

        It doesn’t matter how close we are to someone, whether we are just friends or related, we are individual souls and we must make our choices. That this woman, who was smart in so many other ways, chose to stay in lock down just broke my heart for her. She is trapped and can’t see it.

        In spite of the fact that I have no overt residual issues from my experience, I can still feel that relief of vindication when I am able to discuss this. There’s not too many places where you can talk about religious cults so I do appreciate your making this haven and for all the good words you share.

        For me the take away has been – when a terrible ordeal ends up as training for a good purpose, it’s worth it. After all, regardless the ideal of living the perfect, happy, protected life, I’d rather be roughed up by tough education than live in blissful ignorance leaving me vulnerable to devastation. To recognize your amazing worth as an experienced credentialed warrior for Christ is your badge of courage and worth. Wear it with honor and gratitude! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ladies, you do realize that the question “Would you still serve Me even if it’s My will that you not be saved?” is basically the same kind of question Abraham was confronted with in Genesis 22?

        Abraham was asked to worship the Lord even if God demanded Isaac as a human sacrifice. Isaac, the beloved promised son of Abraham; Isaac, the boy who came through a miraculous intervention by God himself.

        Sooo….. did God want to “perhaps” see Isaac butchered in the end? Did He still need some time and space to figure out if there´s room in His own will for Moloch-style worship? Is that why Abraham had to take a long walk to a mountain far away? Or was it a test from the beginning?

        Now what makes you think He “perhaps” still wants to drop you like a toy he doesn´t enjoy anymore after all the tribulations He had brought you through in your life? Sure, He is worth the worship, no matter what. But He also promised: “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:15) Does this sound unsure? Is he still scratching the chin, wondering if He should just leave His people lying in the dirt like Baal does?

        The LORD was and is the same God testing the character of different beloved and saved believers through the ages with a whole catalogue of questions. Not to play mindgames with them, but to refine their mindset and make them realize and notice things they may have not yet fully realized or noticed. So rest in His peace and have a very nice day!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Very true. 🙂 Thanks Moritz! You always have great insight. I’m glad you brought these things up to help clarify.

          It’s not at ALL a question of salvation, nor some sort of twisted, cosmic joke. But it’s like you say: a testing of the character. It’s a “will you serve Me NO MATTER WHAT?” question. It’s a “will you take up your cross and follow Jesus Christ no matter what?” question.

          From my observation, the attitude of many “westernized” individuals (for lack of a better adjective…) is one of seeking a way to escape trials and tribulation, and not one of seeking the One who helps us through those trials and tribulations. And I’m pointing fingers at MYSELF! Which is why God allowed me to come to a point where I had to face my greatest fear: of serving God and still being lost in the end.

          It reminds me of the words of Jesus Christ when He said, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39) Instead of seeking to “save our life” and escape trials and tribulations, we should be more like Jesus Christ and LOSE our lives for the sake of Him who brings us eternal salvation.

          This years we have on earth are so few, so that’s not a bad exchange at all. 🙂 ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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