Church: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


We have received questions from several different people about church, including the following:

“Where should I go to church and feel the truth?”

“Are there any “good” churches any more, or are they ALL a part of the Whore of Babylon? And if so, how do Christians stay connected to each other?”

“I am heartbroken that I can’t make my family see that Satan is working in [their] church even though they name the name of Jesus. I don’t know where to go to church anymore.”

“I don’t know where to go to church where there is good doctrine being taught. Everywhere I go I see deception. What should I do? Do I stay in a church that is teaching false doctrine, or should I go?”


While we can personally understand the frustration and even sorrow, this is one of those questions that you should answer for yourself. We can’t tell you what to do. Instead, we encourage you to ask your Heavenly Father what you should do.

We do, however, have a few thoughts on this subject that may help in your decision-making.

First, there are situations where you absolutely should get out. We spoke about one such situation in one of our articles, and you can read it here:

→ “Spiritual Warfare: Harry Potter Christians and a Spiritual Makeover”

Second, in making your decision to stay or leave, here are some questions to ask yourself about the pastor or others in leadership. If these questions can’t be answered in a satisfactory manner, it may be time for you to leave.

1. Are they teaching false doctrine, or are they refusing to address false doctrine being taught by others?

2. Are they engaging in illegal or ungodly activities?

3. Are they covering up for or excusing other people who are engaging in illegal or ungodly activities?

4. Sometimes illegal or ungodly behavior is well-hidden, so you have to look in other places:

→ What is their fruit like? Do they exhibit rotten or lying fruit of the flesh?


→ What are their motivations?


5. Are they leading according to Biblical standards?

6. Along those same lines, do they meet the Scriptural requirements for a pastor or a leader?

Third, to help you with your decision, a good resource that we recommend is a short essay by Paul Fahy titled “Apostles first or first apostles?” While we can’t say that we necessarily agree with every word, we certainly agree with the overall message. It is a thought-provoking essay that puts the modern-day “church” in a whole new light, and gives us a Biblical viewpoint on what church looks like and how it should function according to Scripture.

Side note: As you read, keep in mind that while Fahy describes the unbiblical governing of the “apostle” in today’s modern churches, in other situations, the  modern-day “pastor” or even so-called “prophet” is operating in the same ungodly fashion as how Fahy describes the “apostle” operating. Sometimes the “pastor” or “prophet” will call himself or herself an “apostle” as well, but not always. The point we are making here is, don’t get stuck on the vocabulary that is or is not being used, but understand the principles that Fahy is speaking to.


So while we can’t tell you what to do about your church situation, we do urge you to seek the will of your Heavenly Father in this matter, and don’t allow fear, sorrow, apathy, habit, peer-pressure, or anything else keep you in a situation that is outside of His will for you.

Blessings ♥



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