Update: Our Book Can Now be Read On Our Blog

Today I finished formatting the book that Carolyn and I wrote together, and I put it online on our blog. You can find the link to read it at: https://askcarolynandloren.com/book/. It’s the second link. Or, you can follow this link (https://askcarolynandloren.com/book/2307-2/) and go straight to the main menu, navigating your way around the book from there.

There are two main differences between the PDF version (which is still available for free for you to download and read either offline or online, by the way 🙂 ) and the online version:

  1. For the most part, each major section is on it’s own webpage, and each sub-section can be separately linked to, as well. This will make for easier sharing by ourselves and by others.
  2. There are memes throughout the online version of the book that also make for easy sharing on various social media outlets.

In reading, if you find any faulty links, please let me know via our “Contact” page.


Loren <3

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