Dragons, Renunciation, and How to Deal with Increased Demonic Attack

The Email

Carolyn and I received the following email that reads in part:

I have been deceived like many people with the whole new age religion. For many years i’ve been feeling like i’m under some sort of psychic attack – I get a high pitch ringing in my ears and this can bring on migraines, stomach cramps, zap my energy entirely and affect my legs whereby I can hardly walk.

It started to subside somewhat over the last year when I went and saw a clairvoyant lady who told me to ask for protection from the Dragons. (their names being Ma and Da from the planet Komo). She told me that even though evil exists that i should not focus so much on that and not to worry too much about that, as evil is supposed to exist along side of good and the only way to deal with evil is to prayer for protection and send it unconditional love, and to basically clear myself with prayers etc and that the Dragons would protect me. This did help somewhat but never completely went away.

Now I have come to understand that i have been deceived by the new age – e.g protection from Dragons, and many other things. So i have started to say the prayer of renunciation and started praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ for help with protection and to cultivate my own relationship with God. What I have noticed is my attacks have increased more.

That is why I am writing you to both. I was wondering if you could devote one of your Q&A’s on this topic and offer some advice on how to deal with attacks getting worse before they get better. I am continuing my daily prayers but any insights on what the demons do when you reject them – what we can expect or not expect to happen, or advice on strengthening one’s faith during this period would be really helpful to many of us who are just starting to come in contact with this new information about the lies and deceptions of New Age, Occultism etc, etc. and want to completely remove these evil, negative influences that have unknowingly plagued our lives and even physical bodies.


First things first: are you saved?

I don’t ask this question to be flippant or dismissive. Clearly, your email indicates that you understand about Jesus Christ, the importance of a relationship with God, and with spiritual matters such as prayer and faith. However, just last year, you were seeking occult “solutions” to the problems you were having, so the question “are you saved” is in my mind.

I’ve been where you are at, to a degree. I, too, sought after occult solutions to the problems I was facing, except the occult solutions I sought after were packaged in a “christian” box. That did not make them any less occult. After my Heavenly Father showed me where I had gone wrong, I realized that although I had received salvation when I was very young, I certainly did not understand what that salvation meant! And I had strayed from it.

I was not submitted to God’s will, but was seeking my own will. I had gone my own path, the path that seemed best and easiest for me to follow, and I was rejecting the cross of Christ and refusing to follow Him.

For a long time I didn’t realize this, because I was trying to get to God through the standards and dictations of mankind, but I clearly did not have a heart understanding of what the sacrifice of Jesus Christ meant for me. I was not secure in what Paul referred to as the “gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:15), trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as being the way to my salvation, and being secure — having peace — in that knowledge.

Note: in the chapter of our book titled Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture, we briefly define the “gospel of peace” according to the original meaning: “this is the peace and assurance we have because of our salvation through Jesus Christ, and our ability to remain at peace no matter the circumstances surrounding us.”

To study for yourself what “gospel of peace” means, see: http://biblehub.com/text/ephesians/6-15.htm.

So when God revealed to me my sinful state, I repented and asked Him to forgive me. I submitted to His will in my life, picked up my cross, and followed Jesus Christ. This is a daily submission, and a daily walk. Not a one-time event.

Most people want to forget about the “pick up your cross” part of following Jesus Christ, but this means submitting to the will of the Father, no matter what! 

Matthew 16:24-26 (BSB)

Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

(See also: Luke 22:42 and John 5:30.)

So this is why I ask: are you saved? If you are not, or if you have strayed from the salvation you once had, as I did, I urge you to pray to the Heavenly Father, repent, and ask Him to save you. Believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and is the only way to salvation, confess this, and rest in that assurance.

Sin brings death and destruction and separates us from our Creator, the Heavenly Father. God appointed Jesus Christ to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin so that we do not have to face death and destruction. Jesus Christ did it for us! Therefore, when we believe on Jesus Christ, we are trusting in the sacrifice He made to save us from the destruction that sin brings to us, and because of this, our relationship with the Heavenly Father is restored!

In order to receive this salvation from sin and death, all we have to do is ask. Put your faith in Jesus Christ, and call out to your Heavenly Father to save you.

There are many verses that speak to this, but you can start your study in Romans 10:9-11, Romans 8:1-4, Ephesians 2:1-10, Titus 3:3-8, and 1 Timothy 2:5-6.


I have two points about “renunciation.”

First, you said, “I have started to say the prayer of renunciation.” But the question I have is: “Which prayer of renunciation?” Perhaps I am wrong (and if I am, please forgive me), but it sounds as if you have a particular prayer you are praying — a specific prayer that has particular words that you are saying in order to renounce the sin of witchcraft that you have committed.

This is the type of scripted prayer that Carolyn and I refer to as “formula-based prayers,” and we talk about this type of prayer in our book (See: How to Pray), explaining why we no longer advise people to use these types of prayers. So if you are praying a “scripted prayer,” I urge you read what we have to say in our book about these prayers. Our stance against these types of prayers is not very popular within what is considered to be mainstream “Christianity,” but since an increasing number of those within “mainstream Christianity” are now practicing witchcraft in various forms, we are okay with not being popular.

Many formula-based prayers that we have come across are actually used as a type of “christian” witchcraft, whereby the individual is using a particular set of words that is usually prayed over and over again, day after day, in exactly the same way, and when it doesn’t work as hoped or stops being as effective, they then set out to find a “more powerful prayer” that will work better than the first one (or seek out the advise of those who claim to have more powerful prayers). This process is actually using prayers in the same fashion as occult incantations, and is an attempt to bring about the will of the individual rather than submitting to the will of the Father.

Numerous Scriptures are used in these “incantation-like prayers,” employing verses as if they are powerful spells that will grant the speaker what they want. This is usually done to remind God about what is written in His Word, in the hopes that God will do what they believe the Bible is saying about their particular situation. But there is a major problem with this: the Scriptures being used are often twisted and taken out of context, and are being used to try to manipulate God into doing something that that the speaker wants from God, with little to no consideration as to what the will of God actually is. It’s as if they think that by constantly “reminding God” what they think the Bible says and means, that God will one day wake up and realize He has been lax at keeping His promises, and will jump into action, ready to do their bidding, much like a genie in a lamp: rub the Bible, chant a few Scriptures, and repeat until God comes floating out of the spout and grants their wishes.

And I write this from personal experience, as I realized not too long ago that this was exactly how my prayers to God were: commands or pleas couched in “christian” prayers, demanding or begging for my will to be done.

But here’s the deal: God doesn’t need to be reminded of what His Word says. He hasn’t forgotten, nor is He confused on the meaning of the words, nor does He need our help in properly applying the principles of Scripture in our lives.

Satan and the demonic may need to be reminded the truth of Scripture, because they twist Scripture, misinterpreting and misapplying it to suit their own will (see Luke 4 as an example). Although… the demonic don’t understand Scripture anyway, regardless of how much of it they can recite, because understanding of the truth of Scripture comes only from the Spirit of God, Who leads us into truth. (John 14:17, John 16:13, 1 Corinthians 2:14, etc.)

We need to be reminded of the truth of Scripture, because we are often like Satan in that we try to twist Scripture to suit our own needs, as well. Sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of fear, and sometimes out of outright rebellion to God’s will.

But God does not need to be reminded of what His Word says.

Now it’s true that sometimes we don’t know what to say, and repeating words that someone else suggests may be helpful in getting us started. However, the words that you say to your Heavenly Father should come from your heart. Get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. Are you sorry? Then say you are. Do you need protection? Ask God for protection. Are you fearful? Ask Him for faith. Are you confused? Ask Him for understanding and wisdom. Are you weak? Ask Him for strength. Not sure what to say to God? Then confess that to Him and ask Him to help you. Build a relationship with your Heavenly Father, something that is only possible through Jesus Christ, and then you will know how to talk freely to Him without any hindrances. Don’t rely on mankind’s scripted “formula prayers” to be the way you communicate with your Heavenly Father!

Carolyn and I wrote about this topic in the chapter titled “How to Pray,” and you can read for yourself, so we will not write the entire chapter in this blog post. But it’s sufficient to remind you that the only “formula” we need to use in our prayers to God is the example that Jesus Christ gave in Matthew 6:5-15.

A second issue with “prayers of renunciation” is that many people fail to understand what “renunciation” actually is. It is a noun that means: “an act or instance of relinquishing, abandoning, repudiating, or sacrificing something, as a right, title, person, or ambition.

(Source: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/renunciation?s=t)

The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines this word as meaning: “the act or practice of renouncing.”

(Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/renunciation)

So we can see that a synonym of “renunciation” is “renounce.”  While there are many different words in the Bible that are descriptive of what the word “renounce” is, the word itself means: “to give up, refuse, or resign usually by formal declaration; to refuse to follow, obey, or recognize any further.”

(Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/renounce)

Renouncing sin is a good thing, but what does this mean? Many Christians use the term — or say a formula prayer to renounce something — but have no idea what it really means.

It’s common to use this term to describe the process by which they are “laying aside, giving up, denying, and walking away from” sins they have committed. For example, if they have committed a sin of witchcraft (such as in your case, going to an occultist — by whatever name she calls herself — and following her advise to pray for the protection of the dragons), praying a “prayer of renunciation” is a way for them to declare that they have given up that sin and are walking away from it.

Or, if they have been given an occult gift, title, or position by Satan or the demonic, they will pray a “prayer of renunciation” to give up that occult gift, title, or position, and to walk away from it completely.

While this isn’t a bad thing, many stop there. They renounce (give up, relinquish, abandon) their sin, but forget one important thing: they forget to renounce (give up, relinquish, abandon) their own will. As a result, they fall into the same sin, over and over again, or they pick up another sin to replace the one that they laid down.

The Bible lays out the process very simply: confess your sin, ask God to forgive you, then submit to His will and walk in obedience to His Word. This is a daily work that the Spirit of God leads us into, if we submit to Him.

Renunciation is a natural part of the process of confession and asking God to forgive you, but submitting to His will is also a part of renunciation. You must give up, relinquish and abandon your will, and submit to the will of the Father! Turning away from your sin is not enough; you must submit to the will of the Father, otherwise, you will continue to go back to your sin.

This is related to the thought you expressed when you asked, “I am continuing my daily prayers but any insights on what the demons do when you reject them?”

It is not enough to reject the demonic.

You must submit to God, too, and this begins at salvation and continues as you walk in obedience to His will and to His Word.

To reject the demonic without submitting to God is useless.

Dragons and Backlash

Now that the foundation for this conversation has been set, we can discuss dragons and attacks from the demonic even when you are doing what is right.

Carolyn and I wrote about this topic in our book, but to recap, there are two main aspects to understand about dragons:

  1. The dragon is a demonic entity that protects or guards the spirit of the antichrist.
  2. The dragon oversees the End-time programming that connects each individual to the spirit of the antichrist.

(In our book, we talk about this connection to the spirit of the antichrist and how it takes place for many, in particular those who are practicing “Christian” witchcraft.)

How do we know these things about dragon spirits? Because we have both had personal experiences with this type of demonic spirit as well as this type of programming, and we understand what it does and how it works.

We don’t go into a lot of superfluous detail, but in order to clearly understand what we are talking about when we speak of the “dragon,” it’s necessary to read our entire book. However, for the sake of responding to your email, here is what we wrote in the section titled “Dragon Programming“:

“Dragon Programming” … is representative of the “dragon” that protects the spirit of the antichrist, and it is in place to oversee the rest of the End-Time programming over the entire network of individuals who have been connected to the spirit of the antichrist. It can be thought of as an “umbrella program” that is created by and run by the demonic, overseeing all the elements of End-Time programming, making sure they are working according to plan within each individual.

People who have been programmed with End-Time programming will have the Dragon programming, although the person may or may not actually see or sense the dragon spirit. If they are aware of the dragon, however, they may find themselves having troubling nightmares of dragons, being spiritually attacked by a dragon, or even during waking hours, begin seeing the shadow of a dragon passing overhead. The shadow will not have a light source that is causing it to appear, and it will often pass overheard when the individual is indoors, making it impossible for it to be mistaken as the shadow of a large, misshapen bird in the physical.

Please understand, this is not an actual dragon, as in, dragons from fairy tales or mythology. These attacks or manifestations are occurring because of End-Time Dragon programming. The “dragon” is a type of demonic entity that protects the spirit of the antichrist, and under certain circumstances, can take on the appearance of a dragon.

The author of this programming does not come from humans, but from Satan, and for this reason, people can be programmed with the Dragon programming without having gone through any type of mind-control programming. Although in professional mind-control situations, human assistance can be used to place this program inside the victims of such programming. Likewise, this program does not have to intentionally be triggered or placed inside of an individual who is going through a “deliverance counseling” situation for it to be present.

In the chapter “Backlash“, we explain that when we take ourselves out of alignment with the spirit of the antichrist, we will most often always have backlash from the demonic. We state: “The overriding reason for these attacks is to reconnect the individual to the spirit of the antichrist. The Dragon programming is at least one way they oversee this.”

Other reasons for the demonic backlash include:

1. to bring confusion, fear, depression, illness, suicidal feelings or suicidal ideation, and other similar issues.

2. for some individuals, it can also be an attempt to reprogram.

3. to scare the individual into feeling they are helpless against these types of attacks, and to keep them focused on the demonic (the problem) rather than on the true God (the Solution).

4. to push the individual into attempting to stop the demonic attacks by searching for solutions outside of Scripture, such as “Courtrooms of Heaven.” Or, similarly, to push the individual into erroneously using Scripture to order God or His angels about, in an attempt to stop the attacks. This is getting back into practicing witchcraft, and is tying the person back into a unity with Satan’s antichrist agenda, which is one thing that the Dragon programming is designed to do.

(And in case it isn’t clear, the scripted, formula-based prayers I have written about in this blog post is exactly what Carolyn and I were referring to in our book when we said, “erroneously using Scripture to order God or His angels about.”)

So what does all this mean?

Since you aligned yourself with the spirit of the antichrist (by asking for a “protection” from the dragons), and since the dragon spirit is actually there to make sure you do not cut that connection, then it’s no wonder you are receiving a backlash from the demonic when you are trying to get away from that connection!

So what to do?

In our book, Carolyn and I gave some practical examples on how to deal with the backlash from the enemy and from humans who are working for the enemy when we disconnect ourselves from the spirit of the antichrist (See: How to Deal with These Attacks). But finding freedom from this actually begins with salvation, as I have already mentioned, and the process continues as you build your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Carolyn and I wrote about this in detail in the chapter titled “Finding Freedom“, and the steps consist of the following elements:

  1. Confession
  2. Repentance
  3. Submission to the Father and to His will
  4. Making your requests known to the Father
  5. Walking by faith and in obedience to His Word
  6. Living humbly
  7. Focusing on God

In applying this to the situation you have laid out in your email, practically speaking, this means:

1. Confess the sin you committed of practicing witchcraft, of seeking and following the advise of an occultist, of connecting yourself to the dragon spirit, and of connecting yourself to the spirit of the antichrist.

2. Ask God to forgive you of your sin.

3. Submit to the will of the Heavenly Father in your life.

And remember: submitting to the will of the Father means renouncing your own will!

This may mean that you will need to endure demonic attacks for a time, while your Heavenly Father teaches you to focus not on the demonic, but to focus on Him. This is not easy to endure, I know from personal experience, and many Christians kick and fight against this, having difficulty understanding just how enduring through demonic attack can possibly be in God’s will. I also understand this line of thought, because I, too, fought against this. However, I have learned something very important in my life, and I wrote about it here:

It is foolish to believe that the Christian will never come under demonic or human attack. It is also erroneous theology to believe that we can command all attacks to cease, and we will never have to deal with another attack again. Unfortunately, the very fact that we are alive on this earth means that we will come under attack from the enemy, and from people who are working for and being used by the enemy. So the goal of the Christian is not to stop all attacks; but the goal of the Christian is to deepen their relationship with the Father, learn to trust Him, and learn to focus on Him. Through developing a relationship with the Heavenly Father, trusting Him, and focusing on Him, the attacks we experience will be less effective and not so overwhelming. When we focus on the Solution (our Father) rather than the problem (the attacks), we will become stronger and more at peace, no matter the circumstances around us.

This is the key to peace and freedom, even when you are enduring demonic attack: a relationship with your Heavenly Father. This is, in fact, the key to everything in your life, and the answer to every single problem you are facing! Focus on your Heavenly Father, on your relationship with Him, and submit to His will. As you you begin to focus on the Solution, the problems don’t matter so much any more.

4. Ask God to break the connection with the spirit of the antichrist, to break the connection from the dragon spirit, and every other demon who is coming against you. Ask God to protect you. Ask God to give you peace. Ask God to heal you.

And keep in mind the above point, that sometimes God wants us to learn to focus on Him in spite of demonic attack. But He is always faithful, and He will help you through this time! If you focus on Him and lean on Him to be your strength, He will bring you through, and you will come out on the other side of these attacks with a much stronger faith and a greater peace. So ask Him for what you want, and then have faith that He will supply what you need, because regardless of what we think we need, God knows what we need. So put your trust in Him.

5. Walk by faith and in obedience to His Word.

Sometimes the enemy attacks us even when we are doing what is right, but sometimes we leave doors open to demonic attack because we are not walking in obedience to His Word! This can also be another reason why God allows continued demonic attack: to bring us to repentance and to help us understand that we must submit to Him and be obedient to Him. So make life easier on yourself: submit to God, walk in obedience to His Word, and walk by faith, knowing that your Father knows what is best for you and that He will give you what He knows you need.

6. Live humblycontinuing to walk in repentance and in submission to your Heavenly Father. Understand that you can’t do anything without the Father, and lean on Him as your source of support and help.

7. Continue to focus on God and on your relationship with Him.

Additional Thoughts

I have a few last thoughts concerning the issues you are having that caused you to seek after occult counsel. I’m not certain of exactly what led to the psychic attacks you have suffered from for years, so it’s difficult to give good advice regarding this, assuming I would have good advice. But I have some general thoughts.

You said:

“For many years i’ve been feeling like i’m under some sort of psychic attack – I get a high pitch ringing in my ears and this can bring on migraines, stomach cramps, zap my energy entirely and affect my legs whereby I can hardly walk.”

My thoughts:

First, if you have been involved in new age (occult) practice, then the symptoms you describe are likely an attack because of this. This is generally referred to as a “subtraction” or, in other cases, a “transference.” Carolyn and I discussed this in our book in the chapter titled, “Subtractions and Transferences“. These subtractions and/or transferences are the fruit (the result) of practicing witchcraft. If you find this is the case with yourself, follow the above steps laid out concerning confessing, repenting, submitting, et cetera. All the steps we outlined are what we have found in Scripture, and we go into more detail in our book.

Related to this, if someone in a family is practicing witchcraft, then the other family members can suffer from the effects of that witchcraft. This is commonly known as a type of “transference.” This may or may not be a situation that you can relate to, and again, this is discussed in our book.

And as I stated before, freedom can be found by going to your Heavenly Father and confessing, repenting, submitting, et cetera.

Second, this may seem like such a silly, simple thing, especially when we compare it to demonic attack, but doing your best to take care of your physical health is important, too. This can help with symptoms, in many circumstances, and includes the basics of a healthy lifestyle, such as: taking vitamins if you are able, eating as healthy as you possibly can, getting at least moderate amounts of daily exercise, and getting plenty of rest.

Although you say in your email that the problems you are having are caused by a psychic attack, there may also be physical health issues you have that may be causing the problem, or at least some of the problems. Or, the psychic attacks may be exacerbating any health issues you already have. Since neither myself nor Carolyn are health care experts (and if we were, we wouldn’t be qualified to diagnose you without knowing more of your background anyway), we can’t say this is or is not part of the problem. But since psychic attacks do cause physical issues, it may be a good idea to go ahead and get a physical exam by a trusted health care provider to make sure your health is in good order.

Third, there are other reasons for the types of symptoms that you describe, and they are related more to trauma, whether it is ongoing current trauma, or trauma that has ceased but the survivor is having a difficult time working through the emotional and mental fallout. In some cases, the memories of the trauma may be suppressed, and the emotional and mental upheaval is being expressed through the body in other ways, such as in the types of physical pains you describe.

Also, the symptoms you describe are reminiscent of what is often experienced by those who are survivors of mind-control agendas, as well as victims of targeting and different forms of harassment, such as electronic harassment. While this harassment is done by and through humans, it is still demonically inspired.

Your email doesn’t indicate that you have experienced anything of this nature, and it seems more likely that the problems you are having is related more to what I have mentioned in this article already, but I bring it up briefly to simply mention the possibility. Perhaps others who are reading this will relate, and it needs to be said again: freedom is found in a relationship with your Heavenly Father. So focus on Him and allow His will to be accomplished in your life!

You are in my prayers! 🙂 I pray that you find peace in the salvation that is found only through Jesus Christ; I pray that you find peace and joy in walking in humble submission and obedience to the Father; I pray that you come to know the bountiful blessings found in a relationship with your Heavenly Father; and I pray that the will of the Father is accomplished in your life.


Loren Grace

*this article was first written in October 2017, and has been updated for the benefit of the reader, adding and correcting links, as well as adding additional clarification on a couple of points.

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6 thoughts on “Dragons, Renunciation, and How to Deal with Increased Demonic Attack

  1. I’m always happy when I see a post from you! God bless you both and keep you close to Him. I am hoping that Carolyn is doing well with any treatments she is having. I hope and pray that God will heal her.❤️

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  2. Carolyn was one of the first people I led to last March and was HUGE in my salvation journey (EX NEW AGER ) ! During this time It was her video on the the third eye /pineal gland /kundalini that I had one of my worst attacks ever , I got a ponding headache and I knew immediately it was demonic , as I was being led to JESUS . I love Carolyn and am so grateful for her bravery and all that she has been through – and thank you Loren , I am here reading a lot of your blogs/info and reading your book that you and Carolyn wrote . Thank you so much and I pray that others can come to salvation after your amazing info , love and prayers !!!

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