Zetas, the Illuminati, and Satan’s Ultimate Plan

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We received an email from someone who wants to know about the role the Illuminati plays in propaganda, particularly in regards to the alien race of Zetas. It says in part:

This all started with a simple Google search–I wanted to know the history of the Sabbath and how the Saturday Sabbath turned into Sunday. Scrolling through the comments on an article, I found that someone had posted something along the lines of the Illuminati being behind the Sabbath change.

I never really believed in the Illuminati, thinking that it was a paranoid conspiracy–and just that. However, I felt compelled to look a little more into it, more than I had when I first was told about the conspiracy. That’s when I stumbled on A Minute to Midnite, and Carolyn’s interviews.

I found a startling similarity between her [Carolyn’s] experiences and the ideas being portrayed on the infamous ZetaTalk website, blogged by Nancy Lieder. I never really believed Nancy’s ideas, but I found her weekly pole shift Q & A to be quite interesting.

Are you familiar with ZetaTalk?

If not, Nancy describes the Zetas as some sort of alien race that works in the “Council of Worlds,” which is constantly monitoring the human race and all of our actions leading up to the passage of Nibiru and the pole shift. However, which is more startling, is all the ideas she boasts about that suggest that the Zetas are really involved in the Illuminati. She uses such phrases as “the Elite,” “service-to-self” and “service-to-others” beings, two differing states of spirituality. The Zetas supposedly aim to help bring the human race to a new level of enlightened spiritualism.

My question to you two: Is Nancy Lieder’s Zeta propaganda actually based in the Illuminati? (because it sure sounds like it)


First, please read my (Carolyn’s) blog post here: “Welcome to My New Blog Site!” In it, I state:

For those who used to follow my old blog, “Beyond the Physical Realm,” I shut that blog down for several reasons. I will probably go into detail later on, but the main reason I shut that blog down is because through my affiliation with certain charismatic individuals who, unfortunately, I had trusted to disciple me, I had slowly become infected with the demonic doctrines they were teaching me, specifically in regards to ungodly spiritual warfare. In Fall of 2016, the Spirit of God began showing me where I had deviated, and so I began to divorce myself from everyone I knew who had been teaching, practicing, and promoting false doctrines, beginning with Dan Duval and Bride Ministries. The Spirit of God continued showing me the false doctrines that I had been indoctrinated with and had started to believe in and had been sharing with others, so I began going through old blog articles, trying to clean them up. I was shocked at the amount of false doctrines that were peppered throughout many of my blog articles and interviews I had done with others. It grieved me, and still does grieve me, to realize that I had been sharing things that weren’t lining up with God’s written Word. Much of it was very subtle, but the infection was plain to see.

Furthermore, I had also shared some things from other people and other ministries that were very much contaminated with false doctrine.

So, realizing that “cleaning up my blog” was proving to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated, I decided to shut that blog down and restart fresh.

So please PAY NO MIND to earlier interviews, including those interviews done with Tony Koretz of “A Minute to Midnite”.

My testimony of being delivered through the power of Jesus Christ has remained and will remain the same; however, when I first began sharing my testimony, I wasn’t careful in my associations! I was trying to get my testimony out in the best way I knew how at the time, and I didn’t realize (at the time) that the people who were “helping” me get my testimony out were teaching and promoting new age garbage! As a result, having shared my testimony through such occult-minded individuals caused me to be associated with their occult garbage, and in turn, I began to be corrupted, even subtly.

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

The Spirit of God has since shown me a lesson that was hard-learned, that it matters who I associate with!

⇒ See: “Tolerance is Not a Fruit of the Spirit

Furthermore, many of the experiences I shared on those interviews were/are being used by unscrupulous people who have their own personal agenda that is not in line with what is God’s plan, but with what is Satan’s plan. This is one reason why I regret sharing much of what I have shared in the past.

Additionally, many times when I shared my experiences and tried to point people to The Solution — which is Jesus Christ and relationship with the Father and the truth of His Word — the host would insert their viewpoints (that did not line up with God’s Word), and I was not given a chance to fully explain myself, nor to denounce what they were sharing, and it left people with the impression that I fully supported and agreed with the host when I did NOT.

Also, some of the “solutions” I began to share were not based upon encouraging people to walk according to God’s standards that are found in His written Word. At the time, I thought since my audience were “Christians” — so I had thought — that that was a given and didn’t need to be talked about, because I thought Christians should already know that! So the “solutions” I started sharing began to revolve around a type of “spiritual warfare” that was not based upon Scripture, but upon occult doctrine, although I didn’t realize it at the time because I had been duped! For instance, I began encouraging people to use “formula prayers”, or to daily pray to “put on the full armor of God”, as if Christians should ever “take it off” in the first place…! Those things are not based upon properly interpreted Scripture, but are fear-based and occult-based.

⇒ See: “How to Pray” and “Spiritual Warfare: Praying Against…?

And so I didn’t share my testimony in a forum that was pointing solely to GOD as the Solution and to the properly interpreted WORD OF GOD as the Solution, but in a forum that was focused more on the sensational, and on learning about the occult rather than learning about God’s Word.

That was a big mistake.

So don’t waste your time with past interviews.

What IS important is the information Loren and I have here NOW, on this website, on Loren’s website, on my new website, and in our book, because it’s not infected with other people’s viewpoints.

I will edit my previous articles, if necessary, and add them to my new website as I have the energy, but if you want to hear about my testimony, read what we have HERE.

If you want to know what I have to say and what I think about things, read what we have HERE.

Don’t go to previous interviews.

Don’t rely on other people to tell you what they say I have said and what they say I believe.

Not only does it give the false perception that those people are my friends, or that I approve of them, or that I validate them as a person … which in turn causes their followers to falsely believe that they, the people who claim to be my friend, know all about me and are “qualified” to speak for me or on behalf of me, when, in truth, the only person who knows me well enough to do that is Loren Grace, but even still, she doesn’t speak for me, and only shares on my behalfwhen I ask her to do so.

But it also gives the false perception that I validate them as a group or as a “ministry” or as a so-called “truth-seeker”… and it gives the false perception that what they are saying is true (compare what they say with God’s written Word, and you will be able to recognize the lies for yourself!).

And some of them are lying and twisting my testimony around to make others believe lies and to give the false perception that my testimony validates their unbiblical theological/spiritual beliefs. For example, read “Announcement Regarding Laurel Glaze“.

So please ignore past interviews. If you want to know what I believe and what I am saying, or to read about my testimony, read the content of this website and my website.

Second, we do not have any personal experience with Nancy Lieder, but it’s important to know that she is an occultist. We mentioned her in this blog article: “Three Days and Nights of Darkness and Why This Lie is Being Spread.

As Christians, we should base TRUTH on the Word of God; not on what occultists say or on occult teachings.

The Sabbath

Many of us are taught from early childhood that Sunday is the “day of rest,” meaning a type of Sabbath, but it is not. Just because mankind decided to stop observing the Sabbath and claim it is on the first day of the week rather than the last day of the week as the Heavenly Father has decreed does not change when the Sabbath actually is. The Sabbath is on the last day of the week. The Bible has never changed on that point. What day you choose to attend church services, if you attend church services, is up to you. First day, third day, last day — it doesn’t matter. But the Sabbath is on the last day of the week, and mankind, no matter how hard they try, cannot change this fact.

We encourage everyone to do their own study on how to keep the Sabbath, going to the Bible as their source, particularly to the words of Jesus Christ concerning the Sabbath, who is the fulfillment of God’s law (Matthew 5:17).

This topic is also made clear in the book of Hebrews, specifically in chapter four, but read from chapter one, so as to have context! 🙂

There are many Scriptures to consider, too, however, including: Colossians 2:16-17 and Romans 14.

But we don’t know whether or not the Illuminati “changed” the Sabbath or not, which leads to the next point….

De-glorifying and De-mystifying the “Illuminati”

There may be those who are genuinely connected to bloodline “Illuminati” families who are simply sharing the truth of what they have been born into and what they have been a part of. However, there are many others who are using the term in a sensational way to call attention to themselves for one reason or another, including self-proclaimed “Christians” who apply the identifier “Illuminati” to themselves to get more attention from people and to make themselves look and sound important and special. Many times, we dare say, the motivations behind this is ego-based, and since this term “illuminati” has been overused to the point of ridiculousness, many believe it is simply a conspiracy theory.

However, it is not a “conspiracy theory,” but a historic fact. But many times the truth is obscured by fables, by lies, by misunderstandings, and by sensation-seeking individuals looking to make a name for themselves and by individuals who are duped by such people.

The many lies and misunderstandings surrounding the “Illuminati” are being spread for these purposes:

  • it draws the attention onto people, which brings further division;
  • it detracts from the real trouble-makers and “puppet-masters,” so to speak (Satan and the demonic) by sensationalizing their activities to the point where it is nearly ludicrous and unbelievable;
  • and it completely ignores (or downplays… or perverts) the true Solution, which comes from the Father as is written about within His Word.

To put it another way that may be easier to understand: focusing people’s attention onto the “Illuminati” is like pointing out to people the dangers of “the tip of the iceberg” with the intention of causing them to lose focus on the real danger which lies hidden beneath the surface!


Tip of the iceberg“: only a small, often unrepresentative portion of something much larger or more complex that cannot yet be seen or understood.

Please understand the following points:

  • There are many variations within what many call “illuminati families,” but historically, the Illuminati has been been associated with secret occult group/s.

    If this historic secret order called the “Illuminati” still exists today…

⇒ See: “Illuminati” (Britannica article)

(and aside from the many illegitimate claims made by various groups and by individuals today who claim to be part of the Illuminati or who claim to be “ex-Illuminati,” we don’t know if the original legitimate group is still in existence today or not)

… then they are simply infiltrators working Satan’s plan in various ways in the physical world and in the supernatural.

That’s it. There’s nothing special about this group of “elites,” as you can see, and certainly not anything to brag about or to hold in high regard.

⇒ Note: We go into detail about certain aspects of Satan’s plan on earth and for mankind in our book “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft.

See also, “The Plan — What Is It?

So while we do not know about the “Illuminati”…

⇒ See: “Setting the Record Straight on Being ‘Former Illuminati

… there are what we refer to as “bloodline” families, who are connected to families whose members have historically worked Satan’s plan in various ways.  This can be true for anyone, whether or not they are connected to what has historically been known as “Illuminati” families, because unlike what many have been led to believe, the “Illuminati” is not the whole of Satan’s organization. As previously stated, that is a purposeful lie that has been intentionally spread in order to draw people’s focus off of the real issue, and onto sensationalism.

⇒ See: “The Organization — What Is It?” and “Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose.”

  • While it’s true that some in this group of “bloodline families” may live rich and lavish lifestyles (as many of the rumors and lies claim), others are of average or below-average wealth.
  • Many times (but not necessarily always), those within these bloodline families have arranged marriages, and these relationships can either be overtly or covertly arranged. This is to keep certain bloodlines within certain families, and can also serve to hide the bloodlines. (Bloodlines are hidden because, for one thing, not everyone is meant to serve Satan’s plan in conscious ways, but are to be used as an unconscious infiltrator.)

    These arrangements are not always done with conscious or malicious intent on the part of the ones doing the arranging, although at times there certainly can be a conscious ill intent. But the demons who are driving the individuals within that family — the same demons who have followed and driven the family for countless generations — will ensure that the humans they are controlling will do as they, the demons, are bidding them to do, and marry the individual the demons want them to be with. These arranged marriages not only serve to keep the individuals themselves under tight control, but to also ensure that any children produced by the union will be of a certain quality that make it easier for the demonic to control, train, and program for particular purposes.

  • Within these bloodline families there are three basic types of people:
    • Conscious Infiltrators: those who know exactly what they have been born into, and what they have been trained or programmed to do.
    • Unconscious Infiltrators: those who have been trained or programmed to work Satan’s plan, but are unaware of this training or programming. This can sometimes be because of dissociation.
    • The Innocent: those who have nothing to do with working Satan’s plan and are completely oblivious to those within their own families who are.
  • While there are those infiltrators within society who do not identify as Christian, there are others in Christian churches or groups who call themselves Christian. While they may call themselves Christian, and very often actually believe themselves to be a Christian (sometimes to be “more Christian” than those around them), their belief system is, in fact, Luciferian.


  • Depending upon the situation, not all who hold to a Luciferian belief system will openly admit it or even recognize it for what it is. For instance, those who are unconscious infiltrators may not recognize that their belief system is Luciferian.

⇒ See: “Labeling Loren

While this blog post is not to get into the ins and outs of Luciferianism, overall, the infiltrators believe themselves to be “more enlightened” or “smarter than” the average person.

This “enlightenment” is also called illumination … 

⇒  See: “Illumination — What Actually Is It?

… and is speaking to a belief system whereby knowledge (particularly of spiritual matters) and the quest for that knowledge is highly valued above all else. Obtaining this knowledge is part of an overall spiritual evolution that the individual is trying to achieve. Within Christian circles the word “evolution” is not usually used, but more Christian-sounding terms are substituted, such as “the deeper things of God,” or, “the hidden secrets of Scripture.” We go into different code words used by conscious and unconscious infiltrators in our book (Link: Glossary), and we urge you to read it.

Please don’t misunderstand.

We are not saying that it is more desirable to be ignorant and uneducated.

We are not saying that people who are educated are Luciferian.

But what we are saying is that there is a difference between knowledge and understanding.

Spiritual knowledge that is not foundationally secure on the truth of God’s Word is not of God and will lead to a misunderstanding of spiritual truths. This misunderstanding will lead to serious error and eventually to a spiritual death. Therefore, the quest of the true Christian should not be to gain knowledge. But the quest of the true Christian should be to follow after a relationship with the Heavenly Father that is based upon the properly exegeted principles found with His written Word (the Bible).

From there, all else follows.


Zetas and Alien Races

First, the information about “Zetas” came from an occultist, as stated in the beginning of this article, and as Christians, that should be our first red-flag of warning.

That aside, however, according to some artistic renderings of what “Zetas” are supposed to look like, they remind both of us of a particular demonic being that we both met years ago, when we were working within Satan’s hierarchy, who was the leader of the larger group of what many call the “Greys.” Whether or not he called himself a “Zeta” or not, we have no idea (and don’t really care, one way or the other 🙂), but he looks similar. However, the major thing we would like to point out is that any so-called “alien races” are simply demonic beings that have been disguised in various ways.

Now, there are diverse reactions when people talk about “aliens.” One, of course, is to disbelieve. The second is to be frightened of them. The third is to glorify them and any experiences with them.

All three reactions are wrong.

First, just because we don’t personally see or experience something doesn’t mean it’s not real.

And related to this thought: just because something is real does not mean it is true. There are many things that are “real,” but having an experience is not an indication that it comes from the true God and is Scripturally sound! “Alien” (demonic) encounters, while they are real, are not endorsed by Scripture and they are not authored by the true God!

Second, there is no reason to be afraid of “aliens.” They are only demons or fallen angels. If you have submitted yourself to the Father, you are under the authority of Jesus Christ, and you can tell them to leave and they have to leave. The authority to do this comes only through Jesus Christ.

Sometimes deliverance from the hand of the enemy is a process that can be more difficult for some than for others, depending upon the situation. We write about examples of this throughout this website, including in our book (see especially Section Four: Important Helps), and I (Loren) write about this often on my personal website, too, including in my recent blog post, “Deliverance from the Deception of the Anti-Christ.”

But if we submit to the Father and resist Satan, he will have to flee (James 4:7)!

See also: Deliverance is Not a Destination

So then, anyone who is having ongoing problems with alien abduction, encounters, harassment, or the like, can find freedom through fostering a relationship with their Heavenly Father, something that is only made possible through Jesus Christ. In our book, “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft,” we talk about finding freedom (Link: Finding Freedom). The process we wrote about can be used for a myriad of issues, but we wrote it specifically to address finding freedom from end-time programming and finding freedom from the fallen angels and the demonic. Since aliens are demonic, what we wrote applies to finding freedom from them as well.

Third, these types of encounters are not anything to brag about or to be proud of, and there is no reason to look to people who have had experiences with these types of demons as being people who are somehow “super special and cool” because they have had encounters with these demons. So what? Who cares?! There’s nothing “special” about having so-called alien encounters. What is special is having a relationship with our Heavenly Father!

Satan’s Ultimate Plan

In our book we wrote:

Satan’s overall plan (also known as “The Plan”) is to lead people into deception by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, allowing them full access to people. This is paving the way for his final Antichrist to appear. He accomplishes this overall goal by using infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, and in the physical as well as in the supernatural, to spread this universal “spirituality.”

The ultimate goal of the infiltrators are to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear.

“Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” — Final Review

There are many different plans that Satan is working at any one time, and he uses many different groups of people, who all use many different names and descriptions (including some who call themselves “Christian”), who work his plans in the world. Those different groups of people often use different terms or explain his plans in different ways, but they are all talking about the same thing.

For instance, phrases such as “the Elite” or “Council of the Worlds” are simply terms that are being used to describe Satan’s hierarchy, as well as those humans who work with them and who are being used by Satan and his hierarchy. Satan’s hierarchy consists of fallen angels, and they often refer to themselves as “highly evolved” entities that are meant to “help humanity evolve spiritually.” Many times they will go by names such as “Ascended Masters” or “Galactic Masters,” and sometimes they even refer to themselves as “aliens, angels, archangels, or spirit guides,” but they are all of the demonic.

⇒ See: “Lucifer’s Hierarchy, Structure, and Purpose.”

So in an attempt to clearly answer the questions in the email: Nancy Lieder’s Zeta propaganda is based upon what demons are telling her (and also possibly upon her own imagination, which is something that can’t be discounted).

Aliens, including so-called “Zetas,” are nothing more than demonic beings, and they use people to “work with” them in various ways to further Satan’s agenda. They use people from every society, and this includes people who are from bloodline families, whether such families could be considered “Illuminati families” or not.

But regardless of what those people believe, the demons are actually using them, and not working with them. This satanic agenda is leading to the appearance of the final Antichrist, and ultimately, the destruction of mankind. These “aliens” (demons) are not here to help humans “spiritually evolve,” but to use humans as vehicles through which they can infiltrate society and spread the infection of Satan’s plan to ultimately destroy humanity.

What Really Matters

So many are focused on trying to figure out when “the end of the world” (as many call it) will take place and how it will occur. Even amongst some Christian circles, there is an obsession with Biblical prophecy, and constant “prophecies” that are supposed to predict things that are going to happen, leading up to “the end of the world.

But consider the source!

Why do some Christians seek so-called “truth” among Satan’s lies that are being spread by those who are both consciously and unconsciously working for him? Why do some Christians seek occult “truths” rather than what it really true (the written Word of God)?

And what does it matter if you are physically prepared for “the end of the world” if you are not spiritually prepared? What does it matter if you physically survive, but are spiritually dead? We should be more concerned as to what Jesus said about end times and how to prepare, rather than what a person (and an occult-minded person at that!) says about so-called ET’s, pole shifts, Nibiru, or Planet X.

Consider the source! Then heed the words of Jesus Christ — the Voice of Truth as has been recorded within Scripture — and not the voice of another.

My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.

John 10:27

Zetas, pole shifts, hidden planets… none of that matters. What matters is a relationship with our Heavenly Father, something that is only possible because of Jesus Christ. This is what really matters. Focus on your Heavenly Father, focus on understanding His Word (the Bible), and all else will fall into place.


Carolyn and Loren

*this blog post was first written on this website in October 2017, and has since been updated to make clear some important points, as well as to give additional links to helpful and related material on our websites that have since been added.

We have made our book available as a free resource that you can read online, or download and read offline, although donations are always helpful in keeping our websites going and are much appreciated. 🙂❤

You can find our book here: https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/.

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  1. The calendar that Israel used at the time of Christ and going back to Moses the days of each week being seven was discerned by the moon. Each month started over at the sighting of the New Moon by the head priest, that day was 0 and then the count started, making the first Sabbath of each and every month on day 8, yet it was a seven because the day 0 was a no count day. There were also extra no count days at the end of each moon cycle and then it started over again with the new moon sighting. If one took a modern calendar and overlaid on top of the calendar that Israel once used a Sabbath Day would fall on every modern day we have named. The modern calendar was put into effect by Rome and updated later, it included a 10 day week then it went to a 8 day week and then finally to the seven day week we now have. The names of the week are all Roman gods. So ineffective the original God given Sabbath Day weekly as well as the feasts throughout the year were all based on a calendar of the moon. One can find a calendar by the moon which will show the Sabbath Days if wants. However Christians are not under the Sabbath Laws and thus worship God on any particular day and everyday. There is no rules for it but to fellowship together and worship. Jesus Christ is our rest, in HIM we rest from our work as He worked all for us at the cross and gifted it to us.


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