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“How can you tell if someone is attempting astral projection/traveling towards you? Can you give detailed examples of how some people are aware of that intrusion – whether they are awake or asleep?

“This is my own personal situation – that I have finally decided to document and track to discern a possible pattern – but every once in a while I will hear a buzzing in my ear(s) and my ear(s) gets full as though I were on a plane and we were changing altitude. Looking back this primarily happens at night but can happen at other times of the day (it’s been happening the last few years). I immediately pray against it, break off any curses, witchcraft, hexes, spells, lies ect and plead the blood of the lamb over me. I keep doing this until it goes away and so it generally only lasts a couple of minutes. I have been thinking a lot about the teachings you have both been sharing on “Christian” witchcraft and the occult and I’m wondering if this sounds familiar? Maybe the feeling/noise is an “early warning” signal letting me know I’m under attack OR I started wondering last night is this attempted astral projection happening while I’m awake and therefore it “bounces off me” due to my prayers?”


First, because of the recent misconceptions in regards to this topic of astral traveling and remote viewing, we would like to reiterate a point that we brought out in our book. There is a dangerous attitude that is quickly taking root within charismatic groups that basically says, “Satan has a counterfeit for every truth that comes from God.” Therefore, by this logic, Satan has astral travel and remote viewing, and God has “traveling in the spirit” or “spirit travel,” and “seeing in the spirit.” However, astral traveling and remote viewing are purely Satanic acts. There are absolutely no genuine Godly articles to astral traveling or remote viewing. We explain this thoroughly in our book, and encourage you to read this and share with others. Christians who claim and teach that God has a “kosher” version of astral traveling and remote viewing are in grave error, and are endangering themselves and others by believing and promoting these diabolical lies.

Second, we would like to point out that entering another person’s home or personal space without their personal invitation is a willful act of home invasion and is a violation and encroachment upon another person’s rights and privacy. Whether this invasion is done in a physical body or an astral body, it is still an invasive act, and is a violation and encroachment upon another person’s rights and privacy. Along this same line, voyeurism is also a willful act and violation and encroachment upon another person’s rights and privacy. Voyeurism from a distance through remote viewing is still voyeurism, and is no less a gross invasion and encroachment upon another person’s rights and privacy than if the voyeur (the “peeping Tom”) is physically present at the physical site.

Therefore, if someone is astral traveling towards you or spying on you via remote viewing, this is unacceptable behavior, regardless of whether they are family or friends or not.

Now that these things have been established, let’s move on. 🙂

Signs of Astral Travel/Projection or Remote Viewing

Different people may explain how they are able to be aware when someone is astral traveling towards them, but for us, there is always a palpable energy that we can feel in the air. As you say, there is also a change in the pressure in the atmosphere, but since our ears constantly have that “full” feeling, we don’t notice this change in pressure with our ears. Both of us have had our own issues with buzzing or ringing in our ears throughout our lifetime, and we don’t believe it has anything to do with astral travel.

So while buzzing or a fullness in our ears aren’t a good indicator for us (although it might be for you), we simply become aware of a tangible difference of the energy in the atmosphere around us. This is the most common sensation that lets us know someone else has entered the area around us in the astral form.

(When we say “energy,” we hope it doesn’t come across in a “new age” type of way. We just can’t think of another way to describe it.)

The energy levels from the demonic are different than the energy levels from humans, but any type of astral travel is of the demonic. Furthermore, the energy levels from an individual or groups of individuals can vary depending upon their intent (for instance, those who are visiting out of curiosity versus those who are coming at us to harass and harm us). Regardless of intent, however, such astral travel/projection or remote viewing is still an invasion and it is not of God.

Some people who become aware of someone astral traveling towards them have seen a human form briefly materialize, and this can sometimes be true. But most often for us, if there are visible, physical signs, they most often include things such as:

  • seeing a shadow or a light that passes by
  • hearing the voices from the individuals who are astral traveling to us
  • feeling a touch, such as a squeeze of the finger, grabbing a leg or arm, or blowing on the face
  • sometimes the harassment can escalate to sexual harassment (and regardless of what some may believe, sexual harassment in or through the astral realms is still sexual harassment, and God will judge it just as harshly as He judges such behavior in the physical)

We don’t always see or experience these physical signs. It’s more common to simply sense the change in the energy and pressure of the atmosphere around us. But when these things are accompanied by the change of energy and pressure, it’s a sure sign that someone is astral traveling to us or spying on us via remote viewing.

It’s a bit more difficult to explain how we come to recognize astral travel towards us when we are sleeping, because the awareness can vary widely between two people, as well as vary depending upon circumstances. But here are a couple of examples:

1. Sometimes we stay asleep and the astral invasion becomes more of a “dream invasion.” This goes by different names including: dream invasion, dreamwalking, dream spirit, dream manipulation, or dream insertion. We speak of this practice of dream insertion in our book (Link: Dream Insertion), and while it is not the same thing as astral travel or projection, it is connected, and is done through the same demonic power that astral travel is done through.

2. Sometimes we will become aware of the astral invasion and immediately wake up, but the levels of being awake can differ, from having full control over the body, to having no control over the body. Some people call the latter “sleep paralysis,” and in our experience, although this is more common with demonic invasion, it can also occur when a human is coming against you in the astral with malicious intent.

However we come recognize the astral invasion, whether awake or asleep, any astral travel towards us is always accompanied by a type of vision, and we will “see” the person or group of people who are astral traveling to us or spying on us through remote viewing. It’s difficult to explain to those who don’t understand, but this vision is usually what most people might consider to be “in our mind’s eye,” and not with our physical eye — although we have had visions with our physical eyes as well. But to us, there is no difference between seeing with our mind’s eye and seeing with our physical eye. One is just as real as the other.

The Difference Between Astral Attack and Astral Visitation

In our book, “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft,” we talk about this subject in various sections. We talk about astral travel in general (Link: Astral Travel), and we also talk about human attacks and visitation in the astral, and the different reasons why this happens. Although any type of astral travel is not of God, since there can be a slight difference in intent between astral attack and astral visitation, we discuss the two items separately. This may be something you will find of interest, as there are always reasons why people are astral traveling to you.

Concerning human attack in the astral, we write:

The harassment can also be in the form of attacks in the astral realms, and is often a result of deceived Christians, under the guidance of a conscious occult infiltrator, practicing witchcraft under the guise of “spiritual warfare,” using their prayers as chants and twisting Scripture as a spell, and sending their demons (that the deceived Christians think are angels) to attack and torment the individual.

The intent of the astral attacks can include to bring confusion, fear, depression, loss of finances, unexplained physical pain, health problems, and even death. The individual’s family members and even family pets can also be targeted.

(Link: Human Attack)

Concerning human visitation in the astral, we write:

These visitations are often in the form of astral travel/projection or dream insertion. Sometimes there are attempts at sexual encounters in the astral, as well as teaching or attempting to teach occult doctrines that are disguised as “Christian” doctrine.

The intent of these visitations vary, and can include:

  • to bring fear and intimidation
  • to bring confusion and condemnation (particularly with sexual encounters)
  • to try to lure the individual back into the group
  • to spy on the individual
  • to keep the soul-tie connection between the individual and the members of the group
  • to attempt to influence their thoughts or behavior

(Link: Human Visitation in the Astral Realms)

These are not the only reasons, of course. The people who are astral traveling towards you may have different intentions, but these are just some of the things we have come across personally.

Open Gateways or Doorways

While not the case for everyone, sometimes there are “gateways” or “doorways” that people leave open through various occult activities that are allowing this type of astral invasion to take place. These doorways can either be opened purposefully, or through no fault of the individual.

Those who purposefully open these demonic gateways will do so through consciously seeking after and practicing various types of occult activities, and this even includes many so-called “christian” practices that are, in fact, a type of witchcraft. This purposeful opening is not always done out of an evil heart. For instance, there are many Christians who practice occult activities who simply do not understand that what they are doing is not of God. We write about such activities in our book. However, regardless of the intent of their heart, they are still purposefully opening themselves up to the demonic.

For those who have had demonic gateways open through no fault of their own, this often includes generational ties to the occult that may or may not be realized, ritual abuse, or mind-control programming (this is something that always involves the demonic).

Regardless of how these doorways have been opened, it’s necessary to go to our Heavenly Father to help us. We also write about this in our book. (Link: Finding Freedom) To recap, however, the steps are simply:

  • Confess
  • Repent
  • Submit to God (this is actually related to renunciation)
  • Ask God for what you need (in this instance, you may want to ask God to close the open gateways that have been left open, if this applies to you)
  • Walk by faith and in obedience to His Word
  • Live humbly
  • Focus on God and on your relationship with Him

Dealing with Ongoing Astral Invasion

If you are suffering astral invasion because of open doorways to the demonic, it is possible that after taking the above steps the astral attacks or visitations slow down or stop altogether. However, it’s more likely that they will not completely stop. You may still find yourself on the receiving end of astral visitation or attack. We speak of this very thing in our book, where we write:

It is foolish to believe that the Christian will never come under demonic or human attack. It is also erroneous theology to believe that we can command all attacks to cease, and we will never have to deal with another attack again. Unfortunately, the very fact that we are alive on this earth means that we will come under attack from the enemy, and from people who are working for and being used by the enemy. So the goal of the Christian is not to stop all attacks; but the goal of the Christian is to deepen their relationship with the Father, learn to trust Him, and learn to focus on Him. Through developing a relationship with the Heavenly Father, trusting Him, and focusing on Him, the attacks we experience will be less effective and not so overwhelming. When we focus on the Solution (our Father) rather than the problem (the attacks), we will be become stronger and more at peace, no matter the circumstances around us.

(Link: How to Deal with These Attacks)

No matter how we become aware of someone astral traveling to us, and no matter the intent of the people who are astral traveling to us, we have learned that the solution is very simple: we focus on our Heavenly Father and our relationship with Him, pray to Him, and ask Him to take care of the situation in whatever way is in accordance to His will. Then we go about our day or night, and don’t worry about it any longer.

This “not worrying” is very much related to trust in God and submission to His will. This has taken practice, because sometimes it isn’t easy to ignore such an invasion and to not worry about it! It isn’t easy to give God control of a scary or frustrating situation and to leave the outcome completely in His hands, especially when the astral visitors are severely harassing us, or when they are accompanied by demons or a fallen angel who is causing physical pain or other types of persecution. While our will may say, “Stop this now!”, God’s will might be, “Learn to focus on Me in spite of the circumstances around you.” But as we learn to focus on our Heavenly Father and submit to His will, our faith and trust in Him is increased, and the attacks and visitations are not as overwhelming as before.

This is a very important lesson to learn, because many times, in an effort to stop astral invasion (whether the intent is “innocent” or malicious), the sincere but ignorant Christian will engage in a type of witchcraft by “praying against” people who are coming against them. We talk about this at length in the section of our book titled, “How to Pray” (Link: How to Pray), and we urge you to read this section as well.

We bring this up, because when you say that there is a possibility that because of your prayers the attacks are being bounced off somehow, this sets off a “warning-bell” in our minds. While we understand what you mean, we also would like to caution you to not put your faith and trust in the words you say, but in your Heavenly Father. We didn’t understand this difference until recently, but it is a very important distinction. Don’t use your prayers as a witch would use a spell, but use your prayers as what they should be: communication with your Heavenly Father. Ask Him to help you and to take care of the situation in accordance to His will, then stop worrying about it. Give it to Him and trust that no matter what happens, His will is being accomplished, and it is for His purposes, not yours.

We pray that the blessings of a close relationship with your Heavenly Father will overtake you and be upon you, and that His will is accomplished in your life.


Loren and Carolyn ❤

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 I just want to make clear, however, that Carolyn did work on this piece as well, and her input and experiences are reflected as well as mine. I just didn’t organize the composition as two separate responses, that’s all. I meshed them together, figuring that would make the response more cohesive, as well as be easier on Carolyn if it was written that way.

      God bless you and your family, too! Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤

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  1. i had a question that i skipped the breathing step and i just relaxed my body and i tried to pull myself up by mind and my body started vibrating is this right way can i come out of body if i continued this if yes then how much time it will take???


    1. Hi Leon,

      It sounds as if you’re seeking instruction on how to astral travel. If so, you’ve missed the entire point of this article, as well as the entire point of our blog. There are many websites that will teach you how to participate in occult activities, or how to best increase occult power, but in this blog we are warning people of the dangers of doing those things. So we don’t give advice on how to best participate in occult activities, but rather, we point to Jesus Christ and to the importance of submitting to His authority, of submitting to the will of the Heavenly Father, and to walking in obedience to His Word (the Bible). To understand the purposes of this blog, see: https://carolynandloren.com/about-us/

      Astral traveling, no matter what name is used to describe such activity, is an occult activity, and it requires you opening yourself up to the demonic. If you are seeking after occult abilities, manifestations, and experiences, the demonic will provide them for you as you open yourself up to them and allow them to control and influence you. They are all too happy and eager to take control of you and to give you what YOU THINK is power, control, knowledge, and special abilities. But you need to be aware that ANYTHING that comes from opening yourself up to the demonic will end up destroying you in the end. The book that Carolyn and I wrote, as well as the articles we write in this blog, explain this thoroughly. https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/


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