Illness, Disaster, and a Warring Spirit

Hello all. 🙂

It’s been a little stressful around here the past couple of weeks, but I’m not complaining. If anything, I’m feeling guilty for being as okay as I am. It’s a familiar feeling this “survivors guilt,” but I still can’t get used to the feeling of guilt and shame for surviving when so many others are barely struggling through. What the past two weeks have cemented in my mind more than anything is that we are truly in the end times. Of course, we’ve been in this period of time for quite some time, and although I don’t claim to know the timeline of events, it’s clear to me that things are getting worse in this world, and will continue to get worse until the final end.

(And on that note, for those who have asked us to give you a timeline of end-time events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ, don’t ask us — go to the Bible and read the words of Jesus Christ Himself as recorded in Matthew 24.)

On the other hand, while circumstances in this world are getting worse, my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father is growing exponentially. He is still my Provider and my Protector and my Defender, and I know He will never leave me nor forsake me, even unto the end… even unto death.

So to give an update for the two of us — myself and Carolyn — we have been working on writing a blog to answer some questions that you, the readers, have sent in to us. However, we got sidetracked with a couple of things:

  1. Illness
  2. Hurricanes


One of the major reasons why I am on board helping Carolyn answer your questions is because she has been dealing with serious illness for a few years now, and is unable to do much on her own except in short, unpredictable bursts. Any energy she has is quickly expended, and it’s been leaving her weak and unable to function properly for long periods of time. After a lengthy battle with her doctor to take her health concerns seriously, she has finally been able to see another health professional who has confirmed what Carolyn has known all along: she has cancer. While she is thankful that she’s finally in the process of getting much-needed medical attention, she would be thankful for your sincere, Godly prayers that target the following areas in her life:

  1. Healing
  2. Strength
  3. Peace
  4. Clarity of thought

And, an added bonus would be for Carolyn to find a good general practitioner who will actually take her health concerns seriously in the future. I’m praying for that as well for Carolyn’s sake, and I hope you will pray with me.

So although I have the ability to answer the majority of questions that we receive from you, the readers, I know you are all anxious to hear directly from Carolyn herself. However, you will have to wait a while longer until her health is more stabilized. We do encourage you, however, to read our book in the meantime, as the subject matter of the book answers many of the questions we have already received from you all, including:

  • Spiritual warfare, spiritual weapons, and what the Bible really teaches about this
  • How to pray
  • Testing the spirits
  • Astral projection and what to do when people are astral projecting to you
  • Whether or not you should stay in a church that is teaching false doctrine
  • Where to find our testimonies (parts of our testimony are mentioned briefly in a few places throughout the book, as well as outlined in the back of the book)
  • D.I.D., alters, and deliverance/healing
  • Which ministers or psychologists we recommend for helping those who have dissociative disorders
  • Whether or not we agree with specific ministers or ministries (reading the book will help you understand about “christian witchcraft,” and knowing about this will help answer this question for you, no matter the person or ministry you have questions about)
  • What the deal is with the spirit man doctrine
  • What do I mean when I talk about the Shining Ones
  • Why attacks of the enemy sometimes get worse after renouncing and repenting
  • Stopping demonic attack
  • How those who are involved in satanic ritual abuse or mind control agendas don’t always know they have been involved in it
  • Why some people involved in witchcraft seem to be happy and peaceful
  • Visitation by other beings, whether they appear to be human or not
  • Communication with angels
  • Yoga
  • Chakras or spiritual centers
  • “Sending light” (as a form of warfare or protection)
  • Courtrooms of Heaven
  • Visualization
  • Ascended Masters
  • Dragons

The main point of our book is to point people back to a relationship with their Heavenly Father, something that is only made possible because of and through Jesus Christ. So for some of the other questions that may not be directly answered in our book (such as “what to do if you think you have possession of a cursed item,” or, “how to cleanse bloodlines”), the answer to those questions is very simple: focus on a relationship with your Heavenly Father, and all else comes after. We detail what, exactly, this means in our book, and we urge you to read it.


But in spite of Carolyn’s illness, we were working on another blog post that would directly answer another reader’s question when a couple of other things came up. Specifically, Harvey and Irma, two very strong hurricanes that came ripping through both of our communities a week or so apart. And although I know it will make more than a few people angry to know, we are both very much okay, with minimal damage to our properties and belongings. In fact, speaking for myself, since my husband is essential personnel for the city, he got a ton of overtime, enabling us to catch up on our bills, and, ironically enough, to pay our flood insurance for the year. So other than the inconvenience and stress of being stranded in flood waters from Harvey (in our community, we received over 40 inches of rain within just a few days time, and some surrounding communities received even more!), then evacuating to escape the secondary flood from the rising river, and other than a few minor repairs around the house, most of which insurance should cover, we have fared very well indeed. This is more than I can say for the majority of people around me, and I have a severe case of survivor’s guilt right now.

A Warring Spirit

(Update November 2020: at the time this article was written in August 2017, Carolyn did not feel comfortable naming names and giving additional details of the events that are described below. But she has since made public these details that you can read here: Time Travel & the Crucifixion)

But aside from survivor’s guilt, my heart is heavy because I know that the fact that Carolyn and I have not suffered harm from these storms does make some people angry. Not only am I feeling a horrible sadness for the widespread destruction done to my community and the greater part of the coastal Texas area, as well as the destruction that has been done by Irma, not to mention some reports I’ve heard of other disasters that have occurred across the earth while I’ve been caught up surviving the disaster that came a-knocking at my front door… but I am also feeling a heaviness in my spirit when I think about people who are so full of anger and hatred and are so controlled by the demonic that they actually wish and “pray” for destruction upon other people. And not just a focused, singular destruction on one or two people, such as myself or Carolyn, but a wide-spread destruction that will harm other people as well!

What causes such people to be so full of evil that they believe that the warring spirit they are operating out of is something that is authored by God?! Even though I have come up against this same evil spirit my entire life, and even though I wrote about it in the book I co-authored with Carolyn, it still blows my mind to contemplate such evil. Over my lifetime, I have endured much cruelty at the hands of men and women, but my heart’s desire and prayer is for them to accept the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ so that they will not face eternal destruction. Yet because Carolyn and I have dared address the ungodly messages from false teachers, false seers and prophets, and those who are teaching and spreading doctrines of demons, some of those people are literally throwing curses in our direction, gleefully awaiting our destruction, and foolishly claiming that “god” has sent a hurricane in our direction to bring us harm because we are “against them.”

(And just to clarify, neither Carolyn nor I are “against” people in the way that many may think. We are against the satanic agenda that is driving them and that they have given themselves over to, but we are earnestly praying for the salvation of their souls!)

For example, a couple of days before Hurricane Irma made landfall, we had one individual tell us that the coming destruction was because Carolyn was “against” him and wouldn’t “repent to him.” What had happened was that she had dared stand up to him and say “NO! You may not use information you garnered from me under false pretenses, and have refuse to correct as you promised you would, to boost your own satanic agenda!” This made him angry, especially when she was backed up by myself and another of her friends, and so he began to claim that “god” told him that he (“god”) was sending a hurricane to Carolyn to punish her and to avenge himself (the man).

And since I was very blunt when I defended my sister in Christ, and called him out for being a liar and a hypocrite, and as being someone who is actually aligned with the spirit of the antichrist and not Jesus Christ, I have no doubt that if he would have known where I live (I guess this man’s “god” forgot to mention that little fact), he would have blamed Harvey on me as well, and told me that it was “god” sending destruction to punish me and to avenge him. As it was, since he had no idea that I was actually dealing with the remnants of Harvey at the time I was addressing his lies, hate, and disgusting manipulations, instead of blaming Harvey on me, he simply cursed me and my relationship with my husband.

But the god he serves is weak. I am not afraid of any curses sent by simple-minded fools who are blinded by their pride and ego, claiming to serve Almighty God but serving Satan instead. My God is strong and His will shall prevail no matter what happens to me. My life counts for nothing in the grand scheme of God’s plan for eternity, and is only to be used in service to Him. No matter the curses sent my way, God’s will is what will be accomplished in my life, not the will of Satan.

So what upsets me about this entire situation is not the feeble curses thrown my way by angry, demonically-controlled individuals. What upsets me is that this person — like so many other “christians” — actually believes he is doing the work of God by praying against and cursing people, eagerly awaiting their destruction. What upsets me is that if this person continues in his ways — like so many other “christians” — he is going to fall prey to the same destruction he is cursing others with. He, like so many other “christians,” is practicing witchcraft, and is laying up for himself his own eternal damnation. This, above all else — above the destruction of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and fires — is what upsets me: to know that people are blind and ignorant and refuse to see the truth because they have no love for the truth, and that as a result, they will fall prey to delusion, ultimately leading to their eternal destruction.

This is what is heavy on my heart today and what has been heavy on my heart for a long time now, and is the reason why I wrote the book with Carolyn: to warn people away from the lies they have fallen prey to.

While death and destruction is an unfortunate part of this life, and while disasters will come and take away possessions and even loved ones, the most grievous loss of all is to lose one’s soul to eternal damnation.


I guess this blog post has sort-of been all over the place. 🙂 Sorry about that. There’s just a lot on my heart right now, and a lot that has been going on. But the main purposes of this blog post are to ask that you pray for Carolyn, to tell you that we are still here and that God has graciously protected us in spite of the multitude of curses and attacks that have been sent our way, to ask that you remember those and pray for those who have suffered destruction and loss because of all the recent disasters, and to remind you that even though we have not been able to answer your email questions right now, you can read our book and find many of the answers to your questions.

Ultimately, however, our book is pointing you to The Solution: your Heavenly Father! This is the reason why Jesus Christ came: so that you can have the privilege of having a relationship with your Heavenly Father, and find salvation for your soul. This is the meaning of life itself, and where eternal life is found, so seek Him earnestly!

I pray you are all doing well, and are growing in your relationship with the Father.


Loren Grace
Notice: this article has been updated to include links to articles that have since been added to this website, as well as to correct broken links.

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4 thoughts on “Illness, Disaster, and a Warring Spirit

  1. Isaiah 54:17 : No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
    I’ll be praying for yalls safety and keep you in my prayers as I have been. Think about y’all a lot and have gleaned so much good from your teaching and sharing! And you’re right, we shouldn’t wish for or pray for the harm of others, God tells us to not do that, but we can sure pray against the evil and ask for their sins to be forgiven and break those powers! Hallelujah! Love you guys!


    1. Hi Racquel, thank you for your prayers and the encouragement. I’ve found the most effective way to pray is not to “pray against” anyone or anything, but to pray TO my Heavenly Father, make my requests known, and then asking for and submitting to HIS will above all else. Any other way has a tendency to lead into witchcraft — an unbiblical, ungodly “warfare.” This is usually the exact opposite of what mainstream “christianity” teaches, but this is what I have learned by a careful examination of Scripture that has been read with understanding and within context, and it’s what I do now. It’s still an ongoing process, but I have learned to trust my Heavenly Father much more now, and I also have much more peace this way, that’s for sure! 🙂

      Again, thanks for the prayers and the encouragement. I hope you have a blessed day.

      Blessings, Loren ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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