Q & A: Concerning Politics

We’ve had inquiries come in from several different people, wondering about President Trump. The questions are basically categorized as follows:

1. Was this [the results of the election] planned?

2. Should Christians support the President?

3. What do you personally think about President Trump?

4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet or pawn?

5. Is Trump genuinely good?

Loren’s Response

Before I address the questions themselves,  I’d like to get to what is often the root of where these questions come from. I’ve noticed this about myself as well as other people, that often when we dwell on these types of political questions, we’re usually coming from a place of fear. Maybe not overwhelming fear, but certainly a nagging uncertainty. This is not to point fingers or look down on anyone, because I am coming from a point of having been there myself. No matter which country we are in or which political tenets we ascribe to, it can be stressful when we look around at the political environment in the world today.

So the question I would ask of others who are feeling fearful or uncertain over the political environment is this:

Are you expecting a government created by and run by mankind (that includes yourself) to bring peace?

If you are and you call yourself a Christian, you may want to go back and read the Bible in context, asking the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the truth found therein. Because here’s the bottom line: there is no perfect government found on earth, neither will there ever be. Why? Because, governments are run by people, and people are imperfect and sinful and corrupt, and in many cases (especially national and global politics) they are being led by and controlled by the demonic. There are less oppressive governments and more oppressive governments, and there are governments that are more just and those that are less just. But there is no perfect government. The only government that will ever be perfect is God’s government, and His government will be established on earth after Jesus Christ returns to set His Kingdom on the earth. Not before then, unlike what Dominion Theology ¹ teaches. Until then, we do our best to live in peace with all mankind and to obey the government that we live under.

Romans 12:18

“If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone.” (BSB)

As with all things, there must be balance. Doing our best to live in peace and to obey the government we live under, is in no way suggesting that we should not be politically active if we have political aspirations or would like to effect positive political change within our communities. However, be careful you don’t begin to dive into the realm of Dominionism, a teaching that is completely unbiblical.

Furthermore, there is a Higher Law (God’s law) that all mankind are called to live under, regardless of whether they choose to obey Him or not.

The Bible speaks of when Paul and the other apostles were called to make a choice between following God’s law or following man’s law:

Acts 5:29

“But Peter and the other apostles replied, ‘We must obey God rather than men.'” (BSB)

So while we do our best to follow the laws of the country in which we reside, God’s law prevails. And within the united States, if we do not agree with the way our government is being run, then we have legal and political recourse to effect positive change. At least, in theory.

It is my political opinion that the federal and state government of the united States is so far off track Constitutionally speaking, and there have been too many generations of people who have fallen into the trap of “problem-reaction-solution” the “elites” set for them, that any effort I personally expend is useless and wasted energy. Especially when I have seen and experienced that even the best of political parties, even more localized ones, are but puppets for the elite.

I offer a personal example.

I used to be very politically active in my State, and served on the national leadership team of a particular political organization. However, I quickly saw the futility of trying to fix what is beyond repair. Within a year’s time, two important things became clear.

1. Fundamentally, people are afraid of change, and they will put up with what is not acceptable over trying to achieve what could be better. Complacency is easier than change, and cowering in silent fear is easier than sticking up for what is right.

2. Even the most sincere and “grassroots types” of political groups can have occult infiltration at the highest levels.

Here’s a truth: if a political party or movement has a real chance of actually effecting change that the elites ultimately don’t want, they will have their infiltrators infest that movement and take it over. These are usually lower-level puppets, but they are effective nonetheless. If people’s egos wouldn’t be in the way, they might actually see the infiltration and get rid of it before it takes over. But pride and ego can be some of mankind’s biggest downfalls.

Here’s another truth: you may be surprised at how many grassroots political movements are already spear-headed by occultists from the very beginning, usually Luciferians. This ended up being the case with the political group I was involved with, and although it wasn’t the reason I left (poorly-run finances were the reason, and I was unjustly being set up to take the fall for the entire organization), it certainly was the huge deciding factor in why I ended up resigning shortly thereafter. My “naïve, Pollyanna attitude” towards being a part of a political movement that could bring about positive change within our State government had been ripped away from me. I realized that if the political movement I was involved with would have succeeded, we’d end up being run by the same elitists that run everyone and everything else, because the entire group was influenced by and founded by an occultist who likely had the same global agenda as the elitists.

These occult operatives appear to be fighting against the elitist agenda, but it can often turn out that they are but controlled opposition, being used by the elitists. Why? The elite like to make people think they have a choice — and people insist on having a choice — so the elitists simply control what the choices are. So when the people choose between the choices they’ve been given, a certain segment of the population is happy, thinking they have won. And the other segments of the population — the “losing parties” — are disheartened, unhappy, and angry, so they vow to “try harder next time,” and they begin fierce campaigning to further their political cause. (Some of this so-called “campaigning” is in the form of orchestrated riots and planned “civil unrest” disturbances.) Only, when the next time comes around, the people are in the same position as before: the real choices are weeded out before any general election ever takes place, and citizens are left to “choose” between one puppet or another puppet. What kind of choice is that, really?

If this political game plays out on a state-wide scale, what makes anyone think this doesn’t play out on a larger national scale? Or a global scale? Or, for that matter, even a smaller, local scale?

Then, of course, there’s the non-human factor of politics. I don’t like going into things I’ve seen, but I’ll just say that it’s clear there is a satanic agenda at play within politics around the world. Some leaders are being manipulated and used in larger and more unbelievable ways than others, but it all comes from Satan.

So while I may or may not choose to effect change in my State or my country by being politically active, and while I may hold to certain political beliefs that you, the reader, may or may not agree with, I refuse to get caught up in political fear-porn any longer. Let the “elite” play their political games with their pawns, since that is what they are so determined to do. I am looking to follow after the will of my Heavenly Father and what He would have me do with my life, not worry about the next election results that I have absolutely no control over. I am anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ and His government, not looking for an elected official to protect and save me. It’s a matter of focus: are our eyes on politics, or are our eyes on Jesus Christ?

Those things said, here are my specific answers to the questions:

1. Was this [the results of the election] planned?

Yes. It doesn’t take an “insider” to know the results of these elections are always planned, particularly on a national level.

2. Should Christians support the President?

We should respect the office of President, regardless of how we feel about the person holding the office. However, this doesn’t mean we have to agree with the political views and the political tactics and machinations of those holding office within our government, including the President. If you agree with the political policies of any given President, and want to politically support them, then support them. If you don’t agree with them and don’t want to support them, then don’t support them. Personally speaking, I wonder about people who are ardent supporters or ardent opposers of any politician, because it makes me question if they really “get it.” But, I try not to worry about things I can’t change, and I can’t open the eyes of the blind or unstop the ears of the deaf. Only God can do that.

3. What do you personally think about President Trump?

I rarely think about him. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t really speak to how I feel about him on a personal level. He’s a man who has been elected President and whether I like it or not is irrelevant. Politically speaking, I’m more interested in State and local politics than national, but I don’t even get overly worked up over that any more. Ultimately, I’m waiting for the government of God to be established when Jesus Christ brings His Kingdom to earth.

4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet or pawn?

If he wasn’t before, he certainly is now.

Some of the biggest puppets I see around me, however, are the general population of citizens. The “big players” (elites) love to create a desired reaction from the people they puppet, by fomenting an atmosphere of fear, unrest, anger, depression, etc. They then come in with their “solution,” that furthers their agenda, which was the plan the entire time. This is a manipulative cycle known as “problem-reaction-solution.” So while it’s good to have our eyes open to the truth of world governments (here’s a hint: they are corrupt), it’s wise to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, and focus on our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

5. Is Trump genuinely good?

I do not personally know President Trump, so I can’t speak to his personality nor to his character. All I see is what I see from every other politician: a well-polished (more-or-less), political mask. And all I hear is the same thing I hear from every other politician: political points that are meant to sway the collective in one way or another, and words that usually sound like one thing but mean another. So I would be foolish to think that what he says in public is what is going on in his heart. But here’s what the Bible says:

Luke 18:19

Why do you call Me good?” Jesus replied. “No one is good except God alone.” (BSB)

Psalm 53:3

“Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” (KJV)

So, no, President Trump is no more “good” than I am. Or you. And since I have no idea of the intentions and thoughts of his heart (only President Trump and God knows his own thoughts — 1 Corinthians 2:11 — and only God knows his heart — Jeremiah 17:9-10), I can’t speak to his thoughts, intentions, or to his heart.

Although it is my desire that politicians would be lawful (Constitutional) and of positive moral character, I don’t place my trust in them. I place my trust in my Heavenly Father who is the only One who is good.

And I’ll answer another question that wasn’t asked specifically in the emails we have received, but has been offered as speculation, and it’s a question that many Christians ask every time a new President of the united States is elected: No, President Trump is not the final antichrist. Neither is former President Obama. Neither is former President Bush. Neither is former President Clinton. Neither is the Bush before that. And the next president that gets elected won’t be the final antichrist, either. Or the one after that. Et cetera. Neither is the final antichrist any of the world leaders alive today.

For one thing, it’s not time yet.

For another thing, the final antichrist will be a fallen angel and not a human, and will either manifest in a fleshly body that has been prepared for it beforehand, or, more likely (“more likely” in my opinion… an opinion that is based upon my previous experiences and knowledge, yes, but that is my opinion, nonetheless), he will use a human body for a walk-in, whereby a particular chosen human will willingly offer their body to be a host for the chosen fallen angel. And it’s highly unlikely a world political leader will be chosen to be used for that walk-in, anyway. Political world leaders will be used, however, to bring about chaos, creating an environment for people to welcome the final antichrist with open arms. Is this the current President? Well, time will tell if he will be part of that overall plan, but I don’t think it would be incorrect to say world leaders, including those from the united States, have all fomented chaos in one way or another, so it’s not like that is anything new. In fact, politics in and of itself is predisposed to cultivating and stimulating chaos, and the role of the ruling members within any government is not to stop all chaos, but to manage it and use it to their advantage. (Hence my reasoning to not get overly worked up over politics any longer, because that is exactly what they want.)

The chaos of politics aside, whether or not the fallen one will use a human body through which to appear in the physical, he will be someone who does not bring divisiveness, but an appearance of peace and harmony that people will be looking for. Think less “old political world leader,” and more “youthful charismatic ecumenical leader,” although this is my opinion, not “prophecy,” so take it for what it’s worth. As with all things, time will tell.

Bottom line, Satan has so many Christians fearful and looking in what seems to be the most obvious direction — by human standards, anyway — looking for the final antichrist. But here’s the solution to your fear and worry: get your eyes on Jesus Christ and focus on your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Stop worrying about when the final antichrist will appear, who he will come as, et cetera. If you learn to hear the voice of your Heavenly Father, and if you get to know your Heavenly Father, you won’t have to worry about being fooled when the final antichrist appears, if he even appears in your lifetime.

¹ For research: A Simple Critique of Dominionism, by Paul Fahy.

Carolyn’s Response

I am glad Loren responded first. Not only did she cover points I had on my mind to bring up, she brought out points I probably would not have thought of too…. and she did a much better job of presenting the information than I would have been able to.

In the past I have shared information about other Presidents and how their work was tied to “The Plan”, however, I know next to nothing about Donald Trump and I have no “insider” information about him and his Presidency. Therefore I have next to nothing to say about him. I do have hope that he can actually serve “we the people”.

Serving “we the people” sounds great, but when you think about it, how does one actually serve the people of today’s USA and please the majority…since there is no real majority any longer. The globalists have done their job at dividing America and getting people at odds with each other over almost everything imaginable. Americans are now those planned riots waiting to happen. Just the right dash of media influence can set this power keg of dynamite off….when the globalists are ready to add that dash.

Who do you think was behind the recent marches on Washington DC? Who do you think is behind the marked divisions over who was put in the White House this time? Hello???? Americans…you are the puppets. You are being played and are doing exactly what is on the globalist’s list. Who do you think has given you your opinions that you are now so heated up over …and some of you so at odds with your very own flesh-and-blood to the point that you have severed ties with them and your lifelong friends. Is this REALLY worth it?? Is blood no longer “thicker than water”?

People have become reactionary. People are playing right into the hands of the globalists and are doing their bidding.

The problem is that the people of America have become just what the globalists have been working to create since post WW II America. In the span of just 60 years, we have been reduced from a morality-minded, common-sense-thinking, and reasoning society, into a programmed society of reactionaries, a society of what I call “Pavlov’s People” after “Pavlov’s dogs”, the associative learning experiment of Russian scientist, Ivan Pavlov. (Link: Pavlov’s Dogs — classical conditioning.)

The globalists have Americans right where they want them….dumbed down, divided and controlled. So, how can even the best President ever actually work for “we the people” when Americans are divided in so many ways and so at odds with each other? America is now at the place in the globalist’s plan that in many cases, no matter what a President decides to do, it will only please a minority, which in turn is likely to incite the other opposing factions to be up in arms at the President over that decision.

At this stage of the game, I’m very much concerned over the success of the globalists, who in just 60 years have turned this great nation of united states into a divided nation of millions of mindless Pavlov’s people-puppets who are doing the globalists bidding without even realizing it.

This Presidency just might be the most difficult Presidency ever.

It would certainly help if the American people could see what puppets they have become and then choose to work together for the things that are good, honest and fair. But alas, fairness comes from the heart of every person. It is a choice. When it really comes down to it, so few people these days are fair and honest. (Another successful effect accomplished by the authors of “The Plan.”)

For more on “The Plan” and how we got to where we are today, see my articles:

1. The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America

This article will give you some foundational understanding of what “The Plan” is, it’s purpose and goals, and how it operates. The section in this article titled, “POST WWII AMERICA – One Nation Under God” gets into specifics of why America was such a problem to the fallen ones and their plan.


NOTE: this link is now unavailable because I deleted the website where it could be found. But you can read some about this topic on the following page of my new website:




NOTE: this link is now unavailable because I deleted the website where it could be found. When I repost this article on my new website,  I will update this article with the proper link.

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. Was this [the results of the election] planned?

I have a hard time believing that the results of the election were not planned. My experience in the past leads me to suspect that at our elections are rigged and have been at least since the election of President John F. Kennedy; that election possibly being the last real election “by the people”.

2. Should Christians support the President?

I’m in agreement with all that Loren wrote in regards to this question.

3. What do we personally think about President Trump?

I know next to nothing about Donald Trump.

4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet?

It has been my belief that no one gets to be the President of the United States unless they are a globalist or a player to some degree with the globalists. Presently I am more concerned over the millions of average American programmed people-puppets who are doing exactly what the globalists want.

5. Is Trump genuinely good?

Again, I know next to nothing about Donald Trump.

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